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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gravekeeper's Guard

Spellcaster / Effect Monster
FLIP: Select 1 Monster Card on your opponent’s side of the field (regardless of position) and return it to its owner’s hand.

Type - Dark / 4 / 1000 / 1900
Card Number
- PGD-061

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.7.04

Tranorix Gravekeeper's Guard

Gravekeeper's Guard is the most underrated of all the Gravekeepers, in my opinion. Granted, 1000 ATK isn't that impressive (though it does make him searchable via Sangan [and Spy]); but 1900 DEF is very good, enabling Guard to stand up to attacks from most commonly played monsters. With Necrovalley on the field, his DEF is boosted to an extremely solid 2400, and his ATK to a still-mediocre 1500.

It has a simple Flip Effect. Return a monster on your opponent's side of the field to the owner's hand. Did something weak attack Gravekeeper's Guard? Your opponent takes a little damage, his monster is now off the field, and you have a better chance at getting a clear shot at his LP next turn. It isn't exactly game-breaking, but it's certainly useful. While Gravekeeper's Guard may not be as playable as some of the other Gravekeepers, he's one of the few that can also work outside of a Gravekeeper deck.

Typical tournament deck: 3/5
Gravekeeper deck: 3.5/5
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Gravekeeper's Guard

This card isn't that bad either. It's got a lot of potential with 1900 DEF, so it'll be around for more than the normal 1 turn even without Necrovalley down -- 2400 DEF is almost an impenetrable wall to all but the Chaos monsters (whom couldn't be summoned anyway with Necro out on the field!)

The flip effect is a mini-Penguin Soldier; it'd be took broken if it was 2 monsters and that Defense. It's still a solid asset to the deck. The 1000 ATK is a bit on the low side, but then again so are the ATK scores of cards like Battle Footballer and Giant Soldier of Stone, so that's to be expected.

Defender, bouncer...not much more to say here, really.


Stats: Gravekeeper’s Guard is, shock-of-shock’s, a Level 4 Dark/Spellcaster.  As usual, this is a pretty solid combination-Dark is Chaos Food and Spellcasters do have some specialized support.  Being a Level 4 let’s you drop it into play with ease.  Moving on, we see an ATK of 1000.  On the upside, that means it can be searched out via Sangan, Gravekeeper’s Spy, and Mystic Tomato.  It has a 1900 DEF, which is good enough to stop the average beatstick, but things like GAF are pretty common… fortunately, like all Gravekeeper Monsters, this one gets plus 500 to both ATK and DEF with Necrovalley on the field, which means it take’s a Dark Ruler Ha Des to finish it off then.  Still, on its own this doesn’t cut it, but like all Gravekeeper’s, this is an Effect Monster.

Effect(s): Mixed blessing is, this is a Flip effect.  That mean’s that Nobleman of Crossout loves hitting it, but also that it has a nice tendency to go off on your opponent’s turn, messing them up.  Gravekeeper’s Guard let’s you return an opposing monster to its owner’s hand.  Pretty solid, since we have a stellar DEF on this card.  Keep in mind, it’s not optional, so sometimes you might help them out-returning a GAF, for instance, has often backfired in my experience.  Also, returning to the hand is both good and bad.  Normally, it’s nice because this prevents them from using recursion to get it back.  However, this is a Gravekeeper, so normally Necrovalley is out to prevent that.  Still, with the newest ban list that goes into effect in October, I think we might see more “Special Summon”-only cards, as they have a bit better staying power now.

Uses/Combinations: With the relative “increase” of deck space in the latest ban format, squeezing a copy or two of this can be nice, for some related monster “removal”.  Plus with Necrovalley out, it’s an okay attacker and a good (but not the best for the Gravekeepers) defender.

One nifty trick is to combine it with Royal Tribute.  It makes sure you nail something.  Note, this is not a true combo so much as just a tiny bit of synergy-using one of those cards wouldn’t be a huge incentive to run the others.  Similarly, it makes nice food for Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder if you are running those as well.


Just a quick reminder, these scores are for use in an actual Necrovalley deck.  Again, this goes against how I used to rate cards, or else I wouldn’t even mention it.

