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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Royal Tribute

This card can only be activated when your “Necrovalley” is active on the field. Both players must discard all monster cards in their hand to the Graveyard.

Type - Normal Spell
Card Number
- PGD-091

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 9.1.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Royal Tribute

Hand-D like wh0a for the GK deck.

I'm pretty much assuming this card is why this theme was picked for the week. With the Ban list in effect, everyone is going to whine about how much strength hand-D loses. With this card, it's dual sided but can hit a lot of cards at once. Without the Ban list, it's a few steps closer to a Yata-lock (that is, if your Gravekeeper's deck also runs the bird.)

Usually a GK deck likes its monsters in the Graveyard because it gets so much extra recursion, so the fact that you lose your own monsters isn't so bad.

3.5/5 in the GK 
Tranorix Royal Tribute

Royal Tribute is a very interesting card that could be extremely effective if used correctly. It's a Normal Spell, which is usually bad as far as card advantage goes; but if you make full use of Royal Tribute, you won't need to worry about card advantage.

It can only be activated if you have a Necrovalley on the field, which does hurt its playability a little, rendering it exclusively to Gravekeeper decks; but the fact that you could very easily destroy your opponent's entire hand make it more than worth trying out. Simply make sure there aren't many monsters in your hand (wait until you've summoned them all, or discard them for Graceful Charity or something) and play Royal Tribute. You won't lose anything but your opponent will probably discard quite a bit.

It's another great way to take out Chaos monsters that your opponent hasn't summoned yet. It combines well with cards like The Forceful Sentry and Confiscation; use one of them first, get rid of a Spell or Trap, then play Royal Tribute (if you think it's worth it) and nuke your opponent's monsters. It also combines well with things like Penguin Soldier, Hyper Hammerhead, and Compulsory Evacuation Device. Granted, most Gravekeeper decks won't have use for PS and HH; but CED could definitely work its way in.

All in all, Royal Tribute is a card that's definitely worth considering but is by no means a necessity for Gravekeeper decks.

Typical tournament deck: 1/5
Gravekeeper (Control) deck: 4/5

Stats: Royal Tribute is a normal Spell Card.  I think it would have been best as a Quick-Play, but few cards would not be improved by such a change.  This one has a requirement that means being able to chain to certain cards most helpful though.

Effect(s): Pretty wicked, if you can get it off.  This card can’t be played if Necrovalley isn’t on the field, and that makes it take a serious hit.  However, the effect is pretty snazzy.  As I said, Gravekeepers have extra recursion options (that aren’t negated by Necrovalley I might add) that we will cover later, so dumping them isn’t so bad.  Now, there are three likely outcomes with respect to your opponent: nail no Monsters, nail one Monster, nail multiple Monsters.  If you are prepared, you can minimize the loss of your own monsters.  No matter what, you get a peek at your opponent’s hand (remember they get to see yours as well) to verify compliance, giving you a chance to destroy their plans before they come to fruition.  If a deck is low on monsters, they can’t afford to lose even one, and if it is high, you’re apt to wreck a good chunk of their hand.  Wreck is the word for it-since this requires Necrovalley be out, they can’t use the monsters as Chaos food or revive them without first taking that out.

Uses/Combinations: Timed right, this is an excellent means of control for Gravekeeper decks.  You shouldn’t go too crazy on it, since it has a condition to fulfill for use, but it can make a great opener.  Just seeing the opponent’s hand can be enough advantage at time-as stated earlier, while they see yours, you can do something about it right away.


Casual: 3.25/5, 3.5/5 with bans.  These decks seem heavier on monsters than the standard deck.

Tournament: 3/5, 3.25/5 with bans.  I recommend no more than two main-decked.  One main, one side would probably be best.   I made the mistake of main-decking three at a tournament, and it was more often than not dead in my hands.  When it went off, it was at the very least enlightening.  After a Morphing Jar, or nailing a Witch of the Black Forest or Sangan, it was pretty wicked.

Limited: 1/5, 4/5 if you pull a Necrovalley with it.  On its own, it is only good as a bluff.  If you do get Necrovalley, you have a decent shot of pulling this as well, and it will be well worth it.  Outside of Starter Deck events, you will be doing good to get any Spell/Trap Removal.  This set has some, but in harder to abuse forms than a MST.  Long story short, you play all your best cards; cleaning out your hand to clean out theirs… or most of it and find the Spell/Trap card they were “hiding”.


Not too bad… given the restriction on Necrovalley being out, I think they could have made it just hit your opponent without breaking it, but better safe than sorry.

dawnyoshi Gravekeepers, being the protectors of the graveyard, may offer sacrifices to their gods or their pharaohs in hopes of protecting their valley. Royal Tribute does just this, by protecting your field from harm. Gravekeeper decks don't mind tossing their gravekeeper monsters in the graveyard if Necrovalley is out and you have one or two Gravekeepers out already, since you'll most likely revive them through Gravekeeper's Chief or Rite of Spirit. Your opponent, on the other hand, isn't going to be using their dropped monsters for a good while. This card is the best in destroying an opponent's hand quickly, but be careful not to wipe yours out just as'll be left with nothing to protect Necrovalley, and a simple MST throws the game into your opponent's favor.

About the only monster that doesn't mind getting tossed into the grave is Sinister Serpent. Monsters that normally love the graveyard, such as Night Assailant, will be shut down by this card...that's always a great plus.

Constructed- 3.5/5- This card easily screws people over. If you're running Gravekeepers, I would be running at least one of these.

Limited- 2.5/5- I'd like to give Royal Tribute a higher rating in limited, but it relies on you drafting Necrovalley, which is already pretty difficult. This is something you may want to pick up late in the drafting, if you're going for Gravekeepers. 

Wednesday: Royal Tribute

Rated For: Gravekeepers’ Deck 

Well this card certainly possesses an interesting effect. We’ll take a gander at it!

Advantage F/H: To break even with this spell, you have to basically discard one more of your opponent’s monsters than your own. So if they lose three and you lose two, you even out! Now the only way you’ll know this is by taking a gander at their hand, but I’d say the odds are 50/50 you’ll even out when it comes to hand advantage (with proper resource management.) Of course, you should probably gain tremendous field advantage as well (since you now have a 1900-2000 attack powerhouse and Necrovalley), giving it a solid 7.5. I’m going to deduct a point for being dead weight in certain cases.            6.5/10

Best Draw for the Situation: This card requires Necrovalley to work; but that shouldn’t be a problem with 3 Necrovalley and 3 Terraforming (which a Royal Tribute deck should definitely run). Then, drawing this card should help in situations. Of course, more than half the situations will actually be bad times to draw this card (i.e, your opponent discards tribute monsters, has no monsters, you don’t have necrovalley)         4/10.

Attributes/Effect: Certainly a very power effect. It’s kind of hit or miss with this card (it can definitely swing the tide or cement your advantage, but results can also be weak.) It’s up to you to properly use this card, but the potential for power is definitely there. 7/10.

Dependability: It depends on Necrovalley to work. With 3 Valleys and 3 Terraforming, you’ll basically always have a Necrovalley in the opening hand. So it should definitely have a chance to work. However, sometimes you’re not going to have a Necrovalley on the field, and other times the effect will hurt you as well. It’s hard to assign a percentage, but playtesting has shown me that it’s frequently dead weight at key moments.    4/10.

The Bottom Line: If you want to run this card, I’d suggest packing 1-2.

A BAD Score: 21.5/40=                                             54/100

Cards it functions with: Terraforming, Necrovalley.


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