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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Obnoxious Celtic Guard
Limited Edition Promo

Warrior / Effect Monster
This card is not destroyed as a result of battle when this card battles with a monster with an ATK of 1900 or more. (Damage calculation is applied normally.)

Type - Earth / 4 / 1400 / 1200
Card Number
- CT1-EN006

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.16.04

Tranorix Obnoxious Celtic Guard

This remake is a bit more playable than yesterday's card. Obnoxious Celtic Guard has an interesting effect but mediocre stats. Being 1400/1200, EARTH and Warrior, he is searchable by just about everything (Witch, Sangan, Rat, RotA, Freed). But he lacks the ATK to do any real damage without an equip, and his DEF is sub-standard in that even Control monsters can break through it.

But Beatdown monsters can't. If your opponent keeps throwing Goblin Attack Forces, Giant Orcs, Archfiend Soldiers and Gorillas against you, Obnoxious Celtic Guard is the perfect monster. He'll just sit there mocking them until your opponent brings out something weaker. It's basically just an obnoxious effect.

Is he worth main-decking? Perhaps...but I consider him a much more solid Side Deck choice for when you go up against a hardcore Beatdown, since those decks usually don't have many lower-ATK monsters. And if they do, they're probably Sangan and Witch...who can't kill OCG.

Typical tournament deck: 3/5
Warrior deck: 3.5/5
MerrilHess Obnoxious Celtic Guard

This reminds me of D.D. Dragon. Just without the niceness

Has a Spirit Reaper effect, but not totally like it. He can't be killed by anything 1900 ATK or higher. I guess it's good.

If it runs into anything like Element Searchers like Tomato and Angel, Tribe, Breaker w/o counter, etc... he is screwed. He also is venerable to spells and traps, unlike the D.D. Dragon.

I give Obnoxious Celtic Guard a 6/10. He isn't as good as some say he is, unless I'm missing something. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
Obnoxious Celtic Guardian

This card has been wanted by so seems that stall decks are getting all their weapons at the same time (this, the Championship format, the restriction of MST...)

1400/1200 that can't be killed by 1900+. It still takes damage, it just doesn't die.

Anti-Beatdown -- 1900s can't touch it. It just sits there and laughs at them.
Searchable -- in Open it still has the two big ones, Witch and Sangan -- in Championship, it has...Giant Rat, I think. But still, elemental searchers will be strong there. It can be pulled by Reinforcements of the Army, which is always a plus.

Combos very well with Command Knight. This would become an 1800 that can't die by a 1900+. 1850s are the only things that would kill it!

Control. Don Zaloog kamikazes. DDWL kills it. Shining Angel kamikazes to get the DDWL. Mystic Tomato kamikazes to get the Zaloog to hit their hand.

It's a good card for a Warrior deck that is going to use a couple of Tribute monsters (Total Defense Shogun, anyone?) or just the warrior Spirit Reaper in a different form.

Warrior: 3.5/5 (Good stall, you may take some damage from being attacked by higher-end monsters but you'll still have field presence.)
Open Format: 2.5/5 (Mass removal and the dominating Control metagame prevent this card from reaching its full potential.)
Championship Format: 2/5 (Worse here, not because of what will go against it but what will be used in place of it -- Reaper isn't killed by ANY shots, but this can still fall to the weaker effect monsters. Burn has enough stall weapons and shouldn't need this.) 

Thursday: Obnoxious Celtic Guard

Rated For: Warrior deck, his own deck.

This name-change rivals “Mazera Devile” in sheer stupidity. As you may have noticed, his original name was Retrained Celtic Guardian, which is a far cooler name. Obnoxious is just horrifying. Anyways, this guy packs a rather interesting effect; he can’t be killed by 1900 or higher attack monsters. Perfect against beatdown, right? The question is, does anyone even run 1900 or higher attack monsters?

Advantage F/H: OCG still falls to the most commonly played monsters in today’s environment. DDWL, Breaker, Tribe-Infecting Virus, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, and others are examples of cards that fit under the 1900 requirement. In fact, the main 1900+ monsters it’ll stop are Jinzo, Blade Knight,  and Berserk Gorilla. Both won’t be run in 3’s (Gorilla is usually run in one’s, Jinzo for obvious reasons.) Therefore, outside of the sidedeck, you’re not gaining much advantage with this card. He’s a basic 1400.  

