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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Nitro Unit
Ultimate Rare

You can only equip this card to a monster on your opponent's side of the field. When a monster destroys the equipped monster and sends it to the Graveyard as result of battle, inflict damage to your opponent's LIfe Points equal to the ATK of the equipped monster.

Type - Spell
Card Number - TLM-EN046

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.9
Advanced: 2.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.21.05


Nitro Unit

Nitro Unit is an interesting card. It isn’t a card for a standard Burn Deck; it’s better suited for the seldom-seen Offensive Burner, a Burn Deck that relies as much on attacking as it does on direct damage. Being an Equip Spell, it’s not the easiest card to keep on the field; but it’s not a regular Equip Spell insofar as you equip it to your opponent’s monsters, not your own.

Then when that monster is destroyed in battle, you get to inflict its ATK in direct damage to your opponent’s Life Points. So if you equip this to an opposing BLS-EotB and miraculously take it down as a result of battle (not impossible with Injection Fairy Lily, I guess), your opponent will not only take 400 damage from the attack; he’ll take an additional 3000. That’s a best-case scenario, of course; you’re much more likely to do 1400-1900 damage on average, still not bad.

But Nitro Unit has many flaws. If 1) you can’t destroy any opponent’s monsters in battle, 2) your opponent has no face-up monsters to equip this to, 3) your opponent’s monsters are too weak to be worth destroying, or 4) you’re losing and really just don’t need to draw any equips that don’t help you, Nitro Unit is worthless. It’s a situational card, to be sure; but a good deck could be built around Nitro Unit.

Traditional – CCCC: 2/5
Traditional – Offensive Burn: 3/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5
Advanced – Offensive Burn: 3.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Nitro Unit

Again, we hit card text that gets screwed up by one small phrase.

If this card did the damage when the monster was destroyed regardless, instead of just by battle, this would see play. However, you need to kill it in battle for it to work, so in order to get any really big damage, you need to have a super-strong monster take out THEIR super-strong monster in battle. When's the last time a plain old BEATDOWN did well? I can't remember, it's been that long.

Honestly, if you're going to play burn, there are much better and more rewarding cards that don't require you run big fatties outside of BLS-Envoy, or risky equip spells like United We Stand (that the opponent just LOVES to Dust Tornado once you've declared your attack...)

1/5 Tradtional
2/5 Advanced

Nitro Unit COTD
Equip Spell

You can only equip this card to a monster on your opponent's side of the field. When a monster destroys the equipped monster and sends it to the Graveyard as a result of battle, inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to the ATK of the equipped monster.

Definitely has some potential. Most monsters usually have around 1400-2400 ATK. Basically, sacrifice card advantage for LP damage. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't.

As a player, you have to strike a balance between advantage and damage. You may want to go for as much damage as possible, or as much card advantage as possible. Either way can win -- I've lost after playing trip Gracefuls to cards like Magic Cylinder and Ceasefire. All the cards in my hand couldn't help me recover, but other times I do recover. It's all about the deck strategy and balance.

For example, if you have Jinzo, play Nitro Unit on your opponent's Berserk Gorilla and then attack, you've lost one card but dealed 2400 LP damage to the opponent. Of course, that's if the attack isn't stopped by a Book of Moon or Enemy Controller.

So, just see what fits your playstyle and adjust accordingly. To each his own.

Rating: 3/5. An average rating because it can be useless in some decks and powerful in others.

Coin Flip
Nitro Unit is one of my favorite cards from the set. When I saw the first translations for it at Spike and Baron's, it mentioned none of this "By Battle" shiznit. If you hit it with Ring or Sakuretsu, they took the damage. That was simply beautiful in premise. Now it's got a slight downside. The monster has to be destroyed by battle. This is cool and stuff if you manage to use Mirror Wall on an attack, since it checks original ATK.

