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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Cybernetic Magician
Super Rare

Discard 1 card from your hand. The ATK of 1 face-up monster on the field becomes 2000 until the End Phase of this turn.

Type - Spellcaster/Effect
Card Number - CRV-EN016

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.65
Advanced: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.17.05


Cybernetic Magician

Cybernetic Magician is indeed an interesting monster. 2400 ATK is, in my opinion, standard for a tribute monster; and being LIGHT is another advantage. The effect, of course, is why you would play this monster.

Discard a card from your hand to change a monster on the field’s ATK to 2000. This can go two ways; you can change your opponent’s BLS-EotB to a mere 2000 ATK points, allowing your Cybernetic Magician to run over it; or you can change, say, a Sheep Token on your side of the field to 2000 ATK, quite a bit stronger than its original 0.

With enough cards in your hand (or a Night Assailant in the hand and one in the Graveyard) you can inflict MASSIVE damage with Cybernetic Magician and an army of otherwise weak attackers. And again, even if such an opportunity doesn’t present itself, you can simply use this card as a way to weaken bigger monsters you wouldn’t be able to kill normally. THAT is rentsy.

CCGCC: 3.5/5
Field Control Deck (using Night Assailants): 4.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Cybernetic Magician

This card's good on quite a few levels. It's one of those cards like Airknight Parshath, where one individual thing about it isn't so great but enough things together make you want to play it.

The effect is obviously the best thing about it, as it's something you can use on both sides of the field. A Scapegoat token can become 2,000 for a turn with a simple discard...or your opponent's Jinzo or Black Luster Soldier -- Envoy of the Beginning can become 2,000 so you can run over them. Another unusual situation where this would help is if your Thousand-Eyes Restrict either had no equipped monster or had a face-down equipped to it, and you wanted to pump it up to break the draw/end turn lock going on.

Oh yeah, and it says discard 1 card, not discard 1 spell card as you'd expect. This means that Cybernetic Magician makes sweet, passionate love to Sinister Serpent.

The 2400 ATK makes it a respectable tribute on its own, as hey, we all play Jinzo, don't we? Either that or one of the Monarchs...2400 is basically the requirement. Oh yeah, and it's Light too, let's just help BLS a bit more :)

If Scapegoat ever gets limited in some way, expect this to potentially take Airknight's spot as the 2nd Tribute monster.

Traditional: 2.75/5 (Hand discarding is bad here.)
Advanced: 3.75/5 (Quick swarms with weaklings = a good thing.)

Coin Flip
He seems good, but he isn't. I mean, his DEF for one thing is bad but his effect gives very bad hand management.

Aside from the serious overall note, this guy is all kinds of fun. 2400 is solid, mmkay? 1000 is no worse than Mobius, and the effect helps it kill stuff stronger than it or let your weaker stuff kill stuff stronger than them. Heck, with Serpent or Thunder Dragon or Night Assailant, you lose no advantage to fix a monster's ATK to either much more or much less than it should be. If you aren't, then there is no point to using him as anything other than a little bit of interesting tech.

Which he fits the bill of quite nicely.

You can use him if you want, but Card Advantage has almost always been the focus of winning decks (the exception was before the first Worlds where Hand Control won the format, but even then there was a focus on learning when to use your Raigeki or Magic Jammer). Therefore, don't expect him to pierce through the protective bubble of "Is it playable?" and join the sixty or so other cards usable in competitive play.

General (advanced): 3.3/5

I'm a little pressed for time tonight, so I'll make this quick.

This card really isn't all that great. Dies to Tsukuyomi/Book of Moon + almost any monster. The effect could be used with Scapegoat tokens and two Night Assailants...but come on, let's be serious:
getting that kind of perfect set up seems unrealistic.

There are rare instances where the card could be useful, such as helping to take out a BLS or Jinzo safely. Otherwise...blah =/.

Rating: 2/5.
Snapper Cybernetic Magician

Today’s card is Cybernetic Magician, a monster that makes Scapegoats even MORE useful.

The only stat that CM possesses that is remotely interesting is its ATK, which is 2400. With a 2400 ATK, it can stand its ground against anything the opponent throws at you, unless it’s a BLS, or a Jinzo that is trying to commit suicide, or some unique monster that you totally never saw coming and has an ATK greater than or equal to 2400.

