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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mind Crush

Declare 1 card name. If your opponent has a declared card(s) in his/her hand, discard all of the declared card(s) to the Graveyard. Otherwise, you randomly discard 1 card from your hand.

Type - Trap
Card Number - SOD-EN056

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3
Advanced: 2.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.27.05

ExMinion OfDarkness Mind Crush

A slightly weaker yet still potent version of D. D. Designator here for today's review.

There are two kinds of hand control decks in YGO: pseudo-hand control decks -- ones that really don't focus on the hand control but just use the most broken cards they can to discard -- Delinquent Duo, Don Zaloog, Spirit Reaper in the current Advanced Format, and Confiscation, Forceful, and the like in the older one. Then there are the pure control decks -- decks that actually focus on the opponent having zero options instead of it just being a possibility from a few overpowered cards.

This card belongs in the second variety of Control decks.

With Confiscation and Forceful gone, this card loses some power -- Delinquent Duo may hurt the worst but won't give you a list of the cards the opponent has in hand...but combined with other cards, this thing can see some use:

For example...an optimal opening hand for the pure Control deck:
Delinquent Duo (opponent now has 3 cards), set this and Trap Dustshoot. Opponent draws (now has 4), Trap Dustshoot so you see their hand and most likely get rid of a monster (now they have 3 cards) and then you know what they have and can get rid of their best threat with Mind Crush (they have 2 cards).

In the old format, some players might use Painful Choice to get 3 Trap Dustshoots, Confiscation, and The Forceful Sentry so they could get some form of control no matter what the choice was. Any player who may have done that might want to use this card in the new format.

You may notice I haven't mentioned the downside -- yes, it's possible that you're going to lose a card from hand, but if you play this card correctly, it shouldn't happen that often. But if you have absolutely NO idea what the opponent has and want to see their hand, you can do one of two things:
*Take a wild guess at a broken card -- you might get lucky and nip their Pot/Graceful/Delinquent
*Set your whole hand minus one card, then activate this and call Heavy Storm -- if you're wrong, you discarded the card you wanted to get rid of, and if you're right, the entire reason you'd be scared to set your whole hand is now gone. Either way, you still know what's in their hand.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.25/5
Limited: 2/5 (unless you know the entire set by heart)
Tranorix Mind Crush

Say hello to Mind Crush, which is essentially D.D. Designator. But a Trap. And it doesn’t remove cards from play, just discards them to the Graveyard.

That being said, Mind Crush is a good card. If you can get a glimpse of your opponent’s hand, it’s basically as good as Confiscation – if not better, since, you know, you don’t pay 1000. And of course, there are lots of cards that let you see your opponent’s hand – Mind on Air, Ceremonial Bell, other Mind Crushes, Mind Haxorz, etc. When your opponent takes something with Sangan, you can also use Mind Crush and get that.

Run this in a Control Deck or even as a nice surprise card in a more typical deck. Why not, right?

Traditional – CCCC: 3/5
Traditional – Control: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5
Advanced – Control: 3.5/5
Snapper Mind Crush

As NPT Week continues, we come to Mind Crush, a Trap that requires knowledge of the opponent’s hand to be truly useful.

After declaring a card name, MC forces the opponent to discard all cards of that name from their hand. If they don’t have a card of that name in their hand, you must randomly discard a card from your hand. Now as has already been said, MC requires knowledge of cards in the opponent’s hand, but how can you do that? Cyber Jar should be helpful in this plight, but you could also wait for the opponent to use something like Sangan or Magician of Faith. So lets pretend your opponent used a Reinforcements of the Army to put a Marauding Captain in their hand. You activate MC planning to discard just one Marauding Captain, and to your surprise your opponent has 2 Marauding Captains in their hand. Guess who just killed two birds with one stone? You!

Now what happens if you’re wrong about your MC declaration? Well, you first get to examine the opponent’s hand to confirm that they have no copies of the guessed card; so that’s a victory for you in the long run. Then comes the unpleasantness of randomly discarding a card from your hand, which may turn out to be a positive; you could end up discarding Sinister Serpent or a high Level monster that’s simpler to just revive in the Graveyard. Despite MC’s great potential to benefit you, it is a card that requires some patience if you want to guess correctly. Personally, I’d just assume use Delinquent Duo; you don’t need to worry about losing a card from your hand and your opponent will be losing two cards. But if your opponent has the nasty habit of having multiple copies of the same card in their hand at any given time, MC may be just the card you need.

Advanced: 3/5. It can be a useful card; I’d just assume use Delinquent Duo.
Traditional: 3.5/5. Making the opponent discard is better than sliced bread in Traditional.
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 3/5. It’s an interesting picture, but I don’t see how it relates to the effect.

Coin Flip
Mind Crush is useful. I myself used it to high effectivity a while back (at least 8 months, actually) in a deck focusing purely around looking at the opponent's hand and saying "No, you can't have that kthxbi". The offensive use of it in offensive play is like this:

Once you know one card in an opponent's hand, you take care of it with Mind Crush and lose a card to kill at least one card in your opponent's hand and take a peek at the rest, too. This works well with a lot of cards. Using it with Compulsory Evacuation Device on, say, a Pyramid Turtle, and then using Mind Crush and discarding two Pyramid Turtles is always fun. If your opponent is just plain foolish and keeps their hand low enough that they tilt it… Bam. Using it with Deck Devastation Virus is just mean.

And if it backfires, you are in some serious trouble. So just don't let it backfire. You'll be entirely happy.

Traditional: Confiscation + Forceful = 3.1/5
Advanced: 3.3/5 (Playing outside the norm is slightly more normal here.)

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