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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Morphing Jar
Ultra Rare

FLIP: Both you and your opponent discard all cards in your hands and draw 5 cards from your respective Decks.

Type - Rock/Effect
Card Number - TP2-001

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4
Advanced: 3.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.10.05

ExMinion OfDarkness Morphing Jar

Today we're looking specifically at Morphing Jar in a Burn deck. It appears crazy at first glance, but actually makes sense.


+More cards = more things that will block attacks or burn an opponent

+Possibility of them having to dump M/T kill into the graveyard, where it becomes useless

+Suprise factor -- most people don't expect a face-down to be Morphing Jar -- good choice for Regionals, where many people may not know what you're running.


-Swarm decks can do a lot with 5 cards.

-You may have just handed your opponent the Heavy Storm or Mobius that will lead to your downfall.

-A single Magic/Trap removal spell can give away yoru monster. For example, a year or more ago at a Regionals, where the bans weren't even thought of yet, my opponent set all their cards but one -- 4 M/Ts and a monster. I had an MST, so I thought I should hope to get lucky...and hit a Dark Hole? Given that they set their hand, I figured out their face-down, set all my cards in hand, wailed on the Jar, HFD'd them from the Jar, and took control of the duel after that, eventually winning the match.

-If it gets Noblemaned and you set your hand, you're screwed

-Many Duelists will instictively try to Scientist or m0rph out a Dark Balter when they have the ability to do so and see a face-down monster. Again, more negation.

Morphing Jar is either extremely good or extremely bad -- not just in Burn but in all decks.

4/5 Traditional (recover from an opposing Delinquent Duo? Yes please)

3.5/5 Advanced (Card draw is still powerful...too bad opponent still gets 5, barring Protector of the Sanctuary...)
Coin Flip What in the... Morphing Jar is one of those things that helps and hurts burn, as is Fiber Jar. Fiber Jar clears your field and destroys any setup you had, but DOES stop an onslaught from your opponent.
Morphing Jar gives a burn deck more options, but gives the opponent more options as well. I don't think most burn decks like the thought of their opponent getting options.

Well, whatever. I can't rate it for any one deck besides deckout, and the few people who can run that probably don't read Pojo. If they do, then they can just read my deckout deck article when I put it up (along with 421361 Dimension Fusion decks).

That said, this card is just plain solid. Stats suck, but that didn't stop people from playing Sangan, Yata, or Fiber Jar. The effect is something that NOONE will see coming. There is a good reason this is in every single one of my decks, and that's that it is too rare to see play. People see a f/d and think, "Well gee, that's probably a DDWL.
Maybe it's a Cyber, though. I wonder what method I should use to approach it? Well, if it's a Fiber, it won't matter what I set, and if it's a Cyber, I don't want to invest in the field when it's nuked, and if it's a DDWL, then I'll only want 2 monsters on the field, one of which should be killing this card. I'll play a monster in the thoughts that it might be a searcher, and I don't want them getting out a Mystic and then pulling out a Don or whatever to set up for next turn. I won't set any m/t, though, in case they have something funky like Greenkappa." This takes the average player anywhere from .5 to 5 seconds to process, but I have never seen someone who expected a Morphing Jar. As a result, they tend to keep their stuff in their hand. For the sheer aspect of surprise, this card is brilliant.

That said, the card itself has a brutal effect. It's like Card Destruction on steroids meets Buddha and then stuffed in a jar saying "HI2U" to random people who pass by. You set EVERYTHING you can from your hand or pretend to foolishly expend your resources, and then they attack your Morphing Jar - "Hey, you lose 3 cards and draw 5, I lose my Jinzo and draw 5 too. Funny how that works out, huh? Yeah, lose a good hand? I didn't. I sure did get one, though."

Okay, I'm exaggerating because, once again, here's a card I'm horribly biased for. I liked it when I saw it in Edo's BC spoiler, and I like it now. But the simple fact remains that you are more likely to gain some sort of advantage from Morphing Jar than your opponent because you know you have the Morphing Jar, and your opponent doesn't.

Yeah, and then there are the combos. First off, using this to mass-discard Night Assailants is evil, as is swapping them your Jar with Electric Snakes, Fear/Despair from the Dark, or Elephant Statues.
Second off, using Protector of the Sanctuary to prevent your opponent from drawing cards from Morphing Jar's effect (however unlikely, since they are both restricted to one) is the Yu-Gi-Oh! equivalent of raising your middle finger, and screaming "Your wife is a large hippo!" or "Quick! Extra boiling oil!" (Gotta love Pratchett)

Its use in a burn deck would probably be to replenish resources spent to inflict mass damage, such as a Just Desserts or Wave Motion Cannon, and then as Cannon Soldier food or something pointless of the sort. I reccomend it for all decks ever because I can. Oh, and vote Quimby.

