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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Compulsory Evacuation Device

Return 1 monster on the field to its owner's hand.

Type - Normal Trap
Card Number
- IOC-103

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.27.04

Tranorix Compulsory Evacuation Device

Surprisingly, Compulsory Evacuation Device isn't that underrated; more often than not, it's recognized as being a card with a lot of potential. It's a simple effect, and some unimaginative people would say it's worthless; the monster is going to come back, right? But it can be extremely useful and extremely annoying; and in the right deck, extremely deadly.

It's best saved for a high-level monster that your opponent wasted something on tributing for. He'll have sacrificed for naught. It's also nice to chain this to some sort of S/T removal, so you don't lose card advantage and you actually gain a bit of Field control. Combined with Penguin Soldier, Guardian Sphinx, and even Hyper Hammerhead, Compulsory Evacuation Device makes for a very annoying Bounce-Back Deck that only gets more viable with the Bans. It might also work to combine this with Chain Energy for an interesting Burn hybrid...force your opponent to pay again and again for the same cards thanks to your returning them.

Oh, and from now on (or until I think of a better system), my "Typical tournament deck" rating will be replaced by the card's performance in Traditional Format, in a Cookie-Cutter-Chaos-Control deck; and my themed deck rating will be for the Advanced Format. The Overall Rating is no longer necessary, nor is it really possible.

Traditional Ė CCCC: 3/5
Advanced Ė Bounce/Chain Energy Hybrid: 4.5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
Compulsory Evacuation Device

Welcome to Underrated Traps week! This week we'll be looking at Trap cards that really should see more play than they do.

Compulsory Evacuation Device is the CED that doesn't get referred to as such. If two cards have the same initials or abbreviation, the better card is the one to get abbreviated, and the other one will need the full name. Try playing this card and saying "CED" when you play it. Your opponent will be caught off guard for a few seconds.

For this review, I'm going to compare this card to Trap Hole and Bottomless Trap Hole, as it's usually those two that will get played over this.

-Bounces any monster
-Can be sprung in Battle Phase, so opponent won't be able to react
-Leaves a free shot at their LP
-Can be used on your own monster, to regain control from a Snatch Steal/Change of Heart

-Doesn't destroy/remove the monster
-Puts the monster back in their hand, so they can summon it next turn (This creates card disadvantage just as Waboku does -- you give up one card to delay something from happening for one turn.)
-BLS/CED can just be resummoned if the light/dark are in the GY

This card seriously isn't bad. Basically, this card is to Bottomless Trap Hole as Waboku is to Mirror Force. It's less powerful, but it's safer overall.

Traditional Format: 2.75/5
Advanced Format: 2.5/5 (Hand size will be larger so they'll have even more options.) 

Monday: Compulsory Evacuation Device

Rated For: Exodia Deck, D.D Designator Control, Any Post-Ban Deck

This week features some of the most underrated and underplayed trap cards of all time.

The first card is an Invasion of Chaos rare, Compulsory Evacuation Device (or CED for those who like to confuse others). Scarily versatile, CEDevice should go primarily into one of the two deck types listed above; thatís where itíll be most useful.

Advantage F/H: A card that can provide numerous, key functions in your deck will almost always receive a solid score. Compulsory Evacuation deviceís base effect is basically one free monster removal. It then adds bonuses based on the deck type.

Exodia decks can recycle flip effects, protect their monsters from being Change of Hearted/Nobleman of Crossouted, revive pieces and return them to hand, or search pieces with Mystic Tomato and return them to hand.                9/10 in Exodia.

D.D Designator decks can take a look at the opponentís hand that next turn, gaining a huge advantage and wiping (at least) one important card from play. It can also leave a clear field open for Don Zaloog/Spirit Reaper.    8 /10 in D.D Designator Control.

In all other decks, it only serves as limited removal. Youíre almost better off with something like Smashing Ground. Not very great.                    5/10 in all other decks.

Best Draw for the Situation: This card is great in the opening turn because it really puts your opponent at a monster disadvantage. By your second turn, you should likely have him outpaced two monsters to one. Yu-Gi-Oh post-ban, in my estimation, is going to be more about a steady buildup of resources and management than the fast-paced, quick-shifting duels weíre used to. Therefore, cards like CED that let you dictate the flow and pace of the duel are almost always solid draws.            8/10 for all decks.

Attributes/Effect: Once again, depending on what type of deck you use, your mileage will vary with this card. At the very least, it serves as a rather underwhelming form of monster removal; the score for this card will depend mostly on the bonuses you get once the monster is returned:

Exodia decks can return pieces to the hand, return crucial flip effects such as Morphing Jar and Magician of Faith to hand if theyíre threatened, and use it as a fail safe. Generally, when Exodia the Forbidden One is sent to the graveyard, the Exodia deck must concede defeat. There are a few methods of bringing him back (Pharaohís Treasure and Des Feral Imp), but an overlooked method is Revival (The Shallow Grave, Call of the Haunted, Premature Burial) + Compulsory Evacuation Device.             9/10.

D.D Designator decks donít need CED as much as simply because they have plenty of other options for looking at the opponentís hand. Exchange, Trap Dustshoot, pre-negators and others are good options for the deck. This hurts CEDís score.               7.5/10.

All other decks donít benefit nearly as much from this card.     5/10.

Dependability: Because this card is chainable to all removal, the only way youíre negating its use is through Jinzo. In all other aspects, itís about as reliable a post-ban trap as youíre going to get (provided your opponent runs monsters!)       9/10 in all decks.

The Bottom Line: Great for Exodia, good for D.D Designator Control, decent in all else.

A BAD Scoreó         Exodia:           88/100

                                    D.D Designator Control:       81/100

                                    All Else:          68/100

Cards it functions well with: Flip Effects you donít want your opponent to steal (Magician of Faith, Morphing Jar, Fiber Jar), Exodia Pieces, Mystic Tomato, D.D Designator, Flip Effects you want to reuse.


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