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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Harpie Lady 2


This card's name is treated as Harpie Lady. Negate the effects of any flip effect monsters that are destroyed by this monster as a result of battle.

Type - Winged Beast/Effect
Card Number
- RDS-EN018

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.04.05

Coin Flip Harpy Lady 2 would have been plain excellent if she negated the effects of every card she destroyed. That is what I originally thought her effect was off of translation files. This was awesome before Witch and Sangan were banned.

Now she is garbage. You are negating, if you are lucky, two flip effects while sacrificing any hope of field advantage to a 1300 monster. Not worth one of the _three_ slots you can fill with Harpy Lady. Well, not worth MORE than one. I'd say 2 of HL1 and 1 of HL2.
HL3 gets reviewed tomorrow.

Ugh, I don't even want to rate her because I can't do her justice either way. I'll give her a 3/5 in both formats in a Harpy deck.


Harpie Lady 2


Today we review the next card in the Harpie Lady series, Harpie Lady 2.  Like her sister, she also counts as Harpie Lady; also like her sister, she has 1300 ATK (boosted, of course, by the assorted boosts she’ll probably get, though).  Nevertheless, it should be noted that on her own, she’s not very good; 1300 ATK for a Level 4 is below the standard.


But you won’t be playing Harpie Lady 2 on her own; you’ll be playing her in a Harpie Deck.  She works exceptionally well here.  Why?  Well, with Harpies’ Hunting Ground out, you’ll be destroying Spells and Traps left and right; then when you get HL2 out, she’ll be disposing of troublesome Flip Effect monsters.  Hunting Ground neutralizes one main threat to attackers; she neutralizes the other.  I wouldn’t run this in threes, but I would definitely consider putting in at least one. 


Traditional – CCCC: 2/5

Traditional – Harpie Deck: 4/5

Advanced – CCWC: 2/5

Advanced – Harpie Deck: 4.5/5


Snapper Harpie Lady 2

(If this review looks similar to yesterday’s it’s because it is.) Since we reviewed Harpie Lady 1 yesterday, why not review Harpie Lady 2 today? Sound good? Great!

Just so you know: The name of Harpie Lady 2 is treated as Harpie Lady for all purposes, including Deck construction. So you can have 2 copies of Harpie Lady 2 in your Deck and 1 copy of Harpie Lady 1, but not 2 copies of each because you would have 4 cards in your Deck treated as Harpie Lady.
This restriction also applies to your Side Deck, so if you have 3 monsters treated as Harpie Lady in your Deck, you cannot have any in your Side Deck.

The stats of all Harpie Ladies are the same. They all have 1300 ATK, making all of them in need of some type of power boost. Unlike Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Lady 2 can’t make itself stronger. It’s a sad truth, but the effect kind of makes up for it. The effect causes Harpie Lady 2 to negate the effects of all Flip Effect monsters that it destroys in battle. It’s an effect that may not get much usage for one reason; people don’t use great deals of Flip Effect monsters. The average amount of Flip Effects in Traditional is 2-3, whereas the average amount of Flip Effects in Advanced is 2-4. In each format the numbers aren’t high, making Harpie Lady 2’s effect a rare use. If only Harpie Lady 2 negated the effects of any monster it destroyed, not just Flip Effect monsters, then we’d have a good card on our hands. Sigh…

Harpie Lady 2 fits in Harpie Decks, but I’m sure you could find a more efficient card that does a similar and better job.

Harpie Lady 2 is indeed better than the original, but should be an alternative in the chance you have no Harpie Lady 1s or 3s.

Advanced Format (Harpie Deck): 3/5. You should use Harpie Lady 1 or 3 instead.
Traditional Format (Harpie Deck): 3/5. You should use Harpie Lady 1 or 3 instead.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 1.5/5. If you’re going to edit a card give it clothes, not purple skin.
ExMinion OfDarkness
Harpie Lady #2
As I said, these reviews are going to be short, since I'd rather be comparing all the cards in one day.
Harpie Lady #2 negates flips.  No Cyber, no Fiber, and possibly no Magician of Faith...except against Burn decks, that's all you're gonna stop with this.
This thing stops the gamebreakers...but ends up being sub-par against everything else.
Chalk this one up in the "there are better cards" category.  They could have at least let it negate non-flip effects (like elemental searchers, etc.)

