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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


As long as this card remains face-up on the field, increase the ATK of all WIND monsters by 500 points and decrease the ATK of all EARTH monsters by 400 points.

Type - type
Card Number - DB2-EN068

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.03.05



Bladefly is one of those seldom-used “increase the ATK of all ____ monsters on the field by 500” monsters. In this case, it’s WIND. How many WIND monsters are commonly used? Not very many. With only 600 ATK (but 1100 after its own boost), Bladefly won’t be killing much of anything, even EARTH monsters, whose ATKs it conveniently lowers by 400.

This MIGHT be useful in a WIND Deck, though those are almost never seen nowadays. It can be summoned with Flying Kamakiri (whose ATK it boosts) and also gives its ATK boost to Slate Warrior and Spear Dragon, two heavy hitters. You also could consider using this in a Harpy Deck, though Harpies tend to be able to boost themselves high enough with field cards and Harpy Lady 1’s effect.

In a cookie cutter, this is as close to worthless as it’s possible to get. Virtually no WIND monsters see play.

CCGCC: 1/5
WIND Deck: 3.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness

Just...no. Ew.

Metal Raiders gave us a few good things -- Mirror Force, Heavy Storm, Solemn Judgment, etc. The elemental boosters are one of several things they tried to get to catch on but failed, like Unions, non-Yata and Tsuku Spirits...

As we learned from the end of the Beatdown era and the beginning of the Control era, attack points aren't everything. Bladefly is actually the worst of the bunch (most likely) since it boosts Wind (a barely playable type as it is, save for Slate Warrior) and hurts Earth (which we honestly haven't seen much of in the environment except for DDA, and your opponent WANTS you to attack and kill DDA, remember?)

If you play this, and I see you playing it in real life, I smack you. Plain and simple.

1/5 all


Bladefly works fine in a Wind-based deck. It's just too bad that there's so little support for such a deck that there aren't really any competitive Wind decks out there right now. Maybe if it had at least 800 ATK it'd be semi-useful, being able to suicide into a D.D.
Assailant and all. But alas, it's just too damn weak.
You would probably feel forced to waste resources protecting it, too.

I guess it could work into an Insect deck, but...there's not much support for Insects, either.

It could power up a Slate Warrior, which is pretty much the best Wind beatstick the attribute has going for it, so I guess you could run over Airknights and Jinzos.

LoL, thing is, this card is kinda risky right now even more than you'd guess. Let's say you have Bladefly and Slate Warrior out against a Jinzo.
You try to suicide into Jinzo, opponent Book of Moons the Bladefly, and you chain with scoop because you just got owned.

Rating: 1/5. Konami needs to make more useful support cards so older cards can see new play.

Coin Flip
Umm... It's not good.

WIND: 2.3/5 Traditional and Advanced

General: 1/5 Traditional and Advanced.
Snapper Bladefly

And so ends the useful monsters of the week. Today's card is Bladefly, a monster EXTREMLY similar to Friday's card (hint hint nudge nudge).

What can be said about Bladefly that isn't "ewww"? The stats aren't good, and its effect (which ups WIND monster's ATK by 500 and downs EARTH monster's ATK by 400) is not incredibly useful. After all, the effect only makes Bladefly a 1200 ATK monster, an amount that won't do you a lot of good. And the effect that weakens EARTH monsters isn't incredibly useful either (not enough popular monsters that can be brought down to an amount a 1200 ATK Bladefly could deal with).

But the thing that really murders Bladefly with a 10-ton flyswatter is the fact that there aren't ANY WIND monsters with which Bladefly would function well. Armed Dragons can't be helped effect-wise due to Bladefly's low Level, Harpies already have some better ATK boosters, and the Ultimate Insects weaken any monster they have problems with. Overall, Bladefly is an excellent representation of a monster that COULD have been useful, but a lack of natural strength and monsters to work with make it a terrible monster.

Advanced: 1/5. Maybe someday it will find a use…
Traditional: 1/5. See Advanced.
Overall: 1/5.
Art: 1/5. Don't put too much though into this rating; I'm not fond of bugs.

Dark Paladin
Bladefly flew in for our week as this week progresses and I need to make a comment before I review this card. I believe that cards with built in field effects suck. They aren't worth the time or trouble, nor should they EVER be used.

Unless ALL your traps and spells are to protect/power up the said card, don't use it.


1/5 (generous, isn't it?) across the board

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
sHecKii *sigh*

To tell you the truth, all of these Field Card Monsters are not that good...Most of the time, you'll want to run the Field Card version...

