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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

King Tiger Wanghu

As long as this card remains in face-up on the field, destroy al monsters with an ATK equal to 1400 or less that are Normal Summoned or Special Summoned.

Type - Beast/Effect
Card Number - DB2 - EN207

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.08
Advanced: 3.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.27.05


King Tiger Wanghu

King Tiger Wanghu is appearing more and more frequently in Side Decks nowadays, due to his ability to put an end to certain deck types singlehandedly.

When he’s on the field, if a monster with 1400 or less ATK is summoned (not including Flip Summons though), that monster is destroyed. Basically, that means your opponent can’t summon Tsukuyomis or Giant Rats or Mystic Tomatoes or Don Zaloogs or Marauding Captains or Pyramid Turtles or Exiled Forces without their being nuked right away (though Tsukuyomi will still get to flip something face-down). It also means your opponent will think twice before bringing out Thousand-Eyes Restrict, as that too will die instantly.

On his own, King Tiger’s decent. 1700 ATK isn’t great but it isn’t awful, and he’s EARTH, which gives him a bit of support there. But you should only run King Tiger if you think you have to. He’s a decent counter to some current strategies but not that great alone.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Side Deck: 3/5
Advanced – CCWC: 3.5/5
Advanced – Side Deck: 4/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
King Tiger Wanghu

I hate to be in a position where I'd have to give props to my arch-nemesis...so I'm just going to skip doing so and move on.

King Tiger is a fairly decent card that's been overlooked for a long time and is now in many player's side decks. Let's look at a standard cookie-cutter deck list and see what it'd kill...

Tsukuyomi, Sangan (although you'd WANT that killed), Scapegoats, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Exiled Force (does it even get priority with KTW on the field? I'm not sure...) The biggest things involved there are Tsuku and the TER/Goats. Given that there are players who play 2 Tsuku, 3 Scapegoat, and 3 Metamorphosis...keeping one of these out for an extended period of time = almost a sure win.

In closing, I'll just say I'm glad that there are hundreds if not thousands of netdeckers out there getting the benefit of one original player's idea...netdeckers who probably ended up with a higher ranking in the same tournaments the original player was playing in.

2.5/5 Traditional
4/5 Advanced

Coin Flip
King Tiger Wanghu (nicknamed Wangzz)... Meh, I've tried it. I had no luck with it. In the interest of giving a fair and insightful review, however, I'll discuss the potential ways this works.

There are a number of cards I am often fascinated with because of their ability to EFFECTIVELY prevent the opponent from playing cards. For example, Wangzz and much of the Wave Control decktype.

Wangzz effectively maked every monster in your opponent's hand that is a monster with 1400 ATK or less virtually useless as a summon. Call of the Haunted and Scapegoat beware - your use just got cut down.

There is a lot to be said about this fellow. He stops them from using priority, an important issue when it comes down to stuff like Exiled Force on a Jinzo which then frees up your opponent's Mirror Force. He's got 1700 ATK, which is a plus. He stops Goats from stopping a swarm. He messes up a lot of cards like GK Spy, Peten the Dark Clown, D. D. Scout Plane, all Elemental searchers like Mystic Tomato and UFO Turtle, Twin-Headed Behemoth - needless to say, Wangzz' use does not stop with encumbering the potency of the ubiquitiously played Scapegoat.

In my opinion, he's sexiest in sideboard. But hey! Don't let that stop you from maining him. He is an excellent means of spearheading common and popular moves, such as using Scapegoat as wall fodder, summoning Sinister Serpent and using Creature Swap, or summoning Tsukuyomi and following up with Creature Swap or Nobleman of Crossout. I find myself doing those moves often when I run cookie cutter. I'm sure others do as well.

Main Deck:
Traditional: Meh. His competence is much more noticable in Advanced. He gets an average 3/5 here.
Advanced: 3.8/5

Side Deck:
Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4.5/5
Snapper King Tiger Wanghu
Today's card is King Tiger Wanghu, a bane to Goat Control everywhere.

As a 1700 ATK Beast, Wanghu provides as both a beatstick and a monster that can gain a piercing capability. But Wanghu's stats are really insignificant in the long run, especially when his effect is oh so useful against an oh so popular Deck-Type. Can you guess what it is? I haven't said it in the first paragraph of this review if that's any help.

While on the field, Wanghu destroys all Normal and Special Summoned monsters with an ATK less than 1400. Let it be noted that this affects a crap load of monsters, a myriad of monsters in fact. What does this myriad consist of?
Many memorable monsters the likes of which may be all too familiar to you.
But for length's sake, we'll shorten the list to three monsters in particular, that aren't in any way, shape, or form related to sheep.

Scapegoat, TER, and Tsukuyomi suffer most dearly while Wanghu is present on the field. And wouldn't you know it, these three cards are all intertwined due to the ruling on position changes that came into effect a month or two ago. Because of that ruling, Goat Control has become top contender as dominant archetype, and is ready to reign supreme should anything happen to our beloved King Khaos. Wanghu's usage has skyrocketed because of this, and has inevitably worked his way into most Side Decks as well as a few Main Deck because of it.

