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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Vampire Lord
Ultra Rare

Each time this card inflicts BAttle damage to your opponent, declare 1 card type(monster,Spell ,or Trap).Your opponent selects 1 card of that type from his/her Deck and sends it to the Graveyard.Also when this card is destroyed and sent to your graveyard by your opponent`s card effect, it is Special Summoned to the field during your next Standby Phase.

Card Number - RDS-ENSE4

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.75
Advanced: 4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.01.05



Vampire Lord


Rated For: Zombie Decks


People who have hopped on the Zombie band wagon really amuse me. See, with DDWL restricted to one (which helps Zombies), they’ll simply be replaced by D.D Assailants. The ban of Scientist hurts almost all decks equally (except for those that don’t run them like me).


So what’s really happened is Vampire Lord has been semi-restricted and Mirror Force replacing one Sakuretsu Armor in most decks. People are acting like Zombies are suddenly and magically a part of the “top tier”, when really they’ve been just as good all this time.


I’ll post my old review of Vampire Lord (which was actually a month ago).


Advantage F/H: His self-reviving effect is one of the most broken monster effects in the game. You can also revive him or search him at no cost, basically getting him through a variety of appealing options. Once he's on the field, there's very little that can kill him. Sub-par attack advantage, making him beatable by Berserk Gorilla, brings him down from a perfect score.  

Traditional Format Score:                   9.5/10

Advanced Format Score:                     9.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Obviously, as a tribute monster you don't want to draw him in the opening hand or top-deck him. However, Spirit Reapers, Pyramid Turtles, and Book of Life, coupled with the standard Change of Heart, Snatch Steal, Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, make him a far more appealing Tribute monster inclusion than every other. He'll also be searched out quickly, making the issue rather moot.

Traditional Format Score:                   7.5/10

Advanced Format Score:                     7.5/10


Attributes/Effect: As I said, his recursion effect is one of the best. Of course, the deck destruction effect may help your opponent, but every card in his deck should provide him some use, given that he included it. Also, his stats and zombie type make him searchable by 4 monsters (3 turtles and witch), and he packs two solid effects into one fearsome package. In a zombie deck, he's near perfect, except his low attack.   

Traditional Format Score:                               9.5/10

Advanced Format Score:                                 9.5/10


Dependability: Compared to other monsters in this scale, he's very, very dependable. Other tribute monsters can be wiped clean by a timely Smashing Ground, Sakuretsu Armor, Ring of Destruction, Torrential Tribute or such. You'll literally have nothing to fear from your opponent's S/T zone with this guy. He can also be revived. Plus, Zombie control focuses on stripping away threats from your opponent's hand that can handle your own monsters. Low attack, however, makes him killable by Berserk Gorilla and others, bringing him down.

Traditional Format Score:                   9.5/10

Advanced Format Score:                     9.5/10


The Bottom Line: Anyone who suggests taking him out of a Zombie Deck for Patrician or Kokki is insane. Take care when placing him in other decks, however, he's not as good.


A BAD Score-----------

Traditional Format Score:                               4.5/5

Advanced Format Score:                                 4.5/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++        Contributes to Field Control, On-Field Presence, Resource Management (Changed from Replenishment), Counter-Disruption, Enemy Disruption (very slight)

--          Weakens Enemy Disruption (very slight).


ExMinion OfDarkness Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord has newly been SEMI-Limited, meaning the Zombie players can run
2 of him. Considering Mirror Force is unbanned on this new list, Torrential still lives, and Lightning Vortex is going to be introduced as our newest staple, his effect becomes that much more valuable.

I'll come out and say it -- his other effect sucks. Unless you're really, really close to decking someone, you're helping them thin their deck at best, and at worst, you're putting a Sinister Serpent in their graveyard (from monster), something that can be revived with Premature/Call (from monster), or a Spell or Trap that can be regained via MoF/MoD. (Dunno if any non-burners even play MoD anymore...)

People are going to look for Mirror Force as the answer to mass swarm.
Vampire Lord is the answer to that answer, just coming back the next turn.

However, people have played more and more 2400 Tribute monsters (Mobius, Zaborg, Jinzo) along with the ever-present BLS-Envoy and the Chaos Sorcerers that can RFG the V-Lord if not kill him outright.

