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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

A Feather of the Phoenix
Ultimate Rare

Discard 1 card from your hand. Select 1 card from your Graveyard and return it to the top of your Deck.

Type - Spell
Card Number - FET-EN037

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.46
Advanced: 2.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.05.05

ExMinion OfDarkness A Feather of the Phoenix

A Feather of the Phoenix is an odd little card -- bad hand advantage but useful in a few situations.

Under the worst conditions, you're taking an advantage of -3 -- Feather itself, the discard, and you're re-drawing a card.

However, you're getting 1 card back if the discard was Sinister Serpent or a Night Assailant...another card if the card put back was Pot, or if it was Graceful and you put back Sinister.

Generally, I think Magician of Faith is a better option -- Even in those situations where I really wish I could get Ceasefire or Ring back for a win, there are just better options -- and Reincarnation works better for monsters.

2/5 at best.

Coin Flip
A Feather of the Phoenix is another card I will comparing to another card. This time, we go for Monster Reincarnation.

And we notice two differences. This can retrieve any card, which is incredible. This puts it on top of your deck, which is best summarized as horrible. On a stick.

First, retrieving any card doesn't matter. This will only retrieve spells over 9 times out of 10. Monsters have Monster Reincarnation, and if you fetch a trap… Well… You're insane. Your opponent will see the card you swing back to the top and can work his way around it however he wants. Even if it's chainable and free, you still have to wait an additional turn to activate the card, making your use of Feather of the Phoenix the slowest move I can think of beside normal summoning all three pieces of Gate Guardian with two tributes and then getting Gate Guardian out himself. Spells are the only option a reasonable person would go with for this card.

Just to inform you, your Draw Phase is the only reliable source of card advantage you will ever have in a game. Of the four resources you have in the game – your deck (and graveyard and removed from game pile, and the resource most players deem as least important), your draw phase (and hand), your one-per-turn Normal Summon and your LP, this cuts three cards down from what might be the most important in protecting the other resources to give you one card and a small advantage. You lose your draw phase and two cards from your hand to get one card. There's a reason Yata Garasu was banned, and that's that it took a limited resource – your one per turn – and cut your opponent's draw phase from them, effectively gaining one card of advantage per turn. This might not have been so bad – after all, Time Seal isn't restricted in any way, shape or form… But it was reusable and slowly, but surely diminished another of your opponent's resources… Their LP.

That's a bit of education for some of the newer players to the game, so let's get back to Feather of the Phoenix. Right now, there is no way to get around losing this card when you play it. Same with every other Magic or Trap card in the game. That's –1 advantage. Then you lose your draw phase. –1 advantage. The discard can be worked around… Sinister Serpent and Night Assailant are entirely reasonable cards to work with, so I'll mention them as combo cards with this one.

So let's say you discard Sinister and lose only two cards – the one you would have gotten next turn and Feather itself. Then you get that card back… You started with Sinister and Feather in hand and you ended with the bounced card and Sinister in hand, losing your draw phase. Even if that card is Graceful Charity, and you discard Sinister to gain one more card of advantage… You break even. Barely.
Pot of Greed will do the same. Delinquent Duo is not a logical choice unless you know your opponent has at least three monsters in his hand, and then you risk one of them being Soldier or a special summon monster (and then you still risk them drawing Graceful, discarding the monsters, and then setting their hand to make Delinquent Duo a useless card) or unless you have a Heavy Storm in your hand and destroy every single card they set from their hand. If one of those can apply, then you are getting really lucky. Three cards that make this card good (Four, really).

So the only way you can break even is to retrieve one of three cards restricted to one per deck.

So let's say this did something else – say, bounce back one of your opponent's cards from their graveyard to the top of their deck – I might play one in some sort of Masks of Tsuku control (You're welcome, dawn. The rest of you will have to wait until next week to find out what I'm talking about.).

Now, it does stuff. Therefore, I won't be a moron and give it a 1/5 or even a 2/5 (Sorry for the last 5 weeks). But what it does doesn't help you much of the time. =\

Traditional: Okay, scratch what I said. Sure, there are a lot more broken cards to get back, but hey! Yata Garasu will just LOVE you losing your Draw Phase. 1.4/5
Advanced: Delinquent, Pot, and Graceful are all legal in this format, and the hand advantage dealie is not as huge, but you still won't be getting back as much useful stuff. 2.4/5

Wow, that was a fairly nice review as compared to the last 4 weeks. I wonder w- oh yeah. I lost the reviews. Again, sorry for the crappy reviews.
Tranorix A Feather of the Phoenix

This is a very rentsy card; I can’t even tell yet whether it’s being tremendously overrated or remarkably underrated. Or neither. Either way, it’s a Normal Spell that requires a discard, which means its effect had better be really good.

And indeed, it’s really good. Play this card, discard something (and as always, Sinister Serpent, Night Assailant and Skull-Mark Ladybug all work wonderfully), and take any card from your Graveyard and put it on top of your deck. As far as card advantage goes, this card hurts: you’re sacrificing two cards from your hand and not gaining any right away.

