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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ancient Gear Golem
Ultimate Rare

This card cannot be Special Summoned. When this card attacks with an ATK that is higher than the DEF of a Defense Position monster, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. If this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate any Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step.

Type - Machine/Effect
Card Number - TLM-ENOO6

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 3.45

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.10.05


Ancient Gear Golem

Ancient Gear Golem is the big monster of The Lost Millennium, and rightly so. With an impressive 3000 ATK (AND 3000 DEF), he’s definitely powerful. He can’t be Special Summoned and requires two tributes, but you can ameliorate that problem with Trojan Horse, if you want.

He has the same effect of Ancient Gear Beast, that your opponent can’t activate Spells or Traps till the end of the Damage Step – so he’s also un-Forceable/Cylinderable/Sakuretsuable. But instead of negating monster effects, this guy has trample. Attack a Sheep Token and inflict a lovely 3,000 damage to your opponent; with Limiter Removal, do twice that.

In the right deck, this guy is incredible. Get him onto the field and you’re almost guaranteed to do at least one turn’s worth of damage. If you can keep him alive for a while, victory shouldn’t be far off. Of course, the two-tribute thing, along with being unable to be Special Summoned does hurt him quite a bit, so he’s by no means the perfect monster.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Machine: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 3/5
Advanced – Machine: 4.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Ancient Gear Golem

Say hello to the "chase" card of the set.

If a one-tribute 2000 effect-negating, trap/spell-protected monster might see some play, then a 2-tribute 3000 trampling protected monster might as well.

As with yesterday's card, this card can't be special summoned whatsoever. Ew. If this thing gets Bottomless'd, Ringed, or otherwise destroyed, you just lost out on 3 cards (the 2 tribute monsters and AGG himself.)

Instead of this guy getting effect negation a la Dark Balter, he gets trample. So if this guy hits Magician of Faith, instead of it not getting its effect, the opponent is taking 2,600 damage. This is bad and good at the same time; bad, because opposing DDWLs/DDAs/MoFs/any searcher killed by this can wreak havoc, and good because you're doing damage either way.

My concerns with using this card were listed yesterday -- pre-battle phase chains. They also hold true here. However, the Limiter Removal thing is different here. In a deck with Ancient Gear Beast, Limiter Removal was an option but not a necessity. In this deck, you MUST run them. (Not just one, either.) If you're playing this guy, you're probably shooting for a win with the trample damage -- suprise Limiters in the damage step can help make that happen.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.75/5 (It's not great, but it'll see some play with its initial release.)

Coin Flip
And now we have yesterday's card on steroids. I personally think that with the drawback he has, trample is not big enough a benefit to justify playing him. 3000/3000 is freaking huge. I mean, even the Envoys boast less strength than that. Anyone still playing BEWD for that kind of ATK might want to look at this instead. Actually, no, don't even bother. This card was great in Draft where not only were you likely to have 2 monsters out at a time (and even if you lacked the two monsters, Level Conversion Lab could fix it), but you were likely to keep this out for 5 turns. But let's step to the real world for a second. The card is horrid. You have 2 Tribs with lackluster built-in protection? Remember, people in higher level play are much more likely to be using Bottomless Trap Hole than Sakuretsu Armor. And without any protection from D. D. Assailant and the like, this fellow won't last long unless you really are very far ahead.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5

Machine (Holy hell it's a 6000/3000 monster with TRAMPLE!):
Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4/5
Snapper Ancient Gear Golem

Our final card this week is Ancient Gear Golem, the mega-hyped monster of TLM and superior officer of yesterday’s card.

AGG has botchin’ stats; 3000 ATK puts it on par with the strongest competitive monster currently in use, giving it basic immunity to death via battle. It’s a Machine, giving it uses with Limiter Removal, a bonus that could be very handy once his effect comes into play.

AGG can’t be Special Summoned, which is in itself a good reason to not use AGG at all. This is especially bad considering AGG requires two tributes to be Normal Summoned. This requires you find alternative means of summoning it, and by alternative means I mean Trojan Horse. Most other “alternative means” would require AGG to be Special Summoned, which of course can’t be done. Sure there are other methods besides Trojan Horse, but TJ is by far the easiest method of summoning AGG.

On the bright side however, AGG has a trample effect, which slightly overshadows all of its down points. While it doesn’t justify/makeup for the two Tribute Normal Summon only policies, it makes AGG a better for the person who uses it. Throw in AGG’s final effect and it’s trample ability should be much more appealing.

AGG’s final effect is the same as that of yesterday’s card. When AGG attacks, the opponent can’t activate any Spells or Traps until the Damage Step comes and goes. It’s an intriguing effect that allows you to blindly attack the opponent with AGG and not worry about Mirror Forces, Scapegoats, Book of Moons, and so on. Of course, most cards your opponent may want to use against AGG at this time they could probably just use during any other part of the Duel (Scapegoat and BoM can be used whenever they feel like it, and MF can be used when another monster attacks, which would probably destroy AGG). Still, the opportunity to not worry about that for a few seconds at get in some care fee damage should prove useful.

All in all, AGG is a neat Machine that comes with some nifty effects. Its high Level and un-Special Summonable effect is the only thing tying it down.
If you can overlook these faults though, you may deem AGG worthy of the hype it has/will receive.

