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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Limited Edition Promo

Warrior / Effect Monster
If this is the only card in your hand, you can Summon this card in face-up Attack Position without offering monsters as Tributes. This is treated as a Normal Summon.

Type - Dark / 7 / 2300 / 2100
Card Number
- CT1-EN004

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.15.04

Tranorix Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Sadly, the new version of Gaia is only slightly more playable than his effect-less counterpart. Being Level 7 with only 2300 ATK is a bad thing, and not having an awesome effect to compensate is even worse. The 2100 DEF is relatively pointless; he's unsearchable, but you're probably not trying to defend with him so it's not really an advantage either.

The effect can basically be interpreted as this: If you topdeck this, you get a no-drawback 2300 ATK monster without tributes. Granted, after a CED explosion or even just late-game, it could be useful. And if your hand doesn't have any other monsters, you could also just set all your Magics and Traps and summon Gaia afterward. But is there really a reason to use this over Theban Nightmare, who isn't a dead draw otherwise; or even Goblin Attack Force, whom you can summon without tribute anyway? Really, if you're topdecking after Chaos Emperor Dragon, drawing Goblin Attack Force is basically the same as drawing this. Theban Nightmare is better.

This card has a place in a Yugi-themed Deck for sure, and it is slightly competitive. But not really.

Typical tournament deck: 2.5/5
Yugi deck: 3/5
MerrilHess Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Well, it's different. That's for sure.

You could topdeck this tribute and not be screwed by it. 2300 dropped off of a topdeck is great. He is also Chaos Bait.

he could be stuck in your hand for a while if you can't seem to lower your hand size down.

I give Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight a 7/10. He is decent. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Despite being an improved version of an older card, I say "meh".

A two-tribute 2300 that is a 4-star 2300 if it's the only card in your hand. The last time I checked, a 4-star 2300 Warrior with a lesser drawback was already released...*coughGAFcough*

I don't see the card as being good in either Open or Championship. In Open, you want to try to hang onto the cards in your hand as much as possible, so if you ARE using his effect you're pretty much screwed anyway. In Championship, everyone will play Burn/Counter-Burn so much it's sick and wrong, and people will have too MANY cards in their hands so it just turns into a really, REALLY crappy two-tribute.

1/5 across the board, and I'm fairly sure this is justified. 

Wednesday: Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Rated For: Warrior Deck, Dark Beatdown

Throw a swift in front of the name, and he magically becomes a new monster! Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, despite the soft spot many old-school Yu-Gi-Oh players hold for him, is a rather horrible card. He definitely breaks the string of solid warriors weíve seen up until this point.

Advantage F/H: To use his effect, youíre basically using horrible hand management practices anyways; without his effect, heís a two tribute 2300(!) attack monster! 2300 attack! Thatís a Goblin Attack Force! Iím basically going to rate him as if he was a 2300 attack two tribute monster, which is a 0/10, then give him a point for effect.

Pre-Ban: 1/10.            Post-Ban: 1/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Again, heís treated like a 2-tribute 2300 attack monster, which is a zero. Add two points for being a fantastic top-deck.

Pre-Ban: 2/10.            Post-Ban: 2/10

Attributes/Effect: Sorry for the rather short review, but a card such as this doesnít require much strategy to use. Basically, youíre either burning out your hand to use him or summoning him the normal way. 2300 attack for two tributes is nothing short of awe-inspiringly pathetic. The effect promotes bad hand management, so itís really not that great.

Pre-Ban: 0.5/10.         Post-Ban: 0.5/10

Dependability: To use his effect, youíre going to have to ďdependĒ on yourself to play foolishly. He loses even more post-ban because Delinquent Duo and Chaos Emperor Dragon, two drastic hand-depleters, arenít around any more.

Pre-Ban: 0.5/10.         Post-Ban: 0/10.

The Bottom Line: Sorry, to those who bought this tin. While a great collectible for Gaia fans, heís horrible in actual play.