Let it be stated though that Wanghu's effect is a double-edged sword.
Against the enemy Wanghu may triumph on the field of battle for a day, but against the weenies that reside in your Deck, there is no victory. If you throw out the Lord of the Rings reference from this sentence, you basically get a warning that encourages you to heed the monsters you are summoning.
Your Mystic Swordsmen LV2s and Mystic Tomatoes may not enjoy existing alongside Wanghu.

Overall, Wanghu is an excellent monster to counter the current Meta. Side Deck him in most Decks, a Main Deck him when running Beasts.

Advanced: 4/5. Side Deck it at the least.
Traditional: 3/5. I'm at a loss as to what is used in Traditional these days.
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 3/5. I don't envy whoever put clothes on that beast…

Dark Paladin
As this week progresses, we come to an interesting card...

King Tiger Wanghu

Our King friend here is quite the interesting monster. 1700 attack isn't terrible but isn't great either being that King is a Level 4 monster. Earth and Beast are respectible types since they each have plenty of support.

Then, the effect. King Tiger Wanghu is a decent card, and he can be useful.
Just for starters, he will be able to take out monsters like Cannon Soldier and
Don Zaloog with his effect. The effect could be a bit more useful in
Traditional if only because it gets rid of those annoying Magical Scientist One Turn/First Turn Kills of his. *growls about those* The King does have a weakness, on accounts of monsters that are flip summoned become immune to the destructive power of the King.

However, King Wanghu isn't necessarily going to be useful just because you decide to use him. The deck your opponent is using becomes a key factor in the matter. Beatdown and most burn aren't going to be friendly to Wanghu. This is more of a side deck card, in my opinion, but it is decent nonetheless.


Traditional: 3.4/5 It DOES stop the pesky Scientist First Turn Kill!
Traditional Beast: 3.9/5 No real reason not to run it in a Beast deck.
Traditional Side-Deck: 4.4/5

Advanced: 3.9/5 No Scientist to worry about, but good regardless.
Advanced Beast: 4.4/5
Advanced Side-Deck: 4.9/5

Art: 3.0/5 It isn't THAT impressive, it's almost a bit freaky.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


Stats: King Tiger Wanghu is a Level 4 with no summoning restrictions, which as we all know is a good thing.  Earth is a solid Attribute with plenty of support, just not as much as Light and Dark.  It is also a Beast, which is a strong sub-type; this attribute/type combination screams to abuse this with Enraged Battle Ox.  With a 1700 ATK and 1000 DEF, the same as Enraged Battle Ox, it can hold its own against all but “true” beatsticks and most Level 5+ Monsters.  These are pretty solid stats as a whole, but not enough to warrant playing it, so let us move onto the effect.


Effect(s): Death!  Well, to some Monsters, anyway.  As long as King Tiger Wanghu is face up and in play, any time a Monster with 1400 or less attack is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned (but not if they are Flip Summoned), they are automatically destroyed.  Pretty nifty effect, though it can be annoying at times that it also hits you.


Uses and Combinations: Unless you have a lot of smaller Beasts/Beast-Warriors/Winged-Beasts, decks built around those Types (they overlap so much that they are practically one anyway) can probably make good use of King Tiger Wanghu.  Since it is a 1700 ATK Level 4, it even works as slightly weak beatstick (it still bigger than Tribe Infecting Virus).  I am not certain, but based on the rulings I believe that Monsters destroyed by King Tiger Wanghu can’t claim “priority” since it’s an always on, blanket effect.  While you could use some zany combinations to make more Monsters vulnerable to its effect, let’s focus on the more realistic use of this card in general: Scapegoat hates this at least as much as it hates Enraged Battle Ox.  Why?  Because while King Tiger Wanghu is in play, the Sheep Tokens Special Summoned by Scapegoat just go “boom”.  Given how often Thousand-Eyes Restrict is “morphed” from one that puts a big damper on the average Cookie Cutter deck.  Oh, and do I need to mention the obvious that Thousand-Eyes Restrict itself will go boom, even if the opponent were “smart” and used a Flip Summoned Magician of Faith since the Sheep Tokens wouldn’t survive?


If you have room, Light of Intervention can be combined with it, which really messes up a lot of decks.




Traditional      : 3/5-Most of this score reflects its use in specific kinds of decks.  It’s not really as good a general use card here, just because one can still do quite well with “classic” Chaos Control.


Advanced        : 3.65/5-Solid choice for the main deck if you can make room, and a great choice for the side deck.


Limited            : 4.25/5-Just be careful you don’t try and use it with a bunch of your own guys he will nuke.



King Tiger Wanghu is a good card that happens to cause the metagame to stumble, so you might as well get used to seeing it.


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