4/5 overall -- the more mass removal cards that get used, the better this guy's score. He'd be 5/5 if Dark Hole and Raigeki were out there too.
Coin Flip Vampire Lord is something we reviewed less than a month ago. I see no reason to re-review it. The only thing I have to say is that when he is no longer restricted to one per deck, he (and Zombie decks with
him) will become slightly more congruent to utter-joy-onnastick.

Traditional: Sex/5 (5/5, pretty much)
Advanced: 4.5/5 Zombie deck
New Advanced: 5/5 Zombie deck

Vampire Lord


I reviewed this card a month ago. 




There you are.  Of course, with the new Advanced Format, you’re allowed to run two.  That makes him better.

Snapper Vampire Lord

In the month since I last reviewed Vampire Lord my opinion of it has changed very little, even with the new ban list. So I’ll basically be using the same review if you don’t mind. You do mind? Well how about that.

Vampire Lord has relatively lackluster stats; for a Level 5 monster, 2000 ATK is a less than ideal. It is a Zombie though, giving it numerous and rather unneeded ways to be Special Summoned, as well as easy serchability through Pyramid Turtle. Still, Vampire Lord’s unspectacular ATK haunts him a little when thinking of his effect.

Vampire Lord’s primary use comes from his self-recursion ability; whenever he is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by an opponent’s card effect, Vampire Lord Special Summons itself from the Graveyard during the owner’s next Standby Phase. It is truly a unique effect that cannot be matched by any other monster. If an opponent’s Hammer Shot, Torrential Tribute, Tribe-Infecting Virus, Cyber Jar, or the like destroys him, Vampire Lord returns from the grave to wreck havoc on the opponent once more. Fortunately for all opposition to Vampire Lord, it has one weakness; it’s ATK. As said before, 2000 ATK is a pain in the side for a card such as Vampire Lord.
Jinzo, Goblin Attack Force, Berserk Gorilla, as well as many other beatdown oriented and Tribute monsters cause Vampire Lord’s effect to only be a small obstacle on the path to victory, owing to the fact that destruction in battle is not a card effect. But now that Vampire Lord can be used in twos, it will be harder than ever to get rid of the King of the Undead once it comes into play, especially now that D. D. Warrior Lady is restricted.

The second effect (well actually first if you want to be accurate) of Vampire Lord forces your opponent to thin their Deck of a Spell, Trap, or Monster Card whenever Vampire Lord does damage to their Life Points. Deck thinning isn’t something you want to freely give to your opponent, as it’s often something your opponent’s trying to accomplish on his or her own.
Nevertheless, the effect can be beneficial; most will recommend you force your foe to send one of their Traps to the Graveyard, then Spells, and finally monsters. Using the effect in this manner will help prevent your opponent from having something in their Graveyard that helps them out. As is the case with most high Level monsters, Vampire Lord functions well in almost any Deck. But now that it can be used in twos, Vampire Lord will make Zombie Decks, the only Deck it should be used in (for themed purposes of course), reign supreme in the new era of Advanced.

Advanced Format: 5/5. Zombies should be the new CC now that you can use two Vampire Lords.
Traditional Format: 4/5. He’s no Chaos monster but he’s still a useful little bugger.
Overall: 4.5/5.
Art: 4/5. Not how I pictured the Lord of Vampires, but it won’t be giving anyone nightmares. Not that that’s something to be proud of, but…
dawnyoshi While this new forbidden list hurts any sort of one turn kill combo, it hardly put a dent in the highly played chaos deck. After all, Envoy of the Beginning wasn't banned...sad, eh? Anyway, in order to at least ensure one other deck type that could be considered "tier 1", Konami did us a favor and upped the count on the number of Vampire Lords we can run in our decks. On top of zombies having remarkable amounts of recursion and natural enemies to Delinquent Duo, they now have more access to one of the zombie type's best monsters.

Vampire Lord only has 2000 ATK, meaning most Berserk Gorillas will be able to kamikazi with it without any real issues. That shouldn't be too big of a deal though, since Pyramid Turtle summoned this lord of the night easily, without costing you any actual card advantage. This monster can also be special summoned from the graveyard easily, as zombies can run more than two times the recursion most decks have access to...this is of course excluding Vampire Lord's own recursion effect, which has been greatly enhanced in value with the release of Lightning Vortex. With Vampire Lord's count up to two now, the swarm power of zombies has just been increased.

