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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Level Limit - Area A

All face-up Level 3 or lower monsters on the field are changed to Attack Position and remain in Attack Position while this card is active.

Type - Trap
Card Number - EEN-EN060

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.3
Advanced: 2.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.23.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
Level Limit - Area A

This one falls under either "there are better cards" or "card doesn't do what was intended."

For once though, I can say I won't be giving the card a 1. It has SOME uses. It wreaks havoc against Scapegoat tokens, and keeps Magician of Faith/Spirit Reaper/Mystic Swordsman Lv. 2/Magical Merchant stuck in attack mode. So it would have some (although very little) use against the average cookie-cutter.

Most people might think of this as an anti-Burn card. Burn uses Lv. 3 and lower monsters all the time, right? A couple of problems here. Half of the Burn monsters don't care that they are in attack mode (as LLAB/Gravity Bind protect them); others just flip back face-down (Des Lacooda/Stealth Bird) where this card can't touch them, and other burn monsters are Level 4 and above in the first place (Solar Flare Dragon).

This card had quite the bit of potential six months ago, when everyone used 3 Scapegoats, but it's too far past its time to shake the format up.

1.5/5 Traditional
2.25/5 Advanced

Level Limit - Area A

It could serve a purpose in Clown Control, but otherwise it's junk. Forcing Spirit Reapers and Scapegoat tokens into ATK mode isn't so hot =/.

Rating: 1/5


Well, things are finally settling down for ol’ Otaku.  I still am behind (most of my writing would have occurred this weekend, but I was very busy during this time), so it looks like they’ll be mostly “quickies” this week.


Level Limit-Area A is a nice alternative to Final Attack Orders.  Both are Continuous Traps, which makes them very vulnerable: Jinzo and Mobius and Breaker, oh my!  For that matter, we have enough generic options that I can do that joke again with a whole new group: Cyclone and Tornado and Storm, oh my.  If you are lost, then you probably need some caffeine to remind you that I just listed six commonly used Trap destroying or negating cards: three Monsters and then three non-Monsters.  I only parts of names (or Japanese names) to preserve the feel of the parody.


Back on topic, this card really hurts an opponent relying on Spirit Reaper for defense.  Combined with Swords of Revealing Light, Ceasefire, and/or Light of Intervention, pretty much all those common, tiny Support Monsters become suicidal.  More obscure (but fun) combos include things like Ojama Trio and, say Asura Priest.  Obviously, you won’t be apt to combo this with position shifting cards like Goblin Attack Force as there is no added synergy.  Fortunately, its also not likely to affect your own strategy (and won’t if you adjust properly), so experiment and see where it gets you.


Clown Control has gotta hate this.




Traditional: 1/5


Advanced: 2.5/5-Yes, this time it is a general rating; add a few combo cards and it becomes useful.


Limited: 1/5


Dark Paladin
To close out our lovely Elemental Energy week, we come to the brother of Level Limit--Area B...that would of course be Level Limit--Area A.

Let's compare the two for a moment, shall we?

Level Limit--Area B

*all face up Level 4 or lower monsters are changed into defense posistion and remain there as long as this card is active

*spell card (continuous)

Level Limit--Area A

*all face up Level 3 or lower monsters on the field are changed to attack posistion and reamin in attack posistion as long as this card is active

*trap card (contnuous)

Well, Level Limit--Area A could be deadly for the opponent, and it's also a good way to do a lot of damage. The only problem is, you need your opponent to have the monsters face up, but it's a good way to kill Injection Fairy Lily.

Earth Aggro decks are slightly coming back as time seems to pass, so this may be a decent side-deck choice, if only because of Lily, but I don't believe it's main-deck worthy...

not yet anyway.


2.45/5 all around, just about or below average for now

4/5 side deck though

Art: 4.5/5 Cool non-foil art me thinks.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Bob Doily
Level Limit Area – A Review

Now when I first looked at this card, I pondered how low of a ranking would I give it? It has all the makings of deserving it, Trap, Continuous, and situational!!!! But I thought it over and this one does actually merit some thought.

