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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Stamping Destruction

You can only activate this card when you have a face-up Dragon-Type monster on your side of the field. Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field and inflict 500 points of damage to the controller of that card.

Type - type
Card Number - SD1-EN017

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.90
Advanced: 3.80

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.02.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
Stamping Destruction

Close to being good, but just not enough.

Okay, dragons get extra non-Quickplay MSTs and some burn damage. What's wrong with that? Keeping the Dragon in question on the field.

In the current metagame, there are several common cards that get rid of monsters upon summon: Torrential Tribute, Ring of Destruction, and more Bottomless Trap Holes are seeing play every day. In addition, people are playing Book of Moon more now, which would flip the dragon face-down so you can't use your Stamping Destruction.

In addition, outside of the BTHs, almost all of the M/Ts that are played right now are chainable. I don't think 500 damage is worth the restrictions placed on playing Stamping Destruction, where using a Dust Tornado or two would give you the chance to snipe that Scapegoat, Book of Moon, or Ring of Destruction BEFORE they could potentially hurt you.

Even in a Dragon deck, I think you're better off with other cards.

1/5 Traditional
1.5/5 Advanced

Stamping Destruction

This is a card that I’m surprised it’s taken us so long to review, but I guess that’s due in part to the severe lack of Dragon Decks that see competitive play. Stamping Destruction is a Normal Spell that you can only activate if you have a face-up Dragon on your side of the field. Then you get to destroy a Spell or Trap, as well as do an extra 500 damage to whoever controlled it.

It’s a simple card with a devastating effect. Stamping Destruction essentially gives Dragon Decks three free Mystical Space Typhoons that also do a little bit of Burn damage. Sure, you won’t always have a face-up Dragon on the field; but when you think about it, the times you’ll need to get rid of S/T are the times you’re about to attack which, in a Dragon Deck, should be times you DO have a face-up Dragon on the field.

This card is virtually a necessity for a basic Dragon Beatdown, as it’s S/T removal with no real drawback and a nice, added benefit. Forget about Dust Tornado and Giant Trunade; I’d even go so far as to say MST isn’t needed (of course it has advantages over Stamping Destruction too…); in a Dragon Deck, two or three of these will add a nice little punch.

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – Dragon Deck: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 1/5
Advanced – Dragon Deck: 4.5/5
Snapper Stamping Destruction

Today’s card is Stamping Destruction, a Dragon Deck’s best friend.

To activate SD, you must have a face-up Dragon monster on your side of the field. Once activated, SD destroys one Spell or Trap on the field of your choice and does 500 points of damage to the owner of that card. As should be apparent, SD’s only use is in a Dragon Deck. If used elsewhere it’s unlikely to ever be useful. Other than that, it’s a simple effect; it’s just an MST that does damage. If you use a Dragon Deck, you should be using at least two of these.

Advanced (Dragon Deck): 5/5. MST + Burn = Yea!
Traditional (Dragon Deck): 5/5. See Advanced.
Overall (Dragon Deck): 5/5.
Art: 2/5. I’m going got guess that that’s Tyrant Dragon’s leg stepping on that building. I could be wrong, though I think it unlikely.

Stamping Destruction is a staple Spell Card for Dragon themed decks.  I recommend running at least two, and maybe a full three count in Dragon decks.  Why?  It’s Spell/Trap destruction that does 500 points of damage to the owner of the card being destroyed.  The downside is you have to have a Dragon face up on the field, and of course, since it is a Normal Spell and does damage to the owner of the card being destroyed, it isn’t anywhere near as versatile, as say, Mystical Space Typhoon.  Then again, MST always did seem a bit too good… This is an example of exactly what the TCG needs: cards that are designed for specific themes and are great there.  For those worrying, I am not using theme to mean only sharing a common Attribute or Type, though that is the most common, but rather something more than “throw everything that is ‘good’ into the same deck”.

Ratings (for use with Dragon Decks)

Traditional      : 2/5-You can play a Dragon deck here, and in such it isn’t bad… remember, MST is still one per deck here.  Still, as a whole, there’s only one Dragon you really want to be running here, and it doesn’t need a Dragon deck, but a Chaos deck.

Advanced        : 4/5-Here, Dragon decks probably should be played, but aren’t.  Dragons have a pretty solid beatstick line up, decent Monster and S/T removal, and of course almost all of it is available in easy to obtain structure form.

Limited            : 1.5/5-If you pull enough Dragons to warrant using it, go for it.  Otherwise, it is just to bluff.  Of course, if you luck out and find some players who actually want to do starter/structure deck based limited events (sadly an unofficial thing for Yu-Gi-Oh), then this is in the Dragon Structure deck and is quite good there. ;)

Dark Paladin Stamping Destruction
Normal Spell

You can only activate this card when you have a face up Dragon type monster on your side of the field. Destroy one spell or trap card on the field and inflict 500 points of damage to the cards controller.

If I ran a Dragon deck, I seriously run this card. Since you can run 3, that could be 1500 points of damage. Why not run a couple in a deck of your Dragons?

It doesn't matter if you use Armed Dragons, the Hours family, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon or what, just run a couple. Not only does it do damage, but it destroys a spell or trap card which is a plus since or cards to destroy such things aren't all that common.

Also, for whatever reason, you can destroy your own spell or trap if you have a continuous something or other bothering you, just give up 500 lifepoints and take care of it.


Traditional (Dragon): 3.5/5
Traditional (general): no reason to use it outside of a Dragon deck/5

Advanced (Dragon): 4.0/5
Advanced (general): no reason to use it outside of a Draogn deck/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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