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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Total Defense Shogun
Limited Edition Promo

Warrior / Effect Monster
This card is changed to Defense Position when it is Normal Summoned or Flip Summoned successfully. This card can attack while it is in Defense Position. If this card attacks while in Defense Position, apply the ATK of this card for damage calculation.

Type - Dark / 6 / 1550 / 2500
Card Number
- CT1-EN001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.14.04

Tranorix Total Defense Shogun

Total Defense Shogun is one of the more interesting monsters out there. With DEF of 2500, he can stand up to a lot, though it isn't spectacular for a tribute; but 1550 ATK really, really hurts a tribute monster. Of course, he would be much better with 1500 ATK, since you'd be able to summon him for free with Mystic Tomato; and of course, that's precisely why he has 1550 instead.

Anyway, his stats reflect his effect. If you Normal or Flip Summon TDS, he'll go straight to Defense Position, which is a good thing when you take into consideration his impressive DEF value. Then the fun part: He can attack while in DEF. Strange, isn't it? So he gets around Level Limit and Mirror Force, but he doesn't have to worry about being killed by a standard 1900 beatstick or even Jinzo or Hades. Keep in mind you do use the 1550 ATK, even when he’s attacking from Defense Position; so he can't exactly kill very much. But TDS could certainly do a fair amount of damage if equipped.

Essentially, Total Defense Shogun is a fun monster who definitely deserves a spot in some offensive Stall Decks using Level Limit and perhaps things like Matazza and Equip Magic. Otherwise, he might work; but he’s not really the most competitive monster. If only he had 50 less ATK...

Typical tournament deck: 2.5/5
Stall Beatdown: 4/5
MerrilHess Total Defense Shogun

This is going to be abused under Level Limit Area B, I'll guarantee it.

It can swing while in defense mode, and with 2500 DEF, it won't die easily. It prevents Mirror Force from hurting him. He's dark, so he can be some good Chaos food, and he is a warrior, so he has a lot of support (TWRA, RotA, Command Knight, Freed, etc...)

It only has 1550 ATK, and that won't kill much. You also to tribute for it, as it has 6 stars.

Overall, I give Total Defense Shogun a 8.7/10. He is very good, but not most decks good. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Total Defense Shogun

This card has been long-awaited by many. It was once rumored to be the Ultra of the (then-nonexistent) TP5 set. Before I get to reviewing, some things you should know:

*As per the Judge List, Mirror Force has been errata'd slightly so it will work correctly against this card. Mirror Force no longer specifically negates the attack -- just destroys all ATK position monsters. (Yes, if the monster's destroyed the attack is negated anyway...)

This makes it so that if Total Defense Shogun attacks from Defense Position, Mirror Force wouldn't stop his attack...and if you have no ATK position monsters and are attacking with Total Defense Shogun, Mirror Force can't be activated at all.

*If Total Defense Shogun attacks a monster stronger than itself, it still dies, even if it was in Defense Position. (Don't ask me why, that's just what they said on the Judge list last I checked.)

The attack is sub-par for a Tribute monster. 1550 won't get much of anywhere -- but it doesn't need to. It's going to be hiding behind 2500 DEF. It stops Jinzo, it stops The End of Anubis...more importantly post-ban, it stops that 2400 Tribute guy (Ice Emperor something?) that kills up to 2 M/Ts when it's Tribute Summoned.

As for searchabilities and powerups; Fusion Sword Murasame Blade would be nice -- have it be 2350 ATK and still hiding behind a wall. It wouldn't even have to worry about Mirror Force post-ban. The A Forces is again unnecessary...RotA is ineligible because it's higher than Level 4...and The Warrior Returning Alive would be better used on things like Black Luster Soldier EotE (the entire reason people love having Painful Choice in Championship format.)

It's a solid attacking wall. That's the best I can put it.

Warrior deck: 3/5 (it goes against the theme of warrior, having a defense and a Tribute summon. Warriors like to swarm and hit hard.)

Open Format: 2.75/5 (Too much monster removal for it to be worth the Tribute.)

Championship Format: 2.5/5 (So what if you can attack from Defense Position when it can't attack anyway? It's blocked by Gravity Bind and Messenger of Peace, but surprisingly gets around Level Limit Area B. So it's not totally worthless here -- I just don't think it will see play.) 

Tuesday: Total Defense Shogun

Rated For: Warrior Decks, Total Defense Shogun decks

Total Defense Shogun is another solid warrior from the tins. In fact, the collection of tins in total packs the greatest collection of warriors (in terms of balance and interest) to date. This card’s effect is unique; he can attack through his defensive position. This creates an interesting game mechanic which the system will explore.

Advantage F/H: He’s basically un-killable in the post-ban format. Yes, you heard me right. 2550 defense makes him withstand even The End of Anubis. In fact, there are probably fewer than ten monsters that can even get rid of him (BLSoldier, DMoChaos, TIVirus, Magical Scientist, D.D.W.Lady being some of the more common ones). The bans will make tribute monsters far more playable in general; they’ll be sturdy and you no longer have to fear wipe-outs such as Raigeki/Dark Hole. He can peep out from his defensive position and take down everything under D.D Warrior Lady. A serious threat.

