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Des Wombat

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, any damage by a card effect to the controller of this card becomes 0.

Card Number - TLM-EN031

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.55
Advanced: 3.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.07.05


Des Wombat

I’m going to say right away that I don’t like this card. It’s not that it’s bad – quite the opposite – it’s that it’s one of the biggest hindrances to Burners ever to befall the game of Duel Monsters. Des Wombat boasts 1600 ATK for a Level 3, quite good; and it has an effect that makes people like me very sad.

If you have a Wombat on the field, your opponent will not be able to burn you. You also won’t be able to burn yourself. Stealth Bird? No damage. Solar Flare Dragon? Nothing. Ring of Destruction? Only your opponent will be hurt, no matter who activated the Ring. Dark Snake Syndrome? Again, only your opponent will take damage. Remember that this guy doesn’t stop costs, however, so if you play Solemn Judgment, you still pay.

Add the fact that Burners seldom run monster removal (mine do, but I digress…) to the fact that Wombat has enough power to take down most Burn monsters while having a low enough level to sneak past Level Limit and Gravity Bind, and you have a furiously fearsome way to shut down Burn. Des Wombat will be seeing play in most competitive Side Decks; I guarantee it.

Of course, he can see play in other decks too. Burners might actually consider using Des Wombat, either to suicide into opposing Wombats, to make damage from RoD one-sided or even to use in conjunction with Dark Snake Syndrome. Long story short: this guy hurts Burn but he far from kills it.

Traditional – CCCC: 2/5
Traditional – Side Deck: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5
Advanced – Side Deck: 5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Des Wombat

As if Mobius, Chiron, Dust Tornado, Mystic Swordsman Lv. 2, and Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment weren't enough...anti-burn gets this gem.

Effect: You take no burn damage, even from your own cards.
More practical uses of this card would be in the side-deck to stop burn decks cold, or splashing one in a deck as a possible way to get around Ring of Destruction's damage, the random Wave Motion Cannon, Ceasefire damage, and so on. (Remember, if he gets Ringed himself, then you're still getting hurt)

There are great combos for this guy, however.
Dice Jar: If you roll lower, you take nothing.
Dark Snake Syndrome: You take nothing while your opponent scrambles to get it off the field -- even deadlier than Wave-Motion Cannon if protected.

In addition to that, he's a 3-star monster, getting him under the commonly played Level Limit - Area B, and Gravity Bind.

Conclusion: Side-deck up to 3 if you have the room. Seriously.

Traditional: 2.25/5 mained, 3.75/5 sided
Advanced: 3.25/5 mained, 5/5 sided
Artwork: 1/5 (Sorry, I just had to mention how ugly this card is.)
SandTrap Card of the Day -- Des Wombat

Des Wombat

Set Name:
YuGiOh! The Lost Millennium
Card Num:

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, any damage by a card effect to the controller of this card becomes 0.

Heh, guess I’m doing CotD again, go figure ;P. I’m starting with one of the better cards from the recently released TLM set, Des Wombat.

I’m sure everyone else is going to say pretty much the same standard stuff, so here’s an easy-to-read

Des Wombat > Solar Flare Dragon
Des Wombat > WMC
Des Wombat > stupid Burn overall, haha

All I can say is that if this doesn’t convince players that Burn sucks, nothing will. Mobius, Dust Tornado, and Swarm of Locusts was already a lot besides the normal Heavy/MST/Breaker, and now Des Wombat? Burn decks should just scoop. I think they are raunchy anyways. A possible out may be Lava Golem, so just have Des Wombat on the field alone, and all you have to worry about is Messenger of Peace. Burn should never be a problem to anyone ever again.

I hope I didn’t offend Burn players too much XD.

Coin Flip
This card dominates burn. Seriously, this ends burn just on its own. Let's look at what this effect does. If any player tries to do any damage to you at all ever, and it isn't by attacking, then this guy goes "Ah hell naw!" and Solemn Judgments that crap. I would've thought Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment would have been good against burn. Heck, I thought Hallowed Life Barrier was nice way back in the day. This walks on them. It ate the Emissaries of Harmony and swallowed Pikeru whole and made itself a permanent while it was at it. All burn damage is nullified. That leaves one thing Burn has that can stop this (well, besides standard general removal like Ring and stuff which is just an obv. addition to a defensive deck) – Lava Golem. It can sort of keep it from attacking with Messenger of Peace, but I fail to see how it can do much against it. Like, Bind and Level Limit can't stop it, so it can go for the heart with Solar Flare Dragon.

This is a sideboard staple. Although burn won't be played much anymore, I would recommend packing 2 or 3 of these in sideboard on the off chance you do come up against burn.

Oh, and it works for your cards, too. That's nifty. You can play like Curse of Darkness and whatsitsface, Dark Snake Syndrome. The deck will work if you want it too.

Logically, this is a sideboard staple in Advanced and… Special in Traditional. In its own deck with Pikeru's Enchanting Circle, well, it's a staple there too.

General (sideboard):
Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 5/5

Its own deck (=\):
Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5
Snapper Des Wombat

Today’s card is Des Wombat, the cutest Burn-killer available.

