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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Heavy Mech Support Platform

Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this monster on the field, you can equip it to a face-up Machine Type monster on your side field as an Equip Spell Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. When equipped to a monster by this card's effect, that monsters ATK/DEF is increased by 500 points. (1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time. If the monster that this card is equipped to is destroyed, this card is destroyed instead.)

Type - Machine/Union
Card Number
- RDS-EN011

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.21.05

Coin Flip To start off the last review, I would like to have all of you look through my reviews for the past four days and write down the first letter of each paragraph (not including the first paragraph on Wednesday and the card ratings). Start with the first and proceed in chronological order to the fourth. First person to find the pattern gets a cookie.

Yeah, something tells me noone noticed.

Anyway, we have the first rentsy Union monster of its Cory's mom is fat, I mean, of its kind here. If you read cards like Second Goblin, Koitsu, and Z-Metal Tank, you see that they all have effects akin to this. Except that this excludes two words which make me like this card.


So, basically, equip a Jinzo with this, Limiter Removal, Jinzo would die at the end of the turn, except this dies instead, and your Jinzo has 5300 attack. PERMANENTLY. No, there is nothing wrong with that math. Just double the monster's attack and add 500.

Now, the card is still not all that good - Union monsters are rather slow, and this is not exactly a help in any way. This does one really cool thing, though. It saves a Reflect Bounder from being destroyed by its own effect. :)

I like it. But I can't give it a high rating.

Machine decks:
2.4/5 Traditional
Rentsy/5 Advanced (3.4/5)

EDIT: I wasn't aware of this, nor can I really understand the logic behind it, but apparently, when this guy dies, his boost is not subtracted from the ATK of the monster he's equipped to after Limiter Removal. Go figure. ~_~ So yeah, add on .2 or something, he got that much better because of it, Cannon Soldier now kills Shinato without a suicide, blah blah blah...

Heavy Mech Support Platform


Heavy Mech Support Platform is quite a rentsy Union Monster, and a very nice addition to Machine Decks.  The stats are poor, but the reason to run this is not the stats (though they do allow you to use Machine Duplication on this).


You equip this to one of your Machines, and that Machine will gain 500 ATK.  Moreover, that Machine is not likely to die anytime soon, since unlike most Unions, Heavy Mech Support Platform protects against all destruction.  If your opponent tries to Smashing Ground your Jinzo, this guyíll take the hit instead.  If you use Limiter Removal on a monster, this guy will die instead Ė and your monster will keep the boosted stats. 


There isnít much more to say about this.  It has its clear best deck, and it has quite a use in it.  Run it if you want to, but even if you donít, Iíd suggest at least trying one out.


Traditional Ė CCCC: 1.5/5

Traditional Ė Machine: 4/5

Advanced Ė CCWC: 1.5/5

Advanced Ė Machine: 4.5/5


Snapper Heavy Mech Support Platform

Our final card this week is Heavy Mech Support Platform, a unique Union monster with an intriguing added effect.

Like all Union monster, Support Platform has terrible stats. Itís got 500 ATK/DEF, itís DARK, itís a Machine, blah blah blah. As a Union monster it can become an Equip Spell Card once per turn, and so on and so forth. Iím sure you all know the workings of Union monsters so I wonít bore you with the details. Instead, Iíll move straight to the specifics.

Support Platform can only be equipped to Machine monsters and it increases the equipped monsterís ATK and DEF by 500. The boost is a noticeable amount, and because there arenít a lot of strong Low Level machines it could be of some help. What makes Support Platform unique from all other Union monsters is that as opposed to just saving the equipped monster from being destroyed in battle, Support Platform saves the monster from being destroyed in any way, shape, or form. This gives the equipped monster a one-time immunity to Ring of Destruction, Torrential Tribute, and the ever-loveable Limiter Removal.

Yep, you heard right, Support Platform will save the equipped Machine monster from overheating by Limiter Removal AND it will allow the monster to keep its doubled ATK. To give an example of how this might be helpful, pretend you have a cannon Soldier equipped with Support Platform (itís ATK is now 1900). Activate Limiter Removal, doubling Cannon Soldierís ATK (itís ATK is now 3800). At the end of the turn, Support Platform will die instead of Cannon Soldier, making Cannon Soldier a 3800 ATK monster as long as it stays face-up on the field. Great isnít it?

Despite Support Platformís usefulness with Limiter Removal, I wouldnít recommend using it for this sole reason. Instead, use it as an extra bit of protection for your Machine Monsters.

Advanced Format (Machine Deck): 3.5/5. Support Platform isnít that great by itself, so be careful when using it.
Traditional Format (Machine Deck): 3/5. Support Platform isnít that great by itself, so be careful when using it.
Overall (Machine Deck): 3.25/5.
Art: 2.5/5. It appears to be an attachment to Perfect Machine King.
ExMinion OfDarkness Heavy Mech Support Platform

This thing is a Machine deck GODSEND.

