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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Triangle Ecstasy Spark
Super Rare


Until the End Phase of this turn, the ATK of all "Harpie Lady Sisters" becomes 2700. Your opponent cannot activate any Trap Cards, and the effect of every Trap Card on your opponent's side of the field is negated.

Type - Spell
Card Number
- RDS-EN0039

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.07.05

Coin Flip Ah, a decent card. Using decent loosely.

So you make Harpy Lady Sisters into a powerhouse, negate traps and force your opponent to not be able to activate traps? Basically, it's a ~1000 point increase for one turn. Mediocre. Not activating traps is fun too. Preventing them from using the ever-so-popular Sakuretsu Armor, but not stopping Waboku, Raigeki Break, or Ring of Destruction.

Still, though, it's better support than what they had before. Killing a lot of things (except the two remaining popular chaos monsters) is always good, and preventing traps from being activated is cool too.
But why is this a super rare? It's already hard enough to build an effective and competitive Harpy Lady deck, so why make this harder to get than it should be?

I'm disappointed with the lackluster support for Harpy Lady decks.

3.8/5 Traditional
3.8/5 Advanced

Triangle Ecstasy Spark


This is a very interesting little Spell Card.  The most important thing about it is that yes, there must be a Harpie Lady Sisters on the field in order for you to activate it.  This HLS can, however, belong to your opponent.


Anyway, this card has two effects.  The first: it boosts your HLS to a lovely 2700 ATK.  What’s not to love about that?  2700 is more than enough to do significant damage and kill many monsters, and if you have more than one HLS on the field, it’ll only be sweeter.


The second is, if anything, a little nicer.  It basically gives you a Jinzo for one turn.  Your opponent can’t activate any Traps, and the ones he has already become useless.  No Sakuretsu Armor, no Magic Cylinder, no Dust Tornado in the End Phase; your opponent simply can’t touch you with Traps until his next turn.  This ensures that your HLS will attack (more or less) uninhibited. 


Run it in a Harpie Deck; stay far, far away elsewhere.  And that’ll do it for Harpie Week.


Traditional – CCCC: 1/5

Traditional – Harpie Deck: 4.5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 1/5

Advanced – Harpie Deck: 5/5



Snapper Triangle Ecstasy Spark

Our final card for Harpie Week is Triangle Ecstasy Spark, a card that only works with one monster.

Triangle Ecstasy Spark has a good effect, but it depends on somebody having a Harpie Lady Sisters on the field, which from my understanding of the common Harpie Deck is not a commonly used card due to its summoning difficulties. But let’s pretend for a moment that you do have some how have a Harpie Lady Sisters on the field. First off, Congrats. Second, you may now use the neat card that is Triangle Ecstasy Spark. When you activate Triangle Ecstasy Spark, all Harpie Lady Sisters’ ATK become 2700 until the end of the turn. In addition, your opponent can’t activate any Traps during this turn AND all their face-up Traps are negated. Both effects are very good; a good beatstick and a Jinzo-type effect are always welcomed. But unfortunately the effects rely on the fact that you have a crappy monster with major summoning restrictions on the field. This fact makes Triangle Ecstasy Spark a waste of a tree if you ask me; I just don’t like cards that only affect one monster.

Triangle Ecstasy Spark works in and only in a Deck with Harpie Lady Sisters, Elegant Egotists, and Harpie Ladies (all of which are in quantities of 3).
So obviously a Harpie Deck would be your best bet to use this card.
ExMinion OfDarkness
...if only they hadn't errata'd this thing.
The Errata:  You can ONLY activate this thing if you have a Harpie Lady Sisters on the field.
Otherwise, this card is a great situational in Harpie decks.  You don't have to be scared of Traps for the turn, and can wail on your opponent with all your Harpie cards.  (Hence the offensive-based choices I made on which of the Harpie Ladies to use...)  The playability of this card depends on one very specific ruling.
This card's text states "and the effect of every Trap Card on your opponent's side of the field is negated."  Does that affect lingering trap card effects?  I don't think so.  What I don't like is that an opponent can chain Waboku on this and be safe for a turn.  This ALSO doesn't affect Quick-Play Spells, so Scapegoat can hold off the assault, Enemy Controller and Book of Moon can still do their thing, and so on.
If you're going to play a full-blown Harpie Deck (3x harpie ladies, 3x sisters, 3x Elegant Egotist, 3x Hunting Ground, etc, etc...) you might only want to run 2 of this -- at the most.  It's better to get rid of the questionable M/Ts in the first place (with Heavy Storm, MST, Dusts, and/or Hunting Ground) than to put off them affecting you by one turn.  That's more Giant Trunade-ish than anything.  Best used when the attack boost would win you the game.

