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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Level Limit - Area B

All face-up Level 4 or higher monsters on the field are changed to Defense Position and remain in Defense Position as long as this card is active.

Type - Continuous Spell
Card Number
- AST-092

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.22.04

Tranorix Level Limit Ė Area B

The new Gravity Bind is today's card: Level Limit Area B, a Short Print common from Ancient Sanctuary. Being a Continuous Spell is both good and bad; it's good because, unlike Gravity Bind, it's immune to Jinzo. It's bad because of the obvious vulnerability to M/T removal. It's good because post-ban, this vulnerability won't be as much of an issue. It's bad because itís vulnerable to Spell negation.

It's good because it forces your opponent's stronger monsters into DEF, typically a much weaker mode. It's bad because that might force your stronger monsters into DEF as well. It's good because a smart player won't run LLAB in a deck with many stronger monsters. It's bad because a smart player will easily be able to side deck against Level Limit.

It's good because it's an all-around powerful stall card, an asset to Burn, arguably better than Gravity Bind (thanks to the Jinzo vulnerability). I'd definitely recommend running it if you plan to run most kinds of Burn/Stall.

Typical tournament deck: 1.5/5
Burn deck: 4.5/5
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Level Limit - Area B

Gravity Bind made sweet, passionate love to a Spell card and this is the baby. Actually, I say this is even better than G-Bind. With Gravity Bind, their monster can stay in attack mode and serve as an offensive wall. With LLAB, their monster easily gets picked off by Sonic Duck (SJ23 would be happy!)

It serves almost the same purpose as Gravity Bind, it's unrestricted like Gravity's slightly better because it's a spell and can force their monsters into Defense Position the turn it's activated...but it has one flaw that may be exploited.

Total Defense Shogun doesn't care if he's in Defense Position; he'll still smack you around.

But don't let that stop you from playing 3 of this in your post-ban burn and possible pre-ban stall/burns.

Traditional Format: 3.25/5
Advanced Format: 4.75/5 (broken) 
Tony ooh man >_<

Burner Deck's #1 card? maybe? maybe not? Better than gravity bind?

Well this is one of the reasons that burner decks MIGHT be retarded in the new format.

a) there is only 1 Mystical Space Typhoon so most of your Magic/Traps are safe
b) ...that's pretty much it! lol
c) and maybe that you want to play an unique/rogue deck?

After play testing the ban list back and forth about 1 million times, i realized that no matter what you do, burner decks can't be that strong...Don't get me wrong, I think it's top 5 decks that are in the new format, maybe top 3, but it's not consistent enough.

But back to the actual card!

This card has MANY advantages. First of all, It becomes a Smashing Ground on a Berserk Gorilla! That itself is pretty amazing. Second, It turns Jinzo sideways (( which happens to be Burner deck's nightmare >_< )). Third, It stalls and Stalls and STALLS! Your opponent's decks are consistent with 4+ star monsters. It's been the Yu Gi Oh metagame for as long as I can remember. You will be running around 10 cards in the deck that stops your opponent from attacking and this is one of them (( gravity bind, swords of revealing light, messenger of peace, level limit - area b, spirit reaper, scapegoat, etc.... basically ten anyways... )) Imagine your opponent can't do anything because of this card and their field is Jinzo, Breaker the Magical Warrior (lost it's counter after killing a gravity bind), and Airknight Parshath. Your field is 3 scapegoats and level limit area b. yay! happens a lot

eh, not much to this card. It's a staple in a burner deck because it stalls. nothing's like you have to play pot of greed if you want to win. it's a staple in a burner deck.

Constructed (only in burner): 8/10
Limited: 3.5/10 

Wednesday: Level Limit- Area B

Rated For: Any deck that doesnít use level 4 or higher monsters :P

Wednesday brings us another overlooked common; this one is Level Limit- Area B from Ancient Sanctuary. It draws immediate comparisons to two counterparts, Messenger of Peace and Gravity Bind. A typical stall/burn deck wonít be packing nine copies of all three cards, so obviously some are more optimal than others.

Basically, what this review boils down to is this. Is Level Limit Area B more deck-worthy than MoP and Gravity Bind? Letís analyze its use.

Advantage F/H: Instead of preventing attacks, this one moves all monsters to defense mode. Itís also a spell, making it un-negatable by Jinzo, but youíre kind of showing your opponent the goods early in your turn since itís a normal spell. With the lack of spell/trap removal in the post-ban environment, youíll be getting a good level of protection with this card. What you choose to do with it, of course, depends on your deck.     7/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Great in a pinch simply because of all the stalling capabilities. Itís normal spell status makes it immediately playable and itís not negated by Jinzo, so youíre pretty safe. Itís a good draw for the right deck.                 8/10.

Attributes/Effect: Since this does basically the same thing as MoP and Gravity Bind, this is where itís score will either be very high or very low. I think itís superior to Messenger of Peace because it has no life point cost, plus strong sub-1500 monsters such as Don Zaloog and D.D Warrior Lady canít attack under it. Itís about the same as Gravity Bind, but it canít be negated by Jinzo, so itís even slightly superior to that as well. Simply put, this card is the best stalling spell/trap in the game.               10/10.

Dependability: With reliable spell/trap negation gone, the only things able to kill it are:

Breaker, MST, Heavy Storm, and Dust Tornadoís. It makes the card a heck of a lot more reliable post-ban. Prepare to be annoyed, beatdown users.                     8/10.

The Bottom Line: Iím sure weíll see this card start popping up more frequently.

A BAD Score:            33/40=                                     83/100

Cards it functions well with: Any good level 3 or lower monster, including Sonic Duck!


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