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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Legendary Jujitsu Master

A monster that battles with this Defense Position card is returned to the top of the owner's Deck at the end of the Damage Step.

Type - Rock / Effect Monster
Card Number - AST-017

Card Ratings

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.14.05



Legendary Jujitsu Master


Rated For: His Own Deck

I chose this week's cards because a) they're actually playable and b) you've probably not heard of, or tested, most of these bad boys.


I feel that every card in this week's lineup can shine in its own deck or even splashed in regular decks to some extent, and each of my reviews will focus on getting the most out of the card of the day.


Monday's card is Legendary Jujitsu Master, a card that went completely ignored by every duelist upon the release of Ancient Sanctuary; I noticed it while trying to construct an Earth bounce deck right after Anaheim's Gencon Shonen Jump, and basically created a tier one deck that could hang with some very good decks. Why is this card so wonderful?


Currently, there are only a handful of cards that can send an opponent's monster to the top of the deck; this is crucial because it ties up their draw phase, acting like a Drop Off or Time Seal, and removes their monster from the field, acting like Compulsory Evacuation Device. The double loss of tempo incurred by having your monster "bounced", is an obscenely powerful effect, limited to only Back to Square One, Mystic Knight of Jackal, Mystic Swordsman LV 6, Mysterious Guard, and Legendary Jujitsu Master (I may have missed one). Of these, Back to Square One is obviously the easiest to use, but it costs a resource. Mysterious Guard will likely die, and the other two are tribute monsters.


This leaves Legendary Jujitsu Master as perhaps the most effective means of bouncing monsters off the field. Pair this with a control deck and you can 1) put their monster to the top of the deck, 2) Tie up their draw phase for next turn, 3) Summon Don Zaloog/Spirit Reaper/Masked Sorcerer and swing for either +1 or -1 advantage.


1800 defense stands up to quite a bit, with only Berserk Gorilla standing up to it (unless your opponent runs 1900's). The biggest threat to this card's success, however, is D.D Warrior Lady, since it can simply remove Legendary Jujitsu Master from play, so you'll want to protect it.


If you search this card out with Giant Rat, your opponent basically won't be able to attack until they get rid of Jujitsu Master, since they don't want to have their monster bounced. This is a highly effective card.


Advantage F/H: 1800 defense will stand up to a lot, and 1300 attack isn't very bad. Basically, Jujitsu Master is one of those cards that more than breaks even after one use. If your opponent hits it, even with an 1800+ attack monster, you basically Evacuated them and Time Sealed them in one turn. So you lose one resource, they lose their normal summon and their next draw. Of course if they can't kill it, with perhaps Breaker, Tribe, Kycoo, Don, D.D Assailant, Blade Knight, among others, they lose even more. Finally, if it's a tribute monster that attacks, they lose EVEN more!

Traditional Format Score:                             8/10

Advanced Format Score:                               8/10


Best Draw for the Situation: This card is great in the opening game and late game; it isn't quite as effective in the middle where you're trying to stage legitimate attacks. Also, because of its low attack, you'll always want to leave this in defense, so supplement it with a main fighting force of strong monsters.

T:                                                                    7/10

A:                                                                    7/10


Attributes/Effect: This card is an Earth type, which gives it great synergy with Giant Rat. It's stats are rather decent, although 1900 or more defense would have been nice. The effect is solid but doesn't always work properly, and it's vulnerable to Nobleman of Crossout. Try using this card with Desert Sunlight for some real fun.

T:                                                                    7/10

A:                                                                    7/10


Dependability: Let's see; out of a typical Cookie Cutter Chaos lineup, you have 3 D.D Warrior Ladies, 1-2 Berserk Gorilla/Blade Knight, and Magical Scientist that can kill this bad boy straight up. Out of those, the only ones that really hurt you are the Warrior Ladies. And in all such cases, the advantage evens out to 1 for 1. Not bad right? Of course, this thing is vulnerable to Crossout, like I said, so be careful.

T:                                                                    6.5/10

A:                                                                    6.5/10


The Bottom Line: Highly overlooked; criminally so.


A BAD Score--

Traditional:                                                     3.56/5

Advanced:                                                      3.56/5


FORCE System Suggestions--

++        Contributes to On-Field Removal (slightly), On-Field Presence, Counter-Defense, Enemy-Disruption (slightly).

--          Detracts from Field Control (slightly)

ExMinion OfDarkness Legendary Jujitsu Master

This card has been popping up in more competitive decks lately. It deserves a good look as to why.

This card is an improved version of Wall of Illusion -- instead of just setting the opponent back a summon, you're setting them back a summon AND a draw. This card needs to be played carefully, however -- there are situations where it works wonders, and where it works AGAINST you.

If the opponent attacks this with a weak monster trying to feel you out (Tomato, Angel, etc.), they lose out on field advantage AND you have one more turn to prepare for a searcher coming to their side of th efield next turn.

An opponent attacking this with a Tribute monster is just sick and wrong -- they lose field advantage and get an unplayable card next turn (unplayable on its own, that is.)

