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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Pot of Greed

Draw 2 cards from your deck.

Type - Spell
Card Number - DB1-EN134

Card Ratings
Traditional: 5
Advanced: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.18.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
Pot of Greed

Obviously, we're not reviewing Pot of Greed to tell everyone how good it is. Even the last place duelist at Nationals had to have a Pot of Greed in their deck.

We're reviewing it because it does have a connection to Harry Potter.

Many people, when playing Pot of Greed, make the motion that they're taking a hit of pot...and when their opponent plays Pot of Greed, usually call the opponent a "Pothead". Harry Potter has also been called "Harry Pothead". Thus the link.

Obviously, 5/5 everywhere...

...and 500/5 if they reworded the card to:
"Draw 2 cards from your deck. You may smoke pot without any legal rammifications from the time you first activate this card until the end of the Duel."

Pot of Greed

Reviewing this would only waste precious seconds.

5/5 Everywhere except in some REALLY weird decks.

Pot of Greed

Man, this card sucks. This may lead to you decking out! Imagine if it's the last card in your deck, then it's useless! What a horrible card.


Kek, obv kidding. Second best card in the game behind Sinister Serpent.
The essence of card advantage, Pot of Greed belongs in every single deck.

Rating: 5/5 OBV. Anyone who doesn't rate Pot of Greed a 5/5 is retarded, seriously.

Dark Paladin
Pot of Greed

We're obviously reviewing this card for it's Harry Potter connection. Honestly, about 999 times out of 1000, people make the reference of POT when playing Pot of Greed.

Some common ones are:

Pot of Weed

Plus, the user is called Pothead by him or herself, and usually the opponent, and subsequently so when the opponent plays it. Kinda weird that one of the best cards in the game has such an awesome drug reference. On the same note, Harry Potter is quite often referred to as Harry Pothead so yea...

On a bit of a serious note, Hand Advantage is everthing


Traditional: 6/5 Seriously, Yata is still here
Advanced: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5.5/5

Art: 3.0/5 Kinda wicked, the teeth are stained Yellow, I wonder why?

Coin Flip
The hilarious thing about Pot of Greed's review is that it was originally a joke, but noone disagreed with its review, so we went ahead with it. This was also supposed to be put up on SATURDAY, to celebrate the release of Harry Potter. For those of you who haven't read the book, I will spoil it all for you with one word: Depression-inducing. Technically that's two words and a dash, though.

Obviously this card is an ubiquitiously used utility that turns games around like no other. This basically says "take two extra turns, but you may not attack or summon more than once". The tradeoff this card offers is unrivaled by any other in the game. You have what is almost a 100% guaranteed +1 advantage (the exception being the one time you could lose the game directly as a result of drawing this card - a deckout.).

While it itself does little else than draw, it gives you more options. Options win games. As a result, this leads to winning games (unlike in basketball or football or soccer, where using Pot can get you kicked out of the league).

If you aren't playing Pot of Greed, then you are an idiot or VERY new to this game.

Until the day comes when game mechanics are worked around to an incredible position or card drawing is released that utterly dwarves this, this card gets a well-earned 5/5 in every deck ever.


Pot of Greed is a “staple” in all but the most bizarre (and often least successful) themes… like a no Spell deck and such silliness.  It is by no means a perfect card: when your opponent actually bothers negating it, instead of getting a card of advantage, you missed out on maybe getting a good Monster or Trap instead (if it was a Spell… it would have been negated anyway).  Fortunately, most of the time someone will save any Spell negation that isn’t free/always on for whatever you manage to draw with Pot of Greed, but that, and when you don’t get it until you have less than two cards left in your deck, are the few times it won’t be useful.


Now, the power of Pot of Greed is overstated.  It’s not that powerful.  Rather, so many other “broken” (over-powered) cards exist in the game that the stopgap method for fixing them is to restrict draw power to the point it is near non-existent, and cap hand size (though the hand size is large enough that, given the lack of draw power, it rarely activates).  Personally, I would favor getting rid of [even more] over-powered cards and/or bumping up the minimum deck size to 50 or even 60 cards, while at the same time increasing the amount of draw power in the game.  Preferably the extra draw power would be in the form of “deck specific” cards, which only work with specific Attributes, Types, or effects.


Why am I allowing myself to get so far off topic?  This is Pot of Greed.  If you have a copy, you play it.  Even if your deck were already at 40 cards, you’d ad this because the games it works (and as stated above, that will be most of them) it will make your deck effectively 39, and give you the option of keeping it at 41 cards (in case of depletion).  It always technically “lowers” deck size (with the assumption it isn’t negated).  This entire review was just done for the tenuous “Potter” connection, so I felt I could editorialize a bit.


If you don’t have a copy of Pot of Greed, just start asking around: it’s available in a variety or rarities, including being multiple common versions (some from promo packs, some from Starter Decks).




Traditional       : 4.75/5-I gave it its highest score here.  Why?  So many broken cards here, that you’ll probably get at least one if not two from Pot of Greed.  No, it still doesn’t deserve a 5/5 here.  It is only as good as the cards it draws, and I don’t find there to be a lot of cards that deserve “perfect” scores.  Even broken cards usually have some sort of downside.


Advanced        : 4.5/5-There is no reason not to run it, and circumstances turn what should at best be a commonly seen card into probably the closest thing to a “true” staple.  Again, I still don’t consider it


Limited            : 5/5-In almost every game, draw powers value sky rockets in value for the Limited format.  Yu-Gi-Oh is no exception.  Use it if you get it.



We get this silly review because some people refer to Harry Potter fans as “Potheads”.  Of course, most I know use the term “Potterhead” instead, so that the allusion to pot is there, but the obvious intent is to link to Harry Potter.


This is a card made artificially good.  “Draw 2 cards” is the basic draw card effect for so many TCGs, and in Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s limited to one-per-deck.  Crazy.


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