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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Great Dezard
Super Rare

When this monster destroys the following number of monsters in battle, the following effects are activated in order; One: As long as this card remains face up on the field, negate the activation and effects of all Magic and Trap cards that specifically designate this card as a target and destroy them. Two: You can Special Summon 1 "Fushioh Richie" from your hand or deck by offering this card as a Tribute during your Main Phase.

Type - [Spellcaster/Effect]
Card Number - DB2-EN220

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.09.05


Great Dezard

Great Dezard has long been considered one of the worst monsters in the game. I am, quite frankly, inclined to agree with Dezard’s detractors. With only 1900 ATK, he’s particularly weak for a tribute monster. 2300 DEF is comparatively strong, but there’s no point in using Great Dezard for his DEF value.

The problem is his effect. He needs to destroy a monster in battle to receive the first part: immunity to targeting Spells and Traps. So your opponent can’t use Book of Moon, Enemy Controller or Ring of Destruction on him. Of course, Mirror Force, Lightning Vortex and all monster effects still work.

Then he has to destroy a SECOND monster in battle. Once he does that, you may tribute him to summon Fushioh Richie, a monster with a better effect and a terribly edited name.

I’ll say right now that it’s not worth it. In casual play, maybe – but keep this card far, far away from tournaments.

CCGCC: 1/5
Fushioh Richie Deck: 2/5 (Completely necessary for the deck but still not good at all)

ExMinion OfDarkness
Great Dezard

Just...wow. Okay, I shouldn't have given Fiend Megacyber a 1/5, because this is DEFINITELY worse than that.

A 1-tribute 1900...that only gets spell/trap protection after killing a monster...that lets you summon another piece of junk (Fushioh Richie) if you happen to get it to survive two turns.

Honestly, before Gravekeepers and Zombies took off, Pharaonic Guardian was a 3-card set in my eyes; Ring, Don, Mirage. This is filler at best -- dare I say it, I'd rather get a pack that didn't have a rare or foil at all than pull one of this.

I'm not going to yammer on for another page about how this card is crap, but I'll end with this: The further the Tribute monster's attack is below 2400, the more amazing its effect has to be in order for it to be played. Blowback is at 2,300, but gives you a 50% chance of free removal each turn it's on the field. Vampire Lord is 2,000 but has free recursion. Airknight is 1,900 but gives both trample AND drawpower. Sorry, this card doesn't fit in on that scale.


...Please =/.

Rating: 1/5.
Snapper Great Dezard

Today's card is Great Dezard, a monster who is solely responsible for summoning the monster with the weirdest "name change" in the TCG.

GD's stats really don't work well with his effect; 1900 ATK for a Level 6 monster is only permitted when the monster has a good effect. This is not the case with GD. Fortunately for GD, his DEF allows him to stay on the field considerably longer than his ATK allows, though it consequentially disables you from using his effect.

GD is unique in that it only gains effects after destroying a specific amount of monsters. After destroying one monster, GD can negate and destroy Spells and Traps that target GD. This really only gives him immunity to Snatch Steal and Ring of Destruction, and maybe the oddball Spell or Trap that slips into some Decks. The effect should by no means be viewed as a positive point given the fact that your opponent could just get rid if GD with TIV, Smashing Ground, LV, or in battle if they felt threatened by it.

After destroying two monsters, GD can be Tributed during your Main Phase to Special Summon a Fushioh Richie from your hand or Deck. Being it's only way to initially summon Fushioh Richie, this effect of course becomes useful to people who wish to summon the oddly named Zombie. And because FR is neither a Nomi nor a particularly bad monster, the effect can be viewed as somewhat of a bright side to GD.

But as has already been said, GD's low ATK can cause problems when trying to activate its effects. Not only will it have difficulty staying on the field, but it may also find problems destroying monsters. So what should you do?
You first give your opponent some Ojama tokens, which will ease GD's ascension to FR. Second: give some GD some good ole fashion protection; he will inevitably need it. Once you've accomplished these two tasks it should be relatively easy to summon FR

Overall, GD is a terrible monster in almost every Deck. In fact, it's terrible in the only Deck you'd want to use it in. But since it's necessary, it gets a higher score than it deserves.

