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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Nightmare Penguin


When this card is flipped face-up, return 1 card on your opponent's side of the field to the owner's hand. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, increase the ATK of all WATER monsters on your side of the field by 200 points.

Type - Aqua/Effect
Card Number
- RDS-EN010

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.17.05

Coin Flip Well... Nightmare Penguin is great for WATER decks - a rentsy choice, considering his tuxedo - also a rentsy choice. Not as good as A Legendary Ocean, but still damned good.

In a few words, very good. Basically, you bounce a monster back to its owner's hand and then you give every WATER you have a 200 ATK point boost. Believe it or not, this thing is HUGE. You're turning Abyss Soldier into Berserk Gorilla. With ALO, he becomes Giant Orc.
You're turning Sinister Serpent into Cyber Stein. You're turning Mermaid Knight into a 1900 attacker who attacks _twice_. On top of the already large amount of strength pushed into ALO by Abyss Soldier, Serpent, Gagagigo, and Gravity Bind, you clear your opponent's field while making your monsters even _stronger_.

Lo! While ALO is out, it's a 2000 defender. Just a really solid card as compared to something like Birdface.

Any deck:
1.8/5 Traditional
2.8/5 Advanced
WATER deck:
3/5 Traditional
3.9/5 Advanced.

Nightmare Penguin


Nightmare Penguin is, simply put, a very good card.  Not only does it boast two effects, but it also has relatively decent stats.  900 ATK isn’t that impressive, but 1800 DEF is enough to hold off many attacks.  These stats are further boosted by A Legendary Ocean, making Nightmare Penguin an 1100/2000 monster – but he boosts his own ATK as well, which really makes him 1300/2000 and Level 3.  Not bad, right?


His two effects are nice.  The first serves as somewhat of a Compulsory Evacuation Device: when this guy is flipped face-up, return one of your opponent’s cards to the owner’s hand.  Return that annoying Trap or return that rentsy monster.  Keep in mind this ISN’T a Flip Effect, nor is it an effect that only works when Penguin is Flip Summoned; this works whenever he’s flipped face up.  So if you Flip Summon him, he’s flipped by an attack or he’s flipped by Swords of Revealing Light, the effect will activate.  It also will not be negated by monsters that negate only Flip Effects (like Blade Knight).


The second is a mediocre ATK boost at best, but you can look at it as just an added bonus.  Even without the boost, Nightmare Penguin would be well worth running in any WATER Deck.  With it, there’s almost no reason not to.


Traditional – CCCC: 2/5

Traditional – WATER: 4.5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5

Advanced – WATER: 5/5


Snapper Nightmare Penguin

TGINAWOHC! AKA: Thank Goodness It’s Not Another Week Of Harpie Cards!
Anyway, this week we’re going to try and get rid of those few remaining “good” RDS cards. Today’s card is Nightmare Penguin, a monster that is very useful in a WATER Deck.

Nightmare Penguin is a defensive monster, or at least that’s how it will most likely be used. With 900 ATK and 1800 DEF, I don’t think you’ll be using it to for attack purposes, given the excellent DEF. It’s an Aqua monster, giving it the rare “immunity” to Tribe-Infecting Virus. It’s also a WATER monster, giving itself a power boost. The increase isn’t enough to make Nightmare Penguin an attacking monster, but it will help others of the same classification.

Nightmare Penguin has some great effects. First, whenever it’s flipped face-up you get to return a card on your opponent’s side of the field to the owner’s hand. This effect has a few plusses; for one it’s not a FLIP or Flip Summon Effect, giving it immunity to all those Flip Effect killer cards like Nobleman of Crossout and Ceasefire as well as allowing it to activate when flipped face-up in battle. The effect also allows you to temporarily get rid of threats or obstacles your opponent puts on the field, such as a monster that required Tributes or had summoning restrictions. Of course the effect can also be used on Spell and Trap Cards, though the return of those to your opponent’s hand won’t be all that devastating to your opponent.

The second effect is what makes Nightmare Penguin perfect for WATER Decks.
In addition to the excellent “bounce” effect Nightmare Penguin offers, its second effect gives a 200 ATK boost to all friendly WATER monsters. As said earlier, this boost doesn’t do much for Nightmare Penguin considering its low ATK, but it does give an additional boost to WATER monster like Amphibious Bugroth MK-3, that may already be receiving benefits from A Legendary Ocean.

Nightmare Penguin is a godly card in a WATER Deck for obvious reasons, but it’s not restricted to this Deck-Type; Bounce Decks have slowly become viable Decks, and since there are quite a few WATER bouncing cards in addition to Nightmare Penguin (Abyss Soldier and Penguin Soldier), you could easily make a combination of the two Decks that Nightmare Penguin works so well in.

Advanced Format (WATER Deck): 5/5. Power boost + threat stopper = WATER Deck staple.
Traditional Format (WATER Deck): 5/5. Power boost + threat stopper = WATER Deck staple.
Overall (WATER Deck): 5/5.
Art: 5/5. I’ve always had a freakish love of penguins…
ExMinion OfDarkness Nightmare Penguin

Welcome to...uh, what should I call this..."Anything BUT Harpies" week! This week has a few cards that have been overlooked with all the other weeks we've done.

Nightmare Penguin is actually a good companion for Penguin Soldier in a Water deck. His 1800 DEF means he'll stand up to a good bit; DDWL will HAVE to remove, Warrior Swarm will have trouble taking it out barring DDWL and X-Force...AND you bounce a card back to their hand. Not just a monster -- a CARD. It's a mini-Trunade if you flip it on your own turn. That and it boosts Water types, which can not only lessen damage you take if you flip it or it blocks an attack successfully, but your other water types (the sick 2050s and 2650s through A Legendary Ocean) get further boosted.