I know you're thinking..."but EMoD, Union monsters suck!" Well, usually they do. But since this is on ANY machine, it has some decent use -- they'd have to kill Jinzo twice in order to get rid of it...that Blowback that's kicking their rear end survives another turn...but the beauty of this card doesn't focus on saving this card from an opponent's.

It's the beauty of saving it from your own Limiter Removal.

Let's do some math here involving Jinzo.

Jinzo is 2400 ATK. You equip Heavy mech to Jinzo, which brings him to 2900 ATK. Limiter Removal is played. Jinzo is at 5800 ATK -- THIS BECOMES HIS NEW BASE ATTACK SCORE. You attack with Jinzo, deal the end of turn, Jinzo would be destroyed -- BUT, Heavy Mech dies instead. Guess what?


Heavy Mech is not only good Machine protection if you can afford the extra summon, but lets Limiter Removal be outright scary.

In Traditional Format, this becomes even sicker -- for example...get Mechanicalchaser with Heavy Mech out and a United We Stand on him (6350), then Limiter Removal. (12700) If, by some freak chance they survive (Waboku, Hallowed Life Barrier), it's still at 12700...and since that's his base attack, if United We Stand dies, IT'S STILL at 12700. If the scapegoat tokens die, IT'S STILL 12700.

The extra summon makes it harder to pull off, but makes Machine decks almost have an FTKO element to them.

2/5 Traditional (UWS, Mage, and other boosts going with Limiter make HMSP unnecessary)
4.25/5 Advanced

Heavy Mech Support Platform


Rated For: Machine Decks


The more you look at this card, the better it gets. A standard user might just take a look at it, shrug, and walk away without realizing how incredibly potent Mr. Heavy Mech Support Platform is.


Read the last line of text. It's not like other Union monsters, it prevents the entire monster from being destroyed. By any effect. Ring of Destruction, Smashing Ground, and even Limiter Removal won't be able to destroy your machine monster on the field.


It also adds a 1900 bonus, vaulting your weaker monsters like Cannon Soldier and Fusilier Dragon into the 1900 range and pushes the stronger machines into stratospheric ranges of 2350 (Chaser), 2300 (X-Head), 2900 (Jinzo), 2800 (Blowback), and 3300 (Fusilier). This makes Heavy Mech a card that can power up your normal monsters into field stoppers AND protect them from your opponent's disruption.


And yet it's an equip spell card, making it vulnerable to Book of Moon. Here's where it gets interesting. Put it on a Fusilier Dragon and make either a 1900 or 3300 threat. If they play Book of Moon on the bad boy, it'll spring back as a 2800 powerhouse. Or, if you put it on Jinzo, you have a nearly unstoppable 2900 trap negating demon. Great scott!


Heavy Mech Support Platform is a great card for the machine deck, but most machine decks typically don't have enough room to run it. What a shame.


Advantage F/H: If an equip spell card has the potential to give you enough additional attack to destroy a monster, it can count as evening out in value. For example, if you put an Axe of Despair on a monster that couldn't destroy Berserk Gorilla, and it does, you just used one card to destroy another. Heavy Mech Support Platform works much in the same way, because it gives Cannon Soldier and Fusilier Dragon that additional 500 attack that lets it destroy a Tribe, or a Breaker, or a D.D Warrior Lady, or a Kycoo, and such. And yet it also protects your monster from being destroyed. In essence, you're gaining 1.5-2 cards of advantage with this thing.

Traditional:                                                          9.5/10

Advanced:                                                              9.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: In this case, you're going to really need a Machine monster on the field to make it work. Because it can always suffice as a set summon, however, this isn't as bad a draw as it could be. Nevertheless, if you have 1-2 cards in hand, you don't want to be decking into a 500 attack monster.

Traditional:                                                          6/10

Advanced:                                                              6/10


Attributes/Effect: This is a 500/500 union monster with one of the best effects in the game while equipped, essentially putting a Magic Reflector on a monster, which basically turns Jinzo, Blowback, and Fusilier into game winners. It's stats are low, but the rest generally make up for it.

Traditional:                                                          8.5/10

Advanced:                                                              8.5/10


Dependability: Asides from needing a machine monster to equip to, this card also suffers from the drawback of costing a normal summon. That means the monster you set on the field or summon must last a turn to use this card. The dependability of this card is what cuts it down to one or two in most machine decks. I wouldn't recommend it in three's for that reason, although Mystic Tomato may work.

Traditional:                                                          3.5/10

Advanced:                                                              3.5/10


The Bottom Line: I'll "support" this card's "platform" and "mech" it heavily playable.


A BAD Score--                     Traditional:          3.44/5

                                                Advanced:              3.44/5



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