Upon first glance it looks like a weakened version of Final Attack Orders, one that would be sided in to counter those low-level decks, like Clown Control; Sand/Camel Control; and Stumbling Control. Of course a lot of people would then just run FAO instead. But in reality the best way to get use out of this card is IN those type of decks, more specifically would be the Stumbling deck.

Now a Stumbling deck unlike the other two doesn’t specifically focus on stopping the opponent from attack, but in preventing them from getting established early game, by forcing the monsters summoned to defence position so that they can then be destroyed by the Stumbling user on his/her next turn. Really, although the deck gets bad draws, and if it is forced to top decking it loses, the archetype isn’t really that bad. This card would let the player be able to increase the rate of their offensive. Since normally they spend the first 3-5 turns setting up before going on the attack, this would be a card that they could run in order to make that mid-late game faster by allowing their just summoned monsters to get in that attack. Meanwhile the defensive creatures and elemental searches wouldn’t get harmer early game if you us it since they are LV 4 and and attacking opponent wouldn’t force them to attack position. This card could especially make the Dream Clown aspect stronger. Summon – Stumbling – to defence – kill a monster – LLAA – to attack position, attack. And each turn the defence switch to kill and the switch to attack position.

The only problem is that it still would be situational. Although definitely something to try out, especially for fun, it’s something that you would have to be careful with in the mainboard

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5
WiCkEd Level Limit- Area A

This, is one of the few cards that shows some promise. It can be used in a dedicated LV3 deck, which, ironically works with LLAB. If you are into using a dedicated deck around LV3 monsters, this works for you. You won't see it competitively, nor will you see it often.

LV3 deck- 3/5
Average deck- 0/5
Traditional- 1/5

Dark Maltos
Level Limit-Area A

Ah, the alphabet comes alive in Yu-Gi-Oh at last. LLAA is the opposite to LLAB, instead targeting level 3 or lower monsters, and forcing them into attack.

This card with almost certainly be a tad less used than it’s ever-so-stalling alphabetic cousin, as the effect is pretty hard to take advantage of, but against the right deck, anything is possible.

This , for example , is a hazard against scapegoats , and flipped MoF’s…..and that’s about it.

Stay away from this card plz….for me…..

Traditional : 1/5 ( it’s as low as I can go without being cheeky)

Advanced : 0.01/5 ( Ooo cheeky)

Art : 3/ 5, Makes B look crud, but still not so impressive.
Bob Dole Level Limit - Area A

Umm.... Anti-Scapegoat? This makes those little goaties go into ATK position, which can lead to very painful turn your opponant. However, outside of that, there aren't too many commonly played level 3 or lower monsters that stay on the field long. It forces Spirit Reaper into ATK mode, and if you happened to have just activated Ceasefire to flip up some flip-effect

monsters, you could do a good amount of damage. 'Course if they happen to have a Sakuretsu, or Widespread, or Enemy Controller set, you basicly just wasted a card. I'm not a fan of anything that doesn't lead to atleast a 1-1 tradeoff. My entire dueling style is based around getting as much bang for my buck as is possible. This thing is useless without a decent ATK monster on the field to slam your opponant up. Which means it's useless without the aid of another card. Not good. It can lead to a quick victory, but the chances of that happening are slim to say the least. Sidedeck it if you run into Stall decks, or a few Weenie-Rush decks. This thing does make Goaties, Sangan, and Magician of Faith cry. 'Course the chances of the latter two being on the field in defense position are rather small. Meh, sidedeck it if you're expecting a weenie rush. That's all I gots to say.

Advanced: 2/5 (It has a few uses)

Traditional: 1/5 (I just really don't see any use for it here)
Art: 2/5 (It's a big door with the letter A on it. Hurray)

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