The trouble with this card is that you are unlikely to do a critical amount of damage. You can probably bet on getting 1500 or thereabouts on average, and that could be accomplished in burn easily by a Just Desserts after Ojama Trio. Ojama Trio is something most burn decks would like to use anyway. And when are you going to be attacking to destroy a monster in Burn? Maybe occasionally if they were silly enough to put a Swarm of Locusts f/d, or if their Mobius is still in DEF from Level Limit and you've got a Solar Flare Dragon… But… Well… =\

In burn/beatdown decks (which can actually be rather good), this gets a solid rating.

2/5 Traditional
2.6/5 Advanced

1.7/5 Traditional
2.2/5 Advanced

3.4/5 Traditional
4/5 Advanced
Snapper Nitro Unit

Today’s card is Nitro Unit, a Spell that seemed considerably better in OCG translations.

NU’s an Equip Spell Card, which already excludes it from all CC Decks. CC Decks aside though, NU is a unique Spell Card in that it can only be equipped to a monster the opponent controls. When the equipped monster is destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard, the opponent loses Life Points equal to the destroyed monster’s original ATK. Prior to TLM’s release in the states, it was believed that NU would activate no matter how the equipped monster was destroyed. But apparently that isn’t the case, so translation sites lose points for credibility.

Ramblings behind us, NU has a good chance to inflict some major damage, depending on what monster it’s equipped to. If a D. D. is the quipped monster, is victimized in battle, and it for some reason doesn’t/can’t use it’s effect, your opponent just lost somewhere between 1500 and 1700 Life Points. If an elemental searcher kicks the bucket due to one of your attacks, your opponent lost an even 1400 Life Points. Their BLS ran smack dab into the heart of a Mirror Wall, therefore making it weak enough to be killed by the attacked monster? Then your opponent lost a great big 3000 Life Points.

Of course, all of these poor examples are under the impression that a) Nitro Unit isn’t destroyed by one of the many different forms of S/T destruction currently available and b) that you’re extremely fortunate. Of course that isn’t going to happen most of the time, which causes NU to be limited to casual play. As kick butt as it could be, NU is plagued by an environment that doesn’t take kindly to Equips.

Advanced: 3.5/5. I find myself rather fond of NU for some reason. So much so in fact that, if it weren’t Saturday, I’d try coming up with a Deck for it.
Traditional: 3/5. Beware S/T destruction.
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 1.5/5. What happens when you put a car engine and a tank of helium together? Apparently you get a Nitro Unit.
dawnyoshi You know what equip spell is cool? Big Bang Shot. That can be a nice ATK increase for one of your monsters and it allows you to royally smack sheep tokens and Spirit Reapers. It's also a key card for an (overrated) combo deck, and it can act as monster removal. It also acts as a STALL TOOL, of all things, if you equip it to the opponent's monster while you have some defensive monsters. Isn't this card cool?

Today's card is Nitro Unit, and it's not a Big Bang Shot. In fact, it's really nothing at all. It's conditional, situational, and annoying to pull off. I don't care if you're playing limited or constructed. This card shouldn't see play in the format.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Limited: 1/5
Dark Paladin Nitro Unit
Equip Spell

Now, in my mind, this card is underrated but really needs it's own deck to successfully work, but it could just be me. Being able to equip something to your opponent's monster is unique in itself. Secondly, when you destroy the monster, that monster's attack points come out of your opponent's lifepoints.

So, that could be a lot, but you'd want to wait until the opponent brings out a Jinzo or even a BLS, but good luck destroying the BLS first...

Still, as I said, running 3 of these in a deck based around Nitro Unit, or even in a dedicate burn deck could prove deadly for your opponent. If you just used it on a DD Warrior Lady, Breaker, and a DD Assailant that's 5100 lifepoints right there you took from your opponent. (Assuming Breaker had his counter when he was destroyed)

As I said, I find this card to be underrated, and it's only a Rare, so not hard at all to acquire. This is one card I actually urge you to try out, on accounts of you may be pleasantly surprised.


Traditional: 2.5/5
Traditional Hardcore Burn: 4.4/5

Advanced: 3.0/5
Advanced Hardcore Burn: 4.9/5

Art: 3.0/5 A nifty almost evil looking picture.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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