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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Legendary Fisherman

As long as "Umi" is face-up on the field, this card is unaffected by an Spell Cards. Monsters on your opponent's side of the field cannot select this card as an attack target.

Type - Warrior/Effect
Card Number - DB1-EN190

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.61
Advanced: 2.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.04.05


The Legendary Fisherman

This card saw a bit of play until people learned that if The Legendary Fisherman is the only monster on your side of the field when you have Umi or ALO out, your opponent may attack you directly, ignoring TLF’s presence altogether. That’s kind of a big drawback.

The other big drawback is that TLF only has 1850 ATK and is Level 5; the fact that he can be summoned without tributing if you have A Legendary Ocean on the field doesn’t help that much, especially considering the second TLF hits the field, he is unaffected by ALO and will REMAIN at 1850 ATK.

Why use him, then? For one, he can’t be attacked – but that creates the terrible drawback of your opponent’s being able to attack you directly. For another, he’s immune to Spell Cards. But so is Horus LV6, and Horus has 2300 ATK, not to mention the added bonus of being summonable by LV4 and being able to summon LV8. Horus also doesn’t require a Field Card for his effect to work.

Even if you run a WATER Deck, there is basically no good reason to run The Legendary Fisherman. You can justify it by getting out Tornado Wall along with A Legendary Ocean to create a (very fragile) wall, but as with Yomi Ship, there are simply better cards a WATER Deck should be using.

CCGCC: 1/5
WATER Deck: 3/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
The Legendary Fisherman

Here we have a decent monster that didn't see the play it deserved, and one of the most argued over rulings before Skill Drain came along.

Here's how the card really works:
*It's a Level 4 when it's in your hand if A Legendary Ocean is out, but once you summon it, it instantly becomes a Level 5 because it's unaffected by Spell cards as soon as it hits the field. So you have a Level 5 1850, NOT a Level 4 2050.

*It still can't be affected by spells -- even the non-targeting ones, so he can attack while Swords is out, won't be shifted by Level Limit - Area B, and Lightning Vortex and the like won't dispatch it.

*If you ONLY have The Legendary Fisherman out on the field, without any other monsters, YOUR OPPONENT CAN ATTACK YOUR LIFE POINTS DIRECTLY. However, if you get TWO of them out and nothing else, your opponent can not attack at all (it's like 2 Marauding Captains in that respect.)

This card isn't half bad -- the only problem is that people would rather play Giga Gagagigo than this, having a Level 4 2650 (Yipes!) than a no-tribute Level 5 1850 with TLF's effects.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5 (for there being better cards out there already)

Legendary Fisherman

If you're playing A Legendary Ocean, then...I guess you could run this? I mean, if you can't get ALO out, and this is stuck in your hand, you're going to hate it.

It's ATK is solid, and the DEF can take on Tsukuyomi, but dies to a D.D.
Assailant and above. It can't be BoM'ed, so that's a plus. Combo The Legendary Fisherman with Messenger of Peace so that your opponent (for the most part) can't attack directly while you still can.

Rating: 3/5. I'm apparently in a good mood xD.

Coin Flip
Legendary Fisherman is ghetto WATER. Like, back when WATER was one of the most oddball decks you could play and not a competitive, Tier 1.5 force, Legendary Fisherman was there. The trouble is that we have much better things to use than this. It's a Mr. McBadTopdeck seeing his wife, HorridStatsina, cheating on him and making love to John StupidEffectson. It can't be attacked. SURPRISE SURPRISE, neither can Guardian Kay'est. Oh, and guess what else isn't affected by Spell cards, and is a far better card to play? Guardian Kay'est! Zomg, that one came out of nowhere!

"But Cion Filp, it can be used in-" I know it can. But that deck won't win tournaments. :)

Trouble is that we have more and more focus on monster removal in the form of monsters or traps, neither of which this fellow protects himself against.

On the upside, A Legendary Ocean makes this LV4. But hey, it makes Daedalus LV6, and that's much more eventful than this.

Don't use him outside of a deck where his presence is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to something or someone. Wait, he's useless outside of his own deck. That means I don't have to give him a rating.
Snapper The Legendary Fisherman

Today's card is The Legendary Fisherman, a monster that was once upon a time a good addition to any WATER Deck.

TLF has really got some oddball stats; 1850 for a Level 5 monster is really pushing the envelope for usability. It is of course dropped down to Level 4 when A Legendary Ocean is active, making its stats more attractive. But then you must consider the Giga Gagagigos and Terrorking Salmons you could be summoning instead, which seem much more beneficial. And then for some reason it's a Warrior, which, given its Attribute and effect, will probably never come into play.

Whilst Umi (IE. ALO) is on the field, TLF isn't affected by Spell Cards. Now besides the dependency on a Field Spell Card (which can be easily destroyed), this IS a good effect; immunity to Snatch Steal, Smashing Ground, Lightning Vortex, Swords of Revealing light, and so many others is an invaluable effect. With this privilege though comes a loss of power increases from Umi, so as opposed to a Spell resistant 2050 ATK monster, you're stuck with a less effective Spell resistant 1850 ATK monster. On the whole, it's an ignorable consequence, that is until you delve into the odd ruling on TLF's second effect.

Also whilst Umi is active, TLF can't be attacked by an opponent's monster.
Now, this would be a good effect if TLF followed the same rules that come into play when two Solar Flare Dragons, Marauding Captains, Soul-Absorbing Bone Towers, and so ons are on the field (which prevents your opponent from attacking). But since it doesn't, when an attack protected TLF is your only monster, your opponent can attack you directly. Now while it is a helpful effect to keep TLF alive, it does you zero good when you consider the prospect of all the monsters TLF can't destroy in battle (1850+ ATK/DEF) attacking you directly.

Overall, TLF is not a good monster in today's WATER Decks. Unless you're using Traps and monster effects to increase its strength/protect it, you'll be much better off finding superior Level 5 WATER monsters.

Advanced (WATER Deck): 2.5/5. You can't ignore Spell resistance, nor can you ignore the gift you give your opponent.
Traditional (WATER Deck): 3/5. Immunity to Raigeki and Dark Hole? Yes please.
Overall (WATER Deck): 2.75/5.
Art: 2/5. Meh. At least that marshmallow looks welcoming…

Dark Paladin
The Legendary Fisherman is our card today which happens to be Mako Tsunami's favorite card from the anime if I recall correctly (which I

In short, this card is ONLY for A Legendary Ocean deck. A Legendary Ocean makes TLF a 2050 Level 4 monster which is better then a 1850 Level 5 monster.

However, Umi (or ALO) gives TLF two great effects. The first being he is unaffected by ANY spell cards. If that weren't enough, TLF is also unable to be attacked.

Obviously, if ALO or Umi is destroyed, all this lovely protection and the whopping power bonus all go out the window, but yea, who cares.


Traditional ALO: 4.0/5
Advanced ALO: 4.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 An excellent picture (in foil anyway.)

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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