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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Blast Magician
Ultra Rare

Each time you or your opponent activates 1 Spell Card, put 1 Spell Counter on this card. Remove any number of Spell Counters to destroy 1 face-up monster on the field with an ATK equal to or less than 700 points x the number of removed Spell Counters.

Type - Spellcaster
Card Number - FET-EN020

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.6
Advanced: 2.65

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.21.05

Coin Flip


And we start another week with longer reviews and new blood. Speaking of blood, this guy's name was so much cooler before he came stateside… :( Blast Magician? At least call him Crimson Magician if you won't call him Blood Magician – Magician of Purgatory.

Straight to the point. Stats are lackluster. For all the praise I give Spellcasters, they aren't very good in the states because of a general lack of Dimension Magic, the best card Spellcasters have.
Well, that isn't a monster. FIRE gives it an amount of support equivalent to the number of z's in thiz sentence. UFO Turtle and Molten Destruction, to be exact. Not much. 1400 gives it searchability. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Coin Flip. 1700 is lackluster. The breaking point of good DEF is 2000, generally, although I like 2100 and 2200 more for that little bit of overflow to a Gorilla.

The effect is where we'll start talking. Wow, lackluster again. No offense to the people who really like this card, but I'd rather be using Magical Marionette than this card. Because, well, Marionette's counters DO something. Blast Magician sits there and looks cool while his Spell Counters collect dust and wait for a Don Zaloog to come along so he has a realistic shot at killing something. This card would almost be brilliant if you could activate the effect and not remove any Spell Counters… Instant kill for Goats. It would also almost be brilliant if 700 were 800 or higher. Then you could kill a Jinzo for 3, a Nephthys for 3 (hah), a Tribe or Counterless Breaker for 2, and a Black Luster Soldier for 4. As it is, I'd rather be using Smashing Ground.

Oh wait, there's another flaw. A lot of the spells in the average deck don't mesh well with this guy. Smashing Ground is already good removal. Meh.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.4/5
New Advanced: 2.5/5
ExMinion OfDarkness

Blast Magician


Here we have the most n00b-overrated card of the set (e.g. every little kid wants these.)


Blast Magician's stats are anything but stellar -- 1400 is NOT an ATK score you want to have if you're not an elemental searcher.  Spellcasters don't have a lot of PLAYABLE support (e.g. they have support cards, but they suck) and Fire...well, heh...yeah.


Anyone that does play him will be trying to get free Smashing Grounds out of his effect.  In order to nuke a Shining Angel with the effect, you need to have played 2 spells.  Anything between DDWL, up through Berserk Gorilla, topping out at Zombyra the Dark will require 3.  The Monarchs, etc. require 4, and so on.  You'll most likely only get 2 spell counters on this guy and get to use the effect before he gets destroyed.


This easily falls into the "there are better cards" department.  I heard Tranorix has a much better review of this card; just read his. (Very, very carefully.)


1/5 in regular decks

2.5/5 in Spellcaster (heck, there are better Spellcasters)



Blast Magician


For this week’s cards, we’re back to reviewing FET.  Unless you live under a rock or something, chances are you’ve heard about Blast Magician.  Cards like this come along once a set, usually; it’s a card that some people love and others hate.  King of FET Blast Magician is not, but he’s definitely useful.


You can see that his stats aren’t exactly great, though 1400 ATK isn’t terrible (it lets him come out via UFO Turtle, and soon Sangan, after all).  Of course, there’s also an effect.  Useful is a great word to describe it, but it’s also nothing amazing: every time you or your opponent activates a Spell, Blast Magician gets a Spell Counter.


Destroying opponents’ monsters is always fun, and Blast Magician’s effect allows you to remove Spell Counters from him in order to destroy an opponent’s monster with ATK less than or equal to 700 x the number of Spell Counters you removed.  Add it up yourself: remove three Spell Counters and you can kill a Berserk Gorilla.  Remove five and you can kill Jinzo.  Killing bigger monsters requires more Spell Counters, which is where Blast Magician has his weakness.


