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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Blade Knight
Limited Edition Promo

Warrior / Effect Monster
If you have 1 or less cards in your hand, the ATK of this card on the field is increased by 400 points. Also, if this card is the only monster on your side of the field, negate the effects of Flip Effect Monsters destroyed by this card as a result of battle.

Type - Light / 4 / 1600 / 1000
Card Number
- CT1-EN002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.17.04

Tranorix Blade Knight

Once in a while, a card comes along so overrated that people being throwing it in every single deck they make. A little while later, they realize said card is only really good in one or two decks, and the overrating begins to die down. Don Zaloog and Vampire Lord were such cards. Blade Knight is another.

With so-so stats of 1600/1000, Blade Knight is searchable by Witch, RotA and Freed (being a Warrior) and can also serve as good Chaos food, being LIGHT. The Chaos Deck is where Blade Knight really shines.

Some say the first effect promotes bad hand management. Some say it doesn't, that hand sizes are usually that small late game. Both statements are true. Blade Knight's ATK increase effect certainly might be useful late-game, especially after a CED explosion; but it could also force some less-experienced players into draining their entire hands just to get a little boost.

The second effect is good, but not great. Think about it for a second: If you don't have any other monsters on the field, what's the real use of getting rid of a Flip Effect monster? You can't attack directly with something else afterward, can you? Granted, stopping Fiber, Cyber, or Magician of Faith never hurts...but essentially, you're giving up potential damage to stop a threat. Useful? Certainly. But it isn't exactly game-breaking like Hades' version. Effect negation is usually used to clear a path for other monsters. Blade Knight can't do that (unless you have CotH or something).

Perhaps I'm being a little harsh on Blade Knight. He really is a good monster, but he's nowhere near as good as some people are making him out to be. Contrary to popular belief, he isn't that great in a Warrior Deck (since they're usually swarming and BK wonít be able to use his effect negation ability), not like Command Knight, the true star of the Tins. But he works in a Chaos deck, the typical tournament deck; and as such, his second rating will be for post-ban.

Typical tournament deck: 3.5/5
Post-ban: 3/5
MerrilHess Blade Knight

This is the Jinzo of this set of tin cards, and for good reason.

He is easily a 2000 Flip Effect negator. Yeah, you need to have him as your only creature and 1 or no cards in hand for it, but against someone with control, Chaos, or both, you should easily get this off. I know I find myself with both instances at the same time and wishing I had a Blade Knight to topdeck. Also, he is Witch Searchable (Like it matters anymore) and he is BLS food(Dragon's getting banned! YES!)

Actually, having more than 1 monster out with him is about all I see as a con. He is really broken, IMO.

Overall, I give Blade Knight a 9.3/10. He is truly one of the best Chaos/Warriors will have to offer.
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Blade Knight

The card well-deserving of its Friday slot. Or is it?

Blade Knight is a card with Breaker's stats, a Chaos-friendly type, and two effects you'll have a fair shot at using in Open Format.

If you have a low hand, it's a 2000 4-star. If you have no other monsters, it negates Flips. (If it negated all effects, it'd be broken and everyone would just run 3.) It stops the fear of Fiber...but in Open, that's about ALL it stops. There's still the regular searchers, the elemental searchers, DDWL...

Searchable by Reinforcements and benefiting from all other Warrior plays, it's a rather solid choice for the Warrior sub-type.

Most people that play it will play it because they either don't have or don't want to use Reflect Bounder, and remove their DD Warrior Ladies more often than is healthy for the Chaos deck.

I myself won't run this card. Why? Thunder Dragon. We reviewed it within the last month, and I said all I needed to say about it. (Cheap RL shout-outs) Sean, Nolan, Jordan, David -- you all know why I'm saying this. BTW David, you're a lucky son of a gun and you know very well why. Actually, you're lucky twice and you should still know very well why. (Bonus points to anyone who doesn't know me in real life and can guess both reasons why.)

Back to the card...

