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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Return from the Different Dimension

Pay half of your life points. Special summon as many of your monster as possible that have been removed from play on your side of the field. During the end phase, remove from play all monsters that were special summoned by this effect.

Type - Trap
Card Number - EP1-EN008

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.8
Advanced: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.29.05


Return from the Different Dimension

We end the week with Return from the Different Dimension, a card from the horribly redundant Exclusive Packs released for the YGO movie. It has a rather hefty cost, namely half your Life Points; but the benefits of this Normal Trap aren’t hard to imagine.

Activate it when you have no monsters on your field but a bunch removed from play and you can pretty much slaughter your opponent. Removing your monsters isn’t that hard either; just use Necrofear to remove a few Dark Rulers Ha Des or Slate Warriors; remove big monsters to summon BLS-EotB; use Bazoo and get rid of Jinzo and Dark Magician of Chaos and whatever else you can think of. Then use RDD and bring them all back for a turn of rentsy obliteration.

Timing is, of course, everything, with this card. Only activate it if you’re pretty sure you’ll be able to do some serious damage; otherwise, it’s really a waste of precious, precious Life Points. In the right deck though (and I’m thinking Fiends, simply because of Necrofear’s uncanny ability to remove them), this card is awesome.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Fiend: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5
Advanced – Fiend: 4.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Return from the Different Dimension

I think of this more as a combo card than a tech card, but it can be used as either.

When used in a combo, your deck will contain other cards that benefit by either going to the RFG pile or coming out of the RFG pile (Dark Magician of Chaos's resummon getting a Spell back comes to mind.)

When used as tech, you're counting on your opponent to be playing Bottomless Trap Holes, D. D. Assailants, D. D. Warrior Lady, and BLS-Envoy. Oh wait...that's about every single Deck I've seen do well in the past month and a half!

As we know from Solemn Judgment, if you pay half your life for a card, it had better have a kickass effect. Solemn Judgment is used to make sure you win the game when your opponent has one card that would otherwise do it; Return from the D. D. fits into that category -- you're usually using it offensively (a swarm to win the game that turn) as opposed to defensively (preventing your opponent from winning the game that turn). But given the ever-growing size of the RFG pile in Advanced Format duels, you might want to consider this.

2.5/5 Traditional
3.5/5 Advanced
Snapper Return from the Different Dimension

Our final card this week seems to be a rather random choice, especially since this week seems to focus on surprisingly useful CC cards. Return from the Different Dimension is not one of these cards me thinks, but I won't complain.

At the cost of half your Life Points, RDD allows you to Special Summon as many of your monsters as possible that have been removed from play to the field. At the end of the turn, all monsters summoned through this effect are removed from play once again. If I may be so bold as to compare it to Dimension Fusion, I'd have to say RDD is the better choice if you had to pick between the two.

My reasons are simple, Life Point cost being the first and most important.
Late game, the time that cards like DF and RDD truly shine, usually occurs when both players have less than 4000 Life Points. So there's DF, which will always cost 2000 (an amount you may not be able to afford), and then there's RDD, which becomes increasingly cheaper the closer your Life Points get to zero. Of course early on in the Duel RDD won't win in this category, but then you shouldn't be using it anyway.

Reason the second: RDD doesn't help the opponent. Unlike DF, RDD allows you to use cards like BLS, NoC, and the D. D. monsters without worrying about the removed monster's return to the field upon RDD's activation. What good does this do you? Well if you're fortunate enough to have the opponent's field be uninhabited, using RDD won't foil this opportune luck.

Final reason: RDD combos nicely. Since you'll be losing the monsters at the end of the turn anyway, you can use cards like Creature Swap and Cannon Soldier without the nasty after taste of helping the opponent out, because you won't. While this part of the effect becomes a pain in the butt if your opponent survives the turn, you can have at least made the most of it.

All things considered, RDD is an excellent card… in a Deck with plenty of ways to remove cards from the game. Strike Ninja, Dark Necrofear, and XYZ all increase in usefulness when you know you've got a RDD lying in wait.

Advanced: 4/5. I'd give it a specific rating, but it works in too many different Decks.
Traditional: 3/5. It may be useful. Just hope it doesn't get destroyed during the opponent's turn.
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 3.5/5. It's Name That Monster Time! I see DDWL, Manticore of Darkness, Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness, Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness, and what will probably be called D. D. Warrior.
sHecKii WOW...it's a sHecKii (proud Team Savage member ^^)!!!

*Throws Pokeball*

...haha, yes I'm finally doing a Card of the Day Review and you know what's even funnier? this was my week of the Card of the Day picks =\

I currently do not have internet so I can only answer e-mails when I go to school and/or a friend's house with internet. Thank you for everyone that has ready my latest article "Rock, Paper, Soldier" and e-mailing me with love. ^^ Now onto the review!