Playing against a competitive deck, it’ll probably be difficult to keep him on the field for very long.  As a result, it can be hard to accumulate enough Spell Counters to destroy anything worthwhile.  Let yourself wait too long and your Blast Magician will probably die.  Although potentially useful, the effect isn’t very consistent.  Deny his usefulness completely, however, and you’ll be wrong.  In the right deck (or against it – he’d work nicely both in and against Stall Decks), Blast Magician can be amazing.  Nice artwork too, I might add.


Traditional – CCCC: 2/5

Traditional – Stall: 3/5

Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5

Advanced – Stall: 3.5/5  



Snapper Blast Magician

Welcome to a week of pure FET Cards, as well as a two-week review cram for myself. Why do I do it? Because I loave you all so much… Anywho, this week’s cards consist of the useable FET cards, but not the broken members of the set. Today’s card is Blast Magician, the wizard formerly known as Purgatory.

Blast has fairly good stats; 1400 ATK contends with half of the widely used Level 4 or lower monsters these days and 1700 DEF stands up against most “control” monsters (the D. D.s, Don Zaloog, searchers, etc.) Blast’s effect however makes up for its slight inability to do much in terms of battle.
When someone activates a Spell, Blast (assuming it’s face-up at the time of the Spell’s resolution) gets a Spell Counter. For each Spell Counter removed from Blast, Blast can destroy a monster with an ATK equal to or less than the number of removed Counters x 700, an amount that really limits Blast’s uses…

Now what’s wrong with the effect? It’s not difficult to get Spell Counters these days considering the 15+ Spells in every Deck. While that’s true, think of it this way: for 1 Spell Counter Blast can destroy basically nothing. For 2 it can destroy your average “Control” monster. For 3 it can kill almost any Level 4 or lower creature. For 4 he can eliminate almost every monster that is used competitively. And finally for 5 Blast can get rid of the formidable BLS. These numbers are the problems. Most likely Blast will never last long enough to get 3 Spell Counters, unless you’ve been saving your Pot of Greed, Snatch Steal, and Heavy Storm until he gets on the field. While you may occasionally get to destroy a beatstick, you’ll most likely be sticking with monsters Blast could simply kill in battle. If only it was 750, or even 800 ATK for each Spell Counter… All in all though, Blast has an intriguing effect that could prove useful at times in which you’ve got loads of Spells you want to use. On average though Blast would be most beneficial in a FIRE or a Spellcaster Deck, simply because he fits the theme. Anywhere else and I would advise using Magical Marionette instead.

Advanced: 3.5/5. It can contend with quite a few popular monsters.
Traditional: 2.5/5. For the same reason you wouldn’t use Smashing Ground (Raigeki and Dark Hole are available).
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 5/5. Screw the effect! I’m getting it for the artwork. –drools–
Dark Paladin Welcome to my Flaming Entity week!!! The cards that I've chosen this week are from Flaming Entity. They aren't the best cards in the set, but I wanted to choose some decent cards, or at least cards that COULD be decent. Also, despite the fact today's card is a Spellcaster, the theme wasn't continued.
was going to have this card end my Spellcaster week but decided to have him start my Flaming Entity week.

Blast Magician
Level 4

This guy should win something just for being a Spellcaster under the FIRE type.

Having 1400 attack and being FIRE he is...umm...searchable by UFO Turtle!
also having only 1400 attack is as strong as the ever popular Celtic Guardian!
1700 defense is a bit low and won't stand up to a whole lot either.

Then we have the effect which is...meh, at best. I don't really like effects that rely on counters, especially Spell counters. It also hurts this monster since his stats aren't that great. 700 x a spell counter removed isn't too good either. If it were 800, 3 spell counters would equal no more Jinzo.


Conclusion: The cards DO get better this week, I promise.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5 (chuck on .5 because he's FIRE)
Limited: 2.0/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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