Pre-ban: 2/10.                         Post-ban: 3/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Not really recommended here either. He can definitely help versus the Envoys or Jinzo, but even then you’re just stalling. Spirit Reaper is usually a far more effective option. The 1400 won’t help much as an attack force either; Celtic Guard should have received a stat boost too; he’s on the fringe of playability here.

Pre-ban: 2/10.             Post-ban: 2/10.

Attributes/Effect: 1400 is a shade below playable for a monster with a semi-decent effect. His effect, as mentioned before, really doesn’t offer much protection. In fact, most of the themed decks that’ll rise after the bans won’t even run 1900+ monsters, with the exception of fiends/beasts. That’s why this is side-deck material.

Pre-ban: 4/10.             Post-ban: 5/10.

Dependability: Repeat after me, his effect isn’t very dependable. Yes, yes, I like him too; in fact, an old Yu-Gi-Oh legend went by the name of Retrained_Celtic_Guardian, so I do have a soft spot for this card. Unfortunately, it’s not very playable as of yet.

Pre-ban: 4/10.             Post-ban: 4/10.

The Bottom Line: Strictly for collector’s with a soft spot for the good ol’ Celtic pride.

A BAD Score:            Pre-Ban:         12/40=             30/100
                                 Post-Ban:        14/40=             35/100

Cards it functions well with: Equip him with a good equip spell card that boosts his attack, then he becomes unkillable!

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian.  That is just a really lame name.  Let’s see if it can live up to it.

Stats: Being a Level 4 is of course great-you can drop it into play as a simple Normal Summon-no extra effort needed.  Given our last two cards, it wasn’t completely trivial that I pointed that out.  OCG (hmm, guess I shouldn’t abbreviate the name) is an Earth/Warrior.  That’s sight amongst Warriors, and more importantly it’s not uncommon amongst some of the better Warriors.  This means that you can take advantage of Earth’s support and Warrior’s significant support.  Finally we come to the ATK and DEF.  A 1400 ATK means that it can go under Messenger of Peace, and be searched out by Giant Rat, Last Will, and Sangan.  The 1200 DEF means that it can be searched out by Witch of the Black Forest.  I’d have preferred 1500/1500 myself, but like most of the “revised” monsters, the change it by giving it an effect. 

Effect(s): Well, I think it is obvious what happened now: Enraged Battle Ox (back when it was just a plain old Battle Ox) scared Celtic Guardian to the back of the line (being the biggest Level 4 that was retooled).  If there are any retrained monsters I forgot, Celtic Guardian probably was able to defeat most of them to still get a very solid effect.  Then, since he was two-tributes, Gaia got the “booby” prize for being late…

Okay, that was stupid, but since I wasted time typing it up, you might as well see it.  Besides, it keeps my ego in check (no way that should be big on me).

This is what can help Obnoxious Celtic Guardian live up to his name-he’s extremely hard to get rid of other than by removal effects (which work on everybody).  Anything with an ATK of 1900 or more can attack him, but he won’t be destroyed by the attack.  If you leave him in ATK mode and your opponent’s BLS slams into him, he’ll live… but you’ll still take the overflow damage.

The main draw back is many support monsters like the Attribute Searchers (Mystic Tomato, Giant Rate, etc.), Tribe Infecting Virus, and D.D. Warrior Lady are within that window of being able to kill it anyway.

Uses/Combinations: Fortunately, there are various tricks to dealing with this.  A single Gaia Power, which would power-up a good variety of Warriors anyway, will also put Obnoxious Celtic Guardian at a 1900 ATK… enough that no monster can kill him by attacking plainly.  Building on the Earth/Warrior theme, you can use Reinforcements of the Army to fetch him from the deck and The Warrior Returning Alive to revive him if they nuke a copy with a Spell or Trap card.  So like Total Defense Shogun, this card can be quite useful if your deck can power it up.

And of course, don’t forget other Warrior support cards like Command Knight.


Open: 3.25/5 for casual, 3/5 for the competitive tournament scene.  Obnoxious Celtic Guardian can be great in a side deck for handling the general Beatdown decks that always show up.

Champion: 3.5/5 for casual, 3.25/5 for competitive.  Again, a good anti-beatdown side deck option, and with most easy mass monster and S/T removal gone, you can set him up to be a right pretty wall.


A pretty good card, too bad they didn’t beef up his stats ever so slightly.


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