Standard deck:
4/5 Traditional
4.5/5 Advanced
4/5 Traditional
4.5/5 Advanced
Tranorix Morphing Jar

This is an interesting card, not just for Burners but for all decks, really. It’s a Flip Effect, but a Flip Effect that, much like Cyber Jar and Fiber Jar, help to counter the usually-bad hand advantage that plagues Burners.

The stats aren’t great but that’s not important. If you get M-Jar’s effect to go off, you get to replenish your hand while simultaneously disrupting your opponent’s plans (keep in mind, however, that he gets 5 cards too, so if you’re not careful he could very well come back and kill you). This card works well if you’re running Skull-Mark Ladybug, which I recommend for many Burners, as discarding that thing will get you a nice 1000 Life Points.

Watch out for Nobleman of Crossout and Mystic Swordsmen, and make sure your opponent doesn’t have fewer cards than you do, and Morphing Jar will be a great asset to your Burner.

If you can find one.

Traditional – CCCC: 3.5/5
Traditional – Burn: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 4/5
Advanced – Burn: 4.5/5
Snapper Morphing Jar

Well by the looks of it Burn Week is having a premature end. I could be wrong about this but I’m fairly sure Morphing Jar doesn’t qualify as a Burn card.

Being a Flip Effect monster Morphing Jar has stats that aren’t worth mentioning, and so I won’t bother mentioning them. Morphing Jar’s effect on the other hand IS worth mentioning, which is why this hard to come by card is sought after by many. When Flipped, Morphing Jar causes each player to discard their entire hands and draw 5 new cards from their Deck. The effect has many possibilities; it can get a monster that you want in the Graveyard there quicker (assuming it was in your hand), foil your opponent’s plans, bring your opponent 5 cards closer to Decking-Out, and it serves as 2.5 Pot of Greeds and some Delinquent Duos for both you and your opponent. What’s not to love? I suppose some may not like the fact that your opponent gets the same drawing ability that you do, but if you have 0 cards in your hand and your opponent has 6 at the time that Morphing Jar is Flipped, who’s getting the better deal? You that’s who.

Despite Morphing Jar’s wonderful abilities, it is not a card you see very often. This is not because it’s a card people prefer not to use, it’s because it’s dang near impossible to get! You ever try to get one of these?
They’re like $70 dollars! Anyway, Morphing Jar has a few uses. As already said, it helps in Decking-Out the opponent, bringing you 5 cards closer to victory. In an Exodia Deck it assists is drawing The Pieces that much sooner. It also combos with Protector of the Sanctuary, forcing your opponent to discard their hand and draw 0 new cards. Morphing Jar is so great that (if I had one!!) it would replace Cyber Jar as my Deck Staple. If you have it, use it. Or better yet give it to me as a Valentine’s Day present. You know you want to.

Advanced: 4/5. Discarding and drawing. Nothing too wrong with that.
Traditional: 4/5. Discarding and drawing. Nothing too wrong with that.
Overall: 4/5.
Art: 2.5/5. A Cyclops in a jar. Wonder how that happened…
f00b Morphing Jar

Let me just say, this card has been the MVP in so many games with so many different decks I’ve had, that it isn’t even funny (even though it seems Morphing Jar finds something funny enough to grin at). If you have obtained this card, you should almost always be running it, as the advantage it provides in any deck is quite unparalleled by almost every other card in the format – or the game for that matter. You disagree? E-mail me - f00b1337@hotmail.com

Morphing Jar has both disruptive and replenishing qualities. It can be as good as you having no cards in hand and your opponent runs into MJ with a full hand (wherein you gain card advantage and disrupt your opponent before they draw), or as bad as you having to set this with a full hand only to have your opponent use all his resources and then hit the Jar. The trick is, you can plan around your own Morphing Jar, and once your opponent knows you play it, you can even bait them out in certain circumstances.

What do I mean by this? Well first of all, the most obvious way to abuse Morphing Jar is to set all your spells and traps and then set the Jar, hopefully your opponent will be cautious and attack with a monster before setting their M/T or you can flip it on your turn for the maximum effect.
But also, once your opponent sees you do this trick once or twice, you have to be careful. If on the first turn you set all your M/T and a monster and you DON’T show a Mirage of Nightmare (the typical reason to ‘extend’ like this), then you are basically telling your opponent you have the Jar down.
However, this can be used to your advantage, say later in the game, when you make it appear as if this is the case and instead it is something else, like a Magician of Faith. Still, there is an art to using MJ, sometimes, just to ensure that his effect goes off and that it’s not too obvious what you’re trying to accomplish, you may need to select your 2 best spells and traps and set them or something, so that your opponent doesn’t automatically know MJ is down.

