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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Super Rare

Tribute this card to Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand.

Type - Warrior/Effect
Card Number - WC5-EN002

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.85
Advanced: 2.65

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.21.05

Coin Flip Okay, so we have Red Eyes Black Chick for Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Frankly, I think it's funny that this guy's stats suck even more than REBC. Don't know why. This is the first card released in America to have a YGO! character embedded in it. It's a Warrior and LIGHT and has 200 attack and gains from all of those characteristics, and it special summons BEWD's.

The rather nice thing about these kind of effects is that the monsters are easy to search out and take care of the object in your hand by forcing your opponent to take care of an object on the field. It rather helps to turn a 200 into a 3000 without wasting a normal summon that turn.

Personally, I like the 1900 tutor ritual monster for BEWD more.
Search him out from deck after attacking with the ritual... Yeah.

I don't even know what I'm doing today. Kaibaman goes in a BEWD or Kaiba themed deck. He's staple in one and half-considerable for the other.

I can't give you a rating. I don't rate cards that only go in one deck because any "rating" will be an empty number. Most pointless review ever.

Oh, and it's obvious that we should review him on President's Day. He seems the ideal choice. No more Bush, no more Kerry, just a small piece of cardboard. Our neighbors in the world will no longer consider us to be morons, just severely silly and in need of a good nap.

I'll take this opportunity to annoy all the readers and use the word rentsy in the sentence.

Thought I wouldn't be rentsy enough to use the word in a review, eh Kirk?

And, since I have absolutely nothing better to do...

Rentsy (adj.) Of, related to, or displaying flamboyant eccentricity.

So now you know. Tomorrow's review will be good. I promise.
ExMinion OfDarkness Kaibaman

Kaibaman is to BEWD what Red-Eyes B. Chick is to REBD.

This all boils down to an exchange of hand advantage and field presence.
You give up two cards from your hand (BEWD and Kaibaman) to get Blue-Eyes onto the field in one turn. 3000 attack isn't much to scoff at.

Sangan and Witch can both fetch this card (and with the copy of the next banlist up on the message boards saying that they'll be unbanned, this becomes very important for this and all cards)...

But come on. 200 ATK? This thing is pretty useless if you don't have the BEWD in hand -RIGHT THEN-. Otherwise, you get a crappy set. Kaiser Sea Horse is better in that department -- it takes an extra turn, but at least you have a 1700 attacker in the meantime.

1.5/5 Traditional (BEWD here? HA!)
2.25/5 Advanced (I'd still play Kaiser too)
Tranorix Kaibaman

We open off the week with Kaibaman, the card that really, really looks like Seto Kaiba in a chicken suit. It’s basically Red-Eyes B. Chick, but for Blue Eyes instead of Red Eyes. It’s LIGHT, like BEWD; and it’s Level 3 so it gets under Gravity Bind and Level Limit, but with only 200 ATK, you probably won’t be attacking with this (oddly enough though, I had an opponent Creature Swap this guy to me in a duel yesterday and I did attack him directly twice).

Summon Kaibaman, sacrifice him, summon Blue-Eyes – all in one turn. There’s not much more to it than that; you should run this in your BEWD Deck without a doubt; he’ll get Blue-Eyes out quickly, and then you can use those lovely cards like Burst Stream of Destruction without worrying about those two sacrifices you’d normally have to make for the Dragon.

In any other Deck, Kaibaman is pretty useless. Though he is LIGHT, and a Warrior…

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional - Blue-Eyes Deck: 4.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 1.5/5
Advanced – Blue-Eyes Deck: 4.5/5
Snapper Kaibaman

Welcome to WC5 Week! This week we’ll be reviewing the three cards from the new GBA game, as well as some cards associated with them. Our first card this week is Kaibaman, the Blue-Eyes version of Red-Eyes B. Chick.

If you didn’t like Red-Eyes B. Chick because of its terrible stats then I’m afraid you really aren’t going to like Kaibaman. With 200 ATK Kaibaman can destroy almost nothing. It can of course kill Scapegoat, but what monster can’t? Kaibaman is a Warrior though allowing you to search for him in a few ways. Unfortunately though Blue-Eyes White Dragon Decks don’t use a lot of (if any) Warriors, giving them no reasons to use a card like Reinforcement of the Army. So in the only Deck that you would use Kaibaman in, you’ll have few methods of searching for him.

As you might have guessed by now, Kaibaman’s effect only benefits Blue-Eyes White Dragon users. By Tributing Kaibaman, you can Special Summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand. This effect’s main use is that it allows you to summon BEWD on your first turn, forcing your opponent to contend with a 3000 ATK monster very early in the game. The only thing I have against this effect is the monster it comes with. When compared to other monsters that assist in summoning BEWD, Kaibaman comes in dead last.
Kaiser Sea Horse, Paladin of White Dragon, and even Lord of D. are all better monsters and allow you to summon the “virtually invincible” Dragon.
Sure they aren’t as fast as Kaibaman, but they’ll be staying on the field longer.

Advanced (BEWD Deck): 2.5/5. Good effect; terrible monster.
Traditional (BEWD Deck): 2.5/5. Good effect; terrible monster.
Overall (BEWD Deck): 2.5/5.
Art: 4/5. It reminds me of some anime character but I’m not sure whom…

Stats                : Kaibaman is a Level 3 Light/Warrior.  So far, so good: Level 3 means that he can both be dropped into play as your Normal Summon and that he can slip under Level Limit-Area B and Gravity Bind.    Light means he can be Chaos food, and has some actual Attribute support besides that.  Warrior is still one of the best supported Types in the game.  Finally, we see an ATK of… 200.  Ouch.  Well, at least it means he can be searched and summoned via an effect like Shining Angel’s.  We also have a rather puny DEF of 700.  Let’s see if the effect is any good.


Effect(s)            : The effect is simple: Tribute this monster to Special Summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand to the field.  This isn’t too bad, but it’s far from game breaking on its own, given that BEWD needs to be in your hand, so searching it out can be rather tricky.


Uses and

Combinations  : Here’s what gives this card enough of a boost to make it something to consider for at least BEWD decks.  You can get it out via Shining Angel so that you can both Normal Summon another Monster and Tribute it for its effect for a nice, beefy BEWD… or you could also use Reinforcements of the Army.  The real trick is getting BEWD into your hand.  If you run three in a roughly 40 card deck, you stand a decent chance of doing just that.




Traditional       : 1.5/5-It can be Chaos Food.  Sadly, that’s about its best use here.  A BEWD themed deck or a Light/Warrior deck with a little BEWD TecH is just too weak.


Advanced        : 3.5/5-This score is specifically for a BEWD utilizing deck.  Practically turning BEWD into a no Tribute Monster (meaning you use your Normal Summon then the effect to drop it into play easy) is a very nice trick.  It’s still of limited use, since on its own, Kaibaman is rather puny.  I suppose it is nice to have something that can sneak under most stall cards.  Consider using one or two in your deck or at least side board.


Limited                        : 1/5-It’s a promo.  Now, even if it is reprinted in a set, it’s still going to be just another puny Monster.



Kaibaman is an interesting card.  It’s got a very specific use, but it’s pretty good at what it does: making Blue-Eyes White Dragon a little easier to get into play.  If it fetched BEWD from the deck or hand, it’d probably be a staple for such decks.  As is, it’s something to strongly consider.

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