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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sorry, we don't
have this card.

Silent Swordsman LV 5
Super Rare

This card is not affected by any of your opponent's Spell cards. When this card successfully attacks your opponent's LP directly, during your next Standby Phase, put this face up card in the Graveyard to Special Summon a Silent Swordsman LV7 from your hand or Deck.

Type - Light/Warrior
Card Number - FET-008

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.35
Advanced: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.24.05



Silent Swordsman LV 5


Rated For: Silent Swordsman Deck


This is, for all intents and purposes, where the natural progression of the Silent Swordsman Deck will end. Sure, you can go through artificial means, by Level Up!, to lose two serviceable cards for a 2800 attack monster that negates your own spells (bad idea). However, realize that you’re almost never going to be able to directly attack with a 2300 attack monster in today’s environment; good luck trying to do so.


This monster wasn’t very well thought out and kills off the Silent Swordsman lineage as a valid tier 2-3 quality deck. Perhaps the fact it’s a LIGHT monster alone will let someone splash Black Luster Soldier into the deck theme and win a few tournaments with it, but that’s just a testament to BLS.


I will withhold reviewing Silent Swordsman LV 7 because this card ends the line. Obviously, you’ll have to run this one to use 7, but Level Up! plus this card (potentially 3 wasted resources) is obviously not good enough for a 2800 attack monster that owns your own resources as well.


Advantage F/H: If you get this out by Silent Swordsman, it’s basically swapping the 1000 attack monster for this one with no tribute involved. Even with a tribute, this isn’t too bad. 2300 stands up to anything except other Tributes (which probably won’t hit with this on the field) and Goblin Attack Force, so you’re generally safe. The effect is rather nice as well.

Traditional:                                         7.5/10

Advanced:                                          7.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Ideally, you never want to actually draw this card. However, because SS LV 5 is very searchable, you won’t find it stuck in your hand often enough for it negatively affect your hands.

Traditional:                                         6/10

A:                                                        6/10


Attributes/Effect: The effect is great, making it immune to all forms of spell activations. The attack is solid and the subtype is the best one possible (LIGHT). However, the requirements for leveling it up really bring it down, making the summoning of Silent Swordsman 7 an almost impossible dream.

T:                                                        5.5/10

A:                                                        5.5/10


Dependability: This card is dependable on its own to remain on the field for a bit, but not dependable in the Silent Swordsman deck (which is a shame, because this is the only candidate).

T:                                                        5/10

A:                                                        5/10


The Bottom Line: If you’re going to spend 3 cards spread over 3 sets (RDS, FET, WC2005), shouldn’t you spend more time on it? SS LV 7 is basically Spell Canceller!


A BAD Score--          

Traditional:                                         2.94/5

Advanced:                                          2.94/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++        Contributes to Field Control, Counter-Disruption (slight)

--          Weakens On-Field Presence

ExMinion OfDarkness Silent Swordsman Lv. 5

This is a pretty good reward for keeping Lv. 3 on the field for a turn.

You get a 2300 ATKer who is immune to opponent's spells. Not only does that mean it's immune to that opposing Dark Hole that everyone will be running on April 1, but it can attack despite a Swords. Remember -- it's only immune to OPPOSING Spells -- meaning YOUR Dark Hole still kills it. (That's a luxury reserved for Horus Lv. 6, I guess?)

This one has a Level up requirement we haven't seen before. It's not killing a monster, it's not waiting a Standby Phase...you need a DIRECT ATTACK to get this to go through. This is actually for the better -- Silent
7 negates all Spells, so you may not want to Level Up if your opponent still has the possibility of spring a monster on you that could turn the game in their favor. (Yes, I know, Leveling Up is optional...)

2.5/5 Traditional (Immunity to mass removal is good)
3.25/5 Advanced
Coin Flip Silent Swordsman LV5 is not garbage. Some people consider Horus LV6 to be good tech in their deck. This might be just as good.

First off, affected by your spells is a good thing most of the time.
You can do something like... Equip... Mage power? I really don't know. The one thing that would worry me is Premature Burial.

Second off, 5 > 6. Morph decks have proven this. Getting out Balter is ONE way to keep spell negation going, but tomorrow's card is another!

Third off, the DEF is slightly lower. That's a good thing if Witch ever gets unbanned... But a bad thing if it doesn't. It won't matter if they Book of Moon or Enemy Controller it, but hey, you never know.
Better to have high DEF than not to have it.

Finally, the trigger to summon LV7 is slightly less ridiculous than the conditions to activate Last Turn. It will rarely happen, IMO, but that is what Level Up!! is for.

Yeah, this guy is fairly solid. Sure, I was disappointed with the end of the series, but all disappointment aside, he really is fairly solid.

Traditional: Sex/5 (Read: 3.8/5, since Horus LV6 gets the 4/5.)
Advanced: 3.3/5 (Iunno. I much prefer Horus LV6, but if you are playing the right deck, then this thing is a better choice. If you have Command Knights and Mage Power, for example... It all depends on a lot of issues.)
Tranorix Silent Swordsman LV5

LV5 is much better than LV3, for several reasons. For one, his ATK is quite good, at 2300, as opposed to LV3’s, which is conversely quite pitiful. He has the same LIGHT/Warrior thing going on, and his Spell negation is more advanced than his younger brother’s. Being a Tribute Monster is a slight negative, but you can always opt to bring him out through LV3’s effect instead of through tributes or recursion.

