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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Spiritual Water Art – Aoi

Tribute 1 WATER monster on your side of the field. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 card from it, and send that card to the Graveyard.

Type - Trap
Card Number - CRV-EN051

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.8
Advanced: 4.22

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.23.05


Spiritual Water Art – Aoi

Today’s card is another Spiritual Art: the WATER one. For this one, you have to tribute a WATER monster from your side of the field (SINISTER SERPENT. SINISTER SERPENT. SINISTER SERPENT); and its effect lets you look at your opponent’s hand, pick a card and discard it to the Graveyard.

Essentially, if you tribute Sinister Serpent, this is Confiscation in Trap form without the Life Point cost. And everyone ran Confiscation, right?

This probably wouldn’t work that well in typical decks, however, since aside from Sinister Serpent, the only WATER monster that often sees play is Tribe-Infecting Virus (and MAYBE Mobius the Frost Monarch).

In decks with lots of WATERs, however, like perhaps the WATER-Control Deck (featuring Fenrir!), this card is rentsy.

CCGCC: 2/5
WATER-Control: 5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Spiritual Water Art -- Aoi

Basically, Confiscation with a different cost.

You give up a water monster (yes, Sinister owns with it) to peek at their hand and discard. Usually this is a 2 for 1+ (your monster + your Trap card against their card in hand and knowing their hand) but if they try to Snatch Steal, or Smashing Ground, or Lightning Vortex, etc, etc. the monster, you can suddenly make them waste a card and it becomes a 2 for 2+ (your monster, your trap against their wasted card, their card in hand, plus you know their hand.)

I could see Water decks running 1 of this, not 2 though.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

-Obviously this can and will be abused with Sinister Serpent. Mother Grizzly into Sinister Serpent and then you're off.

-Like the other Spiritual Art Trap cards, you can use it during the Battle Step to make a monster about to be targeted by the opponent's m/t cards into a more useful...use, kek.

Rating: 4/5. Hand disruption has always been powerful, and this card is no exception. The dependence on Sinister Serpent can hurt if the Serpent cannot be found quickly, or is *gasp* removed from play.

Coin Flip
What can I say? You could use this in decks if you honestly wanted to, since it's another copy of Confiscation, but all you'd get out of it is a raunchy feeling of drawing it when it can't be activated.

If you do a Sinister Serpent, you traded a summon and 1 card for a peek at the hand and 1 card. Taking away the element of surprise, however, is huge. If you're running WATER, you probably want to try this out. And by probably I mean play 2 copies for a while just to say you have.

But that's about all. It's Confiscation, only more balanced and therefore less good. Spell Speed 2 means you can basically say "screw you" to an opponent that Lightning Vortex's you.

WATER decks: 3.1/5
General: 2/5
Snapper Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

Today's card is Spiritual Water Art - Aoi, the second most useful Spiritual Art.

At the cost of Tributing a WATER monster on your side of the field, Aoi allows you to examine the opponent's hand, select a card, and discard that card to the Graveyard. Aoi's uses should be glaringly obvious, especially at a time in which people are in constant fear of Delinquent Duo. If it isn't obvious, then you just need to sacrifice a Sinister Serpent, Nightmare Penguin, Yomi Ship, or Mother Grizzly to get an effect that is remarkably similar to Confiscation. And given that discarding a card from the opponent's hand supposedly brings you one step closer to victory, I'd venture to say Aoi is very useful.

The only thing stopping Aoi from becoming a member of the Quardrupality is the absence of cutthroat WATER monsters outside of Sinister Serpent and TIV.
With this glaring issue comes great decline in Aoi's competitive prospects, but also heartens WATER Deck users everywhere. Not only can they stick it to those who only use LIGHTs and DARKs, but they can also do it with ease (assuming they aren't just using a Chaos Deck with 8 WATER monsters anyway.) So if you've got an actual WATER Deck and a couple of Aois on hand, why not add them to your Deck? You won't be sorry.

Advanced (WATER Deck): 4.5/5. No card is perfect, but Aoi is darn close. If only it weren't a Trap… Traditional (WATER Deck): 5/5. If you're for some reason using Yata-Garasu… Advanced (WATER Deck): 4.75/5.
Art: 5/5. While all the Charmers appear as though they come from an Anime, Eria rings a bell, as though she actually IS from an anime. Which one however I do not know.

Dark Paladin
Spiritual Water Art-Aoi

Tribute one Water monster on your side of the field. Look at your opponent's hand, select one card from it, and send thta card to the Graveyard.

Now, unlike yesterday's card, I see no reason whatsoever why Water and A Legendary Ocean decks shouldn't run this card. Tribute a Penguin Soldier, Nightmare Penguin, or some other weenie Water monster and you get a FREE look at your opponent's hand plus you get to discard one of their cards.

Some people may say, why use this instead of Confiscation? I'm not saying use it instead...use both. Confiscation does the same at the cost of 1000 lifepoints, but this card is just as easy to use, despite being a trap.

Not only is it a plus that you get to discard one of your opponent's cards, you get to see your opponent's entire hand, which gives you an advantage, if only for a little bit.

I'm going to give this a 4.5/5 in Water decks

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Rj Spiritual Water Art - Aoi
Group: Trap Card
Type: TrapTribute 1 WATER monster on your side of the field. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 card from it, and send that card to the Graveyard.
Hmmm. Will this card even work in Water decks? ;x. It mimics confiscation, but not to well if you ask me, what made Confiscation so good was because it was a direct 1-1 (Unless they only held Night Assailant/Sinister) and it provided you with Tactical advantage, knowing your opponents hand.

The ideal tribute bait to use this with would be Sinister Serpent, obviously. But, come on, you will probaly have to set the serpent, That's your normal turn's summon >_<. THEN, use this. So, in the LONG run it is a 1-1, but right NOW, you don't have your Sinister, OR this. That's not cool. =/.

Water decks do have a lot of potential if you ask me, but just leave this thing out =].

Traditional: =\ 1/5

Advanced: =| 2/5

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