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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Messenger of Peace

You must pay 100 Life Points at each of your Standby Phases. If you cannot pay, this card is destroyed. All monsters with an ATK of 1500 points or more cannot attack.

Card Number - DB1-EN065

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.15
Advanced: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.16.05



Messenger of Peace


Rated For: Any Deck


This review of Messenger of Peace isn't going to follow the conventional "stick it in Burn/Stall", since Level Limit Area B owns it anyways. Nope, I'm actually toying with the idea of using Messenger of Peace as one-sided stall until you can get the resources you need to finish off the opponent.


See, Messenger of Peace has a rather great effect for a very paltry cost, but the most important thing is that you can turn it off whenever you want. So put it on the field, stalling your opponent's attack, and repeatedly set Sinister Serpent or weaker monsters. Then, when you draw something like Heavy Storm and Black Luster Soldier, you can stop paying and cream your opponent.


It's a great topdeck, better than Swords of Revealing Light (unless your opponent runs Dons/Spirit Reapers), and it's completely one-sided, meaning you can use it however long you want. Why haven't more duelists thought of this?


Advantage F/H: Completely one-sided stall for 100 life points a turn? Where do I sign up! You can dump this whenever you want, and if it protects even one of your monsters from being destroyed, it's already evened out. Now put it on the field a bit longer with a Scapegoat or a Waboku, perhaps, and you'll accrue so many resources that you're bound to win! (I hope).

Traditional:                                                                 7/10

Advanced:                                                                  7/10


Best Draw for the Situation: This card is absolutely hideous (for your opponent) in the mid to late game. Simply draw out all his spell/trap removal, then place this card on the field later on in the duel. It basically guarantees you a solid defense, on its own, until you can gather yourself for the final push. Of course, if you're already winning, this is dead weight.

Traditional:                                                                 6/10

Advanced:                                                                  6/10


Attributes/Effect: Two important things; 100 life points per turn means nothing, since you'll likely use it for 3-4 turns anyways, and you can turn it off at your standby phase. Your opponent will likely have nothing that can creep under 1500 anyways, except for maybe a solitary Don Zaloog.

Traditional:                                                                 8.5/10

Advanced:                                                                  8.5/10


Dependability: If your opponent destroys it (outside of Breaker/Mobius), it's going 1 for 1 anyways, but you'll probably want to bait out their S/T removal first, since this card is going to be attack priority number one for them (like Swords is).

Traditional:                                                                 6/10

Advanced:                                                                  6/10


The Bottom Line: This can be played over Swords of Revealing Light.


A BAD Score--

Traditional:                                                                 3.44/5

Advanced:                                                                  3.44/5


FORCE System Suggestions--

++        Provides Counter-Defense, Enemy-Disruption

--          Detracts from Resource Replenishment, Energy (slightly).

ExMinion OfDarkness Messenger of Peace (Offensive)

Today, we've been asked to look at Messenger of Peace in an offensive-themed Deck. We already know it's integral to the Burn/Stall and Exodia builds, so what's this talk about putting it in a deck that revolves around attacking?

One of the older uses of Messenger of Peace could still work -- having direct attackers (Servant of Catabolism, Jinzo #7) hide behind this thing, safe to attack on thier own. HOWEVER, this creates a conflict with everyone's new favorite direct attacker, Raging Flame Sprite -- as once it shoots up to 2100, it can no longer attack. (That having been said, Raging Flame Sprite belongs in a Lv. 3 or lower deck with the LLABs and G-Binds.)

People used this with White Magical Hat in the olden days -- Don Zaloog just gets under the barrier, but if playing Messenger of Peace in a deck that also uses LLAB and G-Bind, that's a big conflict. WMH is actually better here. Injection Fairly Lily works well with this -- it's able to attack because it's only 400 at the initial onset, and boosts after the attack is already going through.

With Level Limit -- Area B being costless and essentially performing the same function, this thing has fallen out of favor, but it still has untapped combo potential.

