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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Autonomous Action Unit

Pay 1500 Life Points. Select 1 monster from your opponent's Graveyard. Special Summon it to your side of the field in Attack Position, and equip it with this card. When this card removed from the field, destroy the equipped monster.

Type - Spell
Card Number - DR1-EN087

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.9
Advanced: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.30.05


Autonomous Action Unit

Autonomous Action Unit is a card that sees almost no play, despite having potentially one of the best effects in the game. It’s an Equip, which means it’s vulnerable to S/T destruction; and it has a 1500 LP activation cost (which is just painful), but you get to take a monster from your opponent’s Graveyard!

That could be good or bad. It’s good if your opponent has a monster worth taking. If not, this card is useless. The reason this card doesn’t see much play is that it relies far too heavily on what your opponent is using; if he has no strong monsters in his Graveyard at the time, AAU is a dead draw. If he has, say, a BLS-EotB that was already properly Special Summoned…this is a great card.

I’d say it’s a better Side Deck choice than anything, since it’s just not a great idea to rely on your opponent’s deck until you know what deck it is.

CCGCC: 3/5
Side Deck: 4/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Autonomous Action Unit

This is the one card I've referred to that isn't seeing a lot of play and won't.

I understand that 99% of Duelists think Life Points don't matter until you hit 0 (which is why everyone plays Ring, Duo, Premature right now) but there are better cards with LP costs.

Monster revival can even be worth 1500 LP in some cases but not with the new list. Like...if BLS was still legal, then paying 1500 LP to take your opponent's dead BLS and pwn them hardcore with it would be a good idea. But there aren't any true threats right NOW that will see play -- or are worth 1500 LP plus the vulnerabilities that Autonomous has.

Sorry, but I think I'm going to save my "1500 LP payment spell card" slot for My Body as a Shield (which seriously deserves a 1/deck slot given how many cards it can negate.) Oh, and it's Quick-Play too.

1/5 all

Coin Flip
Autonomous Action Unit. This can be difficult to pronounce. Say it with me; Ought-On-uh-mus(as in must).

Well, let's see. It's an overrated Premature Burial for the opponent's graveyard. If they don't have a bomb monster in the grave, this is useless and a half. You are relying on your opponent to be playing better cards than you just by putting this in your deck, and giving up almost 20% of your base life for this card's effect when you actually draw it. This is assuming you can still pay for the effect. =\

You can use it. I just don't recommend it.

3/5 General
Snapper Autonomous Action Unit

Today's card is Autonomous Action Unit, a Spell that is remarkably similar to Premature Burial.

At the cost of 1500 Life Points, AAU allows you to Special Summon a monster in your opponent's Graveyard to your side of the field in Attack Position, after which AAU equips itself to it. Additionally, if AAU leaves the field, the Special Summoned monster is destroyed. Yeah, so, save the cost, location of the Special Summoned monster, and the stipulation as to how the monster and AAU coexist, AAU=PB.

Despite the equalities between the two, AAU has some glaring issues over PB. Because the cost is the first thing to become a factor with AAU, it becomes the first flaw. Since 1500 is almost a quarter of your Life Points, AAU can be very pricey at times, eliminating it from mid-late game usage. This quickly hinders its potential by narrowing down the opportune times to activate it to a part of the game in which you may never draw it.

AAU's second flaw coincides with the first at times, which makes its cost more unbearable than should be allowed. Due to your inability to control what monsters go in and out of your opponent's Graveyard, you'll have a hard time having AAU in hand and a monster you want to summon in the opponent's Graveyard. Couple this with the fact that 80% of the opponent's monsters most likely have an ATK under 1500 (which is bad), and you'll start to wonder why AAU isn't called "Crap on a Stick".

There is a way to get around this flaw, though it requires a couple of unconventional cards. What are they? Dark Designator and Mind Crush. You do the math. And since this would be a short paragraph if it were to only tell to brush up on your mathematics, I'll point out the obvious fact that AAU is susceptible to S/T destruction, which can make those 1500 Life Points a loss that never gave you any benefits.

Overall, AAU is not something I'd advise for play in the current Meta. In fact, unless it becomes a new fad to start using 20 2000+ ATK monsters in every Deck, you shouldn't really use AAU ever. Sad but true; there's just too much working against it. On the bright side, AAU is perfect for actual Control Decks. Pojo Veterans may be familiar with that which I speak of.
[/subliminal advertising]

Advanced: 2/5. Maybe you'll be lucky and draw AAU right after you used RoD on an opponent's BLS.
Traditional: 1/5. Monster Reborn and the large amount of cards that require Life Point payments make AAU useless cardboard.
Overall: 1.5/5.
Art: 2/5. The monster in the pic kind of looks like Helping Robo For Combat, though I wouldn't place anything valuable on that claim.

Dark Paladin
Autonomous Action Unit

I believe this card to be a bit underrated with Monster Reborn being banned in the current Advanced Format. Why, you ask? Well, this card ONLY lets you revive a monster from your opponents graveyard...something beyond the mystic powers of Premature and Call.

Now, 1500 lifepoints is a HUGE cost. Unless you're using this to revive something powerful like Jinzo or Black Luster Soldier, than the cost definately outweighs the effect. Though, you could revive a Tribe or something to clear their field for that final attack.

Also, this card is an equip which makes it vulnerable to Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon like WHOA! They all are though, so don't let that be a deciding factor. This card, similar to yesterday's, may be more of a side-deck card, if used at all.

I'm going to give this a 2.9/5 all around. It isn't bad, but I believe it falls JUST short of playability.

Art: 4.5/5 It's only a common, but it looks SO good.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Rj Autonomous Action Unit
Group: Spell Card
Type: Spell
Pay 1500 Life Points. Select 1 Monster Card from your opponent's Graveyard, Special Summon it on your side of the field in face-up Attack Position, and equip it with this card. When this card is destroyed or removed from the field, the equipped monster is destroyed.

Autonomous Action Unit ^^. Henceforth referred to as AaU, AaU is good in some instances, and bad in others.
Compare it to Premature Burial, and you will see that they share the same downsides, while AaU's may be alittle worse. Pburial relies on your graveyard, which you can mostly control, but AaU relies on your opponents.

I guess it would be possible for them to be running some weird deck with little/no monsters, but then that would be so janky why would you need this anyway? =/.

There are other cards that you could use for 1500 life points, or less, namely My Body As A Shield. But top decking this can be amazing, staring down a Airknight Parshath? Topdeck this and bring back their BLS =/.

Its kinda risky, but I would definitely try this card out in your side deck, If you are playing a mirror match (CC's obv), side this thing in. The number one way to win a mirror match is using tech. Better tech then them, they may use 1 Airknight, 1 Jinzo, you use 2 Airknights. Or 3 Magician Of Faiths, its small things like that, this can be one of those things.

Advanced: 2.9/5

Traditional: 1/5

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