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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Bottomless Shifting Sand

At the end of your opponent’s turn, destroy the face-up
monster(s) with the highest ATK on the field. During your own Standby Phase, if you have 4 or less cards in your hand, this
card is destroyed.

Type - Continuous Trap
Card Number - PGD-043

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.4
Advanced: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.17.05



Bottomless Shifting Sand


Rated For: Its Own Deck


Pharaonic Guardian has some of the best commons ever created, but I'll bet many a duelist doesn't know of the ones not named "Terraforming" and "Raigeki Break." Ever since I created the Trap Dustshoot/Mind Crush archetype, I've tried to hammer into all my fellow duelist's the need to be creative, adapt to the environment, and never take any commons for granted (there are some real gems out there).


I expect a good majority of you to be doing a double take with this card; it's a common from Pharaonic Guardian that went completely ignored. At face value, it's automatically a one for one trade, since they'll either destroy it with a spell trap, or you'll destroy their monster at the end phase. Here's the fun part.


Combo it with Light of Intervention (and perhaps Last Warrior), to force your opponent to destroy their monster. Combine it with Guardian Sphinx, Stealth Bird, and all the other face down flippers to create an unstoppable fighting force. Use it with Different Dimension Dragon to take complete control of the field. Great scott!


In my view, this card is far superior to Ectoplasmer, a card deemed worthy of super rare status by the powers that be. Try making a deck around Bottomless; it's quite a nasty surprise at your opponent's end phase.


Advantage F/H: This card automatically goes 1 for 1, no matter what, unless your opponent owns you with Breaker or Mobius, and it has the potential to stretch on even more. Baseline score would be 7.5/10, deduct 0.5 for Breaker/Mobius, add 0.5 for its ability to stay on the field longer.

Traditional Format:                                        7.5/10

Advanced Format:                                         7.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: This card is absolutely solid in all phases of play. Unfortunately, it's very weak to Jinzo, Mobius, Breaker, and it won't protect you against the battle phase itself.

T:                                                                    7/10

A:                                                                    7/10


Attributes/Effect: You need 5 or more cards, so in the opening turn, a set monster and this card should be fine. However, later on in the duel, you'll need either Cyber Jar, Morphing Jar, or Sinister Serpent/Mirage to keep this bad boy alive. Luckily, all three have solid synergy with this card.

T:                                                                    7/10

A:                                                                    7/10


Dependability: Always one for one, but bait out Breaker/Mobius first, or you might be sorry! They'll almost always have a face-up monster, and if they can't get rid of this card, it creates a destructive presence for them (since the monster destruction works at their end phase, not yours).

T:                                                                    7.5/10

A:                                                                    7.5/10


The Bottom Line: Smashing Ground destroys an opponent's monster too. Now add on the fact that this card's bonuses can keep on growing, and you have a solid card indeed.


A BAD Score--

Traditional:                                                     3.63/5

Advanced:                                                      3.63/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++        Contributes to On-Field Removal, Enemy Disruption

--          Detracts from On-Field Presence (slightly), Counter-Disruption


ExMinion OfDarkness Bottomless Shifting Sand

It's been a long time since we've reviewed utter crap. It'll probably be a long time after this before we review utter crap. But for today...

Here we have a double-sided Trap with an insane upkeep cost. Each player has to destroy their strongest monster at the end of their turn...but only if the player who has played this Trap card keeps 4 or more cards in their hand.

In Traditional Format, when's the last time you saw a Duel past the third turn where someone had more than 4 cards in hand, excluding newbie Duels? In Advanced Format, how often to duels come down to who topdecks the better card -- meaning everyone's played out their resources?

This card simply doesn't come CLOSE to having an effect comparative to its cost. Want a good card that requires someone have 4 cards in hand? It's called "Trap Dustshoot", which we've reviewed already.

Crap/5 all formats (For whoever may be doing score averages, it's 0 or 1, whatever the lowest I'm allowed to give it is)
Tranorix Bottomless Shifting Sand

This is an interesting little card, one that I can honestly say I have never seen used in any deck, ever. Being a Continuous Trap is a weakness, and being a Continuous Trap that requires your hand to have five or more cards in it is a bigger one. Realistically, this is a one-hit wonder.

