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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Giant Trunade

Return all Spell and Trap Cards on the field to their respective owners hands.

Type - Spell
Card Number - DB1-EN032

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.7
Advanced: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.29.05


Giant Trunade

Today we review Giant Trunade, a card that can serve as a slightly less effective alternative to Heavy Storm. It’s a Normal Spell that’s quite useful as far as field clearing goes, and it has both advantages and drawbacks.

The big drawback is obviously that Giant Trunade returns all Spells and Traps to their respective owners’ hands – it doesn’t destroy them. That means you’re probably just going to delay the inevitable; your opponent only has to reset that Mirror Force or play that Level Limit again next turn.

That means, then, that if you’re running an offensive deck, the best time to use Giant Trunade is when you’re going in for the kill, and your opponent probably won’t ever get a chance to set his cards again. This is particularly useful in Ben-Kai Decks, as one turn of attacking is usually enough to guarantee the game.

There are some other tidbits regarding Giant Trunade that I’ll go into for no reason, such as using this when you have Premature Burial on the field will return Premature to your hand – but you’ll keep the monster.

Conversely, playing Giant Trunade when you have Snatch Steal on the field will return the Snatch Stolen monster to your opponent. Playing it when you have Call of the Haunted on the field will destroy the monster, unlike Premature Burial.

And with that, I’ll close by saying Giant Trunade is rentsy.

CCGCC: 3.5/5
Ben-Kai Deck: 4.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness

Giant Trunade


This card has been seeing more and more play lately.  4 of the 5 cards this week have been.


Trunade does a few things well, but is generally a -1 in normal play.  Let's look at the pros of this card:


*The centerpiece of the OTK Mill and OTK Cyber Stein decks.  You must get Trunade to work before the rest of the deck can take off, as they'll have no defense, hence why those decks run 3.


*Nice tech against the "set 4-5 M/Ts" attitude everyone has once Heavy Storm goes to the GY and the MoFs have been Nobleman'd.


*Screws over Wave-Motion cannon that has passed multiple turns


However, it does have a few problems.  They can chain to it, so if they pop out Goats or (heaven forbid) Threatening Roar/Waboku, you just screwed yourself out of a possible game-winning card in a later turn.


But given that they won't put Storm back to 2, or bring back HFD, or put MST back to 3, this might actually see some use.


Traditional:  1.5/5

Advanced:  3/5


Coin Flip
Giant Trunade is a FTK/OTK-crucial card. That's about it.

Think about it. How often do you play cards that immediately make you lose advantage without some sort of combo cards in your deck that gain immensely from it? Enemy Controller aside (and that was just because people were morons; but I'm not here to talk about that), every other -1 advantage card gives you some other advantage. Book of Moon gives you a monster face-down. That lets you use your set Trap, Nobleman of Crossout (I'll let whoever gets the joke laugh and the rest of you sit in puzzlement), or just gets rid of the effect of a Jinzo or Breaker or Balter, and it allows you to reuse your own flip effects for powerful moves. Here, I'll look at my deck for a quick list of the cards that offer -1;

Scapegoat (this is pure technicality. While you do get 4 cards, those cards themselves just block attacks. They serve no useful purpose unless you get a card that manipulates statistics).

Book of Moon

And a Waboku in the side. That is fun, isn't it? Waboku is really the closest in comparison here. You get one turn. One turn. If you win the game on that turn (say, by a Cyber Stein + Cyber End Dragon or a Cyber Jar deckout) then the loss of card advantage is miniscule.

If you don't, you've probably overextended and possibly not hit for enough that you can draw like a Berserk + Lightning Vortex for game. Giant Trunade is the friend of OTK's everywhere.

It has some useful purposes, though. Bouncing your own Call of the Haunted (provided it's attached to a Sangan), Premature Burial or Swords of Revealing Light is always fun, but that's still too situational for my taste.

It's good, but unless your deck likes going for OTK's, don't bother with it except in side. You can probably find some use for it in your deck if you try, but don't just plug it in. Think about it first.

3.5/5 General/Side
4.5/5 OTK decks
Snapper Giant Trunade

As you're probably aware, the OCG's Forbidden List became known last week, and will go into effect on Thursday. In the OCG. As you're also almost certainly aware, the TCG's Ban List in NOT guaranteed to be identical to the OCG's, though it will most likely be similar. So, because the Forbidden List that WE will follow is still an enigma, I'm not going act like the OCG's list will be our own, like some people are for some reason doing. Instead, I'm going to feign more ignorance than usual and write my reviews as though Sheep, Dark Sheen Fighters, and the Neo's Girlfriend are the only things worth using, which allows my lazy lifestyle to become even lazier.

Anyway, today's card is Giant Trunade, one of the better field clearers available.

GT's simplistic effect allows it to return all Spells and Traps on the field to the owner's hand. As should be obvious, GT is a one-turn field clearer seeing as the opponent will just re-activate/Set the S/Ts on their next turn. Obviously, temporary field clearance is not exemplary, given that cards like Heavy Storm, MST, Dust Tornado, Mobius, and many others can offer more permanent S/T removal, even though they don't all clear ALL S/Ts.

This does not make GT useless though; it simply inhibits the Decks it's guaranteed to pop up in. So what Decks is it guaranteed to pop up in? Why, Decks that use large amounts of Continuous Spells and Traps and/or Field Spell Card. A WATER Deck, for example, may not like the aspect of Heavy Storm that destroys its Gravity Binds and ALO. With GT, this isn't a problem. Burn Decks have a similar attraction too GT.

