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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Paladin
Ultra Rare

This monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can negate the activation of 1 Spell Card and destroy the Spell card by discarding 1 card from your hand. The ATK of this card increases by 500 points for each Dragon-Type monster on the field and in either player's Graveyard.

Type - Spellcaster / Fusion Monster
Card Number - MFC-105

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.85
Advanced: 2.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.15.05



Dark Paladin


Rated For: Fusion Deck


(For an example of a Dark Paladin Deck, check this link:



First of all, anybody who doesn’t give this score a 5/5 is silly, since it goes into the FUSION deck. Since you have no limit on the monsters you can FUSION summon, every decent fusion monster should be put into the deck. Make sense?


And to those who think “oh I’ll never be able to use it anyways,” think of this. Your opponent plays Exchange (giving you his currently worthless copy of Polymerization). You Snatch Steal his King of the Swamp, summon Dark Magician, and voila! *Highly* plausible, right?


Anyways, to those who simply want to see what his A BAD System score is (if he were a normal monster), here goes.


Advantage F/H: Negating every spell in the game is a rather game-breaking effect. Having over 3000 attack is also quite powerful. The sum cost of this is three (King of the Swamp/Polymerization, Dark Magician/Buster Blader, Fusion Substitute.) Three resources is a LOT, but this is probably the best monster in the game.

Traditional Format Score:                                         9/10

Advanced Format Score:                                           9/10


Best Draw for the Situation: There’s no score here.


Attributes/Effect: The stat bonuses in a Dragon deck can be quite overwhelming. Four dragons spent will already put him at 4900. If you run 3 Troop Dragon, that makes him 4400 on the spot. Then he one-sided spell negation, probably the best monster effect in the game.

T:                                                                                10

A:                                                                                10


Dependability: This will be a score for when he actually hits the field. Does the three resource cost justify his use? Well, if any monster in the game was to be worth 3 resources, Dark Paladin would be it. However, monster removal and effects can still kill the guy, which is very bad. It’s not like he’s invincible.

T:                                                                                6.5/10

A:                                                                                6.5/10


The Bottom Line: He’s a fusion monster.


A BAD Score—

T:                                                                                4.25

A:                                                                                4.25


FORCE System Suggestions:

            There are none for the Fusion deck.


Coin Flip


Dark Paladin died. It's not that he isn't good, it's just that the rest of the environment is too bad. It takes three cards to summon this bad boy and only one to kill him. Who cares if you can negate Smashing Ground? You've already lost three cards (or two and have a nigh-useless field spell out) and have to pay one more to stop Magic/Spell cards, but don't have anything to do against Traps or Monsters, both of which are quite capable of destroying Dark Paladin.

If you do build a Dark Paladin deck, they're rather fun. Fusion Gate, King of the Swamp, Blowback Dragon, Buster Blader, Thunder Dragon… Quite a bit to do with it.

No rating. Short review today and for the past week and the next week. Why? I lost the CotD's I wrote and haven't wanted to rewrite them because I put about 10 minutes of work into each one. I'm averaging 4 on each of these. I'm writing 5 weeks at a time. Ouch.
ExMinion OfDarkness

Dark Paladin


Dark Paladin is one of the best Polymerization summons one can ask for, despite the heavy card disadvantage of doing them properly.


Dark Paladin's attack is respectable, and his ATK-booster effect can help out as well (but usually isn't a key point)...my two problems with this card is that you can ONLY bring it out by Fusion Summon...and although a permanent Magic Jammer is great, you're already giving up THREE cards to get this guy out (Buster Blader / Dark Magician / Polymerization or Fusion Gate), and then you have to give up MORE cards to stop spells?  Couldn't it just have been a Life Point payment or something?


One of my friends actually has a competitive Dark Paladin deck (if you can call a DP deck competitive.)  He got Dark Paladin out on me two times.  The first time, it got Ringed, the second time, I ran him out of cards in hand by forcing him to stop Spell cards and then Snatch Stole it, and beat him with it.


Good intentions, too much of the same disadvantage (hand loss).




Tranorix Dark Paladin

You cannot use Metamorphosis to summon Dark Paladin. You can’t use Cyber Stein. You can’t use Magical Scientist. You cannot summon Dark Paladin AT ALL unless you have Polymerization or Fusion Gate. But you are allowed to use Fusion Substitute monsters, if you so desire. Anyway:

Dark Paladin’s definitely a good monster. Despite being relatively difficult to summon (though not nearly as difficult as some other monsters), he’s imposing when he gets onto the field. He starts out with 2900 ATK, but he gains 500 for every Dragon on the field and in either player’s Graveyard. Hypothetically, let’s say it’s late game and you and your opponent are each playing Dragon Decks. Fun. The ATK boost isn’t guaranteed, but it’s more than likely that at least one of you will have a Dragon in the GY, which makes Dark Paladin capable of taking out BLS-EotB.