But hey, that one hit might very well be wonderful. If you activate this on your opponent’s turn while your opponent has the biggest monster, that monster is dead. Get rid of that pesky BLS-EotB or Horus LV8. Destroy anything your opponent has, if he has the only monster(s). Why not? This could really help Decks relying on low-ATK monsters (Burners [without Lava Golem], perhaps?)

Of course, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to keep this on the field for more than one turn, which does, I suppose, make it just as unlikely that it’ll backfire. But keep this in mind: it CAN backfire. So be careful.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Burn: 3.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5
Advanced – Burn: 3.5/5
Snapper Bottomless Shifting Sand

Today’s card is Bottomless Shifting Sand, a Trap I’m somewhat tempted to use after reviewing it.

At the end of the opponent's turn in which BSS, BSS destroys the face-up monster with the highest ATK on the field. It’s kind of like Hammer Shot only you use it during your opponent’s turn instead of your own. The only difference between this and Hammer Shot is that when there are numerous monsters with the same and the highest ATK, all are destroyed and not just one. So if your opponent has a standard Beatdown Deck and they have three 1900 monsters on the field (1900 ATK being the current highest ATK), they’ll lose all three of their beatsticks. Much like Hammer Shot though, BSS can backfire and destroy your monsters instead, so don’t activate it when you have the stronger monsters.

What makes BSS rather intriguing is that it can be used more than once. If during your Standby Phase you have more than 4 cards in your hand, BSS will survive another round. If you do not, BSS is destroyed. Most Continuous Cards don’t destroy themselves for one thing, which allows you to easily get rid of BSS if you no longer want it. Also the aspect of extra monster destruction adds to BSS’s uses. The only downside to this added effect is that you won’t be having 5 or more cards in your hand during most of the game, making the chances of using BSS more than once slim. With all that said though, BSS could work its way into any Trap lineup, though most likely you’d have something a tad more reliable.

Advanced: 2.5/5. Could be useful, but there are more dependable alternatives.
Traditional: 2/5. Many better choices and too much S/T destruction.
Overall: 2.25/5.
Art: 2/5. I seriously doubt a camel would be the strongest face-up monster on the field.
Coin Flip I like this, but not enough. It's continuous removal that will likely never be all that continuous. If you're lucky, you might kill 2 of your opponent's monsters with this. I like Ectoplasmer more for a number of reasons.

But, let's look at this anyway. First off, it focuses only on the face-up. Like Ectoplasmer. A deck filled with Stealth Birds, Des Lacoodas, and stuff like Stumbling or Vengeful Bog Spirit (Ugh, stupid English translation) to keep them from attacking the turn they summon anything will like this and Ectoplasmer. This would be quite friendly to those kind of decks, especially if it ran something like Des Lacooda. Once you have your three-four card setup (Vengeful Bog Spirit/Stumbling, Ectoplasmer/Bottomless Shifting Sand, and either the new mini-Guardian Sphinx we're getting in FET or a Swarm of Scarabs), they will not keep a single thing on the field. That leaves you to do whatever the hell you want.

The downside is that the upkeep is rather high. It takes an intense amount of hand control to keep 3 cards in your hand, and it takes plain luck combined with sheer skill to keep 5 in your hand. Or the right deck.

On the upside, it's surprise removal. Activate it during their End Phase after you set one monster and this, and you're happy. VERY happy. Most players will suspect it to be good removal like a Sakuretsu Armor (which is far better than this can ever aspire to be).

If you are very good and can use this twice or more in your particular deck (I would NOT see a Camel Control having trouble with this thing destroying itself) then it's great. Otherwise it's crap.

Oh, who else wants to guess that Des Lacooda is the camel that's in this card? It would be funny in a morbid way.

Traditional: Pass it up if you go through your commons/5 (1/5)
Advanced: 3.4/5 (A notch or two under Hammer Shot, IMO)

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