And the thing with WIND monsters, they are already pretty big. Spell Cancler, Slate Warrior, Twin-Headed Behemoth, Silpheed...they do not need the boost from Bladefly and/or needs the Earth Monsters to have lower attacks. If Berserk Gorilla were still in the metagame, Bladefly wouldn't be good anyways. Against D.D. Assailant, It's not good anyways.

What's the point of this review? To say once and for all unless you are running a OTK Rescue Cat deck (using 2-3 Milus Radiant, etc...) the Field Spell Monsters are not good. Please do not waste your time testing a deck with these because they will not be tier 1 unless it's a very unique combo like the Rescue Cat deck.

Constructed - 0/5


Stats                : Bladefly is a Level 2 Wind/Insect.  Being Level 2 means it slips under cards like Gravity Bind and Level Limit-Area B, though it doesn’t have a lot of options for Metamorphosis.  Wind seems to be a really underrated type, but then again, the area it seems to excel at is brute force.  Even though some have a slight twist and there are three Level 4 Monsters with an ATK of 1900 – Luster Dragon#2, Slate Warrior, and Spear Dragon – Wind just doesn’t seem to be a match for the raw power of Chaos.  Compared to the slick tricks of a Water deck or the beat/burn created by a Fire deck or the even better brute force with some nasty tricks of Earth decks… its just hard to compete.  The Insect aspect may help: there are a few decent Wind/Insects aching to have decks built around them.  For example, the Ultimate Insect family and Insect Princess show potential.  Still, Insects seem to have better options in the Dark and Earth varieties.


Bladefly’s ATK is a mere 600, which is only useful in that it is well below the restrictions for searching via Flying Kamakiri#1, Last Will, and Sangan.  It has the marginally better DEF of 700, which means little with Witch of the Black Forest banned.  This thing needs a fantastic effect in order to see play.


Effect(s)            : While face-up on the Field, all Wind Monsters get a 500 ATK boost and all Earth Monsters take a 400 point hit to ATK.  Not bad, but not great.  You aren’t apt to have this in play with more than one other Monster, so you would seem to be better off using Rising Air Current.  What is sad is that this is the strongest of the Metal Raider Elemental boosters.


Uses and

Combinations  : The ability to be searched out sometimes makes the Elemental Monsters almost useful in very dedicated Elemental decks.  For example, with the Field Spell Rising Air Current also in play, a slain Flying Kamakiri#1 can bring out one Bladefly, and one’s normal summon another, and you have two 2100 ATK beatsticks that can slip some popular stalling tricks.  More over, should they manage to both survive, the combination would yield a sick +1500 to any Wind Monsters, and also drop Earth Monsters by 800 (sucks to be Berserk Gorilla or D.D. Assailant)  The main problem is that it is such a fragile combination.  Book of Moon and Mystical Space Typhoon can easily break it at the worst time, right before you attack.  Even so, especially in weenie rush decks, I’ve seen Elemental attackers prove occasionally useful. 


This one still won’t be though, and for a simple reason: there’s something better.  Harpy Lady 1 gives only a 300 boost to Wind Monsters, and doesn’t hurt Earth Monsters, but instead of a tiny 1100 ATK Monster, you get a solid 1600 ATK Monster via the Harpy.  Just a searchable – more so, in fact, since you run Elegant Egotist if you really, really wanted to search them out en masse.  No, I am not encouraging that, though I have found that one Harpy Lady 1 makes decent TecH in a Wind Beatdown.  As stated, such a deck isn’t the greatest, but I do think it might be better than some would expect.  Plus, this makes tempting bait for Book of Moon, since an opponent will think they are saving one of their Monsters and ridding themselves of one of yours by simply turning your Elemental booster face down.  Those who actually have used an elemental booster usually know what cards to run to make this less likely.  After all, you can use Book of Moon as well, and setting a Slate Warrior can actually come in handy.




Traditional       : 1/5-I am not certain it is even more useful in a Wind/Insect deck than Harpy Lady 1.  Of course, a Wind deck is unlikely to do much good here.


Advanced        : 1/5-Same score because even though Wind decks are better here, there is still a better card available.


Limited            : 2/5-There are just enough Wind Monsters (a few actually impressive for Limited) in Metal Raiders that this isn’t a bad card to add to them if your deck is composed of a few.  It also turns several that aren’t so great into decent beatsticks for Limited.



The original elemental boosters are basically a failure.  Fortunately this appears to be largely realized by Konami, and we’ve seen much better boosters released.  Some, like Harpy Lady 1 are still along elemental lines, while others such as Command Knight work quite successfully according to Type.

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