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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Zombyra the Dark

This card cannot attack a player directly. Each time this card destroys 1 monsters as a result of battle, decrease the ATK of this card by 200 points.

Type - Warrior / Effect Monster
Card Number - SYE-022

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.25
Advanced: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.18.05



Zombyra the Dark


Rated For: Warrior Decks


We culminate this week with Zombrya the Dark, underlooked and underestimated by all Cookie Cutter Warrior Decks for God knows what reason, especially considering the fact that Dark Warriors aren't exactly common. In fact, the typical cookie cutter Warrior deck has only Don Zaloog as a viable warrior option, with the other slots going to cards such as Kycoo, Skilled Dark Magician, Breaker, Magical Scientist, and Jinzo. Here's a *brilliant* idea; instead of splashing in a worthless 1900 spellcaster that doesn't fit the theme, why not put in a field dominating, Berserk Gorilla-owning Zombrya the Dark?


See, Zombrya is one of the godliest normal summons in the game for numerous reasons. It kills Airknight, Gorilla, and almost any other monster in the game, including Ryu Senshi, Dark Balter the Terrible, and such. It also offers no benefit to your opponent if Change of Hearted or Snatch Stealed, making it one of the best opening drops in the game (especially if you draw Crossouts). It's also a DARK type.


Of course, cookie cutter users are never really known for their ingenuity or innovative capabilities, so it's easy to understand why Zombrya has been ignored completely. Let's lift the veil of ignorance and hail the age of Zombrya the Dark. He really deserves it; he's like the superheroes in The Incredibles, really; nobody shows him any love!


Advantage F/H: There's a word for a  2100 attack monster that is only four stars. The word is godly, and that's what Zombrya is. Imagine if you smash a Kycoo/Skilled Dark/Airknight/Gorilla with him. He drops down to 1900! 1900 is still enough to dominate the field. This card provides utter, rampant field advantage right out of the box. Ownage in a bottle.

Traditional:                                         9/10

Advanced:                                          9/10


Best Draw for the Situation: His biggest hindrance, the fact he can't attack direct, is actually a boon if you think about it. Play this card on turn 2 or turn 1 (depending on who goes first), and your opponent can only react to it with monster threats. If they Change/Snatch it, they better tribute it! And if they play Smashing Ground/Ring of Destruction etc al. (which they're often forced to do because of this bad boy's attack power), you still gain!

T:                                            8/10

A:                                            8/10


Attributes/Effect: Warrior. Dark. 2100 attack. Enough said.

T:                                            9/10

A:                                            9/10


Dependability: Here's the tough part; sure you'll keep him on the field for a while, but his effectiveness won't directly win the game for you. Scapegoats are his bane, and you can't ever attack direct, meaning you'll eventually have to get rid of the guy.

T:                                            6.5/10

A:                                            6.5/10


The Bottom Line: A great counter to Metamorphosis decks, Gorilla decks, etcetera.


A BAD Score--

Traditional:                                         4/5

Advanced:                                          4/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++        Contributes to Field Control, On-Field Presence, Counter-Defense

ExMinion OfDarkness Zombyra the Dark

Here we have an overlooked Warrior monster. It's pretty easy to see how some Warriors can get overlooked, with so many good Warriors already being used and competing for deck space.

This is a more conservative alternative to Goblin Attack Force. You're short 200 attack points from GAF, and can't attack directly, but you're not switching into a 0-defense mode every time you attack with it either...just losing 200 more attack points. In the old days of LON, players who couldn't afford Gemini Elves would play this to destroy one Gemini Elf and hope to kamikaze with another (barring a Fissure, which was pretty likely.)

I want to bring attention to this card in two ways: First, take every combo you have thought of using Goblin Attack Force in and put this in its place, and see how much more protected you are with this in its place. Second...Skill Drain. Enough said.

This card does have a couple other things going for it too -- Warrior searchability (RotA) and Dark-type (Chaos food).

Really, the best way to see if this card is any good is to try 1 in a Warrior build, if just even Side-decking it in for 1 duel.

1/5 Traditional (a format that was built on direct attacks and field-clearing...)
2.5/5 Advanced (Restrictions are pretty bad, but can work -- people DO use Berserk Gorilla for a reason...)

Zombyra the Dark


I’ll be honest: I’ve never liked Zombyra.  Yes, he has 2100 ATK.  Yes, he’s a Warrior.  But he has two bad effects, one of which isn’t that bad – but the other is terrible.  Statistically, Zombyra’s a great monster.  You don’t find many Level Fours with 2100 ATK, and of course, the Warrior type is always a bonus.


