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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Ultimate Rare


A monster equipped with this card cannot change it's Battle Position or attack, and has its ATK decreased by 300 points. If the equipped monster is destroyed, select 1 monster on the field and equip this card to that monster.

Type - Spell Card
Card Number
- RDS-EN042

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.18.05

Coin Flip Lame. Flint is like Ekibyo Drakmord except bad. Basically, -300, can't attack, can't change mode. Whoop-dee-doo. The 300 reduction is not much - often times that will amount to nothing more than a Berserk Gorilla being killed by a Kycoo or suicided into by a King Tiger Wang or Reflect Bounder.

Ah... It does have a rentsy combo with Asura Priest, though. Really only works if they have 2 or more monsters on the field in attack position with less than 2000 attack. Attach Flint, kill that monster, attach Flint and kill that monster, attach Flint and kill that monster, etc. Owned.


You aren't falling for it?

Okay, not really. If your opponent doesn't have anything on the field, you have to equip it to your own monster. This might not be so bad if it's like a Goblin Attack Force or something, but they're probably going to Smashing Ground/Snatch Steal it anyway for no real card loss on their part..

Any deck:
1.6/5 Traditional
2.2/5 Advanced

Tranorix Flint

Flint is an interesting Spell Card, one that certainly deserves a little bit of play-testing, at the very least. Itís an Equip, making it vulnerable to S/T removal; but unlike most Equips, it isnít necessarily a bad topdeck.

Give this to your opponentís monster and it wonít be able to attack you. Thatís not bad , though it isnít necessarily great, especially if your opponent has more than one threatening monster on the field. That monster also canít change its battle position, which means if you attach this to his Defense Position Spear Dragon, heís not going to be changing it back.

The ATK decrease is also pretty good, allowing your Kycoos and whatnot to run through 1900 beatsticks and Berserk Gorillas. Of course, if your opponent only has one monster, you equip Flint to it, and you destroy that monster, Flint will be equipped to your monster, something youíll probably want to watch out for.

All in all, Flint is a decent card that probably has combo potential Iím just not seeing. For now, Iíll rate it for Stall Decks, where it seems it fits best.

Traditional Ė CCCC: 2/5
Traditional Ė Stall/Burn: 3/5
Advanced Ė CCWC: 2/5
Advanced Ė Stall/Burn: 3.5/5
Snapper Flint

Todayís card is Flint, an intriguing Equip Spell Card that assists in making threats easier to work with.

Flint has a few neat effects that assist in making your opponentís beatsticks less of a problem. Flintís first effect prevents the equipped monster from attacking, changing positions, and decreases its ATK by 300.
The effect is peculiar compared to your average Equip Spell Card in that it in no way shape or form helps the equipped monster. This fact has caused some people to find no use in Flint because they ask themselves, ďWhy would I do that to my own monster?Ē The answer is simple; donít equip Flint to your own monster. What seems to be an unknown truth is that you can equip your Equip Spell cards to your opponentís monsters. I donít know how this loss in information occurred, but it is true. Anyway, getting back to Flint itself, the effect has its uses. Its obvious use is to weaken and restrict an opponentís monster you canít defeat in battle. Obvious use = no need in explanation.

Flintís second effect causes it to switch to a new monster when the equipped monster is destroyed. This effect has few problems; an apparent problem is that Flint is an Equip Spell Card, making it very vulnerable to Spell and Trap Card removal that could prevent this effect from ever activating. A second more notable problem is that if your opponent has no face-up monsters at the time this effect would trigger, it needs to equip to one of your face-up monsters. So what initially looked like a pretty neat and useful card, Flint is in reality a card to use with caution.

It appears that Flint will be restricted to only being used casually due to its temperamental constitution. If memory serves me correctly, Marik used Flint in the YGO anime, allowing Flint to fit nicely in a Marik Character Deck. Other than this Deck-Type however, there is little hope that Flint will become a competitive card.

Advanced Format: 2.5/5. Itís an interesting effect but it could backfire on you.
Traditional Format: 2/5. Too much S/T destruction to make Flint successful.
Overall: 2.25/5.
Art: 1.5/5. They really went all out with the artwork.[/sarcasm] 
ExMinion OfDarkness


Flint is SERIOUSLY underrated.  I've been waiting to review this for a week or two.
Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy
Flint grants a reusable 300 ATK drop/ATK block.  I'll cut to the chase and tell you where I think this card is most useful and least useful:
Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy
*Great if you both have multiple monsters on the field.  Flint weakens one and helps you kill it, then moves to the next monster in line to die, and so on.
Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy
*Great if they have a face-up Spirit Reaper and something else -- Equip it to Reaper, it dies, then moves onto something else... 

Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy
*Good if they have one monster you just can't deal with right then (Jinzo, V-Lord...not really BLS because he'll just remove your guys).
Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy
*NOT good if they only have one face-up monster.  At this point, it moves to YOUR monsters -- it MUST equip to something if it is able.
Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy Rentsy
Remember -- the monster has to be DESTROYED in order for Flint to re-equip.  So if you put this on an opponent's Berserk Gorilla to stall, they can just tribute it for Mobius and get out of it.  Likewise, if you're forced to move this onto one of your own monsters, you can tribute it for something else to get rid of Flint.

There, Tranorix!  I said Rentsy in a CotD review!  Happy now?

Given the low M/T destruction in Advanced Format, I think this is actually a good card to sideboard, if not main 1 of.

