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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Cyber Dragon
Super Rare

If there is a monster on opponent's field and there are no monster on your side of the field, you can Special Summon this card from your hand.

Type - Light/Machine
Card Number - CRV-EN015

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.56643 <-- sandtrap
Advanced: 3.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.15.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
Cyber Dragon
Raring to go for CRV week, today we review Cyber Dragon. Opening a pack with Cyber Dragon in it should come second only to getting Cyber-End Dragon when it comes to CRV pulls. Serious competition just started for that 2nd Tribute monster slot that Airknight currently holds (but you can't really call it a Tribute.) Several things make this card just plain broken, so let's go over each.

Now we have a version of The Fiend Megacyber that's actually GOOD, which is why we reviewed him last week. An easier summoning condition makes this guy playable, as instead of having to be short by 2 monsters, you just need to be short by one and not have one on the field yet. Punish an opponent for having Scapegoats out against you with him. Playing two monsters from your hand in one turn is usually a bad idea, but given the 2100 ATK points, it's more acceptable here. I seriously think that this guy is going to take Airknight's spot or be thrown in as a third 5+ star monster.

Check out his other important stats as well. Really good combos open up with those five Level Stars and Light-type. I can see an opponent cringing as you special summon Cyber Dragon and then Metamorph him into Dark Balter the Terrible to negate his face-down Morphing Jar as we speak. Extra help for the already broken Black Luster Soldier -- Envoy of the Beginning really isn't necessary, but it's here to stay. Doubling his attack with a Limiter Removal allows for him and 1 other Machine type to end the game more often than not (or come within 100 if it's him and Mechanicalchaser.)

Amazingly enough, this guy has more uses, even outside of the machine deck and the cookie-cutter Chaos build. The dragon serves as a backup plan...

Backup for the Cyber End Dragon One Turn Kill deck. Usually you'd win with a direct shot (or a shot through a scapegoat) with Cyber End Dragon -- you play Giant Trunade, summon Cyber-Stein, he pulls out Cyber End Dragon, you Limiter or Megamorph it, and attack directly (or a goat) for 8,000 and game. The Cyber Dragons give you a second chance at a win, as with 2 Limiters, or 1 and a Megamorph, you can get him up to 8,000+. Limiter Removal may get restricted because of this, so you should look for the next Ban List to be released before preparing to build this. EASILY, this will overtake Last Turn and Ben Kei in terms of one turn wins, if not the deckout deck as well. Really competitive players will try to get 3 of this as soon as they can so they won't be left behind in their decks or trade stock.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4.75/5

Cyber Dragon

Yes, I know this is a late review. But two things got in the way: my 18th birthday and the fact that I lost power last night and didn’t regain it until this evening. Anyway, the card is Cyber Dragon, a rentsy little monster from Cybernetic Revolution.

With 2100 ATK, it’s not especially powerful for a Level 5 monster, but it can certainly hold its own. The fact that it is Level 5 is pretty good, as it Morphs into Balter. It’s a Machine, so it benefits from Limiter Removal; and it’s LIGHT, so it works in decks utilizing BLS-EotB (in other words, all of them).

Its effect is pretty good. If your opponent has a monster but you don’t, you can Special Summon it without worrying about those troublesome tributes. Getting a 2100 ATK monster onto the field for free is a very nice opportunity; the fact that it doesn’t even take up your Normal Summon or Set for the turn is even better.

This isn’t a difficult monster to explain. Wait until your field is clear and your opponent has a monster, then summon this along with another Machine, perhaps, and use Limiter Removal to inflict massive damage.

CCGCC – 3/5
Machine Deck – 4/5

Cyber Dragon

Finally, some new cards to work with. Cyber Dragon is sexy. Now, I would guess most of the reviewers are going to say the same stuff about Cyber Dragon, so I'll just add a few cents:

-Great late-game topdeck.
-Easy access to Dark Balter the Terrible.
-Can't die to Tsukuyomi alone, decent defense against BoM.

-It's really, really going to suck against tramplers.

For example, you're stuck with Scapegoat tokens against an Airknight Parshath/Enraged Battle Ox/etc., Cyber Dragon will be total shit. Same with having a Spirit Reaper on your side as well; although you could tribute for Cyber Dragon, tributing for a 2100 ATK monster with no effect on the field makes Summoned Skull roll over in his grave. Sometimes you may be forced to do it, so shrug.

Rating: 3.83215/5
Snapper Cyber Dragon

After a short delay, we have finally arrived at a week composed of nothing but CRV cards. Today’s card is Cyber Dragon, the primary CC card of the set.

CD has a mellow ATK of 2100. While it isn’t exemplary for a monster of CD’s Level, it does take away from the br0kn3ss of CD’s effect. In a very rare instance, I point out its LIGHT Attribute, which increases its cookie-baking prowess by a large amount and ensures that as long as a Chaos monster reigns supreme, CD will have a home. And of course, it’s a Machine, giving ATK boost potential with Limiter Removal, which, given the monsters CD can fuse into, should be somewhat of a no-brainer.

Should you be staring down an opponent’s monster with an empty field (IE.
your opponent has a monster and you don’t) CD can be Special Summoned from your hand. Now, most of the uses this effect possess have already been given in the review of The Fiend Megacyber, so if you’re DYING to learn more about the effect to which you undoubtedly know better than the back of your head, go read up on it in that review (it was a week ago).

Despite the similarities that allow me to slack off… again, CD has one major advantage over the falsely named Demon Supermechanic. Of Doom. CD’s uses skyrocket when it appears in your opening hand. So if you decide to go second in a situation in which this happens, and your opponent summons a monster, well then you can summon a 2100 ATK monster on your first turn, educate the opponent, and still summon another monster in the same turn.