A BAD Score:            Pre-Ban=        4/40= 10/100
                                 Post-Ban:        3.5/40= 9/100

Cards it combos with: Not much. Maybe Magic Jammers, Judgment of Anubis, Tribe-Infecting Virus, and others that take away cards from your own hand.  

Tony YAY! the tins are FINNNNALLLLY here ^^

haha...btw i've been waiting for these tins since the beginning of the summer...On friday, we will review my favorite card of the new set. But today, Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight (guess he's faster than the Blue Eyes Gaia huh?) is up to the review

This monster is a 7 star 2300/2100...aiiish, it's not even a dark magician stats! But here is his effect: If this is the only card in hand, normal summon him in face up attack position w/o tributes...

uhhhh, this is AMAZING! lol

right?? a dark monster that's useful for the ban list? btw, the ban list (you guys will see in my article later) does not offer many dark monsters so this might be the way to go.

Let's think about this....2300 can't kill a jinzo but it can kill Berserk Gorilla, Airknight Parshath, suicides with Goblin Attack Force...can't be that bad right?

I keep asking these questions because .. welll .. no one play tested the ban list fully yet! hahaha...not even 1 regionals have been played with this format. Soo you guys have to make the judgment...

My opinion though? *sigh* was thebian nightmare any good? it's kinda similar. But I guess this is saying u can set all Magic/Traps from your hand and play this card for free...but imagine this...

You are holding Change of Heart and/or Snatch Steal with Gaia and another creature you cannot discard physically....wouldn't you wish that Gaia would be a Jinzo, Airknight Parshath, etc...?


New ban list Ratings: 6/10 [eh, it's a dark monster...]
Ratings for normal: 3.5/10 [ >_< ] 

Stats: Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight is a Level 7 Dark/Warrior.  Being a Level 7 monster is usually a kiss of death for most cards-if it doesnít have a stellar effect, itís usually not worth playing.  Being Dark helps-thereís some good support for Dark Monsters, and of course that means this can be used for the summoning requirements of the Chaos Monsters.  Being a Warrior is great-itís one of the best supported sub-types.  Now we come to an ATK of 2300 and a DEF of 2100.  For a Level 7 monster, these are both pretty poor.  There are playable Level 4 Monsters with a 2300 ATK and a 2200 DEF-granted, they are not the same monster.  Neither stat is strong enough to repel most other monsters of its Level, nor even many that are below it.  This is not what Iíd call useful.

Effect(s): The effect doesnít save it either, though at least it can come in handy.  The real problem is that the effect lets you summon Gaia without tribute, but only if your hand is otherwise empty and the effect still treats it as a Normal Summon.  Had it been treated as a Special Summon, this card might have seen a little play, since you could summon one monster, play/set a few S/T, then summon Gaia.  Too bad you canít.  Itís risky to decimate your hand that way anyway, though proper precautions can minimize that risk.  After all, cards in hand arenít that safe anyway.

Uses/Combinations: Lucky top-deck after a CED blows everything up?  Other than that, you can find better Level 7 Monsters, and Better Dark/Warriors too.  Heck, you can find better warriors period.  Still, if you must use it, it can benefit from some Warrior Support, and some Dark Support like Double Coston.  Otherwise, just use it for a Yugi deck if you must play a Yugi deck.


Open: 1.5/5 Casual, 1.25/5 for serious tournaments.   Obviously, itís sweet while top-decking, and if you can get it into play, it wonít be completely useless.

Champion: 1.75/5 casual, 1.5/5 tournament.  While a lot of the worst hand disruption is gone in this format, some people are considering cards that used to get ignored due to bad hand management, since itís a lot better to empty your hand and ruin a stall/burner decks ďlockĒ than to watch your hand fill up with useful cards, thus making the likelihood of Summoning it through itís effect about equal to open.  The higher score comes from a big beat stick also just being more useful here.


Pretty sad card, but better than the original at least.


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