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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Yomi Ship

When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, destroy the monster that destroyed this card.

Type - Aqua/Effect
Card Number - DR1-EN019

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.21
Advanced: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.02.05


Yomi Ship

Yomi Ship is a monster that, while certainly not bad, is simply overshadowed by better monsters with similar effects. With only 800 ATK, it’s not strong at all, even for a Level 3; and being WATER/Aqua gives it some advantages in an A Legendary Ocean Deck, but still not enough to make it worth using.

Yomi Ship’s effect is simple: when it’s sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you destroy the monster that killed it. If your opponent’s Jinzo attacks your face-down Yomi Ship, both will die. Erm…simple, right?

So why not use Yomi Ship? Even in a WATER Deck, it makes more sense to use something like Exiled Force, which lets you destroy monsters on your turn (and gives you a choice of which you want to die); you also already have Tribe-Infecting Virus, a much stronger monster (who also happens to be WATER) with a much more destructive effect. Abyss Soldier is a better option than Yomi Ship as well, and I would also rather use Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 and Mermaid Knight than waste deck space on this.

It isn’t bad; it’s just not necessary, unless you’re on a tight budget and can’t get anything better. But with the WATER Structure Deck so readily available, even that’s not a great excuse.

CCGCC: 1.5/5
WATER Deck: 2.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Yomi Ship

Sorry, but I'm going to have to give this the standard "we have something that does it better" 1/5.

Yomi Ship's an 800/1400 piece of monster removal -- whatever kills it dies as well. Water decks typically don't even run this, as they feature the bounce mechanic a lot more (Penguin Soldier, Nightmare Penguin, Abyss Soldier discarding Sinister Serpent) along with 5-stars coming out with the help of ALO and won't find the room for this.

However, Newdoria is a 1200/800 piece of monster removal that lets you CHOOSE who gets killed with the effect. This guy's 400 points less painful to suicide into a stronger monster, and lets you ram him into a weak monster to kill a strong one (e.g. this attacks a Blade Knight, you take 400 and kill their BLS-Envoy with the effect, then your stronger monster goes after the Blade Knight.) That, and he's Dark, which automatically gives him a leg up, even on a perfectly equal monster (so even if Yomi Ship WAS a 1200/800 that let you choose, Newdoria's still better because it's BLS food.)

1/5 all

Yomi Ship

The Water version of Newdoria except weaker, and you can't pick what dies.
I feel a little safe attacking with Newdoria, but not with Yomi Ship. They go Sangan, you chain with scoop.

Rating: Um...I don't really care right now. I mean, in the right deck it can be decent. Other times it can suck ass. So...I'll roll a die and whatever I roll is whatever I'm rating Yomi Ship.

Lemme go get it...


Damn, I got it but I stubbed my big toe. It kinda hurts...er, anyways time to roll...man my toe

Rating: 6/5. First time I've rolled a 6 in a while, figures that I waste it on a Yomi Ship. Stupid...ship thingy.

Coin Flip
I apologize to anyone who was looking for content in yesterday's review. If it makes you feel better, we might have good reviews in 20062007.

That was not a typo.

I've wanted to do CotD's where a message to the readers makes up more of the review than the actual review of the card does for a while. Yesterday was a good excuse. There is little to the depth of any particular card this week beyond the first glance.

Yomi Ship, however, is slightly different. It's like Newdoria, only it doesn't give you any choice in the matter and it is fairly meh on its own. On the upside, it has support in the form of Salvage, and, well, I can't really say that it has Mother Grizzly as support, because then I'd have to say that Skull Servant had support in the form of Mystic Tomato. =\ All monsters with 1500 or less have that kind of support.

But then again, that's actually fairly good support. "Hey, look at me! I kill anything that kills me. And I can provide another card with the opportunity for a +1 card advantage." It was featured in a Japanese Skill Drain deck that won a deckbuilding contest that I, personally, thought was pretty cool. So was Salvage. :)

In WATER, it's really quite solid. Outside of WATER, it's less solid. But hey, it's still good. And it can't be Tribe'd without the opponent getting -1 card advantage. Sucker. Still, though, use Newdoria in General over this if you don't go for Salvage combo power.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4.5/5

Traditional: 2.8/5
Advanced: 3.3/5
Snapper Yomi Ship

For the first time in… a while I think, we review two cards in the same week that I have found a use for (not by myself this time, as Yomi Ship is somewhat of a staple in WATER Decks).

YS has unspectacular stats; 1400 DEF will only defend against a handful of monsters, and none of them are likely to attack anyway. Being a WATER monster, it gives great benefits to its other WATER monster counterparts, enabling you to use Abyss Soldier's effect and summon an Aqua Spirit without much of a loss on your part. And best of all, YS is an Aqua monster, giving it the rare immunity to TIV.

YS's weak DEF allows its effect to be used easier, all the while narrowing the scope of "eligible" monster to a more desirable variety. When YS is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, the monster that destroyed it is also destroyed. The effect is a little peculiar in that you don't really get to decide what monster to destroy. In a way, the decision falls on your opponent. So in most cases, you'll hope that your opponent blindly attacks YS with a Jinzo, BLS, DDA, or some other stronger monster that you'd have difficulty getting rid of in battle, making your job a lot easier.

Of course, you don't NEED to wait for the opponent to attack YS; kamikaze is a technique favored by monsters like YS. Sure you'd most likely be losing tons of Life Points, but at least you’d get to pick what monster your opponent lost. Overall, YS is a useful monster that truly shines in WATER Decks. Elsewhere, I'd probably go with Newdoria instead.

Advanced (WATER Deck): 5/5. Monster destruction good.
Traditional (WATER Deck): 4.5/5. It may never be destroyed in battle, but at least you tried.
Overall (WATER Deck): 4.75/5.
Art: 2/5. A bunch of gummy bears in Egyptian getups isn't incredibly interesting.
sHecKii hRmmm, Yomi Ship is another form of Newdoria.

Newdoria? That underused/over-rated Dark monster? The one that's 1200 ATK and such?

Well the benefits of this card is...
a) searchablity with Mother Grizzly and Sangan
b) 3 stars so it's good against Level Limit Level-B and Gravity Bind
c) also Aqua type which means Tribe-Infecting Virus has to attack into it
d) ...that's pretty much it
e) if you creature swap it to your opponent's side, even if you attack a monster into it, u STILL get to chose a monster of your choice to destroy

In this metagame, which is full of 1700 Attacking monsters, Metamorphosis into Thousand Eyes Restrict, too many Scapegoats to be using Creature Swap, this card will not see much play. But in Water based decks, along with Abyss Soldier, this is one of the best cards for the deck...

Constructed: 2.5/5
Constructed in Water Decks: 4/5

Dark Paladin
Yomi Ship is our card for today which I would describe as a very specific version of the extremely poor man's Water version of Man Eater Bug.

Now that I've spent 20 seconds putting the card down, let's actually review it. Don't get me wrong, the effect is bad, nor is it complicated. When a monster destroys Yomi Ship, the attacking monster is also destroied.

It could be good, but it isn't like it will stop anything too important.
BLS could just remove it, Lightning Vortex could handle it, Torrential Tribute could nuke it, and any of 100 other things.


1/5 across the board, even in Water

Man Eater Bug IS better even in the Water deck as it's more versatile.
Yomi Ship is NOT bad, just good luck finding room for it in your ALO deck.

Art: 2.0/5 right...

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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