Advantage the second that CD has over TFM: Fusions! Which we’ll get to at the end of the week… Overall, CD is, for the most part, a lesser version of TFM. Yet given its "lucky" assortment of stats, its amazing top-decking abilities, and its infinitely useful combinations with itself, CD will forevermore overshadow an apparently superior monster.

Advanced: 4/5. If it can replace Airknight Parsath, I think it deserves a good grade.
Traditional: 4.5/5. It’s considerably more likely that you won’t have monsters on your side of the field, which makes CD much easier to use.
Overall: 4.25/5.
Art: 4/5. Neatness, though I think the absence of legs requires it to be called "Cyber Snake".

Coin Flip
What can I say?  Cyber Dragon is good.  It rewards you for going second, has solid stats (morph and chaos would be mentioned by people who don't trust your ability to READ) and, well, it bypasses the fact that it's a Tribute.  I personally find that this guy is better than Fiend Megacyber in a number of ways, especially since having no monsters on the field is a common occurence in more than one deck.

So basically, look at your playstyle.  If you're like most players and only conserve your monsters when you're low on them, then this could probably work in one, or even two.

Fairly good.

Oh, I don't care about Traditional anymore, so all further ratings will be in Advanced unless otherwise stated.

General (advanced):  3/5
Machine (advanced):  4/5 (what other deck will consistently have no cards on the field?)
Morph (advanced):  4/5
dawnyoshi Well, after last’s week’s “fun” reviews, I decided to see what would be up for review this week. After all, it couldn’t be as bad as last week, right? Well, to my dismay, I noticed the staff wished to focus on Cybernetic Revolution. For those of you who talk to me in real life or on the forums, you may hear something along the lines of this from my mouth:

“The only good cards in CRV have Cyber and Dragon in their names.” Well, in all honesty, I do like other cards in the set, but let’s face it. Those are the only ones people will want…I’m still not sure why on Cyber Dragon.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s a great beatdown monster. It’s level five and can be morphed into the ever fragile Dark Balter the Terrible. However, when was the last time you were in a crappy enough position with Goat Control to actually drop this monster for free? You play THREE SCAPEGOATS! Aside from that, Airknight Parshath is much better for a deck that has no tutors for the cards the deck is based on. In fact, in most situations, I’d easily recommend Airknight Parshath, Mobius, or Jinzo over Cyber Dragon. It’s THAT overrated. However, if you wish to play standard beatdown, it’s definitely an option. Don’t let my review get you down. It’s actually a half-decent card. I just find that there are better options than relying on having your opponent win to trigger its effect.

In limited, this is a round 1 draft pick. You immediately have a better chance of winning over your opponents if you’re running this in limited.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5
Limited: 5/5

Dark Paladin
Welcome to a fresh week of Cards as we kick off the new set Cybernetic Revolution with one of the many MANY machine monsters in the set...

Hence Cybernetic...

Cyber Dragon
Level 5

If there is a monster on your opponent's side of the field and there are no monsters on your side of the field, you can Special Summon this card from your hand.

Well, I can only think of two reasons to play this card, and sadly, one of those reasons, I'm not really counting either.

For the plus side of Cyber Dragon, he has two more powerful fusions, each more deadly than the last, which I won't get into at the moment.
Limiter Removal makes Cyber Dragon a 4200 attacker. Light also makes Cyber a Chaos friendly monster.

On the down side, 2100 attack points is quite subpar for a one tribute monster, and the effect doesn't really warrant playing this monster.
I'm not saying you'll never meet the criteria, but is 2100 attack points worth it?

As for the deck I'd play it in, perhaps a constructed deck around Cyber Dragon and either if not both of his "remarkably powerful" fusions.


Constructed Cyber Dragon: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Rj Cyber Dragon
Attrib: Light
Type: Machine/Effect
Atk: 2100
Def: 1600
If there is a monster on your opponent's side of the field and there are no monsters on your side of the field, you can Special Summon this card from your hand.
Welcome to "Cybernetic Revolution" Week! All this week, we will be reviewing, yes, That's right, Crv cards, -_-.

Todays card is Cyber Dragon, my favorite card from the entire set. This is the Brain Control of CRV, except this card is actually good. ;ooo.

Right off the bat, you can see that it is a Light, which is nice, for the CC players. And it is a machine type monster, a well supported type! It's a level 5, so you can morph it into baddies like Reaper On The Nightmare, and Dark Balter The Terrible, ala f00b ;P.

Its effect is pretty simple, when you have 0 monsters on your side of the field, and you opponent has at least 1 monster on their side of the field, you can special summon this card onto the field. How awesome is that? First turn Balter is insanely easy to do know. Im talking, they set sangan and goats, you summon Cyber Dragon, Morph into Balter =/. Hot. Although you may not want to do that per se, its still an option ;D.

The machine type helps this card out soooo much. I can easily see machine decks doing insanely well in Sjc's now. With all of the support ;]. When topdecking, this can be amazing. Your opponent tops blade knight and hits you for 2k? Ok, summon this (Special Summon), then summon Kycoo =/. Hit him up for 1900 total, and remove his darks ;ooo.

This card is VERY good, it made its way into the Top 4 of Japan Nats, and I expect it to be cookie cuttered to death here as well ;P.

Overall, this is my favorite card in the entire set, expect to see it soon. Very soon.

Traditional: 3.5, I will say solid, Perm Balter owns like wh0a here, and it's an all around nice card in both formats =/.

Advanced: 3.9, I am a little bias =].

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