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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Command Knight
Limited Edition Promo

Warrior / Effect Monster
As long as at least 1 other monster exists on your side of the field, your opponent cannot select this card as an attack target. Also, as long as this card remains face-up on the field, increase the ATK of all Warrior-Type monsters by 400 points.

Type - Fire / 4 / 1200 / 1900
Card Number
- CT1-EN003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.13.04

Tranorix Command Knight

Command Knight is, simply put, a great monster. With stats of 1200/1900, she's searchable via Sangan and UFO Turtle ( never know, right?), and being a Warrior you can get her from RotA and Freed the Matchless General. The DEF of 1900, far from being a detriment due to un-Witchability, is a great advantage; Command Knight in Defense Position can withstand attacks from most monsters and may do a bit of overflow damage in the process. 1200 ATK isn't great, but her effect boosts it to an instant 1600, which is better.

It should be noted that the English Command Knight was misprinted; she will only increase the ATK of YOUR Warriors, not all Warriors on the field. Expect errata shortly. That aside, it's really a great effect for a Warrior deck. Since they revolve around swarming and usually have multiple monsters on the field at once, giving them all a boost of 400 can definitely add up to massive damage.

The other effect is a lot like Marauding Captain's; if you have two Command Knights on the field, it creates a similar lock. The difference? Instead of two 1200 attackers on the field, you'll have two 2000 attackers. Better, right? Granted, it's easier to get two Captains onto the field because of his summon effect; but you could always summon Captain and one Command Knight, still protect your CK, and have both monsters stand at a still-good 1600 ATK.

I say pretty confidently that Command Knight is the best card in the 2004 Tins. She is, in my opinion, an absolute Staple in a Warrior deck and can even find a little use in standard decks, thanks to the abundance of D.D. Warrior Ladies, and yes, BLS-EotB.

Typical tournament deck: 3/5
Warrior deck: 5/5
MerrilHess Command Knight

This will replace Marauding Captain, plain and simple.

Captain lock effect for next to nothing. All you need is another creature. It could be this and Sinister, and they'd be forced to kill Sinny. And let's not forget that +400 ATK for all warriors. Let's evaluate that a little deeper. 2x Command Knights on field = Captain lock with 2 2000 attackers. Who else sees that as wrong? 1900 DEF is great for him, too.

He is Fire type, so he is kinda different. G-Bind still stops him as he is 4 stars.

Overall, I give Command Knight a 8.7/10. He has the potential for greatness. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
Command Knight

Welcome to 2004 Tin week! This week we'll be reviewing most of the Tin cards. I can safely say that in terms of gameplay, MerrilHess omitted the correct card.

Command Knight is a great Warrior. This card would signal originality vs. unoriginality in Warrior decks -- those who play original Warrior decks use this; those who play unoriginal ones are still maxed or near-maxed on Zaloog and DD Warrior Lady.

The ATK is weak, but for a reason -- 1200 is searchable, but it boosts itself. It's a nice way around the 1500 search rule as it's 1600 on the field. The defense is ideal -- 1900 blocks pretty much every 4-star but the hairy monkey and a few others with major drawbacks.

The first effect is the reverse of Marauding Captain's -- Marauding Captain steps up and says "ATTACK ME!" Command Knight cowers in the corner and says "Don't attack me!" I'm fairly sure that the Legendary Fisherman rule applies here -- if you only have one Command down, they can attack LP directly; if you have two down, they can't attack at all.

The combos are obvious; Marauding + Command (for two 1600 warriors quickly) and Command + Command (for two 2000 monsters that can't be attacked.) All of the regular Warrior cards help here -- I hesitate to say to use The A. Forces with this -- usually you want to be at 1600 or 2000 -- 1600 beats Control and searched monsters...2000 beats effectless Beatdown. 1800 doesn't help you enough against effectless Beats and doesn't do that much more against Control.

Warrior gets another asset to its OVERLOADED arsenal here.

3.75/5 in Warrior
2.25/5 in Open Format
1.75/5 in Championship Format (There will be too many people that aren't worried about attacking at all (burn) in this format for his "don't attack" effect to make a difference.) 
Omega When the contents of the 2004 tins were announced, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. However 2 cards in particular made me sweat with anticipation. Command Knight was one of them.

Now most people look at this card and see a lackluster attack, good defense, and a half decent power-up effect. But Command Knight (like Maruding Captain) is best used in pairs.
Now where Maruding Captain's effect protects other warriors, where as Command Knight pushes an attack at other monsters. When 2 Maruding Captains, or 2 Command Knights are used, it creates a lock to where your opponent cannot attack either of your monsters.

Unfortunately you can't mix and match Maruding Captain and Command Knight's stall effects. With the way Command Knight is worded summoning Command Knight through Maruding Captain's effect won't create any stall, as both effects would draw the attack towards Maruding Captain.

But where Command Knight's lock is good, it's much harder to pull off in the end. Where as 2 Maruding Captain's can be summoned very easily and protect all other Warriors, Command Knight protects only herself, and has to be summoned 1 at a time (unless outside interference is used). In Pairs is where Command Knights second effect shines. The 2 Command Knights power each other up. So with 2 on the field you'll have two 2000 attack monsters that can't be attacked!

Command Knight is an amazing tool to use in any Stall, or Warrior Deck when used in pairs. However it loses some points because getting 2 on the field is no easy feat.
But it still deserves a score of 4.5/5. 