3/5 Traditional (Don gets through, but a lot of beatsticks don't.)
3/5 Advanced (It's the weakest of the 3 cards in the Burn/Stall/Exodia setup, and creates the most conflicts in an offensive MoP decks.)
Tranorix Messenger of Peace

What’s there to say about Messenger of Peace? It’s a great stall card, wonderful for Burners and perhaps even better because you can essentially get rid of it whenever you want to (by opting not to pay [and yes, paying is optional]). It stops most big threads (except for that annoying Horus LV6) and even some smaller ones; the only real danger is with your opponent’s weaker monsters, which usually can’t hurt you anyway.

Of course, it’s vulnerable to all that rentsy S/T removal, but what isn’t, these days? Stall Decks take that risk. There are uses for MoP outside of Burners though, namely in Low-Level Beatdowns that rely on monsters like Mataza the Zapper. These can be very effective, though they aren’t seen that often and could make just as much use of something like Level Limit – Area B (if not better, since MoP makes it so that you can’t really boost your monsters too high whereas LLAB doesn’t have that restriction).

Myeah, this is getting a little wordy. I apologize. You should be able to figure out whether your deck needs Messenger of Peace by yourself, really.

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – Burn: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2/5
Advanced – Burn: 4.5/5
Snapper Messenger of Peace

As Underlooked Card Week progresses we come to Messenger of Peace, a Spell that isn’t all that underlooked.

While on the field, MoP prevents all monsters with an ATK equal to or greater than 1500 from attacking. Because of this effect, Messenger of Peace is considered the first major Stall Card to be released in the TCG, and it is also considered one of the better stallers today. While not nearly as annoying as it was when it was new (due to all the forms of S/T destruction we now have), MoP can still prevent many of the opponent’s monsters from attacking for a few turns. And MoP’s only downside (if you can call it that) is that it has a 100 Life Point maintenance cost during each of your Standby Phases, and it’s optional! This allows you to keep MoP on the field only long enough to get your bearings, at which point you can have an all-out assault on your opponent.

What’s nice about MoP these days is that there are a few ways to get around the effect. Horus LV6 is able to attack due to its immunity to Spells, giving you a monster with a good ATK and stopping your opponent from doing you any real damage. And because MoP only stops monsters with an ATK higher than 1499 from declaring an attack, ATK increases during the Damage Step are fair game. Because MoP prevents both players’ strong monsters from attacking though, MoP is best reserved for Decks filled with monsters that can attack while it’s on the field.

Advanced: 3.5/5. Don’t rely on MoP being your only means of protection (because of S/T destruction).
Traditional: 3/5. Don’t rely on MoP being your only means of protection (because of S/T destruction).
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 2/5. What’s so peaceful about him? For all we know he could have dynamite or something under those robes.
Coin Flip


Messenger of Peace is the best card we will see this week. Seriously.
This thing may just be more powerful than Level Limit Area B and Gravity Bind. The reason being that it has uses in decks that aren't burn/stall.

First off, the one thing that makes this thing so much better than the others is that it's an upkeep card that affects both players. The one we saw before was Imperial Order, which saw immense play not only for the quick gamebreaker negation, but also for the ability to keep it up and then finally not pay after you have a veritable army ready to strike after a quick Duster and Geki. Let me explain why this is a good thing.

You keep your stuff in hand. They summon stuff, waiting for you to make an offensive move. You draw the correct field clearers and suddenly everything becomes horribly clear to your opponent. Here.
Good example. Set two DDWL, or one and a Kycoo or Enraged Battle Ox or whatever your flavor is. Set Needle Ceiling. After two turns, you get a 2 for 2 trade plus the advantage of having 3 monsters on the field for attack.

On top of punishing the foolish players who play as though it weren't there, its upkeep is best described as ghostly. As in you can barely tell it's there. It's also the best attack blocker there is, since we've already seen numerous monsters with high attack but low level.
This will ensure that your Stealth Bird lives when they don't.

The use of it in an offensive deck is simply this: You set up your system if you need to stall to set the system up, and then you stop paying. GG.

Fairly good, but there's no general deck I can rate it for.

3.4/5 Traditional
4.1/5 Advanced.

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