DW’s stats scream Burn-killer; 1600 ATK beats the pants off of almost every Burn-oriented monster. It’s a Beast, giving it Trample abilities when used in conjunction with Enraged Battle Ox. And, although I don’t usually point it out, DW is a Level 3 monster, which allows it to attack while Level Limit
- Area B and Gravity Bind are on the field, both of which are a Burn Deck’s best friend.

If its stats didn’t scream Burn-terminator (aka. Burninator), DW’s effect is saying it in all known and unknown languages and then proceeding to cram the information in to your brain. While DW is on the field, all effect damage done to the controller of DW is reduced to zero. And since a Burn Deck’s main means of doing damage is through effect damage, you’re basically invincible against Burn Decks while DW is on the field.

So, you can’t be damaged by the likes of Cannon Soldier, Lava Golem, and Meteor of Destruction eh? What do you do now? Abuse DW is what. To the max.
While DW is on the field you don’t receive damage form cards like Dark Snake Syndrome or Ring of Destruction. SO what does that mean? It means you won’t be receiving that 3000 points of damage when you blow up BLS with RoD. It also means your opponent will receive doubling amounts of damage every turn while DSS is on the field, and you won’t. Overall, DW is a great monster that should be top priority for Side Decks. In Main Decks however, it would be rather useless most of the time.

Advanced (Side Deck): 5/5. Burn is a horrid opponent, so plan ahead; use DW!
Traditional (Side Deck): 5/5. See Advanced.
Overall (side Deck): 5/5.
Art: 5/5. Awww. It’s a Wombat! Wombats are the path to the Light Side. They lead to unanger. Unanger leads to love. Love, leads to an antonym of suffering.

Stats                : Des Wombat is a Level 3 Monster.  This is good: it is small enough to fit under Gravity Bind and Level Limit-Area B, but high enough to still be allowed a decent ATK and/or DEF.  It is an Earth Monster, which means there is quite a bit of support, as well as a Beast, which means there is even more support for it.  It has a solid 1600 ATK, although I almost wish it was lower so it could be searched out via the common methods (Sangan and friends).  Those digging forepaws are very strong though.  Its DEF also seems a bit low, given that Wombats are apparently very good at defending if they are in their burrow…


Effect(s)            : The effect does fit, in a way.  Wombats, when in their burrow, are very for predators to get a hold of.  All that is exposed is their rumps, where their skin is pretty thick and touch, and there isn’t much to grab onto.  Plus, they have a nasty habit of kicking not unlike a horse, and can kill a predator by trapping it against the roof of the burrow, suffocating it.  Otherwise, they will just really hurt it if they merely break its nose or crack a rib… yes; I looked up information on wombats when doing this review.


Anyway, blocking all burn damage does fit with their defensive style.  The fact that it apparently blocks the damage regardless of the source is even better.  Use RoD on an opposing Berserk Gorilla for fun and profit; you won’t be hurt.  Fantastic.


Uses and

Combinations  : This probably should be in most Beast side decks.  I personally think that one should be main-decked, given how common burn elements are even outside of Burn decks.


You could also use this for a mock “suicide” burner.  Cards like Ring of Destruction, Dice Jar, and Dark Snake Syndrome all work with this (and that is straight from the UDE Yu-Gi-Oh FAQ); that is to say they will hurt your opponent but not yourself so long as you have a face-up Des Wombat.




Traditional       : 1.75/5-Unfortunately Chaos Emperor Dragon sends it to the Graveyard, so it can’t protect you.


Advanced        : 3.5/5-A solid side-deck choice.  After all, it basically shuts down Burners for as long as it is face up and in play.  It also has its own possible deck-type, or at least variation of burner.


Limited            : 3.75/5-It actually is big enough to be a beatstick in this format, and it looks like there are some burn cards that could be useful in Limited in this set.



Des Wombat is a good card, and actually worries me a bit.  While it isn’t a great card that guarantees it will be seen in all decks, it is a good enough that appears easy enough to run that it may cripple burn decks.  Or maybe I am just over reacting.  Hmmm… Fantastic stats and a killer effect are sweet as is, but it’s a wombat: cute to look at with a fun to say name!  Rentsy!

Please remember that wombats do not make good pets at all.  They are indeed cute but are digging machines and become very territorial, practically overnight, once they become a young adult specimen.  Oh, and they are illegal to own in most places in Australia, their native home.  Really doubting they are legal in a lot of other places.

Dark Paladin Des Wombat
Level 3

As long as this card remains face up on the field, any damage by a card effect to the controller of this card becomes 0.

Well, let's look at some pros on this card.

Earth is good
Level 3 beats Gravity Bind
1600 takes out DD Warrior Lady
1600 ties Breaker without a counter

For a few low points

1600 loses to DD Assailant
only has 300 defense points

In my opinion, it is a good thing to be protected from damage but with only an attack of 1600 and a defense of 300 out little Wombat probably won't be on the field very long.

If you'd like to throw one into your Beast deck, go right ahead.


Traditional: 2.0/5 The card isn't crap, it's just not NOT crap either.
Traditional (Beast): 2.5/5

Advanced: 2.5/5
Advanced (Beast): 3.0/5

Overall Rating: 3.0/5

Art: 3.0/5 It is a surprisingly cute little picture

You stay classy, Planet Earth

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