Of course, GT isn't useless enough to be stuck in the above Deck-Types; the typical CC can make GT a welcome addition, assuming it's using a few eligible cards and it could use more S/T removal. Swords of Revealing Light can be used multiple times with GT, and Premature Burial can be used to summon many different monsters, all the while keeping what you've already summoned. Snatch Steal also works well with GT, allowing you to relinquish control of your opponent's Jinzo back to them, and reuse SS to take their newly summoned BLS.

But wait! GT has one final us in a CC Deck! Due to Royal Decree's rise in availability and usage, Trap counts are at an all time low. So what will you do when YOUR RD is preventing you from using one of the few Traps you have felt worthy of a spot in your Deck? You don't want to destroy it with your MST, for that would be a waste of resources. Instead, you can use GT. Sure you'll need to wait a turn to use that oh so important Trap Card, but at least your Royal Decree will still be intact.

Overall, GT is a useful card that is really only inhibited by its inability to permanently deal with threats. For the time being though, it's best used in the Side Deck and the occasional Main Deck. But if ever mass S/T clearance is lost to us, GT's Deck ranking should increase.

Advanced: 4/5. Side Deck it in the least.
Traditional: 3/5. I'd think HFD and Heavy Strom would suffice.
Overall: 3.5/5.
Art: 3/5. The perspective doesn't do much for it, nor does the face in the eye of the storm, 'cause it really defeats the purpose of " the EYE of the storm".

Dark Paladin
Welcome to another infamous Themeless Week of Cards! I personally love these weeks, and I'm not really sure why...Anyway...

Giant Trunade is our card, and it's one I have some very mixed feelings about.

Giant Trunade, by itself, isn't all that great of a card, in my opinion. There are combos of course, where you can re-use magic and trap cards as many times as you desire such as:

Swords of Revealing Light
Premature Burial
Call of the Haunted
Really anything that is continuous/equip

That isn't so bad. The only real downside I see to Giant Trunade is that the magic and trap cards aren't destroyed...they are just returned to your respective hands. On that note, Giant Trunade does NOT return itself to your hand. You could return a Mirror Force, Cylinder, Ring, or the like, and it could be on a turn for you to finish the duel.

Where this card really shines is the Toon deck, and it should be run there. Since it doesn't DESTROY Toon World, your Toons aren't destroyed. That makes it a viable disruption card in that deck. It may not be a bad card for Toons, but not many other main decks...perhaps the side-deck?


Traditional: 2.4/5 You stlll have Harpie's Feather Duster Here Traditional Side-Deck: 2.9/5 Traditioanl Toon: 4.0/5

Advanced: 2.9/5 Roughly average, we have Storm, but no HFD Advanced Side-Deck: 3.4/5 Advanced Toon: 4.5/5

Art: 2.5/5 Not very interesting.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Rj Giant Trunade
Group: Spell Card
Type: Spell
Return all Magic and Trap Cards on the field to the respective owner's hand.
What's sup readers? This week of CoTD's were picked by yours truly ^^. It is a mix of Main deck tech (Like todays card), and a small dose of cards featured in a Draw Engine deck, like Wednesdays card ^^.

Giant trunade came to us in the Spell Ruler set, back when Yu-Gi-Oh! Was new xD. This card is commonly seen in the infamous "Cookie Jar" deck made popular by Jonathan Navarro, who used the deck in Shonen Jump Pomona.

Today I am reviewing it not as a Cookie Jar deck card, or even as a side deck card, I am reviewing it as a Main deck card =O.

Rhymus Lizo of Team OverDose runs a lot of different tech in his decks to give him an edge, Cannon Soldier, Enraged Battle Ox, and even this card! If you have ever seen him play, or read his feature matches, he "OTK's" a lot =]. Premature for Jinzo, Giant trunade, Premature for Cannon Soldier, special summon BLS, attack for a lot, then launch all 3 for game, Very hot.

My personal favorite deck is a Draw Engine deck of the sorts, I use Morphing Jar, and Cyber jar to give myself mass resources, I can use Giant Trunade, or Heavy Storm to clear the backfield, drop BLS, premature DmoC, do a bunch of other stuff, its pretty crazy. But you eventually hit for a lot =]. The deck can work well to, Augusto Mota of Team Comic Odyssey ran a version of Draw Engine in Shonen Jump New Jersey, and won the side event cyber stein. Hugo Adame from Team Savage ran a slight variant of Draw Engine in Sjc Houston, barely missing Top 8.

This also works in other weird aggro decks, whatever ;x. I won't give you _my_ decklist of a Draw Engine deck using Giant Trunade, but I will give you something to model off of...

Monsters x17

Bls - EoTB
Airknight Parshath
D.D, Warrior Lady
D.D. Assailant x2
Tribe Infectin Virus
Breaker The Magical Warrior
Magician Of Faith x2
Morphing Jar
Cyber Jar
Sinister Serpent
Night Assailant x2
Asura Priest

Spells x18

Pot Of Greed
Graceful Charity
Delinquent Duo
Nobleman Of Crossout x2
Scapegoat x2
Metamorphosis x2
Book Of Moon x2
Card Destruction
Monster Reincarnation
Heavy Storm
Giant Trunade
Mystical Space Typhoon
Snatch Steal
Premature Burial
Traps x6

Royal Decree
Return From The Different Dimension
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Call Of The Haunted
Ring Of Destruction
This particular version features Giant Trunade, Cyber Jar, Monster Reincarnation, Night Assailant, Card Destruction, all of which you don't HAVE to use, you can make a hybrid type thing with these cards =/. That's why the deck is so great and fun to play, there are a billion different ways to make it ;o.

Giant Trunade is overall a very nice card, try it out ;\.

Advanced: 2.7/5

Traditional: 2/5

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