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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Flying Kamakiri #1


When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you may select 1 Wind monster with an ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck and Special Summon it to the Field (no Tribute is required for monsters of Level 5 or more). The Deck is then shuffled.

Type - Insect / Effect Monster
Card Number
- MRL-091

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.13.05


Flying Kamakiri #1


Flying Kamakiri #1 is probably the least used of the elemental searchers (an argument could be made for UFO Turtle, I guess), the reason’s probably being that there are virtually no widely played monsters he can summon.  Of course, he can summon those rentsy Harpie Ladies, which is why he’s being reviewed.


1400 ATK is the same as the others; 900 DEF is a little low, but you want him to die, so it's not a big deal.  When he is killed in battle, you get to summon one of the Harpies, another Kamakiri, or another WIND monster with ATK of 1500 or less (and right now, the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that you’d even want to consider playing are Twin-Headed Behemoth and Troop Dragon.  I’m sure there are more, however).


So, the clear choice for a deck to run Kamakiri in is a Harpie Deck, though he has a slight amount of playability in swarm-based Dragon Decks.  And that’s the end of that chapter…


Traditional – CCCC: 2/5

Traditional – Harpie Deck: 3.5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 2/5

Advanced – Harpie Deck: 4.5/5



Snapper Flying Kamakiri #1

Today’s card is Flying Kamakiri #1, a monster that can search for the Harpie Lady more by a “technicality” if you will.

Kamakiri #1 has okay stats; 1400 ATK will do occasional damage. Being a WIND monster gives it a power up from Harpie Lady 1, which can make it a 1700 ATK monster. It’s also an Insect-Type monster, a fact that has yet to give any real bonuses.

When you think of Kamakiri #1, you should think of Mystic Tomato only for WIND monsters (because that’s what it is); when it’s destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon a WIND monster with an ATK equal to or less than 1500 from your Deck to the field in face-up Attack Position. Unlike Mystic Tomato, Kamakiri #1’s effect to Special Summon WIND monsters isn’t quite as easy to use due to the effect that there are few good WIND monsters that Kamakiri #1 can retrieve. There is of course the Harpie Lady as well as a few other notable monsters, but there aren’t currently enough to make Kamakiri #1 a common sight.

Kamakiri #1 is a monster whose uses are relatively low at the moment. You can use it in a Harpie Deck and a few other Decks if you’d like, but you can probably find something better.

Advanced Format: 3/5. There aren’t many good WIND monsters.
Traditional Format: 3/5. There aren’t many good WIND monsters.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 2.5/5. Insects are SO attractive, don’t you think?
ExMinion OfDarkness
Flying Kamakiri #1
To put it simply, the Wind searcher.  But it's a bit more than that here.
In a Harpie deck, it's an integral part of the plan...and even better, it's a way to get around the 1500 ATK rule.  This thing pops out Harpie Lady #1, it gets boosted once she hits the field, and suddenly that opponent that wasn't planning on having to take on something higher than 1500 is staring at a 1600, 1800, or even higher monster.
Additionally, if you have Harpie's Hunting Ground on the field, Flying's search ALSO generates an MST.  (But be careful, because if you play HHG on the field, and this face-down, HHG would kill ITSELF if your opponent doesn't lay any S/Ts before attacking.  And in general, a smart player won't lay an S/T before attacking, and will wait until Main Phase 2 to do so.  So this isn't a good first turn play.)
4.25/5 for generating card advantage for a deck that seriously needs it.

Flying Kamakiri #1


Rated For: Any Deck


The elemental searchers are generally held to be some of the "best" monsters in the game. Let's take a look at the family of Spell Ruler (Magic Ruler set) elemental searchers.


Mystic Tomato, the most popular of the lot, can search out Don Zaloog, Magical Scientist, Spirit Reaper, and other buddies. Shining Angel can search out D.D Warrior Lady, Roulette Barrel, Different Dimension Dragon, and other buddies. UFO Turtle, perhaps the best of the lot, can search out Fire Princess, Raging Flame Sprite, Solar Flare Dragon, and others in the Fire arsenal. Finally, Mother Grizzly has its uses, able to search out Catapult Turtle, King of the Swamp, and other water type monsters. Giant Rat can search out Injection Fairy Lily, Exiled Force, Pyramid Turtle, Legendary Jujitsu Master, and others.


And then we have Flying Kamakiri, a card that is Shaun Alexander'd (backstabbed), by his own team, the WIND monsters. See, it's a good tool towards searching out LV monsters, including Ultimate Insect and Armed Dragon. It's also good toward searching out the Harpie Ladies, which is why it's included here.


But unfortunately, that's it. Yes, those are the only good monsters that Flying Kamakiri can search out, making it the most worthless searcher since Wednesday (Birdface.)


Advantage F/H: Yes you'll gain some semblance of field presence with this card, but the options that it can search will never lead to a decisive advantage for you, never lead to any sort of field control on its own, and so Flying Kamakiri is really just a deck-thinner. That would be fine, but you're not running Exodia are you? Also, there aren't very many good WIND tribute monsters. No, Roc from the Valley of Haze does not count.

Traditional Format:             5/10

Advanced Format:                5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Pretty decent in the opening game. Too bad you can't search anything out.

T:                                            5/10

A:                                            5/10


Attributes/Effect: This card is based solely on the effectiveness of the WIND monsters surrounding him. Put him in an Armed Dragon deck for easy access to the LV 5 forms of the monster. Otherwise, he'll be worthless until Insects get more support.