Advanced (FR Deck): 3.5/5. It gets 4 points for being a staple in this Deck… Traditional (FR Deck): 3.5/5. See Advanced Overall (FR Deck): 3.5/5.
Art: 1/5. Some dude in a fancy pope outfit isn't very exciting.

Dark Paladin
Great Dezard is our card from today and he is a card that is not exactly great. He is DARK which makes him Chaos friendly which is a plus. He's also a Spellcaster which is meh at the current time. The biggest downside is his stats. He only boasts 1900 attack for a Level
6 and a defense of 2300.

Now, if he destroys ONE monster, you can destroy any magic or trap card that specifically designates the Dezard as a target. That COULD be helpful, but how much will he destroy with 1900 attack?

However, if he destroys TWO monsters, you can Special Summon a Fusioh Richie from your hand or deck by offering the Dezard as a tribute.

For those of you who don't know...

Fushioh Richie
Dark/Zombie/7 stars/ATK 2600/DEF 2900

This card only be Special Summoned from your hand or your Deck by offering 1 “Great Dezard” that has fulfilled the condition as a Tribute. You can flip this card into face-down Defense Position once per turn during your Main Phase. As long as this monster remains face-up on the field, negate the activation and effects of all Magic or Trap cards that specifically designate this card as a target and destroy them. When this card is flipped face-up you can Special Summon
1 Zombie-Type monster from your Graveyard in face-up Attack or Defense Position.

So, Fushioh Richie would be the ONLY reason to run Great Dezard, and on that note, both these cards need their own cooperative deck to run together. If you feel like running them and using a deck I've never seen, please do, I'd like to know how it works.


1/5 general

4.0/5 Fushioh Richie deck (both formats)

Art: 3.0/5 It's not bad

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Coin Flip
I really wish my computer hadn’t crashed, because I gave this thing the most in-depth review it could ever get (though, on the upside, the review was only two sentences).

If I saw this in a pack of PGD, I would cry. I would fall to the floor and start crying (note: I just pulled this as a Super in a pack of DB2. I was quite happy to trade it away for a few cool commons and a couple of tip cards). I’m not sure when I’d stop, but I’d probably be sobbing for the next ten days.

1900 is cool and stuff (not really), but think about it. How many cards in a deck target? With Sakuretsu Armor’s popularity, maybe 8 if you’re lucky. If they didn’t stop this thing before he destroyed his first monster, then maybe the fact that his stats are horrid will take care of it.

But ooh, ooh, if you get out Fushioh Richie you can summon a Zombie monster EVERY TURN! … Oh, from your Graveyard, not your deck.

Let’s look at why this card sucks. It is, in and of itself, just a tutor for Fushioh Richie, a monster with an effect that cannot be activated the turn it is summoned and no protection aside from its fairly good stats (which are actually horrid for the effort you took to get him out).

Second off, the only good low-level Zombie monster (besides Pyramid Turtle, which doesn’t count) is Spirit Reaper. But you have some great Zombies in Vampire Lord and Ryu Kokki. But wait. Look at the flaw in this argument.

Holy crap, Batman! In order for you to have a good chance of any reward at all with Fushioh Richie, you have to play one of him, two of Great Dezard, and two of each of the monsters I mentioned. That’s 6 Tribute monsters and a nomi!

Fushioh Richie would have been Tier 2, however, if he could have just summoned any monster. I mean, getting back Exiled Force or Maryokutai or A-Team Trap Disposal Unit (can you tell that I’m getting into VS?) would have been better than getting back just Zombies.

Just out of spite:

His own deck:
1/5 Traditional
1/5 Advanced
1/5 Traditional
1/5 Advanced
1/5 Limited
1/5 Draft
1/5 Casual
1/5 Golden Age
1/5 Modern Age
1/5 Type 1
1/5 Type 1.5
1/5 Type 2
1/5 Prismatic
1/5 Twin-Headed Giant
1/5 Unlimited
1/5 Modified
1/5 Legacy
1/5 Standard (yeah, I’m repeating myself)
1/5 Vintage
1/5 Extended
1/5 Online Extended
1/5 Tribal Wars
1/5 Singleton
1/5 Mirrodin Block
1/5 Urza Block
1/5 Kamigawa Block

And, since I really don’t like it…

1/5 Art

Good day.

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