Return from the Different Dimension IS my favorite card in the game. It's not a big secret that I love this card more than any other card in the game. When metagame interviewed me and my team, I said this is the "best" card in the game (a blanket statement but still..). I'll list the reasons why I believe this card is still one of the best cards in the game.

1) It's not like it's friend Dimension Fusion where u HAD to pay 2000 life, which means DF is a dead card during the mid/late game while Return from the Different Dimension (RFTDD for short) can be used at any time.
2) This is an alternate win condition. Let's say your BLS has been removed from play to either Book of Moon/Nobleman of Crossout, Smashing Ground/Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, Bottomless Trap Hole, DD Warrior Lady/DD Assailant, etc... Then you can bring out your BLS for a final push to your opponent's life points. Now let's say you don't even have a BLS removed from the game but you have 2-3 Monsters in the RFG pile, make that final push when that's your last option.
3) When the metagame currently included 2 Nobleman of Crossout, 1 Bottomless Trap Hole, 2 DD Assailant, Black Luster Soldier, Kycoo, and even DD Designator, it's not a bad way to counter the metagame and give your opponent false hope that they have control of the game.
4) If RFTDD brings out a Jinzo in chain to a trap, it will effectively counter that trap and most likely you will have enough Monsters to push damage through with it.
5) If RFTDD brings out a Dark Magician of Chaos with an important Magic in the graveyard, then you used a pay half your life to use Magician of Faith's effect, which is not bad when your only at 300-3000 life when it could mean you win the game.

I could go on and on why this card is so good but let me also list the conditions on one running this card.

1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
1 Jinzo
1-3 DD Assailant
1 DD Warrior Lady

That's already "cookie-cutter" but that's not enough. Most of the time, RFTDD is used with Bazoo the Soul Eater and/or Strike Ninja and/or Chaos Sorceor. Dark Magician of Chaos is normally a "staple" in a RFTDD using deck but I believe you can use it without it. (it's highly recommended though ^^)

The fact is if you want to run this card to counter the metagame, you must also run cards to support it. Rock, Paper, Scissors: You might have the metagame counter deck but the fact that you may not always play against the match-up you had anticipated/wanted which could lead to this card becoming a "dead" card in your deck.

Now let me tell you why this card is not used often.

1) This is one of the WORST opening draw in the game. You'll never win the game with this card on turn 2-3 anymore due to the fact that a) Painful Choice is gone, b) It's hard to get the EXACT Card Destruction, the EXACT Morphing/Cyber Jar to set up, and c) doing step b without your opponent destroying this M/T and/or the other set up cards. REMEMBER WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING WITH THIS CARD, YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS CARD SHOULD BE USED AS AN ALTERNATE WIN CONDITION, NOT YOUR MAIN.
2) When your opponent MST/Dust Tornado/Breaker's Counter on RFTDD, 90% of the time you cannot chain this card to win.
3) Because of #2, it's a very hard/situational card to go off with.

I've been playing without this card for a LONG time now but it's a card to be feared if you see it Game 1. Don't underestimate the power of this card and in my opinion, everyone should try running this card at least once.

Constructed - Advanced: 4/5
Constructed - Traditional: 3.5/5
Limited - 0/5

Dark Paladin
As this week comes to a close, we review a card that was a promo from that little known, seldom seen Yugioh *whispers* movie...

Anyhow, today's card is Return From the Different Dimension. RFtDD allows the controller to Special Summon as many monsters as possible that he or she may have removed at the cost of half of your lifepoints. I prefer Dimension Fusion over this card, even though 2000 lifepoints may be more than half and DF includes your opponent as well.

I can only see 4 Real Decks where this would work and actually need to be used.

1) XYZ Deck--Since all the XYZ fusions require the individual pieces to be Removed from Play, so here it could allow some extra fusions for you or something.

2) Strike Ninja/Dark Magician of Chaos Deck(s)--Strike Ninja needs 2 Dark monsters to be removed to use his effect and this card can revive them as well as DMoC who is Removed when he's Destroyed.

3) Dark Necrofear/Fiend Deck--Like XYZ, Dark Necrofear require three monsters to be removed. Return can be a welcome addition and surprise as a finisher card.

4) Soul Release--You can send your own monsters to the graveyard with Card Destruction or something and remove them with Soul Release. Then, Return can allow for some excellent damage to your opponent.


4.5/5 In any of the 4 above mentioned decks, both formats.

2.0/5 Any other deck, both formats, as Dimension Fusion is better.