T:                                            5/10

A:                                            5/10


Dependability: You can depend on it pretty reliably to pull the effect off, but what you'll do with the monster is anybody's guess.

T:                                            7/10

A:                                            7/10


The Bottom Line: Its effectiveness is based solely on the worth of sub 1500 attack WIND monsters.


A BAD Score--     T:            2.75/5

                                A:            2.75/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++           Contributes to On-Field Presence, (Somewhat) Counter-Defense

--             Detracts from Field Control



Effect   : Flying Kamakiri #1 is meant to die.  When it does this as a result of battling another Monster and goes to the Graveyard, you are allowed to Special Summon a Wind Monster with 1500 ATK from your deck to the field.  This is a solid effect as it simultaneously thins your deck and maintains field presence, even if you are just running Flying Kamakiri #1.  The Monster Summoned through this effect is required to be in ATK mode, which makes it a bit less useful.


Stats    : Flying Kamakiri #1 is a Level 4 Wind/Insect Effect Monster.  Ha!  I bet you were expecting another Winged-Beast!  Seriously though, being a Level 4 is great: no need for tribute to get it in play.  The only downside is that you still aren’t small enough to get under the widely played (at least in Stall/Burn decks) Level Limit Area B and Gravity Bind.  There are some pretty strong Wind Monsters to use, which is in and of itself a kind of support.  There are a few goodies to help Wind Monsters out: Rising Air Current and Harpie Lady 1.  There are also some lesser played Wind Monsters with interesting effects, but we’ll come back to that later.  Insects have somewhat mixed support.  I know of no breakout Insect decks, though I have found that using Swarm of Scarabs/Swarm of Locusts and maybe a few Arsenal Bugs in a standard stall/burn set up can be rather delightful.  Too bad Flying Kamakiri #1 has no real place there.


Flying Kamakiri #1 has a low 1400 ATK and an even lower 900 DEF.  It matches the “Attribute” searchers in ATK… which makes sense since it is one, and thus is meant to die.  Still, it can handle some of the weaker support Monsters, and it does slip under Messenger of Peace.


Uses and

Combinations  : This card was literally meant to help support low ATK Wind Monsters.  On its own, a series of Flying Kamakiri #1 can be used to lessen the damage received from an opponent’s attacks (not all the damage since any Summoned by the effect are in ATK mode) and/or maintain a field presence.


It is being reviewed today as it is very useful to Harpie decks.  All cards that count as Harpie Lady in the American game are Wind Monsters with a base ATK of 1300, well within the search limit.  Between this and Birdface, it is almost like having nine Harpie Lady in your deck.  It is not uncommon to Set this and let it absorb an attack and die, then bring out a needed Harpie Lady, then on your turn use an Elegant Egotist or two to get the others out, and finish by summoning one last useful Monster (I like Enraged Battle Ox myself as it gives the rest trample).  While it doesn’t receive an ATK boost from Harpies’ Hunting Ground, it does get the +300 ATK from Harpie Lady 1, turning it into a respectable 1700 ATK beatstick.  Also, it can become a very nice 1900 ATK beatstick if Rising Air Current is in play (as stated before, I recommend running both Field Spells in a Harpie deck).


Flying Kamakiri #1 can also be used in some other decks to good effect.  Lady Ninja Yae is a decent “Ninja” Monster: poor stats (compatible with Flying Kamakiri #1’s effect) but a pretty useful effect (discard a Wind Monster to hit your opponent with a one-sided Giant Trunade), so you might consider it in a Ninja deck.  Multiple members of the Sasuke Samurai series will work, though some are more useful than others.  Just a few random hits would be Twin Headed-Behemoth, Chaos Rider Gustaph, and Bladefly (get one out this way, summon another, and they are each at 1700 ATK).




Traditional       : 2/5-A lot of this rating comes from being a “meat shield”.  Most of the time the effect won’t go off though.


Advanced        : 3.25/5-Much better here: you’ll often get the effect, and swarming is very important to many decks, like Harpies.


Limited            : 2/5-It lucks out that 1400 ATK isn’t too bad here, and even though it was a Rare, I remember puling plenty of them.  It’s mainly a case of “well, there are a lot worse” boosting its score.



Okay, this should be the last Harpie week.  Tomorrow’s card is a fan request, and is not part of this second Harpie week.  I was the one who brought us three weeks of Gravekeeper’s, and I am the one who chose to go for this week of Harpie support, so unless someone is feeling really silly, you should not see another week of Harpie cards unless some new ones are released: even I don’t care for what remains.

Coin Flip I cannot emphasize the importance of using this in a Harpy deck. It's a WIND monster which doesn't lose you any field presence (although it doesn't gain you any field presence either), and it can search out any Harpy Ladies for the purpose of Elegant Egotist. If, for some reason, they have a m/t set, you can nuke that with Harpies Hunting Ground by pulling out a Harpy Lady.

Aside from that... Hmm... Well, that's about it. =\ No real decent WIND monsters save for Twin-Headed Behemoth and Troop Dragon that're below 1500 ATK.

It's still far better than Birdface, though. It does something.

Standard deck:
1.001/5 (in the off chance they think that you can summon Yata Garasu with this)Traditional
2.2/5 Advanced.
Harpy Deck:
3.5/5 Traditional
3.5/5 Advanced


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