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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Pot of Avarice
Super Rare

Select 5 Monster Cards from your Graveyard, then add them to your Deck and shuffle it. After that, draw 2 cards from your Deck.

Type - Spell
Card Number - EEN-EN037

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.4
Advanced: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.16.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
Pot of Avarice

Hey, something good! How'd that happen?

Pot has seen some use in the Top 8 of the most recent SJC, and a couple people have been playing with two. Let's look at this thing further.

You need to shuffle in 5 monsters to draw 2 cards. If you don't have 5 monsters to shuffle in, you can't play this; if your opponent somehow chains with something to remove one or more of the monsters you would shuffle in, you don't get any part of the effect.

This is okay, but not great, for the random CC deck. (Keep in mind it also works against Chaos Sorcerer, which the CC deck likes to throw one of in every now and then.) This is better for a deck that uses self-replacing monsters (Tomato, Rat, Grizzly) that once all the copies were exhausted, Avarice could be played and not only get a +1 but allow those monsters to be used again.

The only reason I'm not ecstatic about this card like so many others is that I feel we should still have Pot of Greed AND this. (Yes, I'm still bitter about UDE being allowed to screw with the ban list at all, destroying any hope for us getting back OTK Mill, getting back CED, etc.) But for those running the Magical Merchant(s) and the elemental searchers to bad it up, it can be a big help.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.75/5

Pot of Avarice

Basically, early game PoA sucks @$$. Late game, it's ridiculous. Recycling Breaker, Sangan, and other Warriors is really, really good, especially with Warriors so you can RotA them out.

That's basically it.

Rating: 4/5. Just don't be a dumbass with this card.

Dark Paladin
To close out the week we look at Pot of Avarice, which many are dubbing
our new draw staple. Obviously, you aren't going to be able to use
this card in the beginning of the duel. Maybe not even until late
game, if at all.

Pot of Avarice allows you to draw two cards from your deck, but it
requires you to have five (or more) monsters in your graveyard first.
Secondly, you add the selected monsters back to your deck and shuffle

Let's look at that. Drawing two cards is good, but you are really only
getting a 1 for 1 here. Secondly, you could draw some of the monsters
you shuffled back into your deck, but then again, you may have wanted
them back.

Finally, it all depends on whether your deck strategy can fit this
card. Do you win quickly and without sacrificing or having many of
your monsters destroyed or do you take time and search each road for

In short, certain decks will be able to take advantage of this, while
others won't.


Traditional: 1.5/5 WHY?!?
Advanced: 3.65/5 General...as stated, not all decks can use it.

Art: ugh/5 horrible

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Bob Doily Hmm, Pot of Avarice. So when this first appeared in the OCG some players claimed that it would be the new Pot of Greed, well it isn’t. This is a step in the right direction for the card game. No discard, no tributing, no using resources that are in play, since they are ever so precious. This card focuses on the graveyard, and using it as a resource to regulate the card’s use. That is good.

Now this card forces you to put back 5 monsters into the deck, so right away this isn’t broken but more of a situational card. That means that is requires more thought, it’s not something to just slam down. Also it only works in certain decks that can support it. That is because putting 5 monsters back into the deck can really upset your drawing ratio. And it could lead to you not top decking one of the staple spells that you need to generate that key advantage late game.

Essentially if the ratio doesn’t bug you, or you can build a deck that can get the monsters out fast and to the grave, then you can use this card to get +1 advantage.

In conclusion, this card takes more thinking than drawing engines in the past, and really some testing as well. It’s not for every deck, but some decks can maintain it. (Don’t run 3, just don’t)

Traditional: 1.5/5 (you have enough drawing cards, this isn’t needed)
Advanced: 2.1/5
dawnyoshi Huzzah! Today is my birthday and I get to review one of the coolest cards from Elemental Energy!

Pot of Avarice is basically the balanced form of Pot of Greed. It nets you quick card advantage, but it cannot be activated early in a game and it can also royally skew with your card ratios. This also inevitably decreases the odds of drawing specific cards. It’s basically the most balanced “draw 2 cards” spell you will ever see…maybe.

Pot of Avarice also has the ability to re-use and recycle search-effect monsters such as Apprentice Magician, Nimble Momonga, Mystic Tomato, and Thunder Dragon. It’s also insane with Magical Merchant WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING MORE THAN ONE MERCHANT AND AVARICE (unlike certain horrible card choices in SJC San Francisco). Either way, imagine recycling a complete Apprentice Magician toolbox back into your deck so you can re-use the defensive abilities of Apprentice Magician and the insane brokenness of Magician of Faith? It’s so awesome.

There may be reason to try Pot of Avarice in traditional format too. It just breaks Painful Choice like crazy, it’s a solid card-draw spell that can counter the hand destruction love in the format, and it can possibly be useful in a few one-turn-kill decks. Of course, this statement is made without testing, since I feel play-testing traditional format is a waste of time.

Either way, Pot of Avarice is one of the best cards to see release here in the States in a long while. Cherish it. This spell makes new decks possible.
Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5

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