Overall: 3.25/5

Art: 1.5/5 Junk, utter junk.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


A quick note: I had some difficulties this week so while I reviewed all cards but Kycoo, Monday I submitted my old review instead of the new one, and the rest were late, so go back and check them out now that they are [hopefully] up. ;)


Today we look at the Trap card Return from the Different Dimension.  I reviewed this when it was still relatively new (as did several other staffers).  This card gets re-reviewed due to how the metagame has changed since then… if I read and recollect properly, it was reviewed when the Ban List was Japanese only (my original view mentions the bans as an aside, since some used it in unsanctioned, local tournaments).  Anyway, with so many people running Chaos decks or the nature of many “counter-Chaos” strategies; removing the opponent’s Monsters from play so they can’t use them for Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning.  At certain times under both the current and former Ban Lists, players have experimented with Dimension Fusion.  This had some nifty tricks, but often back fired due to a) most opponent’s also running Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, b) most players running cards that remove their opponent’s Monsters from play and thus sometimes giving their opponent a better force and c) a set Life Point cost that mean late game, when such an assault would likely finish off an opponent, you could afford to activate it.


Enter Return from the Different Dimension.  It only lets you Special Summon removed from play Monsters, so you don’t have to worry that while you are just getting Blade Knight and Don Zaloog, your opponent is getting back their Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning and Dark Magician of Chaos.  Then there is the cost that, while steep early on, will almost always be worth it provided you are using the card with any skill: if you are crazy enough to use it when the opponent has set S/Ts and neither Torrential Tribute nor Mirror Force is in their Graveyard, you deserve to lose LP. ;) Seriously though, if early game you have Monsters removed from play and reviving and attacking once would win you the game… that is so worth half your LP, even if you haven’t taken any damage.  More importantly, late game where it might cost you as little as… well… free if you are at one Life Point, but usually 2000 or less.


Now, in addition to spicing up Chaos decks, this can be useful for defense as well-if the damage you’d take or effects triggered are nasty enough, paying half your LP to throw up a defensive wall is worth it.  When one moves to the realm of specific decks, you can use it with Last Turn or Suicide Beatdown decks, though I am not sure I’d recommend it for Last Turn.  Deck’s build around old Bazoo the Soul Eater definitely should consider this, and I can even see it being used (along with Dimension Fusion) and Catapult Turtle (again, in a very tailored deck) for a massive burn assault.  That last one is unlikely, but sounds fun.




Traditional       : 1.75/5-Seems too risky.  Better S/T destruction makes it harder to get off offensively, and if you go for the kill and somehow fail, you’re that much more vulnerable to Chaos Emperor Dragon.


Advanced        : 3.5/5-Looks good here, at least for some sideboards (and of course a few specific decks other than Chaos)


Coin Flip
Hmm. What is there to say here? Huge ass swarms that, in the end, will cause your opponent no end of grief if used correctly. Both this card and Dimension Fusion feature this particular quality, and the quality of unlimited combo potential. What this has that Dimension Fusion does not:

Chainability. Versatility. Oh, and the fact that your opponent won't ALSO summon 9 (you heard me, 9) monsters is good.

While both this and Dimension Fusion can easily be used to obtain card advantage (you had to see the deck I built using Sacred Cranes to really appreciate this: I could get as much as 10 card advantage on one turn here), this one has the distinct feature of not being dead late game. You'll notice a pattern with Dimension Fusion. It's bad early game, where you won't summon a thing. It's meh middle game, where you need to have drawn the right cards to use this correctly. It's bad late game, where you might not want to bring yourself down another 2000 to try and end. Considering the heavy use of Remove From Play mechanics today, chances are you are not going to be the only one summoning anything at the end of the game.

Below 4000 LP, this is by far the better card, albeit still the slower card. But I'd use it at 6000, depending upon the conditions. See, if my opponent has nothing protecting him, and I have this and Strike Ninja on the field... Well, think. Should I end the game, or should I be a moron? Attack, remove, summon, attack, attack, attack. Shazam. That has to be among my favorite combos in the game. Just had to mention it. Considering the popularity of Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning (both yours for summoning, and your opponent's for BLS' remove from game effect), D. D. Assailant (again, both yours and your opponent's), Bottomless Trap Hole (see last parentheses) and D. D. Warrior Lady (I like parentheses)... Well, do I need to spell it out for you? You can use it to pull out Dark Magician of Chaos (I would actually prefer to run this with Dark Magician of Chaos...), Jinzo to negate a Trap or summat, some of Strike Ninja's removed DARKs for huge, huge, redundantly huge amounts of damage, or even cards that get bonuses when Special Summoned (again I mention Sacred Crane). Heck, if you really need it, you could use this with Cannon Soldier and Ceasefire. Even a Spell-Absorbing Life, if you want that life back.

It has a lot of potential, and thus I am forced, once again, to give a review I feel is incomplete rather than bore my readers. Wait, too late.

2.4/5 Traditional
2.9/5 Advanced

Strike Ninja (RUN THIS YOU MORON):
4.4/5 Traditional
4.7/5 Advanced

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