2/5 Traditional
3.5/5 Advanced


Rated For: Helpoemer Decks

I've got to be honest guys. While I do try to be original and open-minded with every card in the game, this one was a bit tough I must admit. The best use I could come up with for this card was in a Helpoemer deck (yes, you heard me right!), since there aren't many spell/trap cards in the entire game that can decrease a monster's attack.

Once again, you've got to remember alternatives to this card. See, if you're using it for offensive purposes, keep in mind that there are offensive equips that offer far superior bonuses to the 300 decrease. Let's say they have two monsters on the field; you equip one and destroy it, then you target the other one as soon as your finished. The opponent will probably have taken 200-400 damage, and the next monster will be weakened.

Now let's use this example to introduce alternatives. Imagine if you put an axe of despair on your own monster. Now the opponent has taken 900-1100 damage and you have a 2000+ attack powerhouse on the field. Or what if you play an equip spell like Ekibyo Drakmord? (A highly underrated common from LONightmare)

All these appear far superior to Flint, right? Well here's another startling fact; those examples omitted the biggest drawback of Flint; if you're attacking their only monster, the resulting effect is mandatory, forcing you to equip your own monster with the effect. That 300 damage bonus and field control you seem to enjoy have now flipped and turned back on you! Suicidal hot potato I call it.

For anyone interested in running a Helpoemer deck or Flint deck (which can be highly viable), I'll rate Flint. I wouldn't exactly recommend it for anything else. Keep in mind the poemer can't attack with Flint equipped, so you'll likely just stand there (making Flint a rather useless card).

Advantage F/H: I'm sure you could combo a Flint, and it would allow their monsters to hit thresholds of anywhere from 1200 (D.D Warrior Lady) to 1700 (Berserk Gorilla) attack, but you'll likely suffer from its drawback as well. A 300 attack decrease is not nearly enough to justify Flint's use. Also, the fact that it keeps being used hurts you just as much as it hurts them, if not more.
Traditional Format: 2/10
Advanced Format: 2/10

Best Draw for the Situation: Equip cards outside of Premature and Snatch Steal are almost always bad draws because they require monsters to function. Granted, in this case, Flint can be used to disable your opponent and lower its attack. This makes it a little better of a draw than the standard Mage Power/Axe of Despair.
Traditional Format: 4/10
Advanced Format: 4/10

Attributes/Effect: The 300 attack decrease is decent because it will allow you to kill their monster. It can also be used for defensive purposes. However, its effect has drawbacks as well.
Traditional Format: 5/10
Advanced Format: 5/10

Dependability: This card is not really recommended for any standard deck because of its propensity to backfire.
Traditional Format: 2.5/10
Advanced Format: 2.5/10

The Bottom Line: Not worth it really. If you really must neutralize your opponent, use Ekibyo Drakmord, Nightmare Wheel, or Mask of the Accursed.

A BAD Score-- T: 1.69/5
A: 1.69/5

FORCE System Suggestions:
++ Field Control (Very slight), Counter-Defense (slightly), Enemy Disruption (slight)
-- Resource Replenishment, Counter-Disruption

Stats/Effect(s)   : Flint is an Equip Spell card.  A monster equipped with it canít change Battle Position, canít attack, and has its ATK reduced by 300 points!  Now, on is own, this would be pretty gimmicky-might as well boost your own guy than weaken another, and you might as well destroy a face up opposing Monster rather than just stop it from attacking while its on the field.  Sure, itís nice that they canít shift its position, but the card needs more.  Fortunately, Flint does one more thing: when the Monster it is equipped to is destroyed, it re-quips itself to the Monster in play of your choice.  All together, this becomes a solid effect.  Is there anyway to make good use of it though?


Uses and

Combinations  : Defensively, Flint can be used to hamper an opponent.  You not only might make them weak enough to safely kill in battle, but if timed right, you can keep shifting it to the opponentís next Monster.  Is your opponent using a relatively straight forward Beatdown deck?  This drops Berserk Gorilla down to a manageable 1700 ATK where your Kycoo can kill it, then shift the Flint to another Berserk Gorilla to nail next turn.  The obvious downside is that if the only Monster remaining in play is one of your own, it gets equipped instead.  This can range from being annoying (the Monster wasnít going to live much longer anyway), to barely noticeable (it tries to equip itself to Gearfried and is destroyed) to really nasty (you are forced to destroy your own three Spirit Reapers).  Given this, and the fact that most of us would prefer to simply destroy an opponentís face-up Monster, I am inclined to believe I had to miss some useful combination.




Traditional       : 1.05/5-On the obscure chance you top deck and freeze your opponentís Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning or the like and it saves you, I awarded a twentieth of a point.


Advanced        : 2/5-Here it could pull that lifesaver trick a bit more realisticallyÖ and it could help turn around a game where you finally summon one monster and, with Flint, you can overturn a field of beatsticksÖ or at least kills something you normally couldnít.


Limited            : 3.5/5-Here ATK scores are less stable, so it becomes much more useful since 300 can and often will spell the difference between a win and a loss.



Unless I am missing something, this is one of those cards that seem to have potential, but ultimately donít.  Itís only really useful if your opponent is running certain deck types or Monsters (Raging Flame Sprite or Swarm decks with relatively lower powered Monsters) that can be handled just as well by several other, less specific cards.


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