Warrior deck: 4/5 (One of the better solid hitters it has.)
Open Format: 3.75/5 (Still less useful outside of a Warrior deck, but its effects have a higher chance of triggering -- and if it got removed for BLS or CED, it did its job.)
Championship Format: 2.75/5 (Higher amount of cards in hand + more monsters on the field with Dark Hole/Raigeki gone and TT down to 1 = less effect use. It's even LESS necessary with only ONE uber-broken Chaos monster to summon.) 

Friday: Blade Knight

Rated For: Warrior, Warrior-Chaos, Chaos

Friday brings us a real treat, one of the most anticipated Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of all time. Itís been called everything from overrated to patron saint of the Warrior build. This review will try to give a balanced look at his merits in the three builds he belongs to.

Clearly, thereís no arguing that heís the final, ultimate piece to the successful use of the Warrior Chaos build (with Don Zaloog, D.D Warrior Lady, and Blade Knight). Previously, we were relegated to the use of 3 D.D Warrior Ladies and random non-warrior Light monsters; Blade Knight fills the gap. On with the review!

Advantage F/H: 1600 attack just crosses the threshold of playability. It allows him to cope with nearly every commonly played monster in the game. Heíll also negate every flip effect if heís the only monster on the field (a rather common scenario). This guy can finally replace Nobleman of Crossout and Magical Scientist as another option to deal with those pesky, game-breaking flip effect monsters. Finally, heíll also boost to 2000 attack if you have 0-1 cards in hand (which has a reasonable chance of occurring.) 1600 attack is weak, but he packs two awesome effects. (especially the flip effect negation)

Pre-Ban: 8/10                        Post-Ban: 8/10

Best Draw for the Situation: One of the best top-decking monsters in the game. In fact, Iíd go as far to say heís probably the best normal summon top-deck in the game, next to maybe Breaker the Magical Warrior and the two searchers. Absolutely studly, heíll dominate the field when you have 0-1 cards in hand. Great, great, great!

Pre-Ban: 9/10                         Post-Ban: 9/10

Attributes/Effect: As mentioned, he makes the Warrior Chaos build possible, giving him a perfect score in that build. In general, however, he has a fantastic attack, is a light type, and is a four-star warrior (warriors get plenty of support). Reinforcements of the Army can search him out quickly, to add another frightening dimension to the already diverse capabilities of the Warrior deck (DDWL against Witch/Sangan, Exiled Force against High Attack monsters, Don Zaloog against open field, and now Blade Knight against f/d monsters.) Heís even better in pre-ban Chaos because the Emperor Dragon is still available. Definitely one of the best lights in a Chaos deck, which is about beatdown.

Pre-Ban: 9.5/10                      Post-Ban: 8/10 in Warrior, 10/10 in Chaos Warrior.

Dependability: While he has a good chance of either being the only monster on the field, or getting the 400 attack bonus, neither is exactly dependable. Besides, doing such things usually implies bad hand management (although youíll also frequently ďnaturallyĒ find yourself with 0-1 cards). Anyways, his great effects arenít ironclad, which balances him out somewhat.

Pre-Ban: 7.5/10 (More hand disruption)                   Post-Ban: 7/10

The Bottom Line: If you want a Warrior deck with BLS post-ban, this guy is literally perfect for the build. Pre-ban, heís still a great light monster. But I wouldnít necessarily recommend running him in threeís. 1-2 is a better balance to promote good hand management as well. 

A BAD Score:            Pre-ban: 34/40=          85/100
                                 Post-ban: 33/40=        83/100

Tony Finally! Blade Knight is up to the review!

In my 1 week of playtesting with this card, I've come to one conclusion: IT'S EITHER THE BEST CARD IN YOUR HAND/FIELD OR THE WORST.

I know I've said this is the "nuts" in any Chaos/BLS/Sorcerer/etc... decks but I've finally realized maybe it's not for everyone. First, let's look at it's effects.

If you have 1 or less cards in your hand, it becomes a Berserk Gorilla (which is one of the best Metagame cards right now). If Blade Knight is the only monster on your side of the field, Blade Knight negates Flip Effects.

Effects seem great right?