The opponent could get a reusable effect monster (e.g. summon Breaker the Magical Warrior, use its counter, ram it into Legendary to return it to the deck next turn so they can kill another of your mass M/Ts.)

D. D. Warrior Lady. Given that her effect is Step 1 of a chain and Legendary Jujitsu's would be Step 2...LJM resolves first, sending her back to the top of the deck...and THEN DDWL resolves, with ONLY Legendary Jujitsu Master getting removed from the game...giving them the DDWL AGAIN for use next turn. Not bad for only 300 life points of defense damage.

The 1800 defense is solid in a control-oriented environment, and you're getting +2 advantage every time it's attacked (as mentioned above, -1 field, -1 draw).

Just watch out for sided Noblemans.

2.5/5 Traditional (Beatsticks more common here; mass removal may prevent effect from going off...but with hand advantage so big I wouldn't be suprised to see this lead to a Yata-lock...

3.5/5 Advanced (As long as you're not letting Breaker hit you up for free MSTs every turn, and can get rid of those nasty DDWLs, this guy's pretty good.)
Tranorix Legendary Jujitsu Master

This is quite an underrated card, very rentsy but very effective in the right deck. The stats are actually quite good; 1300 ATK isn’t bad for a Level 3 and 1800 DEF is awesome. While it may not protect you from the 1900+ hitters, it will stop pretty much all Control monsters.

The effect is what makes this guy shine, however. If your opponent attacks this while it’s in DEF, the monster he attacked it with will go back to the top of his deck – note, not back to his hand but back to the top of his deck. That’s a VERY good effect. Instead of slightly hurting your opponent’s field presence while increasing his hand size, you’re removing a card of his from the field and killing all chances of his drawing something he needs next turn, because he’s going to draw the same thing that just attacked.

This works especially well against big tribute monsters. If your opponent attacks this with a Jinzo, that Jinzo will go back to the top of his deck. LJM will be gone, but your opponent will have to go through the trouble of summoning Jinzo all over again. If your opponent attacks this with, say, Command Knight, well, he’ll lose a few Life Points and he’ll be drawing CK again next turn.

This works nicely in Burners, specifically those based on Chain Energy. It’s even better than returning things to the hand, and the stats are fairly decent. Give him a try.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Chain Energy Burn: 3.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 3/5
Advanced – Chain Energy Burn: 4/5
Snapper Legendary Jujitsu Master

Welcome to Underlooked Card Week! This week we’ll be reviewing cards that can be useful, bur are rarely played. Today’s card is Legendary Jujitsu Master, one of the few good Rock monsters in existence.

LJM has pretty decent stats; 1300 ATK allows him to destroy a few popular monsters, and 1800 DEF gives him the ability to endure the attacks of most Level 4 or lower monsters. This good DEF is rather helpful when looking at LJM’s effect; whenever a monster does battle with a Defense Position LJM, the other monster is returned to the top of the owner’s Deck. The only down side to this effect is that LJM must be in Defense Position, but with such a good DEF that’s probably the position you’ll be keeping him in anyway. Also because of its high DEF, LJM is given the chance to use his effect more than once with relative ease. Unless your opponent has some monster removal, they will most likely be activating LJM’s effect twice in a duel.

LJM’s effect is rather useful as a stalling card for a few reasons. Bouncing is one, forcing your opponent to re-summon the monster that attacked LJM and possibly giving you access to their Life Points. The effect also aids in preventing your opponent from drawing new cards by causing them to re-draw old monsters. To increase the annoyances LJM can have on the opponent, use it with Staunch Defender making all of your opponent’s monsters attack LJM and preventing your opponent from drawing new cards for a few turns. LJM is best used in a Bounce Deck, but could be a valuable shield in any other Deck.

Advanced: 3.5/5. An annoying monster with a DEF that that only increases the annoyance factor.
Traditional: 3/5. With plenty of monster removal LJM may not last long.
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 3/5. A green muscular ninja. That could be threatening.

P.S. I'll be wating for my Valentine's Day presents! You know where to send them...
Coin Flip


Legendary Jujitsu Master is an interesting little monster. Its stats are fairly solid. 1800 defense stands up to most monsters, save 3 that see common play (Breaker, Blade Knight, and Berserk Gorilla).
1300 ATK won't do anything, but that and its three stars give it capabilites to get past all three popular bind cards. Duh. EARTH and Rock have fairly little support, but it's a nice defender in a deck using Gigantes.

K, now that I've rambled on and on about the stats... The effect. It gets attacked and a monster gets placed on top of the deck. There are very few bad things about the effect. Generally, this does two general things that contribute to your offensive charge.

The first is that it removes a monster from the field. I think we all know why that's a good thing for an offensive move.

The second is that it takes away their next draw phase. That might not seem like a good comparison, but look at it this way. It first delays them by limiting their card resources, and then by pushing back their card resources. That's a double threat no matter how you look at it. Chances are it's an even trade even if this guy dies, and advantage if he lives.

At that rate, he gets a high rating. His use primarily depends on the action of the opponent, but I don't really care myself. He is damned good.

2.5/5 Traditional
3.8/5 Advanced A solid choice for a deck.

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