Additionally, he has a built-in Magic Jammer. If you want to negate an opponent’s Spell, just discard a card. And there you have it. It’s not as good as Horus LV8’s effect, but Dark Paladin is arguably easier to summon, and he has the potential to be much more powerful – and he’s just rentsy.

Traditional – CCCC: No rating – it’s a Fusion
Traditional – Dark Paladin Deck: 5/5
Advanced – CCWC: No rating – it’s a Fusion
Advanced – Dark Paladin Deck: 5/5
OVERALL RATING: Not worth it – it’s a Fusion
Snapper Dark Paladin

Today’s monster is Dark Paladin, a Fusion Monster with a few nifty abilities.

Paladin has a nice 2900 ATK, giving it little chance of being destroyed in battle. And since it’s a Fusion Monster, the 2900 ATK is even better due to it not needing tributes from the field. Of course with a good ATK there come restrictions, and Paladin has got a few doozies.

First and foremost, Paladin is a Fusion Nomi monster, meaning it can only be Special Summoned through a Fusion Summon. That means no Metamorphosis, no Premature Burial, and no Magical Scientist (not that you could use Magical Scientist due to Paladin’s Level). And since Paladin can only be Fusion Summoned, its Fusion material monsters become a factor. In Paladin’s case, he needs Buster Blader and Dark Magician, two unspectacular Level 7 monsters. Throw in the fact that you’d need a Polymerization or a Fusion Gate and you’ve got something you’ll never be able to summon.

There is hope for Paladin however; FET has given us The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion, a monster that can substitute for Dark Magician or Buster Blader AND act as a Polymerization. Of course it requires that you have it and the other Fusion material on the field, but that’s a small consequence for avoiding the use of two otherwise useless cards.

Once you get past Paladin’s summoning difficulties, you find he’s got a few very useful effects. The first and most useful of the effects is the ability to negate the activation of and destroy any Spell Card at any time at the cost of discarding a Spell from your hand. Despite the forced discard of a Spell, something it’s best to avoid doing, the effect has its uses; being able to stop a Lightning Vortex, Snatch Steal, or a Premature Burial should be worth the loss at times. Just don’t go to town with the effect and you should be fine.

The second effect will probably not see a great deal of usage; for every Dragon-Type monster on the field or in either player’s Graveyard, Paladin’s ATK increases by 500. Because Dragons are a rare sight outside of the Horus monsters, this effect is merely an occasional added bonus. I guess you could use DNA Surgery, but that would be unnecessary. With all that said, Paladin should be reserved for Dark Magician Decks that are also using a few The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusions.

Advanced (Dark Magician Deck): 4/5. Spell negation with a strong monster is a useful combination.
Traditional (Dark Magician Deck): 3.5/5. I’d stick with Imperial Order.
Overall (Dark Magician Deck): 3.75/5.
Art: 4/5. I favor the MFC Unlimited Edition Dark Paladin artwork.
Dark Paladin Dark Paladin

Well, today is Tuesday and Card of the Day brings us Dark Paladin. How ironic that Dark Paladin is today's Card of the Day! Why, you ask? Well, today just so happens to be my birthday! I guess it would've been MORE ironic had someone besides me picked this week, but oh well.

Anyway, obviously Dark Paladin is best suited for use against Seto Kaiba in a duel. He'll end up with somewhere near 10000 attack points, maybe more.

Seriously though. Dark Paladin is a better card than Dark Magician even though he is a fusion monster. Dark Paladin starts off by being a 2900 attack monster which WILL defeat anything in the current game allowing there is ONE single Dragon on either field or in either graveyard.

Allow me to explain. Obviously, 2900 would fall to the 3000 attack of Blue Eyes White Dragon, but if BEWD were on the field, Paladin would boost to 3400.
So, if you or your opponent uses even one, there are only TWO bad things I see happening. One, they could suicide an Injection Fairy Lily into Dark Paladin, but they gave up 2000 lifepoints to do so. A bit heavy, no? Secondly, being the worst possible thing that could happen, Black Luster Soldier could remove this guy from play.

This guy also has a built in Magic Jammer, which is cool. Note, that he doesn't say: Negate the effect of a Magic card that specifically designates...no! He says "discard one card from your hand to negate the activation of a Magic card and destroy it." So, he isn't as vague as some monsters.

However, he does have ONE very large downfall in the fact that he can ONLY BE SUMMONED BY FUSION SUMMON so once he hits the graveyard, he's staying there.

Ratings: (Keeping in mind that Dark Paladin can only work in his OWN deck)

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Limited: 5/5 IF you have all the monsters, and a Polymerization, or Fusion
Gate or something. If you're dueling Seto Kaiba: 100/5
Art: 4.5/5 There are MANY arts for Dark Paladin, and I like the closer in they get.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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