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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Byser Shock
Ultra Rare

When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner’s respective hands.

Type - Fiend/Effect
Card Number - DR1-EN052

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.6
Advanced: 2.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.10.05


Byser Shock

Byser Shock is an interesting monster. He may seem terrible, being Level 5 and only having 800 ATK, but there are creative ways to use him effectively.

He’s a Fiend, meaning he works well in Dark Necrofear Decks; he’s also summonable via Mystic Tomato (Tomato, incidentally, can summon Newdoria and Dark Jeroid, both also great in Necrofear Decks).

When you summon him, you return all Set cards on the field to their owners’ hands. That means both monsters and S/T. Tribute something for Byser Shock when your opponent has nothing but a field full of face-down DEF monsters and they’ll all be bounced back to his hand. From there, feel free to Morph Byser Shock into a much stronger Dark Balter the Terrible.

There are definite drawbacks to Byser Shock, of course, but used correctly, he can be a surprisingly rentsy force to deal with.

CCGCC: 2.5/5
Fiend Deck: 3.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Byser Shock

Now we get to an actually UNDERRATED tribute monster.

I tend not to think of Byser Shock as a Tribute monster -- I think of it more like a Tomato-able combo piece.

There are so many different uses for Byser Shock -- if your opponent had to pay to put cards into play (e.g. Chain Energy) and can't use them right away (maybe due to Anti-Spell Fragrance?) you could put your opponent in quite the pickle. If nothing else, it serves as a searchable 5-star you can use as Metamorphosis Balter food and follow up the bounce with spell negation the next turn.

It's still not that great, and I've neither played it or had it played against me, so I don't know enough about it to say much more, and will let the rest of our CotD team do that.


Byser Shock COTD

Back in the day, I made a deck based around Mystic Tomato, Byser Shock, and Metamorphosis. It was sexy.
Getting Balter that fast and often was nice, and still can be. Especially with Royal Decree so much easier to get nowadays...

Outside of that, Byser Shock really isn't that useful.
...Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Rating: 2/5. It's still sexy, in a mechanical kinda way. Or something ionno.
Snapper Byser Shock

Today's card is Byser Shock, the most extreme bounceage currently available.

To be blunt, BS is what it is: BS. In other words, it in NOT a good monster.
In fact, it's the fourth weakest Tribute Monster that doesn't have "?" ATK or 2500+ DEF. So this basically means that if you're Tribute Summoning BS to attack with, you are a fool! Not only are you most likely Tributing a monster considerably stronger than BS, but also you could much more easily have used Mystic Tomato to summon this pathetic attempt at a useable monster! Fool fool fool fool fool!

The effect, while interesting, is something that could have been considerably better in order to makeup for BS's poor stats: When BS is summoned, all Set cards on the field are returned to the owner's hand. There really isn't anything wrong with the effect; it does after all get rid of all the threatening monsters you've turned face-down via Tsukuyomi and Book of Moon and all those Spells and Traps you're afraid may turn the tide in your opponent's favor. In fact, it's a right good effect if you look at it from that angle.

The problem however is that the cards don't stay gone. Had the designers had BS's best interests in mind, they'd have allowed BS to send all Set cards to the Graveyard. But since that isn't the case, the opponent will just re-Set and/or re-summon their cards whenever they get the chance. There's also the glaring issue of cards with less specific "targets"; Giant Trunade and Guardian Sphinx don't favor face-downs, and instead clear the field of either all S/Ts or all the opponent's monsters.

In the end, BS is just another monster that could have been great. But terrible stats and too much competition really cause it to drop to the bottom of the barrel.

Advanced: 1.5/5. You may at the very least be allowing yourself some free direct attacks…
Traditional: 1/5. Too many chainable Traps to be truly effective.
Overall: 1.25/5.
Art: 2/5. Looks like something from some "R" rated Physics class.
dawnyoshi Today's review is of Byser Shock, a card which deserves about as much attention as the latest reality television show on FOX. Guess how much that is.

Well, it's a level 5 monster that can be summoned via Mystic Tomato and Last Will. That's not terrible. It also returns set cards on the field, which is sub-par. Oh, and it has the amazingly bad stats of 800 ATK and a DEF that's just as bad. Wow. This card sucks.