Effect(s)            : Yes, for those of you who don’t just skip my CotD, a slight surprise: I decided I really needed to cover this cards effect first, and then cover its Stats, because it really is a card that was so close to making the Harpie deck.  This Spell Card, when played, makes the ATK of all “Harpie Lady Sister” cards 2700, and it both prevents your opponent from activating any Traps and negates the effect of Trap cards that are on your opponent’s side of the field.  Now, those effects are both pretty snazzy: it makes it so Harpie Lady Sister strong enough, for a turn, to “hang with the big boys” and actually dominate most of them, like Jinzo, Dark Ruler Hades, Blowback Dragon, Mobius the Frost Monarch, etc.  Unfortunately, the effect is just for a turn, and Harpie Lady Sister is very hard to get into play, meaning that this fantastic effect will see little use, unless you are able to use it without a Harpie Lady Sister in play, and that seems unlikely.


Stats                : Triangle Ecstasy Spark is a Normal Spell Card.  This isn’t bad, but I would almost rather it was a Trap Card (with a slight wording change) it might be as effective or more so: my own experience has found me Setting it a lot as a bluff.  A Quick-Play Spell would have made it better yet.  After some thought, I honestly think, again with a slight revision (drop the “Until the end of this turn”, or make it “on your turn”) it needs to be a Field Spell.  By combining a potent effect (residing on a Field Spell) with a not so potent Monster, you tend to have a balanced but fierce combination.  A good example would be Gravekeeper’s Chief and Necrovalley.  Alas, this is not the case, but now you should have an incredibly clear understanding of what hurts this otherwise fantastic effect.


Uses and

Combinations  : This card can only be used if you can make use of the full effect.  Therefore, you need a Harpie Lady Sister, and thus you can’t make any use of it outside of a Harpie Lady Sister deck.  I wouldn’t run more than one in such a deck: it’s reserved as a coup de grace, and it’s so hard to get Harpie Lady Sister in play anyway that running more copies will usually just mean more wasted cards.




Traditional       : 2.75/5-What on earth am I thinking?  I spent most of this CotD explaining why you shouldn’t use this card in any deck but one specific one that is weak in this format, and only if you include an undesirable card?  Well, maybe I am just being overly generous, but the card itself isn’t too bad.  It could be better, but it’s really pretty sweet: a 750 ATK bonus and one turn Jinzo-esque effect.  Try inserting a different Monster in there that isn’t so hard to summon, even if it is an otherwise sad tribute, like Mr. Volcano, a single Tribute Normal Monster.  See?  A lot better: it’s what it depends on that makes it poor.


Advanced        : 3/5-If you are actually running Harpie Lady Sister, you better include a copy (and just one copy) because this is the only real reason to run Harpie Lady Sister.


Limited            : 1/5-You can bluff with it.  You can’t actually use the card unless you run a Limited even using both Rise of Destiny and Dark Beginnings (or Metal Raiders, but I am trying to keep some connection to reality here).  RDS and Dark Beginnings wouldn’t unreasonable to run together and in that case it gets a monstrous bump up to… 1.25/5.  Yeah, not very useful here at all.



This is a card that fails not entirely due to its own faults, but in its reliance on what I have come to understand as poor Monster card (Harpie Lady Sister).  If you do run Harpie lady Sister, then do try to include a copy of this, but don’t run more than one.

One more thing…

I don’t think anyone has missed the rather blatant editing of the images of the new Harpie cards.  Now, I am one of the “weird” ones who usually don’t get too annoyed with the art editing, and I even like some of it.  I was hoping for a little less cartoon “skin” to be showing: even if this game wasn’t being erroneously marketed towards a younger crowd, not all of us like borderline-hentai in our TCGs.

Now, before I am stoned by angry “purists” and the like, let me say they really did a lousy job on this one. The best edits are subtle unless the subject really warrants it.  The new Harpie cards didn’t warrant such a butchering.  Dian Keto, on the other hand, did and I am sure we are all glad they edited that card in the manner they did.


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