On the other hand, you can take any card from your Graveyard. It may very well be worth the loss of card advantage if you bring back something like Mirror Force or Lightning Vortex when you’re behind, or if you take that Cannon Soldier to do the last 500 points of damage, or that Metamorphosis you need, for whatever reason.

This card is even better in Traditional, where although card advantage is more important, there are also far more game-breaking cards you could use. Like Raigeki. As a general rule, it’d probably be best in Burners, as they don’t focus so much on card advantage as they do one or two key cards.

Traditional – CCCC: 3/5
Traditional – Burn: 3.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5
Advanced – Burn: 3/5
Snapper A Feather of the Phoenix

Today’s card is A Feather of the Phoenix, a universal version of The Warrior Returning Alive.

At the cost of a discard, Feather allows you to return one card in your Graveyard to the top of your Deck. Simple effect really, and it’s useful too. If BLS end up in your Graveyard before being properly summoned, Feather it to the top of your Deck. Want to reuse your Graceful Charity? Feather it.
The only downside to the effect is the required discard. With the return of Delinquent Duo to Advanced, hand size is something to be aware of; you don’t want to find yourself with two cards or less very often. So just reserve Feather for times in which it would be most beneficial, such as when you have a Pot of Greed ready to be used. All in all, Feather could be put into any Deck, but with the numerous Spell “Staples”, you may have difficulty finding room for it.

Advanced: 3/5. It’s going to take a turn for Feather to help you at all, so have a back-up plan.
Traditional: 2/5. Discards are to be avoided in Traditional.
Overall: 2.5/5.
Art: 4/5. For some reason that feather is extremely cool, and I dun’t new y.
Dark Paladin A Feather of the Phoenix

Discard 1 card from your hand. Return one card from your graveyard to the top of your deck.

Now, this is a good card. I really REALLY like this card. I have one of these and it is awesome. It's like a more vaguely targeted version of Monster Reincarnation which only lets you select a monster and brings it back to your hand. This lets you choose ANY card and set it on top of your deck. The only REAL threat to that is Drop Off and so few people play that, sadly.

Bring your Lightning Vortex, Jinzo, Phoenix, Graceful, Delinquent Duo, Pot of Greed, Mirror Force, or whatever else YOU WANT back to your deck and you get to use it whenever you want. Being a Spell, you don't have to wait a turn like you would if it were a trap which also helps this card.

I see this being used late game as a best case scenario, but use it whenever you want. It is a good card, truely.

Sorry again for a short review, but it's good, and I've said enough.

Conclusion: It is a solid card that can be game-breaking.


Traditional: 3.9/5
Advanced: 4.6/5
Limited: 2.5/5 Why so low? Not many "game-breaking" cards to use here.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Once again, classes necessitate that I be very brief with my reviews.  I wasn’t go to review at all, but there seems enough dissent in at least a few of the CotDs this week to warrant my participation (e.g. I disagree and can’t keep my mouth shut or fingers off the keyboard).  Besides, I really do need to shorten my average review length.


A Feather of the Phoenix is the new, all purpose, recursion card.  While it is not as sick as it could have been, it is still a very solid card that is just shy of being a staple.  Why?  Well, let us look at the effect: discard a card from hand to place a card from the discard on top of your deck.  So I am one step farther from decking, and I just made sure that the next card I draw is either exactly what I need, or at least more likely to help me than anything remaining in my deck.  Discard costs tend to be rather easy to manage, provided you either a) run few so that you don’t have to worry about running out your hand or b) run several to justify including Night Assailant or Sinister SerpentSinister Serpent has enough other uses to warrant it in several decks regardless of discard costs, so I hope this really emphasizes the ridiculousness of avoiding a card just for a single discard requirement.  Now together, those are enough to discourage A Feather of the Phoenix from being used in general for a game like Yu-Gi-Oh.  Since most cards in this game are far too easy to use and don’t require “tapping” into a resource like mana, Energy, Power, etc. seen in other games, Yu-Gi-Oh can’t have the draw power available to those kinds of games.  So that once-per-turn draw is a precious thing indeed.


As a whole it seems a very good card to me.  Cherry picking the exact card I need from my Graveyard is only lame when everything good is still in your deck.  Otherwise, top deck a Pot of Greed or Graceful Charity for greater deck penetration (your card count won’t come out ahead, but you’ll have the chance to exchange useless or renewable resources for something better), or a second shot at a good card (Heavy Storm to clear away the opponent’s Spells and Traps so you can safely attack for game).  You can use it for Monsters, but if that is your only reason, just run Monster Reincarnation to return it to hand.  Though having just one set of cards that does the job, even if not as well, as twice as many of two different groups of cards tends to be an advantage.


Traditional: 3.5/5: So what if I am making it one card easier to catch me in a Yata-lock?  I am also making it several steps easier to annihilate my opponent’s cards by “bouncing” a Raigeki back to the top of the deck.  If I am that close to being locked, I am in trouble no matter what.


Advanced: 3.75/5-An excellent card that just faces so much competition for deck space.  Like many cards, though, it requires you think before you use it to avoid hurting yourself.


Limited: 4/5-Take a good card an make sure you draw it again.


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