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The League of Uniform Nomenclature

Select 1 face-up Level 2 or lower Normal Monster on your side of the field to activate this card. Special Summon from your Deck to your side of the field as many cards as possible with the same name as the selected monster.

Type - Trap
Card Number - EEN-EN055

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 2.06

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.02.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
The League of Uniform Nomenclature

As much as this seems like a good idea for the Ojama deck, it's actually a conflict waiting to happen.

It seems like a good idea at first; you have one Ojama, then you have all three of that same Ojama on the field. Great, right? Until you draw Ojamagic and it's unable to resolve as there's no more of that one left in the deck. In order to get these two cards to cooperate, you'd have to use Ojamagic first (and hope you didn't have other Ojamas in your starting hand, which is very unlikely), get the Ojama out, and then use this to get out the other two.

And last I checked, I'd rather have 1 of each different Ojama out than three of the same one (no one's going to play Chthonian Alliance and United We Stand doesn't care what the names of the monsters are.)

Great way to get a couple more chump blockers, but if you're playing such a risky deck you need more than chump blockers.


The League of Uniform Nomenclature

After a long break from doing COTD Reviews, I come back...to this card.
Eeww. =/.

This card sucks. No, your stupid combos with Ojama Black/Green/Yellow won't win you a SJC. The only potential use for running The League of Uniform Nomenclature is to bring out a lot of Level 2 or lower monsters to use for tribute fodder, or to clear the opponent's backfield with Order to Smash.
Even if that was your plan, consistency issues will arise when you draw into these crappy vanillas and cry yourself into a loss.

Rating: 1/5.

It feels good to be back...er, well not really but shrug =/.

Coin Flip
It's crappy support, hands down. Yeah, you can get a bunch of the same monster out and go super-crazy with your 0/1000 limpsticks, but that's about all you can do.

Support elsewhere? Cheah right. Notable LV2 or lower normal monsters include

Bokoichi the Freightening Car
Charcoal Inpachi
Clown Zombie
D.D. Trainer
Left Arm of the Forbidden One
Left Leg of the Forbidden One
Mokey Mokey
Mystical Shine Ball
Ojama Black
Ojama Green
Ojama Yellow
Oppressed People
People Running About
Pharaoh's Servant
Pharaonic Protector
Right Arm of the Forbidden One
Right Leg of the Forbidden One
Skull Servant

Of these, 4 are restricted to one per deck. 5 more are combo deck cards. Oppressed People, People Running About, and the 3 Ojama monsters. There's no point to having multiples of any of them on the field when all you need is one. Oppressed People is an exception, since it's a 2000 defender. Updated list:

Bokoichi the Freightening Car
Charcoal Inpachi
Clown Zombie
D.D. Trainer
Mokey Mokey
Mystical Shine Ball
Oppressed People
Pharaoh's Servant
Pharaonic Protector
Skull Servant

After that, let's cut Mystical Shine Ball and Bokoichi because both of those have far better tutors in the form of Agent of Creation – Venus and Machine Duplication. Pharaoh's Servant and Pharaonic Protector only matter if you're playing Spirit of the Pharaoh, which is so bad it actually took up 5 extra slots in a set just to make itself extra bad. Ironically enough, so did the Agents, since we're talking about them. Kozaky only matters if you've got Giant Kozaky, which is better when Creature Swapped to your opponent for massive damage anyway.
Skull Servant matters for Skull Servant King. That card is crap.
Mokey Mokey matters for Mokey Mokey decks… =\ Clown Zombie is only notable because it has the highest ATK of any Level 2 normal monster.
Keeping in mind that 1350 still can't kill a Red Archery Girl, we'll cut that too for being total crap.

Charcoal Inpachi
D.D. Trainer
Oppressed People

We have a few defenders. 2 are 2000, and one is 2100. Considering how crappy all the cards I just cut from the list were, the best possible cards to play in conjunction with this card are all defensive cards. You can gain 2 2000 DEF walls.

Or you could run Gravekeeper's Spy, a far better card in all aspects than all the cards I've mentioned this week COMBINED.

Leave, Ojama monsters. Leave and never, ever come back.

And with that, I end this disappointing week.

See Tuesday for ratings of all of this week's cards in General.

1/5 All decks EVER, INCLUDING a deck based around it.

1/5 Art

Dark Paladin
To close out the week, we look at yet again, an Ojama support card.
This one allows a bit of swarming, and I'm sorry, but use it in the Ojama deck, or not. I don't need to repeat myself for the fifth straight day.

for the 5th time this week 5/5 Ojama deck

wow, 5 for 5

Art: 4/5

shortest review ever, possibly by anyone, even SandTrap

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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