Advanced: 4/5. It’ actually 3.something, but I wouldn’t want to get fractions for the Overall score I can’t do in my head. Anywho, AGG’s very useful, especially when used in conjunction with Limiter Removals that are used at a time that your opponent can’t stop them (IE. When AGG attacks).
(Wow, if that wasn’t a long comment…)
Traditional: 2.5/5. Two Tributes are DEATH in Traditional.
Overall: 3.25.
Art: 4/5. Eh, not quite an intimidating as I’d hoped, but…

Stats                : Ancient Gear Golem is a Level 8 Monster.  Fast forward to the first line of the effect, you see that it says it can’t be Special Summoned.  That hurts it.  It’s got a lot to over come.  Fortunately, we see that it is Earth.  If you can’t be “Chaos Compliant” (a Light or Dark Monster), then Earth is… well, not the only way to go, but it’s got quite a bit going for it: home type of Exiled Force, Berserk Gorilla, Goblin Attack Force, D. D. Assailant, and many more useful Monsters.  Of course, this assumes you want to run a Field Spell like Gaia Power, or include some “Remove an Earth Monster to Special Summon this Monster” cards, like the Rock Spirit and Gigantes.  Personally, I am finding those MRL Field Spells to be more useful lately…  Being Earth also means The Trojan Horse can make Normal Summoning something this big a lot less painful.


Ancient Gear Golem is a Machine-type, of course.  Machine’s have several useful tricks, like Heavy Mech Support Platform and Limiter Removal.  So this is pretty nice.  It has an ATK and DEF of 3000 as well, which is also fantastic.  Given some Machine tricks, having a high DEF is also very important.


Right now, the only thing really hurting this card is the “cannot be Special Summoned” clause.


Effect(s)            : Let us see if the rest of the effect is worth the effort then.  First, we see the clause that indicates trample: if your ATK is higher than the DEF of the Defense Position Monster you attacked, you inflict the difference between said scores as Battle damage to the opponent’s LP.  This is pretty good.  Fortunately, there is even more: if you attack with this Monster, your opponent can’t activate any Spell or Trap cards until the end of the Damage Step.  These two clauses basically nullify most protective Spell/Trap cards that see heavy play.  Threatening Roar and Waboku are still okay, since they can be activated before attacking.  Same for Book of Moon and Enemy Controller.  What else is there?  Try Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, and Sakuretsu Armor.  Oh, and the trample alone makes it so that you actually want your opponent to activate Scapegoat.


Uses and

Combinations  : The most likely deck to use this in would be an Earth/Machine, since you’d have fantastic synergy there, spiked with the appropriate “near-staples” and some cards that just fit aside from the theme (Heavy Mech Support Platform).  Good examples would be yesterday’s CotD, Ancient Gear Beast, Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, and perhaps Kinetic Soldier.  Add in some useful cards like Limiter Removal, maybe Weapon Change (helps Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, but won’t hurt the Ancients).  Ojama Trio may also be useful: make sure you have something nice to trample. ;)  As stated earlier, The Trojan Horse can make summoning easier.  So can certain “search when die Monsters” like Giant Rat and Mystic Tomato, which can get a useful Gear Golem the Moving Fortress or Heavy Mech Support Platform, respectively.  Another option would be Giant Germ and/or Nimble Momonga since they nab two copies of themselves when they die, have decent effects besides, and work with the other two I just listed.  Finally, consider Machine Duplication, especially if you decide to toss in a few other low ATK Machines like Heavy Mech Support Platform and Woodborg Inpachi.  This will get you tribute fodder. ;)


Ratings (Dedicated deck)


Traditional       : 1.75/5-Machine decks can function here, especially since they can also be Chaos Compliant… but Ancient Gear Golem doesn’t belong in those.


Advanced        : 4/5-I personally feel this could become quite the strong deck.  The combinations of the effects means it shouldn’t be too hard to get off one solid attack.  Two Limiter Removals would mean an attack that would kill almost any deck.  Well, given that probably half the protective Spells and Traps won’t work, and most Monsters won’t have enough DEF to block the trample damage.


Limited            : 4/5-Looks good to me.  Huge attack and it can trample.



Ancient Gear Golem is a great card in a dedicated deck, sabotaging common protective means in most mainstream decks.  It’s hard to get into play, but with great costs comes great power!  Also, the art just looks sweet.  Very Terminator 2-ish.


Ancient Gear Golem

No Specal Summon = hard to get out = not very playable = keep inside binder forever = sell it on ebay

Unless you make a deck around it (including Royal Decree and My Body as a Shield), don't worry about this card. Just the fact that BTH and DDA are everywhere tells you that you shouldn't be running this huge ass Golem. Although Golems are cool. And sexy. Anciently sexy. ...Yeah.

Rating: 30/5 (the 30 represents how much money I hope my Golem goes for on ebay xD)
Dark Paladin Ancient Gear Golem
Level 8

All right, I should do an in-depth review about this, but I feel I can successfully accomplish all I need in a real short manner.

3000-3000 for a two trib monster is excellent built in trample is damn fine especially with 3000 attack no spell or traps until the damage step is at least as fine no Special Summoning hurts, but the guy can't be invincible

Machine decks, run 3, or as many as you can obtain for the time being, it's just that good.

Traditional: 3.0/5 general still gets a 3 and why? It's just THAT good Traditional (Machine): 3.5/5

Advanced: 3.4/5
Advanced (Machine): Mighty Damn fine/5...I mean 4.4/5 One of the best machines ever.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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