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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Elegant Egotist


When there are 1 or more "Harpie Lady" cards on the field. You can Special Summon 1 "Harpie Lady" or "Harpie Lady Sisters" from your hand or Deck.

Type - Normal Magic
Card Number
- TP3-017

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.10.05


Elegant Egotist


It seems I was a bit premature in my declaring Harpie Week over.  Another reviewer decided to keep the theme of my pick for last week going into another, so here we are: Harpie Week #2!  Our card today is Elegant Egotist, which really, really, really only works in a Harpie Deck.


If there’s a Harpie Lady on the field, play Egotist and summon pretty much any of the Harpies from your deck or hand.  It’s really not that bad; you don’t sacrifice card advantage (as long as, of course, you summon one from the deck) and you can choose from a plethora of useful Harpies: HL1 for the ATK boost, HL2 for the effect negation, HL3 for stall, HLS for power (and/or Triangle Ecstasy Spark), or the original Harpie Lady for the sake of being rentsy. 


There isn’t much more to say about Egotist.  It’s a dead draw when there’s no Harpie on the field, but if you’re running a Harpie Deck, there usually should be a Harpie on the field.  That said, this card is pretty much a necessity for any Harpie Deck.


Traditional – CCCC: 1/5

Traditional – Harpie Deck: 4.5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 1/5

Advanced – Harpie Deck: 5/5


Snapper Elegant Egotist

Welcome to another installment of Harpie Week! That’s right, this week we’ll be reviewing some of the leftover Harpie based cards. Today’s card is Elegant Egotist, a card with “swarming” capabilities.

Elegant Egotist has a simple effect; when you have a Harpie Lady on the field, you can Special Summon another Harpie Lady or a Harpie Lady Sisters from you hand or Deck. The uses of this card should be obvious, but allow me to point them out anyway J. Elegant Egotist is the only legal way to summon Harpie Lady Sisters, so if you plan on using a Sisters or two, you’ll need to be using some Elegant Egotist. And hopefully you’ll be using one of the RDS Harpie Ladies as opposed to the traditional Harpie Lady, so you can use Elegant Egotist to Special Summon whichever Harpie Lady would suit you best at the current time.

Elegant Egotist is a card you should be using in a Harpie Deck for obvious reasons. Whether you need it to Special Summon a Harpie Lady Sisters or to get an extra attacker, Elegant Egotist should always be welcomed (in a Harpie Deck anyway).

Advanced Format (Harpie Deck): 3/5. You won’t always have a Harpie Lady on the field, making Elegant Egotist a frequent useless card.
Traditional Format (Harpie Deck): 3/5. You won’t always have a Harpie Lady on the field, making Elegant Egotist a frequent useless card.
Overall (Harpie Deck): 3/5.
Art: 2/5. I assume those are the faces of Harpie Ladies?
ExMinion OfDarkness
Elegant Egotist
Welcome to Harpie Week #2!  There are a couple more Harpie cards out there that need looked at -- Harpies are a heavily underused type and our CotD reviews feel they should get a bit more time in the spotlight.  (And with no new expansions due out right away, we can afford to look at some underused stuff.)
Elegant Egotist requires you to have a Harpie Lady on the field (and we discussed which Harpie Lady cards should be in a Deck and why last week.)  In exchange, you get to play a Harpie Lady Sisters, a 1950 ATKer from your hand.  This also allows you to combo with Triangle Ecstasy Spark (last Friday's review).
For a Harpie deck, it's better than people think.  One Spell card with an easy to fulfill prerequisite gives you a special summon of a fairly tough Beatstick (and, if you're using Winged Beast/Harpie's Hunting Ground, can do some real damage.)  The major drawback is you tend to draw those non-summonable Harpie Lady Sisters as much as you pluck them out of your Deck, leaving you with a dead card in hand.
The card's only use is in a Harpie deck, and I'm going to give it a 3.5/5 -- swarm is good, but it opens up the possibility of card disadvantage.
Otaku Effect(s) : Elegant Egotist lets you Special Summon a Harpie Lady (or the three new Harpie Lady cards since their effect lets them count as the original) or Harpie Lady Sister from either your hand or deck. This isn’t too bad: it allows you to swarm from the hand or (as is preferred) the deck. Ideally, it would work in a less limited sphere (at the very least hitting your Graveyard as well), but this is still a solid effect. Note that if your opponent has a Harpie Lady on their side of the field, you can still use Elegant Egotist.

Stats : Elegant Egotist is a Normal Spell card. Given its effect, there is one bright side to this: you can use Serial Spell to discard some fodder (or even something good in a tight spot) for an insta-swarm. Given the power of surprise (and the use of cards like Ring of Destruction), I’d much rather it was a Quick-Play Spell. At least it’s not some lame little effect Monster.

Uses and

Combinations : This is what sets the Harpies apart. Obviously, Harpie Lady Sisters can’t even see play unless you use this. As for the rest, this is what gives them the power to Swarm. Swarming is what makes Harpie decks more than just a bad quasi-Mai character deck: a good opening hand means that second turn you can overwhelm an opponent’s forces, and with a Harpies’ Hunting Ground in play, massacre their Spell/Trap zone contents as well. On their own, you won’t do enough damage to win all at once, but you should put them in a serious danger zone, where a well played Ring of Destruction or Ceasefire can finish the job.