Enough about that, what does MJ add to the game? In case you hadn’t realized it yet, drawing 5 cards is a simply gargantuan amount. So, like his cousin Cyber Jar, you must be careful in using this grinning set of teeth because it adds a certain degree of luck to the game. You have to be able to say for certain that the odds of you getting the better 5 cards than your opponent are likely before you set this jar. This is pretty true in combo-reliant decks like Scientist FTK, draw decks, and even Exodia variants, where either the card quality drawn is very high, or simply that by drawing so much you basically achieve an auto-win by finding the correct few cards.

But this is burn week, how does Morphing Jar fit in here? It should be pretty obvious, actually. Burn seeks to set all its M/T turn 1, except it must beware of Heavy Storm ruining its tempo and slowing it to a grinding halt after only a few burn spells. But, more likely than not, giving burn the chance to draw into five completely new burn cards means you are in a world of hurt, because they are going to simply out-race you as far as Life Points are concerned.

Just realize that when playing Morphing Jar, you need to be careful, and I don’t just mean because it’s a $150 card, but also that it has dangerously high potential, which means it can completely swing a game, even to the favor of your opponent. Five cards is a lot to draw. Morphing Jar is just plain sick, and I conclude that he should be run in basically every tournament level deck that can afford to play him, literally. From the average cookie cutter chaos, to deck-out, to ftk, to burn, to Exodia, to warriors, to whatever, Morphing Jar is quite an asset.


Traditional – 4.0/5 There is quite a bit more monster removal here, but the cards drawn are so much more potent as well. The boost he gives to chaos decks is crazy, too.
Advanced – 4.5/5 He’s almost broken, seriously, and there are plenty of combos to play around him ;-). If it didn’t happen to be that your opponent sometimes gets the better deal, he’d fetch a perfect 5/5 from me. Seriously, this guy is quite the catalyst to ending the game sooner.

Stats: Morphing Jar is a Level 2 Earth/Rock Flip Effect Monster.  It has a 700 ATK coupled with a 600 DEF.  Obviously, this is a card that will either be used for its effect, or not used at all.  Note that its stats at least make it searchable via Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, and Giant Rat, although summoning it out via Giant Rat would make using the flip effect very difficult.


Abilities: Both players discard all cards in their hands and draw 5 new cards from their own deck.  Wow.  In a game like Yu-Gi-Oh with little draw power, this is practically Professor Oak (an old Pokémon Trainer card) as a little to friendly a Monster (Oak let the player discard their hand and draw 7; it didn’t affect the opponent).  But that is Pokémon, and this is Yu-Gi-Oh.  It’s Yu-Gi-Oh where Pot of Greed is considered a staple by most (where as Bill, the Pokémon equivalent, is found mostly in new player decks).  Yes, this is a Flip Effect, so you will have to either use a combo with it or else wait at least a turn for it to get flipped by an opponent’s card.  Yes, it may never go off due to Nobleman of Crossout.  To draw 5 cards with few draw backs is worth it.  Hey, you can usually void your hand of any important cards before it goes off.  As for your opponent, they usually can’t.  Fantastic ability.


Uses and

Combinations: This is not a card that you have to look for reasons to include.  Assuming you have one, this is a card that you have to look for reasons not to use.  Like all cards, there is a risk it won’t work.  Does that stop you from using Spells, one of the easiest to negate commodities in the entire game?  Didn’t think so.  Unless you meta is lousy with most flip effect hate, that isn’t going to cut it.  So what else?  Well, if your deck is really tight for space, or you are running a card like Cyber Jar that could force you to summon it, and you deck focuses a lot on hand control (either Exodia controlling its own hand or actual Control decks).  Otherwise, it acts the way you’d think Reload would: use up what you can, flip it, and refill your hand.  If you run Book of the Moon, you can really have fun using commonly played cards like Painful Choice and Pre-Mature Burial to get it out faster (though in a more costly manner).  Obviously, summoning it out via Giant Rat, then using Book of the Moon to flip it back down is very fun.


This card is my preferred method of depletion.  Yes, you are as close to death as your opponent, but you are in the driver’s seat (and running a few cards that will just hit them).  Flip Summon Morphing Jar, then Book of Moon it.  Now Book of Taiyou.  Now repeat, as there is a good chance you have the needed cards set or else drew them.




Traditional: 4/5-Its okay to help your opponent as long as you are helping yourself out more.


Advanced: 4.5/5-Much easier to get off and to control the results.


Limited: 3.5/5-Wow, you must be rich to draft Tournament packs. ;)  Now watch it I missed some re-release.  Anyway, it’s less likely you’ll be gaining any real leverage over your opponent running this, due to the more random nature of the decks.



If you’ve got it, run it.  Some flip effects are worth the hassle.  This is one of them.


Sorry for the rushed review, but this is/was a busy week for me.

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