But his effects kill him.  First of all, whenever he kills a monster, he loses 200 ATK.  So if you kill one, your Zombyra is at 1900 (still fairly respectable).  If you kill two, he’s at 1700 (more vulnerable now).  If you kill three (getting fairly unlikely), he’ll now be at 1500, and so forth.  Eventually he’ll be useless. 


That brings us to his second effect.  He can’t attack directly.  If your opponent’s field is open and you need to attack for the win, you can’t.  If you need to score that last bit of damage, you can’t.  This monster is very unlikely to damage your opponent significantly, because he lacks an ability that almost all other monsters have, an ability of, really, extreme importance. 


Zombyra is a field-clearer.  Use him to get rid of monsters if you can’t find anything better, but I will say right now that there are better ways to clear your opponent’s field, ways that don’t waste summons and aren’t vulnerable to things like Sakuretsu Armor.


Traditional – CCCC: 2/5

Traditional – Warrior: 2.5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 3/5

Snapper Zombyra the Dark

Our final card this week is Zombyra the Dark, the former king of Warrior and Beatdown Decks.

For a Level 4 monster, Zombyra has an excellent ATK. Only Giant Orc, Goblin Attack Force, and a few other monsters not worth mentioning can beat its 2100 ATK. Zombyra’s also a Warrior giving him numerous chances to gain an ATK boost, as well as many other perks. But with such excellent stats come harmful effects, one of which forbids Zombyra from attacking your opponent directly. While it isn’t a complete loss, where’s the fun in having such a strong monster and not being able to take ╝ of the opponent’s Life Points when it attacks? Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there; whenever Zombyra destroys a monster in battle, it loses 200 ATK points. This effect makes Zombyra a decent monster for about 3 attacks, after which it becomes an increasingly worse monster.

There are ways to get around these effects though. Flipping Zombyra face-down resets its ATK to 2100, giving it a second chance at being a good monster. Returning it to your hand will have similar effects, only it will waste a summon. And if you’d like to find a way around the whole not getting to attack directly effect, find a way to keep a Spirit Reaper in Attack Position on your opponent’s side of the field, and have Zombyra continually attack it. Not only will Zombyra keep its 2100 ATK but it will also do 1800 points of damage to the opponent. Despite the different methods of getting around Zombyra’s effects, Zombyra is best reserved for the “Poor Man’s”
Warrior and Beatdown Decks.

Advanced: 3/5. Good stats, bad effects.
Traditional: 3/5. Good stats, bad effects.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 4/5. I’ve always liked Zombyra’s picture.
Coin Flip I don't quite understand some of JAELOVE's particular card likes.
This one is easier to understand. Zombire the Dark Hero is rather good if you know what you're doing.

First off, the offensive lack of this card lies in the fact that it can't attack your opponent directly. No Smashing Ground, drop this, and then swing for 1/4th of their life like GAF or Berserk. That's not terrible. Often times you'll see players using Scapegoat to stop that anyways. Oh. Wait. Crap. Well, on the upside, it is likely to stop more than a few players using Change of Heart or Snatch Steal.

Second off, the other offensive degradation of this card lies in the 200 drop. Generally, ATK means a lot in this game. This thing is great in that it can kill a Berserk Gorilla and then still suicide with an Airknight. Hell, if you work it right, you might kill a Berserk Gorilla (or a Senshi/Balter, for that matter) and then kill a Kycoo before Zombire dies.

Let's put those little hiccoughs aside for a moment. This guy is a standard beatstick. On par with Gorilla. With Gorilla, you know it won't last more than a turn because of those damned Enemy Controllers, Sakuretsu Armors, Smashing Grounds, and Bottomless Trap Holes. With Zombire, you know it won't last more than a turn because of those damned Berserk Gorillas, Sakuretsu Armors, Smashing Grounds, and Bottomless Trap Holes. On the upside, you're likely to get a 1-for-1 trade with this. And if they are expecting Gorillas, Enemy Controller will ensure that you don't take any damage. Because Zombire is in DEF. Instead of dead.

With 500 DEF, though, he won't be in DEF for long.

Let's put it this way... Huge tactical advantage for the short time he remains on the field in a meta where monsters are already remaining on the field for a short period of time. Solid.

1/5 Traditional (which is why I hate Traditional)
3.8/5 Advanced

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