As mentioned earlier, also consider supplementing your Elegant Egotist card with Serial Spell. As stated, you can take or leave Harpie Lady Sisters when you build a Harpie deck, and either way, you’ll probably find Serial Spell a welcome addition. First, it makes it more likely that one of your Harpies will become three. Second, if you are using Harpie Lady Sister, it makes it more likely that you’ll get that thing out. Third, it means you can fill your field off of a single Harpie if you are running a full count of Elegant Egotist. Finally, since Elegant Egotist is a highly specialized card and extra copies are worthless once you got all of your Harpies out of your deck, you can just run a slightly lower Elegant Egotist count to begin with: remember you’d prefer using two at once anyway. So you trade off getting two Harpies out at once more often to get a better utility card.


Traditional : 3.25/5-Like Harpie Lady 1, this card’s rating isn’t really its own. Why? Just as you could still have a Harpie deck without the best of the Harpies (HL1), the deck would truly be pathetic without Elegant Egotist. As such, it becomes one of those “core” deck-type cards that basically owe most of their score to the success (or failure) of their deck. Looking at it from just a “mechanical” stance (think summon [insert Monster name/] if you have a [insert same Monster name/], it would be useful, but not heavily used.

Advanced : 3.75/5-Here, where swarming is a much more practical tactic, and extra Spell/Trap removal (remember, we are talking the whole Harpie experience) is highly sought, the Harpie deck is more potent and thus so is one of its key cards.

Limited : 1.5/5-Here we actually look more at the card itself. This score assumes you can pull at least two Harpie Lady cards with it. It’s only in sets with the lackluster original Harpie Lady and Harpie Lady Sister, which you have to be pretty insane or desperate to run in this format. Otherwise, on its own, it’d just be a 1/5: only good for bluffing.


It’s hard to explain the relationship Harpie decks have with this card in true accuracy. It’s not their Necrovalley, as obviously it’s not a Field Spell, nor are they so dependant upon it (they just depend on it as their primary swarm option) like Gravekeeper’s decks. It’s more important than Reinforcements of the Army is to a Warrior deck as it is the only way to summon Harpie Lady Sister and the effect is still rather different. Without Elegant Egotist, Harpie decks could exist, but now you basically just have a Wind/Winged-Beast deck. So I now state the obvious: run this in a Harpie deck if you want any hope of winning, and don’t waste time running it anywhere else.

Elegant Egotist


Rated For: Harpie Deck



Remember when we had two Gravekeeper themed weeks in a row, and the second week was filled with utter garbage?


Welcome to the second consecutive Harpie Lady themed week, and this one doesn't even include solid Wind monsters like Garuda, Silpheed, and Winged Sage Falcos! So anyways, I missed the last week of COTD's regarding the more playable Harpie Lady cards, so this series of reviews will assume you actually want to run the HL deck in its most playable form.


Simply put, the Elegant Egotist/Triangle Ecstasy Spark/Harpie Lady Sisters route is NOT the way to go. I repeat, it is NOT the way to go. Because you're only limited to 3 Harpie Lady cards anyways, the standard operating procedure should be a few Terraforming mixed with probably 2 Rising Air Currents and 1 or 2 Harpie's Hunting Ground.


The rest of the monster slots should be devoted to 3 Harpie Lady 1, 3 Slate Warriors, 3 Winged Sage Falcos, and a combination of Harpie's Brother, Silpheed, and Garuda the Wind Spirit.


Having said that, this card is not recommended whatsoever for any deck, so there's no need to dignify it with A BAD System score.


The Bottom Line: Don't run it, even in the theme it was designed for.


0/5 in all Harpie Lady decks.

5/5 in all Harpie Lady Sister decks.


FORCE System Suggestions:

++           Contributes Nothing

--             Detracts from Resource Replenishment.


Coin Flip You can thank Cold Wave for me even doing a review today. Stupid finals.
If everything goes perfectly, I can get my CotD's in on time ( "O_O"
"Blasphemer!" "Heretic!" "Anathema!" "Exuberant!").

Grumble grumble stupid finals...

Elegant Egotist is worthless outside of Harpies. As is tomorrow's card.

So an easily fulfilled requirement (but a requirement nonetheless) that gets out a 1950 attacker. This makes Harpy Lady decks.
Essentially, there are too few cards for a Harpy Lady deck otherwise.
It is interesting since it's got a relationship with Harpie Lady that is like this: It's 3 Harpy Ladies in one, with all of its numeric stats divided in two. Same with BEUD and BEWD, and Gate Guardian with the pieces (as far as ATK goes, anyway - Gate Guardian is a bit off in level and BEUD is a bit off in DEF). You might notice that with a few other "triplet" monsters in the future.

Anyway, this thing makes Harpy Lady decks. Running 3 of each possible card you can run that is directly Harpy related, you have about half a deck. Adding beef to Harpy Lady decks = good thing.

Plus it's deck thinning. It's also nomi. :(

Harpy Decks:
4.5/5 Traditional
4.5/5 Advanced


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