In limited, this monster is a risky choice. It has quite a few level 4 monsters to go up against that also possess 2000 ATK (remember that seeing Archfiends may happen more often in the limited environment). I certainly wouldn't pick this first if I wanted to win, but it's not a bad choice at all.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Limited: 3/5
f00b Vampire Lord

Didn’t we just review this guy like a month ago? To put it plainly, this is not a monster that should have been placed on the semi-restricted list – at least, not with the restriction of DDWL.

There are simply only a handful of answers to a SINGLE copy of Vampire Lord in the new format, let alone 2. Take a look:

a) Black Luster Soldier/Chaos Soldier – either effect takes care of him
b) DDWL – remove him from the game
c) Jinzo/Injection Fairy Lily/Zombyra the Dark (who is back to amazing
status) – destroy him in battle
d) Berserk Gorilla – suicide with him
e) Kycoo – remove him once he’s in the grave (but the problem with V-Lord is
once he’s on the field.
f) Snatch Steal – used to tribute summon away V-Lord – note: we no longer
have Change of Heart for this.
g) Bottomless Trap Hole – remove him the second he hits play

The problem here is, these really are the ONLY answers (even so-so answers like Divine Wrath don’t stand up to the fact there are 3x Book of Life waiting to be used on this guy). Kill him in battle (and that’s given that the V-Lord user doesn’t have trap backup) or remove him from play. Do anything else to him and he comes back. And now, there are two of them…how godly.

Vampire Lord is as quick to bring out as ever via Pyramid Turtle, as quick to come back via Book of Life, Premature Burial, and Call of the Haunted, and don’t forget he says “I don’t think so” to Exiled Force, Lightning Vortex, Mirror Force, Ring of Destruction, Torrential Tribute, Tribe-Infecting Virus, Sakaretsu Armor, Smashing Ground, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, etc aka all the common ways of clearing out a monsters just don’t work on the “delinquent duo” known as two main-decked Vampire Lords.

Nothin else new to say here, except that I believe 2x Pyramid Turtle and 2x Vampire Lord will be pretty much standard in the new format, you can’t not run him now – there simply aren’t enough answers to him, and that’s precisely what makes a “cookie cutter card”. Besides, Forceful and Confiscation are gone, so you can’t ‘prevent’ him anymore (Delinquent doesn’t choose). Scientist and Fiber are gone (two outs to an opposing Vampire Lord). In fact, a Vampire Lord sitting on any sort of protection (I.e. Sakaretsu Armor, Book of Moon) is pretty much broken right now.

So in summation, use this guy to call out all their traps, dominate the field, morph into Balter, recur a million times, basically whatever floats ur boat. He’s too good. And now there’re two of them. Take care, and enjoy the new format.

~New Format Rating~ Cheating/5. You might as well run both copies. GG.
sHecKii I'm glad f00b is writing a report on this card because...he DID start the metamophosis trend and this was one of his monsters in his original build dxP As Jae would put it "...f00b pioneered metamorphosis...what a stud" ^^v love ya dawg

Vampire Lord was chosen for this week because of it's new restriction: 2 per deck if u wanted to...

To me, Vampire Lord is one of those punch-me-clowns: IT NEVER WENT AWAY! I remember I played Vampire Lord in the Traditional Format with 1 Pyrmaid Turtle and 1 Vampire Lord because it was that good.
Vampire Lord's "comes back into play" ability is very good and not only is he a Berserk Gorilla with a punch-me-clown ability, he is also 5 stars for probably the best metamorphosable creature in the game: Dark Balter the Terrible. (in reality, he is Dark Balter the NUTS ^^) And he also can be fetched with an easily destroyed Pyramid Turtle (1200/1400).

Have you guys noticed a 2000 attacker was one of the best monsters to play? Infact, people had to find room to destroy it with Enemy Controllers, etc...? I mean the monster was so powerful people had to run removal for him that they didn't always have room for.

Well this monster can be destroyed by one of these 4 commonly played monsters: Black Luster Soldier, DD Assaliant/Warrior Lady, Magical Scientist (which we won't have to worry about anytime soon) and Jinzo. But that leaves these commonly played monsters almost bad: Tribe Infecting Virus, Exiled Force, Aikrnight Parshath, and all the <2000 monsters in the deck.

What's the final score? Well without Magical Scientist, only 1 DD Warrior Lady, and the fact that we can run multiple spirit reapers to support zombies, Vampire Lord WILL see play and WILL be an amazing addition to this format.


