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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Aqua / Effect Monster
When this card is face-up on the Field and control shifts to your opponent, inflict 2000 points of Direct Damage to your opponent's Life Points. This effect can only be used once as long as this card remains face-up on the Field.

Type - Water / 1 / 300 / 350
Card Number
- MRL-010

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.24.04

Tranorix Ameba

Not what any of you were expecting, is it? Today's card is the TREMENDOUSLY underrated Ameba, a hilarious little Rare from Magic Ruler. Granted, with stats of 300/350, it isn't going to be killing or defending from much. But it is Level 1, making it nice food for Metamorphosis.

The effect, at this point, really only works well with one card: Creature Swap. Swap your Ameba to your opponent and he gets a crappy monster and 2000 damage. You get a monster that's most likely superior, which you can use to pummel Ameba for further damage. This combo is not that difficult to pull off.

Even when you don't, as mentioned before, Ameba serves as good Metamorphosis food to bring out Thousand Eyes Restrict, which is also a valuable asset to a Burner. So essentially, there are two uses for Ameba, both of which fit very nicely into a Burn deck. Why not?

Typical tournament deck: 2/5
Burn deck: 3.5/5
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:

I'm sorry, but this review will be incredibly short. There's not much to say about this card.

If you run a post-ban Burn and you run Creature Swap, run this. You Swap over Ameba, take something good of theirs, and then run over the ATK mode Ameba with one of your monsters that's slipping under the Level Limit (again, Sonic Duck anyone? A 3-star 1700 is sounding pretty good right now...)

There aren't that many other uses for this card -- and there weren't meant to be. Just play it with Swap.

Traditional Format: 1.5/5
Advanced Format: 2.75/5 

Friday: Ameba

Rated For: Control Shifter Decks. Metamorphosis Control Shifter Decks.

Hereís an interesting note: Ameba was the very first card I ever pulled from a pack. I started collecting hardcore in the days of Magic Ruler, and itís the first rare card Iíve ever gotten! I was a beginner, so I thought Griggle and Ameba triggered as soon as they went to the graveyard. In fact, I remember scouring the pages of pojo.com hoping for a Card of the Day Review on this very card!

Well, weíve come full circle now and Iím now reviewing the card I once dreamt to see reviewed! What a delightfully smooth journey Iíve taken to reach this point. Here we go!

Of course, I was wrong. Ameba triggers when switched over to your opponent via Creature Swap or some other method Iím not aware of.

JAELOVEís CCG Strategy Tip: Please publish my tip Pojo! Omg! Ameba has one of the best one turn kill combos in the game. OMG! All you need is:

Ameba + Axe of Despair + Creature Swap + Harpieís Feather Duster+ Your opponentís Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning: Itís only a 5 card combo! And all you need is for your opponent to have BLS on the field! And an equip spell! And a Creature Swap! Then you can win the game! OMG OMG! Just swap it over then attack twice!

Okay, so now that youíve all read the exclusive first CCG tip ever written by JAELOVE, letís move on to the review.

Advantage F/H: 350/300 stats. Level 1. Pathetic, right? RIGHT? Yes, I know youíre supposed to Creature Swap or Metamorphosize him, but other cards such as Sinister Serpent, Magician of Faith, and such are FAR superior.               0/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Your opponent has 2000 life points leftÖ. he has a Chaos Emperor Dragon, a Black Luster Soldier, and a Magical Scientist on the field. In your sweaty palm, youíre holding a Creature Swap. You close your eyes and draw your cardÖ. itís Ameba! You play it face-up and use the combo of the millennium, playing Creature Swap and taking control of the match!!!??........ your opponent flips over Imperial Order and you lose the duel. The moral of the story is to never use Ameba.                     0/10.

Attributes/Effect: He gains two points for being a level 1 and having an interesting effect. His stats are horrible, however, and his type isnít exactly optimal either. 2/10.

Dependability: Letís say you run 3 Metamorphosis and 2 Creature Swap. Neither combo is very dependable, and Metamorphosis is better spent on GOOD monster cards such as Magician of Faith.                                           1/10.

The Bottom Line:  He was the first rare I ever pulledÖ. And he STILL didnít go into my beginnerís starter deck, which gives you an idea of how good this guy is.

A BAD Score: 2/40=                                                  5/100.

Cards it functions well with: Creature Swap, Metamorphosis.


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