Casual: 3.25/5, 3.5/5 with bans, 3.75/5 with October 1st bans.  Right now, it is a pretty solid card, but in such a packed arena, being solid means little.  With some of the mass removal and deck “staples” banned, its usefulness starts creeping up, and again with the newest bans to go in effect on the first.  This may be a tad optimistic though.  It helps that this format tends to see more use of Special Summon only monsters.

Tournament: 3/5, 3.25/5 with bans, 3.5/5 with October 1st bans.  As usual, this environment tends to be Spike invested, which tends to punish creativity.  In other words, you have to stumble across the next big thing, or play the current big thing.  Long story short, that means half a point less across the board.

Limited: 3.75/5-Good DEF scores are much more useful in this format, and it’s apt to clear you opponent’s field and survive while doing it.  Even if it doesn’t, in this format, an open shot at your opponent’s LP usually means taking off a quick fourth their LP, and that’s if you summon a weak attacker.  Add on that this is a Gravekeeper and you have a pretty good pull.


As I said, now that there is going to be more room in decks, this card is worth a look.  It can fill the need for Monster removal while remaining true to the Gravekeepers theme and providing a decent defense.  I almost left this card out of this week’s line-up, in spite of it being reviewed in the last two (well, one and a half) week Gravekeeper block.

Tony *sigh*

Gravekeeper deck huh? *shrugs* it might be good with the new ban list (( since there is only 1 MST )).

Let's look at one of my favorite cards from the Gravekeeper's cards.

This guard is a 1000/1900 monster...let me go back, 1900 defence monster! it's a wall.

haha...remember the good ol days of running wall of illusion,'s kinda like that but this time, it's a flip effect and it has 50 more defence.

I used to sideboard this card in against the many Archfiend Soldier or whatever 1900 attacker decks people ran. It was quite effective.

But remember that with Necrovalley this card gets pumped. It's a HUGE wall with the ability to bounce back a creature. Combo it with book of moon, sometimes u MIGHT get the game in a lock.

Eh, I won't get into this card too much because it's a 1900 wall or above "beserk gorilla can't kill it" range with necrovalley on the field. Try it, you might like walls again dxP

Constructed: 7/10 (with the new ban list)
Constructed: 5/10 (without the ban list)
Limited: 9/10 (...c'mon the draft format is horrible...this is good as raigeki sometimes..) 

Tuesday: Gravekeeper’s Guard

Rated For: Gravekeeper’s Deck

The second card of the week is the studly, bald-headed Guard of the Gravekeeper. Often overlooked by those who use this type of deck, the GG can often spell out good game for your opponent’s strategy. He is one of the few, effective parts of the GK arsenal that can take out powerhouses such as Jinzo and the Chaos monsters. On to the review, then.

Advantage F/H: First of all, a 1900 defense monster isn’t going anywhere. The only thing that can kill it in this environment is Berserk Gorilla. This sort of passive, defensive field advantage is highly devalued by today’s duelists, and usually for good reason. Pure defense is never an effective strategy. However, in this case, GG also provides a Hane-Hane effect, giving you an open field to attack. He can also have 1500/2400 stats under Necrovalley. While he isn’t spectacular, he does provide decent advantage.     6.5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: This is a great card when you’re getting pounded. He’ll basically stall out your opponent. He also works great against cards such as Jinzo and even Magical Scientist. He’s a great opening turn drop because 1900 defense is very solid, and clearing your opponent’s field is always a great thing. Finally, he’s also a very durable method of bringing out the Chiefs. Again, not spectacular, but decent.   6.5/10.

Attributes/Effect: 1000/1900 are rather underwhelming. His effect is also rather underwhelming. However, the two combined form a monster that does get the job done. He provides defense in a pinch and also disrupts your opponent’s attack. He’s also searchable and 1500 boosted attack isn’t too shabby.                      6/10.

Dependability: Between these guys and the Spies, you’re likely to get crossed out a few times. That’s why it’s a good idea to mix one of these with the spies, which are far superior options to this card. However, you’ll basically have this guy survive on the field until your opponent exercises some sort of monster removal. He’s pretty dependable, and his effect is about as reliable as flip effects can get.                          7/10.

The Bottom Line: Run one at the most.

A BAD Score:       26/40=                              65/100

Cards it functions well with: Standard GK support. Check out my article.

E-Mail Address it has changed: Mine. It’s now 


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