Silent Swordsman LV5 is unaffected by ALL of your opponent’s Spell Cards; that means he’ll be able to attack through Swords of Revealing Light and won’t be killed when your opponent plays Smashing Ground. He has 2300 ATK, so chances are he’ll stay alive for quite a while, unless killed by a stronger monster (they’re around), a monster effect (stupid T-Virus) or a Trap (always a problem). But if you manage to land a direct attack on your opponent’s Life Points, you can bring out LV7.

Traditional – CCCC: 3/5
Traditional - Silent Swordsman Deck: 4.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 3.5/5
Advanced – Silent Swordsman Deck: 4/5
Snapper Silent Swordsman LV5

I was somewhat surprised when I saw what today’s card is supposed to be considering it won’t be legal for play for a while. Anywho, today’s card is Silent Swordsman LV5, the Silent Swordsman version of Horus LV6.

LV5 is a pretty nice monster; its 2300 ATK brings it very close to the standard for Level 5 or 6 monsters. It’s also a Warrior, a Type that only offers LV5 power boosts. LV5’s primary effect is basically a mirrored version of Horus LV6’s. While Horus LV6 was unaffected by all Spell Cards,
LV5 is only unaffected by the opponent’s Spell Cards. This kind of takes away from the finesse that the effect could offer. Horus LV6’s version allowed the owner to freely use Messenger of Peaces and Level Limit - Area Bs and still be able to attack while they were on the field. LV5’s version however only gives you that advantage if your opponent is using the aforementioned cards. While it certainly isn’t bad, it kind of takes away from what could have been.

Like all LV monsters, LV5 has some way of Special Summoning the next level.
In LV5’s case it needs a whole new method, and a very difficult one at that.
First, LV5 needs to successfully attack the opponent DIRECTLY. That means that (most likely) your opponent can’t have any monsters on their side of the field. Needles to say that this isn’t very common in Advanced given that most forms of mass monster removal are banned. There is TIV when against themed Decks and Lightning Vortex which is in the same set as LV5, but other than that you’ll need to be lucky to pull it off.

After you manage to get LV5 to attack the opponent directly, you must then wait until your next Standby Phase, at which point you can send LV5 to the Graveyard to Special Summon LV7 form your hand or Deck. Given LV5’s main effect this will only be a problem if your opponent manages to a) summon a stronger monster or b) summon something like Exiled Force. This method of evolution can be easy or hard, it all depends on if you play your cards right. If you’d prefer not going through the whole rigmarole of attacking directly though, just use Level Up! on LV5 to save time. With all that said,
LV5 is best used in a Silent Swordsman or a Warrior Deck, but could be just as successful in any other Deck.

Advanced: 4/5. LV5 is the only Silent Swordsman I’d recommend using outside of an SS Deck.
Traditional: 4/5. LV5 is the only Silent Swordsman I’d recommend using outside of an SS Deck.
Overall: 4/5.
Art: ?/5. I don’t feel like looking for a pic of LV5 on Google…

Alas, still working my way through some big assignments for a couple classes, so another abridged review.


Silent Swordsman LV5 appears to be a very solid card.  Although it is a Level Monster, it can be Normal and Special Summoned in the standard ways.  This means Silent Swordsman LV3 a nice option for the decks, but not a necessity.  Given the difficulty of getting some LV monsters in play, this is definitely nice.  Silent Swordsman LV5 is a Level 5 Monster, so it will require a single Tribute (not a huge deal in Advanced).  For that Tribute, you get a solid 2300 ATK Monster that is unaffected by your opponent’s Spell Cards.  Wow.  That means you just have to worry about Traps and your opponent’s Tributes in most decks.  Add in a Royal Command and your opponent will have to over power you with brute force.  This is sadly possible against most common builds due to Jinzo and Mobius the Frost Monarch.  Fortunately, this Monster has good stats to go with its effect: aside from the aforementioned 2300 ATK, it has a 1000 DEF (good if the rumors of Sangan getting unbanned are true), and the ever useful Light/Warrior.  I’d definitely consider running one, and maybe siding a second for your typical Warrior/Chaos build.  If you use it and either Jinzo or Royal Command, its doubtful Stall Burn/will stand a chance.


Best of all, this isn’t the end of the Silent Swordsman line.  We’ll be covering Silent Swordsman LV7.  Note that said card can be summoned through the use of this cards effect, but since it requires a direct attack, I wouldn’t count on getting it out that way all that much.




Traditional: 3/5-Doubt it will replace Airknight Parsheth in those Chaos Decks that use it, but it does have decent playability in its own deck line and as an alternate form of support for Chaos.


Advanced: 4/5-Great for Warrior/Chaos.  Good for Light/Warrior decks.  Obviously essential to a Silent Swordsman deck.  It’s even decent to side deck in general since it can handle a lot of Spell Card reliant decks.  It wouldn’t do much against Gravekeepers or A Legendary Ocean decks, but if your opponent is running a deck that focuses on things like Creature Swap, Book of Moon, Enemy Controller, Fissure/Smashing Ground/Back to Square One, etc. they are in trouble.


Limited: 4/5-Even isolated from its line, it’s a great pick here.  It’s a solid Tribute for this format in its own right, and it comes with an effect sure to frustrate that opponent who thought he was so hot for pulling a Lighting Vortex.


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