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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Soul Exchange
Super Rare

Select an oppent's monster and use it as a Tribute in place of one of your own. You must skip your Battle Phase for the turn in which this card is activated.

Type - Magic
Card Number - SDY-E037

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 3.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.13.05

Coin Flip Soul Exchange will confuse some people. I'm sure someone else has already told you about a deck called Soul Control run at SJCLA that placed top 8 (and, with the creativity curse of SJC's, lost 4th tier) using Monarchs to gain advantage with this card. That is very fun, in case you haven't noticed.

Yeah, some of you will say "but it doesn't work for anything but Tribute Summons" since your cards say "Offer 1 monster on your side of the field". The deck (pioneer? Creator? I'll go with pioneer) thought it couldn't be used with Metamorphosis or Enemy Controller because of that annoying line. Hahaha… Silly Evan could've placed 2nd had he known that they just changed that text because people chose to be stupid and assume that if the card didn't say "Tribute 1 monster on your side of the field" that they could Tribute monsters from the opponent's side of the field. Both of these groups of people are mistaken slightly, 1 less so than the other, whom are in dire need of a slap to the forehead. The proof is in the fact that older cards have been errata'd to conform to this rule, and Soul Exchange still works with Cannon Soldier, 1 such card.

Of course, I could be wrong, since common sense never applies in this game, but if that argument doesn't work, then just say this: Tributes have to be offered from your side of the field anyway. If a card allows you to offer it from the opponent's side, then you are offering it as though it were your own. Key difference there.

That said, this gives you 1 monster to tribute in exchange for 1 card and your Battle Phase. You've only lost your Battle Phase by playing this card and Tributing that monster, since that's a standard 1-for-1.
If you can gain card advantage from using this, then you are winning Card advantage in an indirect way. What monsters give you card advantage upon summon?

Oh yeah. Monarchs.

I can only guess how well this would work with stuff like Blowback Dragon and the like – I imagine it would rather suck to lose another card by Blowback's effect. You could probably plug this into a Monster Gate/Reasoning deck with no problem whatsoever.

In that regard, don't use this as t3ch. It is not fun removal – losing your Battle Phase is bad if you're getting out a Tribute Monster. If you're honestly ready to run a few tributes that will help you win advantage with this card, then go ahead – I like Mobius and Thestalos for it. If not, go away.

Since it's sort of the heart of Soul Control, I'd say 2 or 3 are staple there – 5/5. In Reasoning/Monster Gate, however…

Traditional: 4/5. Battle phase becomes less and less in this format.
If you get off a Monarch with this, or summon a Jinzo and start hitting for heavy amounts, that's cool. If not, meh.
Advanced: 4.2/5 Following the normal trend of tacking on .3 for a card because we're not in Traditional and have more open deck slots works here, but losing your Battle Phase counts more here, so…
ExMinion OfDarkness Soul Exchange

Yay for netdecking!

Today's card is Soul Exchange, which was used by Evan Vargas at the Shonen Jump Championship to take 3rd/4th/9th (however you want to look at the rankings given what happened), and Soul Control is now being used by deck-copiers everywhere. I saw someone running that deck at the 4-10 event and ended up going 6-2.

Soul Exchange is simple -- the tribute doesn't have to be IMMEDIATE, keep that in mind. You give up a battle phase for a situation later in the turn where you get to Tribute an opponent's monster for 1 thing you would need a Tribute for.

Common things you'll see this comboed with:

*Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch -- as Evan put it, "they lose a monster and a card in hand. It's like Delinquent Duo all over again." Instead of paying 1,000 LP, you pay a battle phase.

*Mobius the Frost Monarch -- ESPECIALLY against Burn. Using THEIR Stealth Bird as Tribute fodder for a Mobius to destroy their attack-blocking M/Ts is pretty sick -- given that you usually wouldn't be doing battle had you not gotten rid of the M/Ts anyway, that's a pretty good trade.

*Hand of Nephthys -- play Soul Exchange first, then throw out Hand. Hand has Priority for his effect, so he'd IMMEDIATELY be able to bring out the Phoenix. Even though the opponent will now have one turn to deal with the bird, in order to get rid of it for good, they'll need to destroy it in battle or RFG it.

There are other smaller uses for the card, but these are the ones you'll see from a Soul Control netdeck. NETDECK EVAN VARGAS RIGHT NOW!!!!

Traditional: 3/5 (assuming a Soul Control deck). Not sure if it's needed given that all 3 of the original pre-negators are still there, but it's worth trying out.

Advanced: 4.25/5 (assuming Soul Control). If you get stuck without Tributes, it's a dead card; if you get stuck without the Soul Exchange and have only Tributes, you're in a real bind. However, a well-built deck should be able to balance that out.
Tranorix Soul Exchange

This is a card that, since its initial release, has seen virtually no play – until recently. It’s actually much better than people give it credit for, and I expect it’ll start popping up in decks all over the place soon enough.