So, I mentioned its effect boosting the usefulness of Scapegoat, remember?
Yeah, so, it does that by boosting ATK. Hey, that’s a play on words! Ha ha ha. Yeah, so, CM accomplishes this at the cost of a discard from the hand.
Once this price has been paid, CM makes the ATK of a face-up monster on the field 2000. Note that it MAKES the ATK 2000, not increases by 2000 contrary to the "boost" phrase I for some reason used earlier. So what does this NOT mean? It does NOT mean using CM’s effect on BLS will give you a 5000 ATK monster that can attack twice if you blah blah blah. What it instead means is that it makes BLS’s ATK 2000, so in essence you wasted a card to make a monster weaker. Good job!

Yeah, so, I still haven’t gotten to how CM helps Scapegoat. Well at long last I shall. So, yeah, you activate Scapegoat during your opponent’s End Phase, preferably at a time in which you can ensure that their field will be clear when your turn rolls around. So then comes your turn. You summon CM if you haven’t done so already, discard 3 cards to make the ATK of 3 Scapegoats 2000, switch the "boosted" Scapegoats to Attack Position, attack the opponent directly with said Scapegoats and CM, and all the while hope that that face-down S/T isn’t a Mirror Force. No wait, it is! Call off the attack! No, it’s too late sir! Brace for impact! Ahhhhh!!!! –cease

On a side note, it’s not wise to play Halo 2 for 6 hours prior to writing COTD reviews.

So anyway, the weird example I just gave is how you make CM help Scapegoats.
The number of required discards of course decreases/increases depending on what multiple of 2000 your opponent is closest to, but if you’re going for a FTK (or possibly S(econd)TK you’ll need 3 discards. Overall, CM isn’t spectacular. It can be helpful when using Sheep Tokens or in a Deck with lots of DARK monsters that can’t normally be used for Deck Devastation Virus, but in the most Decks, the constantly required discard and the fact that you’ll only be "increasing" your monster’s ATK by an average of 500 makes CM useless. Use it if you want, but I’d think you could find something better.

Advanced: 3.5/5. It can be useful, but it’ll cost you.
Traditional: 3.5/5. Hey, it can make Yata a 2000 ATK monster! And if you’ve got Sinister Serpent handy and an already locked opponent, that’ll save you time if they’re going to be a jerk and make you decrease their Life Points to 0.
Overall: 3.5/5.
Art: 3/5. Meh.
dawnyoshi Okay. I’ll be honest. This card is actually really good. However, there is one problem with it.

Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning isn’t banned yet.

If Envoy gets banned, then expect this to be the bomb that gives goat control its extra “umf” in the coming months. For Magic players out there, think of Cybernetic Magician as Meloku, the Clouded Mirror. It costs you a decent amount of resources to get it going, but if its effect goes off more than once or twice, then you basically win the game. Cybernetic Magician if an atom bomb waiting to be used, as long as the new advanced format list in October doesn’t suck.

In limited, oh my god draft this baby! FIRST PICK!!! Don’t look at that Steam Gyroid you fool, DRAFT THIS!!!

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Limited: 5/5

Dark Paladin
As our first week of CRV cards progresses, we come to a card that most of you would probably assume I would love if only because it's a Spellcaster, not to mention Magician is in it's name.

Cybernetic Magician meets your 2400 attack requirement for a monster of its level. Light makes him Chaos friendly, and we still know the perks of machinery.

This card CAN be good, yet hand management is key, and discarding a card for an effect better yield one if not more of the following:

a) victory
b) sexy results (you simpson fans know what I mean) or...
c) all of the above

Seriously though, discarding a card for a monster to have 2000 attack points isn't really worth it, at least in my mind. This card, as yesterday's card, isn't BAD, I just don't really believe it quite hits the playability threshold.

Turning one of your weak monsters into a 2000 beatstick for a turn isn't bad though, it coudl definately shock your opponent. Or use this to weaken a Jinzo or BLS for an easy kill.


3.0/5 across the board

It isn't BAD, but it won't be used

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Rj Cybernetic Magician
Attrib: Light
Type: Spellcaster/Effect
Atk: 2400
Def: 1000
Discard 1 card from your hand. The ATK of 1 face-up monster on the field becomes 2000 until the End Phase of this turn.

Before I start today's review, I would like to get this out: The CoTD Reviewers have received a lot of hate on the Forums about yesterdays CoTD, apparently, some/none of us checked the rulings on Drilloid, it appears now that his effect will not stop Flip effects. I sent my review in a little late, but I speak on behalf of the CoTD staff when I say, Sorry for the trouble, we have lives too! You try this job ^_~.
Today's card is Cybernetic Magician from CRV, of course. Lets look at the Pros and Cons first...