You can't even say morphing this thing is a good combo, since there are better morph targets, such as Airknight and Cyber Dragon. Aside from that, morphing for a Balter can actually be deemed a bad play half of the time these days, in an environment where Balter can be pummeled by a Tsukuyomi. Well, it can also be screwed over by cards such as Book of Moon, Snatch Steal, Enemy Controller, etc.

If you're looking for a tribute monster with crappy stats to use, look at Criosphinx or UFOroid, and UFOroid is a complete stretch since it's barely above the line of unplayable. At least Criosphinx has a deck strategy that can be built around it effectively.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Limited: 1/5

Dark Paladin
As Tribute Monster Week progresses, we come to Byser Shock. Well, Byser Shock is incredibly weak for a Level 5 having only 800 attack points. His defense is only 600 so he won't last long, in either mode.

To the best of my knowledge, this card is in Marik's anime deck, even though we never saw it. When, Byser is normal, flip, OR special summoned, return all set cards on the field to the owner's hands.

The effect is good, not great, but good. However, there are SEVERAL things hurting Byser Shock. He requires a tribute, for one and is not strong at all. Secondly, you only get a delay. The cards are RETURNED to the hands, not even destroyed. I suppose on a positive note, he can be summoned via Mystic Tomato.

He is a Fiend though so I suppose you could use him as Necrofear food if you really needed to. Someone thinks this card is good though, it's an Ultra in PGD and in DR1.


Traditional: 2.4/5
Traditional Fiend: 2.9/5

Advanced: 3.0/5
Advanced Fiend: 3.4/5

The card isn't bad, just one of many that fell just short of playability.

Art: 4.0/5 I really like it for some reason.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Rj Byser Shock

***** Dark


Atk: 800

Def: 600

When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner's respective hands.

What's up readers! I convinced Pojo to let me do CoTD's now, so now I have a combo thing going ;D. To start off my CoTD career, we have Byser Shock, which, unlike the first 2 cards this week, this thing actually has some stuff going for it!

Well, looking at his stats of 800/600, that right there seems like enough to deem it unplayable in any type of deck. Heck, this thing suck even in a Byser Shock deck right? Wrong =/. Look closer, Its Dark, which, dare I say, is chaos food. It has the best level for a tribute monster, IMO, 5. It has absolutely sick art, and it's effect can come in handy.

IMO, this thing can only work in one type of deck. A last will deck. Before you say anything, this deck is actually very good. A close team mate of mine made a deck around Last Will, it had the following monsters...

Exiled Force

Cannon Soldier x2

Byser Shock x2

Don Zaloog x1/2

Injection Fairy Lily

And a bunch of other 1500v monsters. It worked pretty good, there were times I would have out a tribe and 1 f/d m/t. He could Dust, next turn, flip Mystic Tomato, play 2 Last Wills, and it would basically be game over, he rams the Tomato into Tribe, brings out IFL, and 2 dons. From there he hits my tribe, and -2 or me =/. The deck runs 3 Goats, and 3 Morphs, along with some BoM's. The morphs comment the Byser's. You can play last will, tribute your f/d Sangan (Best case, of course ;P), search out a byser to return everything, maybe Morph the byser into Reaper on the Nightmare? It is a VERY fun deck to play with, and even against. I would highly suggest trying something like that out.

Well folks, other then that, this card, like The Fiend Megacyber, and Great Dezard, is next to useless.

Traditional: 1/5 Are you kidding me?

Advanced (Last Will type deck) 3.5/5 Very solid here.

Art: 4/5, I dunno, I love it ;).



Byser Shock certainly is… interesting.  Being Level 5 means that you can use Metamorphosis on it to summon some nice Monsters, like Dark Balter the Terrible.  Since it is a Dark Monster, it can function as Chaos food, and as a Fiend it can be used for Dark Necrofear’s Summoning requirements.  Of course, on their own, none of these qualities justify using a Monster, but must still be considered.  In this case, if you are specifically searching for a Level 5 Dark/Fiend that isn’t a Fusion, your options are rather limited: only eight others exist, and three of those are Normal Monsters with ATK scores of no more than 2000, and DEF scores of no more than 1300.  Of course, Byser Shock has far weaker stats then those: a mere 800 ATK and 600 DEF.