In general, it's a great support card for the Water deck -- I wouldn't run 3, given the insanely powerful monsters it has, but I'd run 1 or 2.

4/5 for the theme deck

Nightmare Penguin


Rated For: Water Decks


This card was discussed in my previous article entitled “Constructing A Legendary Ocean Deck.” Take a look at some in depth analysis here:


This card packages a Compulsory Evacuation Device effect mixed with an Umi effect that boosts the attack of all WATER monsters by 200. It also packs a meaty 1800 defense. Now call me wrong if you’d like, but in my opinion this makes Nightmare Penguin one of the best A Legendary Ocean monsters in the game, especially since such decks are starved for field presence and this one provides it.


Let’s just say that this card solid. 2000 defense with A Legendary Ocean makes it a must play in A Legendary Ocean deck and one of the best themed cards in the entire game. As it stands, we’re about to find out that 1800 defense is decent; make sure you run this in a deck with Water support cards, however.


See the beauty of this card is that whether you run a beatdown themed variant or a Grizzly variant (with Amphibious Bugroth and Mermaid Knight), this card is still extremely important. We’ll get into all its uses now.


Advantage F/H: Immediately you can tell it’ll return one monster to your opponents hand, so even if it’s a pumped up Blade Knight or a Gorilla (which incidentally, are the only commonly played beatsticks that can kill it), you’ll return it to their hand. If it’s a tribute monster like Jinzo smacking you around, they lose even more! Then, throw in the fact it has a solid 1800 defense and adds 200 to all WATER monsters and you have one of the best themed support cards in the game.

Traditional Format:                                            8.5/10

Advanced Format:                                                8.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Perhaps the best opening drop for Water decks outside of Sinister Serpent and Mother Grizzly (if that floats your boat, ho ho that’s a water pun!). Without this card in your deck providing field support (for your Giga Gagagigo’s, Levia Dragon’s when you don’t have A Legendary Ocean), you’d really be up a creek without a paddle (another one!). Anyways, the point is that this card is important in all phases of the game for a water deck, mainly because of the pumping factor AND the return of one of your opponent’s resources.

Traditional Format:                                            8.5/10

Advanced Format:                                                8.5/10


Attributes/Effect: Let’s see here. It’s a WATER type, and it has not one, but TWO effects that aren’t game-breaking alone, but combined together make a ferocious powerhouse. How can I not recommend this card? Of course, some may argue that packing too many may turn your deck into a defensive one, taking away elements of true field control and aggression. But that’s what your tribute monsters are for!

Traditional Format:                                            8.5/10

Advanced Format:                                                8.5/10


Dependability: The reason this card is so effective is that it upgrades your opponent’s monsters, making Gagagigo a 2050 powerhouse that destroys all of your opponent’s monsters. It also baits out Change of Heart (which doesn’t hurt you much), and will last on the field for a very long time with A Legendary Ocean boosting its defense. Solid.

Traditional Format:                                            8.5/10

Advanced Format:                                                8.5/10


The Bottom Line: This is the perfect example of a card that gets an 8.5 (or a B grade), in every attribute.


A BAD Score--                     Traditional:          4.25/5

                                                Advanced:              4.25/5


FORCE System Suggestions: Check out my article on A Legendary Ocean!


Stats                : Nightmare Penguin is a Level 4 Water/Aqua Effect Monster.  Very solid stats thus far: being a Level 4 are easy to get in play, Water Monsters have some great support, and Aqua Monsters require Tribe-Infecting Virus kill itself when using its own effect.  Now we get to its ATK: 900.  Okay, definitely not looking like an attacker.  Its 1800 DEF isn’t bad: it can block most supporting Monsters from attacking, but most top beatsticks will be able to smash it.  Since the stats more or less even out, let’s see if the effect can put it over the top.


Effect(s)            : This card has two effects: that’s a good start.  One is a “fake” Flip-Effect.  This is good: like a real Flip-Effect, it is triggered by anything that flips the card face up and its not affected by cards that specifically site Flip-Effect (like Nobleman of Crossout).  The effect is what’s commonly referred to as “bounce”: it sends a card on your opponent’s side of the field back to the owner’s hand.  The second effect gives a 200 ATK boost to all your Water Monsters.  So we have half a Compulsory Evacuation Device and roughly a fourth of an Umi.  Over all, this is good, but not great.


Uses and

Combinations  : This card can really turn the tide in a Water deck.  If you are on the Defensive, it can slightly slow your opponent’s attack plans at least (barring total failure) and its super happy result is it gets attacked by something a little week, does a small amount of LP damage that way, then bounces something vital back to the opponent’s hand, allowing you to go on the offensive by eliminating said obstacle and powering up your own attackers.  Usually, it will probably be somewhere in the middle: you might soak an attack or two, bounce a card, and maybe boost one guy for the turn before it dies.  Even with its own effect, 2000 DEF isn’t going to last too long.  If you have A Legendary Ocean already out, yeah, it becomes a solid 2200 DEF wall… but then you already across the board boost.




Traditional       : 2.5/5 for Water decks that aren’t intensely aggressive.  Yeah, pretty specific: that means that it scores a lot lower in general: about 1.5/5.  It is just so unlikely to get any serious effect off, and probably will get nothing at all.


Advanced        : 3.75/5 for Water decks that aren’t intensely aggressive, same as above.  Here such a deck is more viable though, as the card in general: it’s a 1.75/5 in general.


Limited            : 4/5-Nice little wall with a solid effect.



The newest member of the “bounce” family follows its cousin Penguin Soldier by being Water/Aqua.  Unlike most other bounce cards, this one is meant for a more specific deck, and has a fair secondary effect of boosting your own Water Monsters ever so slightly.  If you have room, most mainline Water decks should consider it.  Elsewhere, it’s basically just filler.


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