First of all, some general information: If you use this card, that basically means that at any point during the turn, you can sacrifice an opponent’s monster instead of yours. If you want to launch your opponent’s Jinzo with your Cannon Soldier, you can go right ahead and do it. If you want to tribute your opponent’s BLS-EotB for your Mobius, go for it. It has uses.

Of course, it also has drawbacks. If you topdeck this, of course, it’s useless; and you also give up your Battle Phase for the turn. But many decks in which this card will do well don’t even NEED a Battle Phase. If you’re running Cannon Soldier, you’re likely running Burn, which doesn’t need to attack. And of course, a rentsy new deck archetype has just emerged that utilizes this card with a bunch of Monarchs, who get their effects upon being Tribute Summoned – so they don’t really need to attack either.

Run this if you think your deck can support it. If not, you might want to reconsider.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Burn: 3/5
Advanced – CCWC: 3/5
Advanced – Burn: 3.5/5
Snapper Soul Exchange

As Shonen Jump week continues we come to Soul Exchange, a card that proved to be much more useful then some people once thought, and a card I completely misunderstood.

At the price of forfeiting your Battle Phase, Soul Exchange allows you to select a monster on the opponent’s side of the field and use it instead of one of your monsters as a Tribute. Now until a few minutes ago I was under the impression that you could only use Soul Exchange to Tribute Summon a Level 5 or 6 monster. That was it. I don’t now why I thought that, but I’ve seen the errors of my minds. Contrary to what I thought, Soul Exchange can be used for many things. It can help out with any kind of Tribute Summon, Ritual Summons, Cannon Soldier, Enemy Controller, Metamorphosis, Hand of Nephthys, and a few others (which I can’t think of) that may also be worth mentioning.

At the recent Shonen Jump tournament, Soul Exchange was used to take advantage of the effects of the many Monarchs. Use it to summon Thestalos and your opponent loses a monster, a card in their hand, and maybe some Life Points. Use it with Mobius and your opponent loses a monster and up to two S/Ts. It was originality at its fullest. Overall, Soul Exchange has proven its worth at one of the most competitive tournaments in the one of the most competitive Meta in the U.S. Use it in any Deck that requires numerous Tributes or just copy SandTrap’s Soul Control Deck. It got him 9th place!

Advanced: 3/5. I’m not really sure how to rate this card. It CAN be very useful, but it can also be VERY useless. You decide.
Traditional: 3/5. See Advanced.
Overall: 3/5
Art: 2/5. Erm; wow? It’s pre-LOB, it’s pathetic by default.
sHecKii Soul Exchange

Yes, my teammate qualified for SJC Top 8 with this card. Evan Vargas aka SandTrap used this card along with Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch to achieve one of the most fundamental combos in this game, take a monster, tribute that monster, and somehow achieve a 2for1.

But is Soul Exchange any good? I mean Evan did only run 2 Soul Exchanges main deck.

Well let's see, if you don't have a tribute monster, what CAN you do with Soul Exchange?

1) Cannon Soldier: Play Cannon Soldier, play Soul Exchange, and becomes a really bad removal
2) Metamorphosis: Play Soul Exchange and Metamorphosis their creature. Once again, a really bad removal
3) Enemy Controller: Same thing as Metamorphosis. Really bad removal card.
4) Hand of the Nephthys: Play HotN. Play Soul Exchange, sacrifice both monsters to bring out Sacred Pheonix in one shape or another (which is actually REALLY good)
5) Basically, anything else with the word TRIBUTE as the cost in it

hRmm...soo without a Monarch or a Tribute monster or Hand of the Nephthys, it's not that good huh?

Your right, it isn't that good without a Monarch BUT if you can take a DD Assailant, facedown Magician of Faith, Apprentice Magician, Mask of Darkness, Cyber Jar, etc... it becomes a really good removal.

It's a hard card to use and Evan's deck is one of the harder decks to run in this format. It's a hard card to play but when it is played right, it's a deadly combination.

Constructed: 4/5
Limited: 2/5 (because if you pick a tribute monster, you win in drafts)
Dark Paladin I'd like to thank a person from an e-mail I got about Bottomless Trap Hole yesterday. The art is cool, but Hitotsu-Me Giant and Possessed Dark Soul would be unaffected by the card. Yet, they're in the picture...kinda makes you think, hmm?

Soul Exchange

Select one of your opponents monsters and offer it as a tribute for one of your own. You must skip your battle phase in turn you activate this card.

How old school is this card? If you EVER played this with Change of Heart running about, you'd probably being laughed at for days...

However, now that in Advanced Change of Heart is gone, this becomes quite a viable option. Skipping your battle phase can be a very hefty price, but is it that big of a deal?

Not really, in my opinion. If you're using it for Phoenix, or something else poewrful, a one turn delay probably isn't going to hurt you as much as you thought. I don't see it being that much of a problem.

It would also be cool to take your opponent's only monster and summon a Jinzo or something and leave them defenseless.


Traditional: 1.5/5 Why use this instead of Change of Heart?
Advanced: 3.9/5 We have Enemy Controller too, but with no Change of
Limited: 2.0/5 Change of Heart can be found in Starter Decks

Art: 1/5 One of the single worst foil arts ever.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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