So why bother with it?  It does have a fairly nice effect: when it is Normal Summoned, Special Summoned, or Flip Summoned (which I believe covers all ways to actually “Summon” a Monster), it returns all Set cards to their owner’s hand.  That isn’t very good on its own, now is it?  Fortunately, Byser Shock has options.  Its low stats allow for it to be Special Summoned from the deck via Last Will and Mystic Tomato.  Why does that matter?  If this card is Special Summoned in the damage step, like it would be if you brought it out with Mystic Tomato, your opponent’s can’t activate most cards at that time.  More over, you can chain the oh-so-popular Book of Moon to an opponent’s attack or your own act of suiciding a Tomato should your opponent have more than one face-up Monster in play.  You then bring out Byser Shock and bounce that Monster back to hand.  Granted, you’re not likely to catch an opponent’s Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning this way unless you have multiple Monsters out so that it removed something else, but you are likely to catch at least a few good cards (Jinzo revived via Call of the Haunted will often be accompanied by a beatstick).  Also, when it comes to Monsters, bounce it very nice: sure, you can just re-Set Spells or Traps, but Setting a Monster is usually a once-per-turn affair unless it’s also a Special Summon.


There is more: combine this with even “random” hand destruction, and you can really hurt an opponent.  After all, your stuff, if hit, was also just “bounced”, but if you play your cards right, your opponent won’t get the same chance you did.  Obvious combos are Card Destruction and Delinquent Duo, but they can only be used on your own turn.  Trap Dustshoot though is a Trap (d’uh) that isn’t too bad on its own, at least early game, and that’s when it’s likely to be on its own.  Later, you should try to use it with Byser Shock.  Also, you can always Book of Moon it in your own Standby Phase after getting it out via Mystic Tomato on your last turn, then Flip it yourself to clear the field of their set Spell/Traps and maybe a Monster if you are lucky.  After which, you can either Morph or Tribute Byser Shock for a more useful Monster and go on the offensive.  In a Chaos or Necrofear deck, you’re also more apt to get even more Special Summons.  It likely you’ll be able to get at least one, and possible you could come close to filling your field for a blitz… a nice notion since you just cleared any Traps they had set.  I mean, Normal Summon a Giant Orc, Morph the Byser Shock into a Dark Balter, then remove Byser and two other Fiends to Special Summon Dark Necrofear.


Now, all these combos are very “sensitive” and unlikely to work frequently, even if you max out on all cards used.  The thing is that isn’t how you should run Byser Shock.  This is a TecH card, I think.  If you are running Mystic Tomato already, you can probably make good use of a single Byser Shock.  As stated, it can work with Chaos Monsters, and more importantly (in this specific case) with Dark Necrofear.




Traditional       : 1.5/5-The nature of the game means you probably won’t be hitting much.


Advanced        : 3.25/5-I need to break down this score a bit more.  First, I am talking a single copy for Dark Necrofear decks, or multiples for a kooky “Bounce deck” built around it (which wouldn’t be too good) and also it isn’t that bad as a single TecH copy for Chaos decks that a) run Mystic Tomato and Metamorphosis – reasonably common – and b) can make room for it – much less common.  All of these factors got it to that level, so individually it doesn’t score so well (maybe a 2/5 for Cookie-Cutter Chaos).


Limited            : 2/5-Final blow field clearer.  Not understanding what I mean?  You have multiple beatsticks in play.  Your opponent keeps setting Monsters to block your attacks, and may even have a few set S/Ts.  Summon Byser Shock to “safely” go for the kill.  Very useful to an uncommon scenario, hence the score.


Coin Flip

Thank the unmentioned deity of your choice, we get a playable card.

Byser Shock really isn’t that great. On the upside, he clears the field. On the downside, he’s incredibly weak. You can reuse him with Tsukuyomi, sure, but what else? On the upside, just pull out a Robbin’ Goblin and you can punish your opponent a lot. Oh hell, I did not just say that.

Searchability by Tomato is IMPORTANT. Pay attention to that little bit of trivia.

While he has uses, none are really good enough to merit me talking about them.

2/5 Traditional (You are actually likely to be playing Tomatoes in this format)
2/5 Advanced

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