Well during the early game, when you purposely keep 3-5 cards in the hand, this card is just a 1600 creature. Ewww >_<. Also, you may have a "Balter" or "Ha Des" on the field but you will never put any pressure on your opponent because it's the only creature that's on the field. *sigh* soo just a 1600-2000 flip-effect negator guy?

Well the early game effects are bad. I've played with this card SOO much and realized that I either a) Painful Choice it out or b) just set it in defence mode hoping for them to waste a Nobleman of Crossout on it or c) kill a random 100-1500 creature and then get beat with either Tribe Infecting Virus or Berserk Gorilla, or even Zombyra the Dark (( btw, this is all for the new ban-list playtesting. I'll be done with playtesting in about 1-2 weeks and will have an article for everyone about which decks will be the best for the next regionals. Also, if you guys are interested in helping me with my playtesting ~also only for serious Yu-Gi-Oh players~, e-mail me at ))

Late game, let me tell you, it's amazing. It's a Berserk Gorilla with a Flip Effect negate effect. And remember that it's a light monster (( But I find this timing bad SINCE there are a need for more effective DARK monsters now ))....It's a great card nonetheless

Now here's how I rate this card

Early Game: 5/10
Mid Game: 7/10
Top Decking Mode: 9.5/10

Here's how I rate the effects
1600 to 2000 effect: 7/10 (( once again, early game hurts you with a dead card esp against Beatdown or Burner ))
Flip Effect Negate: 5/10 (( only really good late game or if you play multiple flip effect monsters ))

I'm sure there will be reviews of "this card is amazing" and such but I've playtested Blade Knight for multiple hours each day. I'm sure this will be the best review on it.

Also, without banlist, I think this card will be the NUTS so to speak. Imagine, a 2000 light monster attacking after Chaos Emperor Dragon's effect? Simply Amazing!

Eh, I say if you have the money to buy this card, buy it. I still think that Reflect Bounder, Thunder Nyan Nyan, X-Head Cannon (if you run machine version), Magical Merchant, Magician of Faith, DD Warrior Lady, Shining Angel, Airknight Parshath, etc...they basically do the same thing. You don't NEED this card to win regionals or big tournaments. Remember's not the NUTS that I thought it would be... 

Stats: Blade Knight is a Level 4 Light/Warrior (Revive the orbs!).  Thatís a pretty fantastic mix.  Level 4ís are easy to get into play.  Level 4 Warriors are even easier to get into play (Reinforcements of the Army, Freed the Matchless General, Marauding Captain).  Itís a Light Monster, which is good-solid Attribute support for themes, and of course, itís Chaos Food.  Blade Knight has an ATK of 1600 and 1000 DEF.  The upside of the DEF is that it can be searched out by Sangan, but slightly sturdier 1500 would have been better and still made a viable target.  Ironically, I kinda wish that the ATK was only 1500-1600 means that it can kill Don Zaloog in DEF mode or suicide a Tribe Infecting VirusÖ but makes it illegal for Shining Angel to fetch it out from the deck to the field.  Of course, the effect would need a slight boost then.

Effect(s): Blade Knight has two effects.  The first is that if you have one or less cards in hand, it gets a 400 bonus to ATK.  Second, if itís your only monster, it negates Flip Effects of monsters it destroys in battle.  Too solid effects.

Uses/Combinations: This can work into a normal Warrior deck, but how often will it get its effects?  This probably works best in a Chaos or Chaos Control deck.  Needless to say, itís a great top deck if you get this after activating CED.  Warrior Chaos Control really likes it-it gives a bunch of useful effects that way.

Be careful not to over extend your resources to get the effects-this is supposed to be insurance for when you canít avoid losing your hand or field, not a reason to trash them yourself.


I hope that I am not jumping the gun, but I think I can finally drop casual-casual was essentially just the Champion format on the honor system anyway.

Open: 3.75/5-It fits a great niche hereÖ but donít pack too many in-itís a great top-deck late game.  Early game itís just dead weight.

Champion: 3.5/5-No CED to blow up the world.  Much less hand disruption.  Monsters stick around on the field a little longer.  So while this card is safer, it was obviously meant to counter some of the broken cards from Open.


A little over-hyped, but a solid card.


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