Monday: Command Knight

Rated For: Warrior Deck

Well there’s sufficient cause for excitement in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community. The new tins have been released, bringing us cards that will definitely help original, themed decks.

As we near the October ban-list, A BAD System will begin reviewing cards under both the Championship (ban list) and Open (non-ban) formats. Check out information on the restricted/ban lists at UDE’s

The first card of the week is the highly anticipated Command Knight, a card that contributes much to the Warrior deck. Keep in mind that his effect is apparently supposed to provide the attack boost to only YOUR warriors; the translation error currently makes him boost your opponent’s warriors as well! Keep that in mind when mirror matching versus other warrior decks. With that out of the way, on to the review!

Advantage F/H: 1900 defense for a four star monster is solid, making him directly destroyable only by the venerable Berserk Gorilla. 1600 attack is decent as well. He’ll make all of your warriors pack high attacks, 1800 for Don Zaloog, 1900 for D.D Warrior Lady, 1600 for Marauding Captain, and a whopping 2700 for Goblin Attack Force. He’s also unassailable if any other creature is on the field. Command Knight is an excellent support card for the Warrior deck. He’ll definitely help field advantage, more so in the post-ban format where mass field removal (Raigeki, Dark Hole, Mirror Force) is gone.        Pre-Ban: 7/10      Post-Ban: 8.5/10

Best Draw for the Situation: Command Knight is great in conjunction with warriors such as Marauding Captain. 1900 defense is also a very solid wall against most monsters. There’s not much you can hate about a card that helps you dominate the field; as long as you’re running mostly warriors, this guy will almost always help.

Pre-Ban: 8/10      Post-Ban: 8/10

Attributes/Effect: This is an example of good card creation. His effect is well-balanced with his below-average attack and such. The card shares many similarities with Marauding Captain, and works great in combination with it. The only knock on it is its (previously mentioned) attack score.

Pre-Ban: 8.5/10          Post-Ban: 8.5/10

Dependability: Simply put, far more dependable in a post-ban environment. You can actually build up an attack force and protect the progress you’ve made. In duels without the ban list, a simple Raigeki or Dark Hole can wipe out 3-4 cards at once. Still, Command Knight fears Tribe Infecting Virus in both formats. However, he’s far more durable and dependable in the post-ban format.

Pre-Ban: 7/10             Post-Ban 8.5/10

The Bottom Line: Warriors will be feared once more, with Black Luster Soldier receiving Light support in the form of Blade Knight. Command Knight will also see a lot of play, creating “Warrior Locks” that will prove difficult to conquer.


A BAD Score:            Pre-Ban:    77/100
                                 Post-Ban:   84/100

Cards it functions well with: Reinforcements of the Army, Don Zaloog, D.D Warrior Lady, Exiled Force, Marauding Captain, Goblin Attack Force, other Warrior cards.


Stats: Command Knight is a Level 4 Fire/Warrior.  Since there are no restrictive effects coming up later on, this Monster can enjoy being dropped into play with ease.  It’s nice for Fire to get a little more love, though it really it’s probably just incidental since Command Knight is a Warrior.  Being Fire helps diversify Warriors, but doesn’t offer a lot in the way of support-basically, some Fire monsters have nifty tricks, but don’t really lend themselves to this card.  Warriors, as I was hinting, have a lot of support available to them and only a few very specific counters, though more may be on the way.  We have a 1200 ATK-this is low enough to be searched out via Sangan, and if you really wanted to, UFO Turtle.  The DEF is a nice, solid 1900 though.  That isn’t enough to stop most serious Beatdown oriented decks, but it will frustrate Control players.

Effect(s): Command Knight has two nifty effects.  It increases the ATK of all Warrior-type monsters by 400.  Unfortunately, I have been informed that the English version is misprinted so that all Warriors, and not just your own get the boost.  I’ll score it based on how it works in Japanese.  Hopefully the errata will be swift in coming.  Note that the effect makes this card act like it had a 1600 ATK, which is why I didn’t mention it being Messenger of Peace compatible.

In addition to the sturdy boost to Warrior-types, it also cannot be targeted for an attack so long as another Warrior is on your side of the field.  This second ability is what allows the first to really “stick”.  Think of all the old “boost” monsters.  Aside from being weaker yet and going along Attribute lines (which may actually be better) they were completely exposed.  You just nailed them with a normal beatstick, which dropped their normal beatstick to a level you could handle next turn.  Command Knight has to be taken care of last.  I don’t know if two Command Knights, on their own, lock out attacks.

Uses/Combinations: Simply put, she can be used to spike the power levels of Warrior decks.  She fits into a lot of “Grrl Power” decks, since they tend to rely heavily on the Amazoness cards that are almost all Warriors.

If you wanted to, you could also use DNA Surgery and Molten Destruction to attack with the underpowered Fire/Pyro Beatsticks (since those aren’t Warriors, DNA Surgery makes them compatible anyway).


Rated for the above deck types-general ratings would be much lower, since it’s pretty useless if your deck lacks DNA Surgery or Warriors.

Casual: 3.5/5, 3.75/5 with bans, 4/5 as of October 1st.  It’s a must have for Warrior decks.

Tournament: 3.25/5, 3.5/5 with bans, 3.75/5 as of October 1st.  Same as above, but as always, it faces a lot of less specialized decks here.

Limited: If you somehow can use it here, it’s average on its own and great in a Warrior heavy set. :-P


A balanced, well made card. :D


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