Vampire Lord it self: 4/5
Zombie decks with the correct build: 4.5/5
Realizing Metamophosis is back?: Priceless ^^

Stats                : Vampire Lord is a Level 5 Dark/Zombie Effect Monster.  Being a Level 5 means two things: it has some good options for Metamorphosis… but (d’uh) normal Summoning it tends to be a pain since it requires one tribute.  Fortunately, it’s not a nomi Monster, so it can be brought out via the normal dump-and-revive tricks.  It is a Dark Monster, which means that it can be used as Chaos food, at the very least.  It is a Zombie-Type Monster, which adds some serious support to it.  Now we get to the stats.  We have a 2000 ATK.  This is worse than it should be; unfortunately, it appears someone with authority for YGO card creation feels that they can “reinvigorate” the game not by creating exciting new game mechanics or tweaking old ones… but by releasing the same old stuff with just a slight power boost.  At least the current top offender, Berserk Gorilla, appears to have been an accident: they tried to make it balanced.  Anyway, thanks to that card, the 2000 ATK that should be reasonable ends up being sub-par for a Level 5.  It has a 1500 DEF, perfect for Traditional, where it remains a legal target to be searched out via the effect of Witch of the Black Forest.  Basically, this is the “perfect” DEF for Traditional.  For Advanced, it is still enough to handle most supporting monsters, but more importantly, it is low enough to allow you to Special Summon via the effect of Pyramid Turtle.  So (since we know the effect is good) the only thing really hurting it is the ATK being just a hair low… or rather Berserk Gorilla’s ATK being just a hair high.


Abilities           : Vampire Lord’s “low” ATK score is off set by not one but two great effects.  First, if your attack with it manages to damage your opponent’s LP, you get to name a card type (Monster, Spell, or Trap) and force said opponent to search his or her deck for a card of that type and send it to the Graveyard.  This is a very nice touch of control/depletion, as long as you are careful (they get to choose the actual card from amongst the type you name).  Yes, you are thinning your opponent’s deck.  That’s only going to matter if there’s some key card or cards that they are trying to draw into.  There are also some options to make this almost no problem at all: include some cards to remove cards from their Graveyard.  Go ahead and call Monster unless you think they are actually running one of the obscure “anti-depletion” Monsters.  As long as it’s not something like Fear from the Dark, use a Book of Life to revive one of your guys while removing what they just discarded. The second effect is what really makes the card though: if it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by an opponent’s card effect, it is Special Summoned to the field during your next Standby Phase.  In other words, unless your opponent can out muscle it or remove it from play, it’s not going anywhere.  Fun fact: this is one of the Monsters that Solemn Judgment, Horn of Heaven, and similarly cards really hate.  You see, they are worded in a manner to say they destroy whatever it was they negated… and this means that even if one of those cards is used by the opposing player to negate Vampire Lord’s initial Summoning… he gets to use his effect to return the next turn.  Sadly, this effect has often suffered from certain overpowered Level 4 Monsters being prevalent.  When it was new, Goblin Attack Force, while in no way a staple, was commonly played.  Needless to say, 2300 beats 2000.  Now Berserk Gorilla, while not a staple either, is also very common and can easily “suicide” a Vampire Lord.


Uses and

Combinations  : This used to see a lot of play as the “token” Tribute Monster (outside of Jinzo) you’d see in a lot of decks (competing mostly with Dark Ruler Ha Des and Airknight Parshath). Now, while it is still a great Monster, it has to stick with decks that can actually support it.  Those decks would be nearly any Zombie variant, most control variants, most depletion decks, and I suppose any deck that has a method of protecting its Monsters from attacks without inhibiting the use of Vampire Lord.  That may still work though: with Gravity Bind or Messenger of Peace, Vampire Lord would be a very hard get rid of, and though it would be useless for attacking, would thus be able to “block” most attacks coming from legal to use Monsters.  Any hybrids of the above types have almost no reason to not run Vampire Lord.  Yes, there are things like Control/Depletion/Zombie decks… though I can’t say they are that good, as I haven’t heard a lot about them nor have I ever encountered one.


For the doubters, let’s highlight those combos Vampire Lord can be used in.  Going alphabetically, here are some cards that combo well with Zombies in general and especially well with Vampire Lord.