LIGHT = Chaosfood
Spellcaster, Well supported? XD.
Solid effect, situational, yet solid =/.
2400 Attack is the highest you can get for playable level sixes.
Synergy with Night Assailant, obv,

1000 Defense gets owned by Tsuku *Looks at Dawn Yoshi* xD!
Situational >_<.
The effect is simple, discard one card from your hand, and one monster on the field magically has 2000 attack. The attack is the only thing modified, not Defense. I would assume that you can use the effect as many times as you want during your turn, because it is an ignition effect, of course.

I could easily see someone end-phasing Scapegoats, then morphing one next turn, absorbing their only monster, tributing for the Magician, then infinite looping some Night Assailants to bring the 3 remaining goats up to 2000 =]. Hot.

This is certainly a fun card to play with, I should know. Although I haven't touched a single CRV card as of yet ( =[ ), I have play tested online. Although I cannot see it making much of an impact in any competitive decks. It seems splashable though, so meh xD.

There isn't much to say about this card, that the other reviewers have probably already said =/. I would probably just say try it out, If you run a CC Goat Control, try out Airknight and this for your second Tribute, it can work.

Advanced: 2.7/5

Traditional: 1/5. Discarding? No! NO!



I was planning to sit out most of this week for reviews: my classes begin this coming Monday, so things are pretty busy.  More importantly for you, I haven’t had much exposure to this set.  I have faced Cybernetic Magician at least once and seen what it can do, so I feel that I can safely extrapolate at least a rough approximation of its performance, and I can spare just a little time for a quick review.


Level 6 isn’t too happy, but it doesn’t have any other Summoning restrictions tacked on, so it’s not crippling.  It is a Light/Spellcaster.  At the moment, being a Spellcaster isn’t too significant (and I don’t know exactly when or if that will change), but being a Light Monster is a huge plus since it means it can feed Chaos decks.  It has a 2400 ATK.  Obviously, not the best attack for a single Tribute Monster, but good enough that as long as it has at least a half decent effect, it stands a reasonable chance of being played.  The DEF is a less impressive 1000, which means a position shift would allow most Monsters to easily dispatch Cybernetic Magician.  The good news is that chances are if they can do it to you, you can turn around and do the same back to them


Player 1: Summon Tsukuyomi, flip Cybernetic Magician.  Attack it.

Player 2: I respond with Book of Moon, flip down Tsukuyomi.


The actual effect is pretty handy: not game breaking on its own, but rather nasty on a 2400 ATK Light Monster.  At the price of discarding a card from hand, you can change anything’s ATK to 2000.  Keep in mind it must “change” the ATK in order to use it (no discarding and targeting Vampire Lord just to meet a Chaos requirement).  This may be what ultimately saves this card.  Assuming you aren’t so battered you have no way of Summoning it, you more or less have a way of making sure any big nasty is small enough that Cybernetic Magician can run over it.  Sure, they can get rid of it in the usual ways, but tell me, what would you rather Torrential Tribute or Bottomless Trap Hole: Vampire Lord, Black Luster Soldier, Tribe Infecting Virus… or Cybernetic Magician.  Even if you do, he can use his effect once via priority.  What does that mean?  Well, if you do use something to nuke him that doesn’t remove him from play; your opponent calls priority and discards a Dark Monster to change something’s attack to 2000.  At worst, they can target Cybernetic Magician himself (remember, using priority, he’d still be alive and on the field), for the sole purpose of setting up for Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning.


Even on his own, he has uses.  I am sure everyone knows this (if not, the other reviewers mentioned it) that you can burn your hand (if necessary) to turn a bunch of Sheep Tokens into 2000 ATK beatsticks.  Pretty nice if the field is clear (the only time you should attempt this).  Plus, when one knows one will be discarding a lot, and that said discards will serve him/her well, then that duelist can work Night Assailant in, allowing as many Monsters to be “modded” to 2000 ATK as s/he wishes.  Even if Cybernetic Magician is your only Monster, Sinister Serpent is a major power card that belongs in most decks, and means that at least once per turn the effect can be used with minimal resource loss.




Traditional       : 2/5-I can see using it in this format, but probably only into a very specialized Chaos Control variant.  It helps that Painful Choice makes setting up the “infinite discards” with Night Assailant.


Advanced        : 3.75/5-Since this is going up late, I notice that I am scoring it the same as EMoD.  Scary.  We aren’t supposed to agree.


Limited            : 5/5-Perhaps a bit overboard, as there are many nasty cards in this set.  Once it gets out, though, it’s pretty hard for your opponent to get rid of it.  Plus if you can get it out in the face of adversity, you have an almost guaranteed kill of whatever they were stomping you with.


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