Stats                : Harpie Lady 2 is a Level 4 Wind/Winged-Beast.  Being a Level 4 Monster is fine: she can be dropped into play without any hassle.  As you should know if you read yesterday’s CotD, Wind has some pretty solid Monsters: Slate Warrior, Luster Dragon #2 (the Level 4, 1900 ATK one), Spear Dragon, etc.  The only downside is that those three are probably the best, and are basically beatsticks (although two have decent effects).  Again, if you read the CotD for Harpie Lady 1, you’ll know that Winged-Beasts best support is shared with other types: for example, along with normal Beasts and Beast-Warriors, Winged-Beasts can get trample via Enraged Battle Ox.


Moving onto the ATK and DEF, we see that same, pretty low 1300/1400.  This isn’t enough to handle anything but spent Effect Monsters, and most Flip Effect Monsters (still Set or used up).  At least you can search and Summon Harpie Lady 2 from your deck via Flying Kamakiri #1.  Will this one’s effect make it like its sister from yesterday?



Effect(s)            : First things first: this card is treated as if it were named “Harpie Lady”.  Harpie Lady 1 and 3 have the same text, so you can’t have no more than three total (in any combination) of the original Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Lady 2, and Harpie Lady 3.  Think that’s bad, in Japan, there’s another one yet.  Anyway, if you don’t understand what I am saying, please see the CotDs for Harpie Lady 1: some of the reviewers went into a lot of detail explaining it.


Harpie Lady 2’s custom effect is that she negates the effects of Flip Effect Monsters she destroys in battle.  On its own, this is a solid effect: it won’t make or break a Monster unless the stats were already borderline good or bad.


Uses and

Combinations  : Perhaps even more than yesterday, this Monster belongs almost exclusively to its own deck.  Even in a Harpie deck, I would run only one.  Why?  Harpies like to swarm, so it is nice to attack a Set Monster in relative safety.  Sure, there are several nasty non-Flip Effect Monsters to hit, but it’s very painful after successfully getting all three Harpies out and nailing a Cyber Jar, Fiber Jar, and perhaps most painful, Morphing Jar #2.  So a single copy of Harpie Lady 2 gives you that option.  Thing is, even in Wind decks, there is another equally valid choice: Sasuke Samurai.  The original automatically destroys a face-down Monster it attacks.  Of course, outside of Wind and Harpie decks, there are even more choices.  In her native Harpie deck though, Harpie Lady 2 will also become a potent beatstick if she does show up as part of the swarm.




Traditional       : 1.75/5-Unlike yesterday, this is her rating, not the rating of the Harpie deck.  Now, in a Harpie deck, she is a little more useful: I’d say a 2.75/5.  Still, in this format, that deck is risky: why work so hard on your field when it will probably be wiped clean next turn?  Also, all that extra removal means you shouldn’t have to worry about an opponent’s Set Monster that often.


Advanced        : 2/5-Again, in general; in a Harpie deck, she would be roughly a 3/5-something to include if you can make room, but I wouldn’t worry about using more than one of her.


Limited            : 2.25/5-To be fair, she was kinda robbed.  There are almost no Flip Effects in this set, so chances are her effect is worthless, leaving her a substandard beatstick, even for Limited.  There is some hope though: you may draft a Harpies’ Hunting Ground and/or a Harpie lady 1 with her.  Also, if you use to sets for the Limited card pool (not uncommon in some games, but I don’t know about Yu-Gi-Oh), then as long as there are Flip Effects, she’ll probably be at least a 3/5.



Harpie Lady 2 is a specialized Monster: too specialized.  Negating Flip Effects by battle is not an uncommon ability, and usually comes from Magical Scientist and your Fusion Deck. A single copy should do you for a Harpie deck, and if you wanted to stretch it, you could possible make use of her in a Wind deck.


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