Pre-Ban: 7.5/10.         Post-Ban: 9.5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Like all tribute monsters, he has the potential to be a very bad draw. However, there are many special exceptions, and he’s one of them. Warrior decks possess lots of staying power and swarming, through cards such as Command Knight, Retrained Celtic Guardian, and Marauding Captain. You’ll also be able to use CoHeart, Snatch Steal, Painful Choice, and other standard measures to bring him out. His power once on the field makes him a better draw than other inferior tribute monsters too.

Pre-Ban: 6/10.           Post-Ban: 6/10.

Attributes/Effect: What’s not to love about this card! He’s a Shogun, and Samurai are just frighteningly studly would you not agree? 2500 defense is impenetrable. 1550 attack is solid to attack from. He’s also a warrior, and thus packs more support than almost any other tribute monster save Vampire Lord. His stats are even better post-ban, where he’s nearly unkillable.

Pre-Ban: 8/10.               Post-Ban: 8.5/10.

Dependability: Again, not to sound like a broken record, but he is quite dependable. Again, though, he’s far more dependable in the post-ban format because the two mass field-wipes have been removed. This actually raises his score by a point.

Pre-Ban: 8/10.               Post-Ban: 9/10.

The Bottom Line: This is a great option for a Warrior tribute monster. Consider! 

A BAD Score:            Pre-Ban: 29.5/40=        74/100
                                 Post-Ban: 33/40=          83/100


Stats: Total Defense Shogun is a Level 6 Dark/Warrior.  Being Level 6, he requires a single Tribute to Normal Summon.  As a Dark Monster means that it has adequate support, and can of course be used as Chaos Food.  Being a Warrior means there is much support for this card.  It has an ATK of 1550.  This is just barely high enough to kill most supporting monsters.  The most significant supportive monster that it is not enough to kill is Tribe Infecting Virus in ATK mode and D.D. Warrior Lady in DEF mode.  However, had it been a mere 50 Points lower, while being vulnerable to attacks by D.D. Warrior Lady, the creature would have also been legal to summon from the deck by a Mystic Tomato or Last Will, and it would have been a legal target for Sangan to search.  Had it been just 100 points lower, it could have hidden under Messenger of Peace.  Oh well.  The DEF is an impressive 2500.  This stops most monsters.  Now, such a DEF isn’t too valuable, especially for Tribute monsters, since some of the more playable Tribute monsters can just nuke it with an effect, and of course you can just suck of 1000 damage with D.D. Warrior Lady and remove it, discard and nuke it with Tribe Infecting Virus, or summon and sack an Exiled Force.  Fortunately, this card has an interesting effect that makes the DEF very, very useful.

Effect(s): The first effect looks “iffy” on its own: when you Normal or Flip Summon the Shogun, he automatically kicks himself into DEF mode.  Since that’s his big stat, it’s pretty nice.  Still, why not use a different big Defensive Monster.  Millennium Shield would be a much better choice, even for a Warrior deck (it’s a Level 5, 0 ATK/3000 DEF Earth/Warrior with no effect).  That’s where the second effect comes into play-this bad boy gets to bend the rules and ATK while in DEF position.  Now, don’t get to excited: he uses his ATK score of 1500 for damage calculation.  I also believe that you would still take damage hitting a DEF monster, and would die hitting a higher ATK monster-the benefit is that you are safe from cards that specifically reference being in ATK mode, like Mirror Force.  In fact, the only one I can name off the top of my head is Mirror Force.

Uses/Combinations: Well, the best way I can think of using this card is definitely with the upcoming Championship format.  Two cards turn this from being a bit weak to being wicked.  Weapon Change will let you attack with 2500 while still being in DEF mode.  Now, since the effect lasts until the end of your opponent’s next turn, you’d seem to be a sitting duck with just a DEF of 1550.  No problem-A Chorus of Sanctuary will boost that up to 2050-enough to frustrate even Berserk Gorillas.  Combining this with similar big defenders (Gear Golem maybe), and you can have an interesting “Defensive Beatdown”.  Another option is to toss in some Command Knights.  She can either join into attacking, but will probably work best simply getting into face-up DEF mode and bumping Shogun up.  If we risk tacking it onto the Chorus of Sanctuary/Weapon Change combo, we might be happy-now those attacks are hitting for 2900 while hiding behind a still solid 2050 DEF.  D.D. Warrior Lady is also a natural for the deck-use here to remove potential road blocks.  Exiled Force as well.

One last thing-there are several easy-to-summon monsters that can help get Tribute “fodder” into play.  Zombyra the Dark and Goblin Attack Force would both last for a bit in ATK mode.  Big, low level DEF monsters like Giant Soldier of Stone or Wall of Illusions are hard to remove.  Then there are just things like the normal searchers (Mystic Tomato, Giant Rat, etc.) or cards like Nimble Momonga that can get a lot of creatures into ply with relative ease.


I’m dropping the “current” bans since they will not matter in a few weeks.  First number is no bans, second is the upcoming ban list.

Casual: 2.75/5, 3.75/5-I honestly believe this deck has potential.  I caution that I have not tested it yet though.  Once we lose the Typhoons and the mass removal, this card can set up a strong hold on the field.

Tournament: 2.5/5, 3/5-Without bans, there is little hope for anything half creative.  To many “broken” cards have accumulated now.

Limited: If you could actually use it here, it’d be solid.


A good card, maybe just a tad off.


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