  • Book of Life-The Zombie only recursion card, for those who have not seen it, allows you to revive a Zombie from your Graveyard for the price of removing an opponent’s Monster from their Graveyard.  This unrestricted recursion is most useful when your opponent suicides a Berserk Gorilla into your Vampire Lord.
  • Call of the Mummy-This card lets you Special Summon a Zombie from hand if you have no Monsters in play.  It has no restriction on the Level of the Zombie it Summons, save that it has to be legal for a general Special Summon.  This obviously let’s Vampire Lord get into play easier.  It also can take some advantage of his effect: you can activate Call of the Mummy in either Main Phase, so if your Vampire Lord attacks and is destroyed in an impermanent manner, you can use this card to Summon something to tide you over while you wait, including a second Vampire Lord under the new Ban List.  Call of the Mummy is completely unrestricted.
  • Card of Safe Return-While not limited to Zombies, they do have extra recursion methods, and of course, Vampire Lord can repeatedly trigger its effect (draw a card when a Monster is Special Summoned to the field from your Graveyard).  Card of Safe Return is not restricted.
  • Patrician of Darkness + Spirit Reaper-Although it’s a Monster intensive set up, and rather potent on its own, it’s just that much more menacing when its protecting Vampire Lord from the primary method of removing it.  Neither Patrician of Darkness nor Spirit Reaper is restricted.
  • Pyramid Turtle-As stated earlier, this card can fetch and Special Summon Vampire Lord from your deck if Pyramid Turtle dies in battle.  An added bonus is that the Turtle itself can be brought to the field in the same way (cans the option of Battle Position) by Giant Rat, or brought to the hand via the soon-to-be-unbanned Sangan.  There is also a plethora of Earth/Zombie cards that are also viable targets for one, two, or all three of them.  Pyramid Turtle and Giant Rat are both completely unrestricted.
  • Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower-Obviously, the first effect of this Monster means that Vampire Lord’s mere presence, like any Zombie’s, would protect it from being attacked.  The second effect of this card (your opponent sends two cards from the top of his/her deck to the Graveyard when a Zombie-type Monster is special Summoned) also obviously benefits from Vampire Lord’s resurrection effect.  Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower is not restricted.
  • Vampire Genesis-Now this Monster, which can only be Special Summoned by removing a Vampire Lord from play, will be much easier to work with now that we are not limited to one copy of Vampire LordVampire Genesis is not restricted.


Also note that any card designed to protect Monsters will naturally see a better return with Vampire Lord than with most other Monsters since it is so hard to destroy outside of Battle.  Of extra importance is the return of Mirror Force, since Vampire Lord can heedlessly crash into it, only to rise again on a later turn.  Finally, as I hope I have illustrated (or at least shown a possibility of) there are several possible Zombie variants for this vampire to lord over.




Traditional       : 4/5-This score only applies to the “tribute Monster” slot many decks allow for.  However, it does face steep competition for this slot, so it is really more like the fourth best choice… out of twenty.  Being up- (or is the down-) graded to the Semi-Restricted List will only make a marginal impact on decks that focus on it, but may raise awareness to it.  Also, it’s possible he could work his way into some or many Chaos variants: he is Dark, and he does contribute to the Control aspect often featured in such decks.  Note that I believe I overrated him in my last CotD, hence why his score stays the same.


Advanced        : 4/5-Don’t include Vampire Lord if he doesn’t match your theme.  If he does match your theme, then you have to find a reason to not run him.  Here I rated it more or less correctly before, so the increased potency in his own decks and possible use in Chaos (note: possible) makes him much more likely to show up.


Limited            : 4/5-Lets assume you actually get this in a normal “Limited” where you are pulling cards from packs, and that you are willing to risk damaging it by playing it (the original is still a collectible).  As long as you can get it out before your opponent can successfully summon a big Tribute Monster, the game is probably yours.  If it shows up late though, it won’t be useful until you have the advantage in ATK strength with something else.  Now, if you have the Zombie Madness theme deck for a starter deck event (does YGO even do those?)… It’s still great, but faces better competition keeping it the same.



Being unrestricted will very likely turn Zombie decks into the next cookie-cutter… possible the next three to five cookie cutters, given the variance that can exist within them.  Somehow having the top three [played?] decks all as Vampire Lord assisted Zombie decks isn’t very comforting.  I can only hope that this is what Konami meant, as at least Zombie decks (including Vampire Lord) are easy to assemble compared to most others.  I have stated before (though perhaps not here) that if there is going to be a dominant deck, I’d rather everyone had a reasonable chance at assembling it, as opposed to there being a dominant deck that only those with significant amounts of disposable income can run.


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